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Wed, Oct 30th - 8:28AM

Music Marketing Project I've Been Involved With
Blessings everyone! I hope you are doing well. I've had a few folks who really have been very kind to show their love through endorsements for our blogging, sharing of marketing tips, and providing various promotions to assist with exposure. You are the best, thank you so much! Each and every one of us volunteers at Devine Jamz Gospel Network want to see your ministry blossom! I would like to think that everyone actually is putting the tools and information to use!

I know some of the tools we share are not what you are use to. But it's what people who make a living in marketing use on the norm. And it doesn't take a specialist in the music industry to know that only a few will receive a major record deal. Especially from a label that is willing to spend thousands or millions branding an artist for recognition. 

If you are like many who minister for the Lord's purpose and not your own, you really don't need to be in the spotlight to fulfill God's great commission anyway! In fact, it would be humbling of you to take the route that would least shine the spot light on yourself! I know you guys are talented and have a special gift for the whole world to share in it. For so long the mainstream music industry have had control over who and how artists would be exposed. But let me tell you something, God is not limited as to how he will broadcast and share your ministry. Don't get caught up in the way things are done in the music industry. Take control and learn how to market your self! If God has given you a message that he want you to go out to all the nations and spread the word, then do it! Start thinking outside the box and use techniques that work! Trust, he didn't send me here just to type and spell words. I too have an assignment from God and that's to help those who would not otherwise receive help to market the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I can't take more time away from my own personal life than I already do to volunteer my services. But, the services we share with you can be implemented by practically anyone who is willing to put in the effort!

One specific self-marketing strategy I recently shared with others was the Music Marketing Manifesto by John Oszajca! I wonder how many artists took advantage of the opportunity to view the free 40 min video. I would imagine that some didn't, while others receive a renewed thinking about their music ministry! Those of you who took a leap of faith and went beyond the free video is probably so excited from all the knowledge and marketing tools you're receiving I'm sure. And I also know how hard it is to break away from the live members area and the training videos.

Lately, I've been so involved in the Music Marketing Manifesto training and live members area that I'm just now taking the time out to write a detail blog. Not to mention, I've been told I'm over due for a blog post because it's been a few days :-)! But I just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to join John in his outstanding Music Marketing Manifesto! And the funny thing about it, I'm not a musician ... lol! The training goes far beyond just marketing music family. Again, people make a real comfortable living from home by just putting in a little work learning how to do-it-yourself! So I'll leave you with this Proverb ... and I sincerely mean this God's people!

Proverbs 10:21 The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense.

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Brenda Solomon
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Mon, Oct 28th - 7:56AM

God's Rising Children
God's Rising Children

Guest blog post: 
Universal Disciple

As children of God we are all faced with difficulties. We should be aware of invincible forces that are against us daily. These unseen forces have been here before we were created. They have been around with satan since he rebelled against God. Walking a righteous path in this world is very challenging for all God's children, but inside us all is victory to overcome these challenges. God will not forsake us and he knows our pain we receive while going through our trials and tribulations. The enemy wants us destroyed. If he can't, he will keep trying to use tactics to weaken us to break us down until he can control our minds. We all get knocked down, no one's perfect in this world. As children of God we must uplift our brothers and sisters to keep fighting because we are all in this together. We have to keep rising for victory until we succeed in defeating the enemy that wants us destroyed!

Universal Disciple,


Universal Disciple - Untold Scriptures - Official Video


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Mon, Oct 21st - 10:53AM

Receive FREE Promotion And Advertising To Your Gospel Song That's On SoundCloud
Receive free Promotion And Advertising to your Gospel song that's on SoundCloud. 

We create SoundCloud Playlists, which we advertise and promote on our Gospel Radio Promotions and Advertising website and on our website at Devine Jamz Gospel Network. The SoundCloud Playlist widget only accept songs that's listed on SoundCloud website. So please understand we can't include your mp3, links to other sites, etc.

The procedure is simple and easy! Just complete our easy requirement by Liking our Facebook Page page. Then, fill out the quick Submission Form and you're done! If your song is selected, it will be listed within 48hrs (in most cases sooner). Your music will also be listed in a high ranking search engine world wide! (Ex. go to Google search engine and enter these key search words: devine jamz gospel artists music).  The results will list our SoundCloud playlists with your music, thus giving you more buzz and exposure!

What are you waiting for? Start making it happen now!

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Sat, Oct 19th - 1:17AM

Collect More Songwriter Publisher Royalties
Did you know that when a song you wrote is downloaded or streamed, stores are required to pay you — the writer — a publishing royalty known as a mechanical. The problem is they don’t know who you are.

Why should I choose TuneCore to be my Publishing Administrator?

In order to receive your songwriter/publisher royalties around the world (a royalty separate from the distribution royalties you already receive through TuneCore) you would need to sign up with over 100 societies and notify dozens of digital stores.  This would cost you thousands of dollars in sign up fees and require you to fill out paper registration forms for each entity (often in different languages). With our service, you pay a one-time $75 signup fee and your songs are electronically registered with all societies and digital stores worldwide within two weeks!  You as a songwriter/artist should spend your time creating, not pushing paper.  We distribute for you and now we can administer your copyrights as well!

Since we already receive sales reporting/accounting for your distribution sales money, we can use that existing data to ensure you receive the proper songwriter royalties for mechanicals. The same song IDs used to distribute your releases to stores are also used to track and report royalties owed to the songwriter, so we automatically have an audit trail of how much money you are owed as a songwriter. No other service in the world provides efficient royalty tracking like us!




Features Included In The Service

  • You, the Songwriter, keep full ownership of everything.
  • We audit Publishing earnings and match them up with your Distribution earnings for accurate accounting of downloads and streams.
  • Get detailed quarterly accounting statements in your TuneCore account.
  • In house creative team to actively pitch your compositions and master recordings for use in Film, TV, Video Games, Commercials and more.
  • Get in-house staff to issue licenses (and quotes if requested) for your songs, including mechanicals, print, synchronization or any other licenses needed for your songs (when requested by sources).
  • Ability to add more songs at a later date or add non-TuneCore distributed songs at no extra cost to you!
  • We register every composition you submit with the societies and digital stores in over 60 countries.
  • If you are affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN, no problem! You can remain a member with them and join our service – TuneCore collects royalties in addition to what they collect (all income types – not just performance)
  • If you are not affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN (and you should be) the one-time signup fee covers any additional fees that would be necessary to affiliate with a PRO

TuneCore Publishing Administration Service will not commission, or deduct, your Publishing royalties for downloads in US & Latin America, since you are already receiving those through your TuneCore Distribution accountings (for self-releases).

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Tue, Oct 15th - 10:51AM

We Are Going Live Tonight !!!!! Music Marketing Chat Session With John Oszajca | Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0
Blessings Saints! I hope by now you've signed up for the FREE Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 by  John Oszajca! If not, I imagine you're doing pretty good with your record sells and that's great!

For those of you who have taken advantage of this golden opportunity, along with at least 500 hundred of us that are musicians, marketers, promoters, managers, A&R, you name it will be going live tonight with John in a informal  chat session.
You should have received his email invitation that informed you that he received over 500 emails in the last few days from people with questions about Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 (if not, it's more than likely you didn't sign up for the free video). So, he thought it might be fun to hold a little impromptu music marketing chat session tonight at 8:00 PM eastern!
This won't be anything formal. He didn't plan out a presentation or anything like that. This will just be a chance for you guys to jump on the phone (or the web if you prefer) and have a direct dialogue about the music biz. No cost, no strings attached. This is just a chance to talkshop.
And, if you don't have a specific question in mind don't let that stop you from joining us on the call. There will be plenty to learn just from listening in on the discussion. He won't be sending out any reminders or anything like that, so consider this your first and final call. Keeping this one really casual. So if you'd like to join us, set a reminder on your phone or web to remember the time - 8:00 PM Eastern, TONIGHT!

God bless,


P.S. The phone lines are limited to 100 callers and the web portal caps out at 500. If you have any trouble getting in that's why. It's a first come, first serve kind of thing.

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Mon, Oct 14th - 7:14PM

Licensing | Would You Like To Train Worship Leaders And Musicians With A Tested Set of Contemporary Course Materials?
Licensing | Would You Like To Train Worship Leaders And Musicians With A Tested Set of Contemporary Course Materials?
Our Beginners DVDs are perfect for using to teach a group of students. We have churches and teachers all over the world who have used them in this way. Together with our student workbooks (guitar and drums) they help structure each DVD into 10 hourly sessions with lots of practical playing. Included are questions and new practice routines to consolidate the learning.

Musicademy DVDs are only licensed for your own personal use. Where you would like to use the DVDs in a group setting you need to apply to Musicademy for a group license. We ask for this partly in order that we can fund the production of new DVD and online material, and partly because we do want to share with you the benefit of our learning curve as teachers in small groups using this material ourselves.

The simplest way to use our DVDs for group teaching is to purchase a simple license from us. You buy one license per student that you are teaching plus one workbook per student. If that student then wants to buy a copy of the DVD for himself or herself we will credit them the license fee against the cost of the DVD.

If you are purchasing multiple copies of the DVDs or say a copy of the vocals warm up CD for everyone in your choir, then do get in touch to ask about volume discounts.
Benefits of teaching Musicademy courses in your area:
  • Increase the skills and competence of your existing musicians
  • Train up a new generation of worship musicians
  • New teachers will grow their musical and communication skills by learning how to teach groups within the safety of a tried and tested step by step framework
  • Use the program to create income for your administrators and teachers as well as your church
  • Use the courses as a creative and energizing youth group activity or as a form of outreach
We are planning on working up a more comprehensive Musicademy franchise package for churches and teachers who wish to set up a fully-fledged Musicademy music school in their area. Please get in touch for more information.
“Being very busy as a school band teacher, church music coordinator, and active in quite a few community projects I find the Musicademy DVDs very useful. They allow me to facilitate instruction to groups of all ages, 5th grade through adult. I do not have to be a master at all the various instruments and still be assured that my students are getting a well planned curriculum and receive well presented lessons. I also found students to be very attentive to the DVDs, allowing me to observe and help students more efficiently than I could by presenting and trying to help individuals too. I highly recommend to anyone the instructional products provided by Musicademy.”
Kerry Freidel, South Dakota USA
The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network
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Mon, Oct 14th - 10:47AM

Music Marketing Manifesto | Our Flag Ship Product
Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 | Our Flag Ship Product

Blessings saints! Here is your free 40 minute marketing manifesto video (MM3) by John Oszajca. As I mentioned in my previous blog, all you will need to do is apply the essential sales marketing strategy used by John and you will benefit from the instructions given.
Now as I also mentioned you need to be sure that your material is ready for marketing including getting true performance feed back from fans, reviewers, or anyone who will keep it real with you. That's just from me to you. Doing so can save much time and costly mistakes launching your music to soon. John will also give you an opportunity to receive marketing tools to include software for word press, auto responder, and much more that literally will walk you through the procedures that marketing agencies use today. To be frank, I honestly have not seen any price remotely close to what he is offering if you choose to get the entire marketing manifesto. That's an option though, you can just take from the marketing tips that he discuss in the free 40 minute video! If you haven't read the previous blog that relate to this particular blog, you may want to do so by clicking here. If we earned your appreciation would you please leave a comment below by letting us know? It lets us know if we should continue these types of Free promotions. You will benefit as well. Your user name will linked backed to your own profile, which can lead to more traffic!

Brenda Solomon

Devine Jamz Gospel Network


What John Had To Say About The New Music Marketing Manifesto (MM3):

It's been nearly three years now since I released MMM 2.0 and as we approach the release of MMM 3.0, I thought it's about time that everything got an overhaul. The new Music Marketing Blueprint is a complete 40 minute lesson in which I share the exact process I have used to help thousands of artists and which was even responsible for the all time single day sales record over at CD Baby. It's the complete A - Z of the process I've been using, and which has been EVOLVING, for three years now. If you've been with me for a while you might see some elements that are familiar to you. But the presentation is 100% new, and is fundamentally the same talk I give at conferences and colleges around the world.

Talk soon, 

John Oszajca

Users From Previous Version MMM 2.0:

View Videos of John On The TV Show ER, Entertainment Tonight, and Much More More:

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Sat, Oct 12th - 1:26PM

The Ministry of Gloryfall | A Worship Band Based in the Philippines

The Ministry of Gloryfall | A Worship Band Based in the Philippines

Guest Blog Post By: Gloryfall
Our heart is to see true worship return to the body of Christ. We also conduct trainings, retreats, and workshops in worship and music. We believe that a person is truly changed once they have a true encounter with the King of kings.

The gloryfall team is dedicated to bringing true worship back to the body of Christ.  We are doing this by reaching out to local worship teams in the Philippines through mentorship and training. These teams will then reach out and minister to their church and community.
We start out with a School of Worship Biblical Foundations Retreat.  In this retreat we teach about what worship is and how that applies to our lives.  We go further, teaching about hindrances of worship and the standards that we need to have.  During these retreats we focus on the worship leader’s lifestyle and relationship with God.  The worship teams receive a renewed passion for God and their calling as worship leaders.
Many times, during a seminar or retreat, there will be a move of God that stirs up excitement and passion, but it fades away or is not applied.  After the Foundations Retreat, we arrange to meet regularly for follow-up and to continue training.  We do this to insure a lasting and meaningful change, and to assist with the application of the teaching. Our follow-up training has three parts: a time of worship, biblical mentorship, and musical mentorship.  The worship teams need a time to be ministered to rather than always having to minister.  We challenge them biblically to help them keep the proper focus and learn more.  Finally, we give musical training to help them use what they have to the best of their ability.  Our goal is to meet them where they are at and help them to keep on improving.
Currently, we are working in the Philippines, but we plan to reach out to other countries in Southeast Asia.  We want to partner with worship teams and bands mentoring them in their lifestyle of worship, their worship leading, and their musicianship.

Moses was transformed when the Glory of the Lord was revealed to him. Isaiah received his call when he was in the Glory of God’s presence. Saul was converted when he caught a glimpse of the Glory.

Let the nations be changed as the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord fills the earth as waters cover the seas.

Psalms 72:19, “Praise be to His glorious Name forever; may the whole earth be filled with His Glory. Amen and Amen.

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Fri, Oct 11th - 7:47PM

Before You Market Your Music There is Something You Should Know
Before You Market Your Music There is Something You Should Know
Music Marketing Manifesto: Hi saints, I have great marketing news that you will certainly benefit from. I've had the opportunity to listen to a musician who just like many of you turned to promoting himself due to the challenges that most Independent artists face today. Although he received a few record deals from major labels, he was let go because he could not meet the sales that were required. However, he didn’t give up. He started his own marketing business (music marketing manifesto) and currently doing well enough to share his strategy. As a musician he has been professionally performing, writing and recording music for nearly 20 years. He also set the single day sales record for an artist on CD Baby using the strategy that you will learn. Now I don’t endorse people or companies that haven’t shown proof of their promotions and I wouldn’t inform you about these marketing strategies if I didn’t have facts or understanding about it. But this is right on point and for sure a posse ad esse (from possibility to reality). Now as you will be told in the free video which is about 40 minutes for just the overview, it’s not a magic bullet or hyped up sales pitch that I’m willing to sell my soul to gain a few marketing points. In fact, if you have a little knowledge about the essential of Internet sales marketing you will be able to take the information from the video and apply it immediately. What you will learn is what many if not all sales marketers are aware of. The only thing is, major marketing agencies charge folks crazy dollars for something an individual can do on their own if they would apply the time and effort. Personally, I could use the technique myself and start charging folks ridiculous rates to market a project. But I believe the one who oppresses the poor to increase his own gain and the one who gives to the rich--both end up only in poverty (Proverbs 22:16). Furthermore, I can sleep well at night knowing that Devine Jamz Gospel Network helped encouraged a artist, manager, or promoter to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14).

I’ll get into it more in my next blog and provide you the details how to get the music manifesto. Just make sure to join our Google plus circle that's within the right sidebar. We don't share every blog post on other social network pages out of respect of flooding other folks platform. But we believe it’s crucial that you received word of mouth from others that your music sounds good enough to market to the mass media. One way to find out if the music you created is ready for the public is to get true performance feed back.

Get True Performance Feedback: One of my weaknesses is providing artists my opinion about a song that they worked hard at creating. Even more, they ask me to give an opinion about a Christian song that ultimately was created to honor God and encourage others. I’m sure I put my self out there on a few occasions and told some of you that your song was jamming. But on the norm I rather not rate music on any scale. I believe God has gifted people who have a passion to do such calling. That’s why at Devine Jamz Gospel Network I leave music reviewing to the music reviewers. That’s what they do! Nonetheless, it’s important that you get folks who can give you their honest opinion about your music. Getting true performance feedback can help you make adjustments and save you from making costly marketing mistakes launching a campaign to early.

I once read from a marketing source at PRWeb that the most authentic word of mouth doesn’t focus on the product; it focuses on what people do with it. How does it make your fans lives better? How does a song help them pursue their passions? Does it encourage or inspire them? All of those questions should be apart of your production prior to releasing your material to a marketing company for distribution. All to often I observe artists putting all their faith in marketers as if they made the CD or song. Sure, there are ways that a good marketing strategy will increase your sells. Again, I will provide you with the information about that in my next blog. But for now, try devoting time and resources getting true performance feedback. Assure those that you ask to critique your music that it’s ok if they are not feeling it. Sooner or later you will tap into peoples’ spirit. And when that day comes, the anointing of God will break every yoke and bless you with an abundance of listeners! Stay tune for The Marketing Manifesto that will help you gain the knowledge to market your own music. If we earned your appreciation would you please leave a comment by letting us know? It lets us know if we should continue these types of Free promotions. You will benefit as well. Your name will linked backed to your own page, which can lead to more traffic! God bless you and I pray that you receive His devine favor!
General Manager & Partner
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Wed, Oct 9th - 10:23AM

Wow Hits 2014 | This Year's Biggest Christian Artists And Songs All In One Collection
Our Partner At Family Christian Presents Their New BestSeller, The WOW Hits 2014!


Only one record a year brings you the biggest Christian artists and songs! Featuring your favorite artists and their best songs of the year, WOW Hits 2014 captures the songs that are impacting our world. With songs about finding strength, placing your hope in Jesus and the promise of everlasting life, WOW Hits 2014 is filled with 30 uplifting songs from top artists, as well as three bonus tracks from up-and-coming artists.

Track Listing:

Disc One 

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) - Chris Tomlin Redeemed - Big Daddy Weave Hello, My Name Is - Matthew West You Are I Am - MercyMe One Thing Remains (Radio Version) - Passion (featuring Kristian Stanfill) Lord, I Need You - Matt Maher Jesus, Friend of Sinners - Casting Crowns Strangely Dim - Francesca Battistelli Love Take Me Over - Steven Curtis Chapman Your Grace Finds Me (Radio Version) - Matt Redman My God - Jeremy Camp Help Me Find It - Sidewalk Prophets Steady My Heart - Kari Jobe Jesus in Disguise - Brandon Heath Don't Try So Hard - Amy Grant with James Taylor BONUS: Starts With Me - Tim Timmons BONUS: Come However You Are - City Harbor 

Disc Two 

We Won't Be Shaken - Building 429 Steal My Show - tobyMac Gold - Britt Nicole I Need a Miracle - Third Day The Proof of Your Love (The Monologue Mix) - for King & Country Need You Now (How Many Times) - Plumb You Are - Colton Dixon Overcomer - Mandisa Worn - Tenth Avenue North His Kind of Love - Group 1 Crew Kings & Queens - Audio Adrenaline Live with Abandon - Newsboys Keep Your Eyes Open - NeedToBreathe When Mercy Found Me - Rhett Walker Band Even If - Kutless BONUS: Never Beyond Repair - Everfound 

Additional Information: 

Product type: Music Format: 2-CD Set 
Release Date: Sep 24, 2013

The Admin Team 
Devine Jamz Gospel Network
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Sat, Oct 5th - 12:37PM

10 Tips For Up-And-Coming Artists

10 Tips For Up And Coming Artists! 

Guest Blog Post: By Vinny Ribas, CEO of Indie Connect. A global business club for up-and-coming artists, songwriters, musicians and music professionals.

1. Study the industry. There are countless places where you can learn how the industry works as well as how to become a better performer. Some are free. Some cost a little bit.,, CDBaby and many more have free info.

2. Study general business. It’s only when you can marry your talent with business knowledge that you move from having a hobby into having a business.

3. Find a mentor. Network both within and outside the industry to find someone who believes in you and will help guide you.

4. Network. Plug into the many music-related groups on LinkedIn and just read all of the advice. There are deep and powerful discussions by experienced industry professionals on every aspect of the industry. Ask as many questions as you want, No question is ‘stupid’. There are countless people who want to help young artists not make the mistakes that they did!

5. Learn to book yourself. You have the same problem with booking agents that you have with managers. They work on commission as well – usually around 10%. So if you can’t command a decent amount for your gigs, and you’re not gigging full time, it’s not worth their time.

6. Master your craft. If you sing or rap, be amazing at it. If you play guitar, dazzle crowds with your skill. Never stop improving. Even the most respected singers and musicians have coaches and work on improving or learning something new all of the time!

7. Find your uniqueness. What is it about you and/or your music that will set you apart from the vast sea of competition out there? Once you find it, develop your brand around it. Your brand is the first sight, sound and feeling that a person gets when they see or hear your name. Develop it and then protect it!

8. Build your team. Once you have done all of the things I have just mentioned, you’ll find that the team members you’ve been looking for will start to find you. Interview them. Do your homework to make sure they are a good fit and can get you where you want to go. Ask to speak with other artists they have worked with. Be sure they have a good reputation and the respect of the industry.

9. Be professionally relentless. The world is going to tell you that you can’t make it. If you have any level of marketable talent, they are wrong. There is a place for you. It may not be on the biggest radio charts. It may not be headlining huge stadium concerts. But there is a place for you – a place where you can feel good about what you’re doing for a living, comfortable with the income you’re making and proud of the person and the artist you’ve become.

10. Give back. Reach down and help other new singers and musicians in the same way that you were helped. Keep their hopes alive! You’re never too young to do this. Share anything you’ve learned that has kept you from making a potentially serious mistake.

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Fri, Oct 4th - 9:46AM

Resources And Training For Church Worship Bands And Praise Teams Around The World

Resources And Training For Church Worship Bands And Praise Teams Around The World

Worship team training resources from Musicademy
If you would like to have Musicademy at your church or receive great resources, please get in touch. Below are some other examples of seminars that we can run. Training is always tailored to the needs of the worship team we are working with.


Seminar Descriptions

  • Instrument Fundamentals for Arranging
Understanding how everyone’s instrument should work together within the whole band sound is a core skill for building solid arrangements. This top tips style seminar works through some practical do’s don’ts hint’s and cheat’s for each instrument in the worship team and it’s place in the sonic spectrum. Taught by Andy Chamberlain, Tim Martin and Sam Hargreaves.
  • Band Skills – Practical Musicianship Skills
In this session we unpack some of the ‘mechanics’ of developing band skills. Including lots of tips and ideas on Tuning, Timing, Groove and dynamics, all aimed at playing together better. Taught by Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin.
  • Band Skills – Playing with Emotion
In this session we tie the technical skills in the previous session together with ideas and exercises on playing with feeling, meaning and emotion in order to better serve, engage and communicate with your congregations. Taught by Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin.
  • Rehearsals, Soundchecks and Basic PA for Worship Teams
Learn how to make your rehearsals and sound checks go smoothly and efficiently getting the most out of the time available. Gain a better understanding of how PA works and learn about micing and amplification for different instruments.  Taught by Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin.
  • Worship Leading Principles and Choosing Songs
Explore foundational principles of leading sung worship, putting together sets of songs and releasing congregations to respond authentically and passionately.
  • Worship Leading, Creating Flow and Spontaneity
Going beyond the basics of worship leading into how we link and flow a journey of worship, drawing people in to deeper engagement with God.  Also thoughts on preparing you and your band for spontaneous leading and moving in the Spirit.
  • Worship Ideas Beyond Music
Principles and loads of practical ideas for leading worship using styles and art forms beyond just singing, or ties these creative ideas seamlessly into sung worship.  Great for releasing more of the congregation into more of who God is.
  • Practical Worship Leading Skills for Everyone
A highly practical workshop for the whole worship team
  • Vocals – Breathing, warm-ups, harmonies and microphone technique
Learn to make the most of your voice by getting posture and breathing right and steal some ideas for warm-up exercises that you can do in the shower on Sunday mornings! We will also cover areas of vocal skills that are particularly relevant to worship leading, such as improvising harmonies and microphone technique. In Stafford, a 3-seminar vocals stream will run. Delegates are welcome to come to one or all of the vocals seminars.
  • Releasing Multi-Media and Digital Rights in the Church.
 If the Apostle Paul had Roman roads and Martin Luther the printing press then churches today have the use of the Internet and technology to aid the communication of the gospel. CCLI act as a central agent working to guide churches through the digital and multi media copyright maze. Chris Williams, with 20 years working in the rights industry, aims to provide a simple overview of the legal structures and opportunities using modern technology within ministry.

The seminars are presented by:

Andy Chamberlain is a co-founder of Musicademy and Worship Backing Band. Andy is a guitarist and in the past has played for Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, Brenton Brown and many others. Presenter of Musciademy’s Worship Guitar DVDs and Playing By Ear DVDs. Andy writes a monthly column for Worship Leader Magazine and regularly teaches music and worship seminars in both the UK and North America.

Tim Martin is currently the music minister of Christ Church Clifton in Bristol. He is a graduate of the Theology, Music and Worship course at London School of Theology and has previously worked as a high school music teacher. Tim is a multi-instrumentalist and presents Musicademy’s Worship Keyboard and Orchestral Instrument DVDs.

sam-hargreaves-photoSam Hargreaves is co-leader of Engage Worship and lecturer in the LST Theology, Music and Worship Department will be leading some of the seminars.  Sam is passionate about innovative, creative worship and leads training and services for local churches and national conferences.  He also co-leads, writing and sharing worship songs.

nickirogersNicki Rogers is an accomplished singer songwriter, who has recorded several critically acclaimed solo albums. Her own singing career has taught her the value of good singing technique, and the practical advantages of having the right kind of vocal coaching. Nicki uses a variety of established teaching methods aimed at ensuring that each student has a tailor made pathway to reach their potential. Nicki currently works with students at Radley College in Oxfordshire and London School of Theology, and tutors privately.

Deborah Clarke will lead the vocals workshop in Northwood.  Deborah was Musicademy’s first vocals tutor and features on the Musicademy Worship Vocals DVDs as a singing “student”. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter who as well as gaining a distinction at the Academy of Contemporary Music, has written tracks and sung on a number of professional albums. As well as being an accomplished vocals coach Deborah also sings in the Musicademy function band.

Chris-WilliamsChris Williams is Sales Manager for CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). With 20 years working in the rights industry, his seminars aim to provide a simple overview of the legal structures and opportunities using modern technology within ministry. 



What people thought of previous training days:

“Good numbers from lots of different types of churches and denominations; good venue, welcome, coffee, facilities etc; excellent teaching from high calibre speakers; good interaction and questions; general level of buzz at coffee and lunch breaks – church musicians sharing experiences” Alan Mitchell, Royal Society of Church Music

•”EVERYTHING was relevant to me as worship team leader. None of it was at all boring, the time absolutely flew. All the speakers made it very accessible and were great fun to be around.”

“I enjoyed the practical focus, and fact that the advice was given with understanding that not everyone has a full, consistent band every week..”

•”The loose but structured schedule was a very effective approach. It allowed the sessions to flow freely and you didnt need to think about where it was going next – you just let it all happen and you could concentrate on listening and participating.”

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Wed, Oct 2nd - 4:32PM

Worship training day in Chislehurst Kent 5th October. RSCM, Musicademy, Graham Kendrick

The morning will feature Graham Kendrick teaching and demonstrating "Psalm Surfing" as a worship leading technique. This, of course, will be a very enjoyable session for all worshippers, even non musicians.

The afternoon seminars will include: 

Guitar masterclass - with Andy Chamberlain Keyboards masterclass - with Tim Martin Improvisation for orchestral instruments - with Tim Martin Vocals masterclass - with Nicki Rogers

Bring your entire worship team:

With multiple seminar choices, there is something for everyone. Forward this email to your worship team. As well as a day packed with worship training, you will receive the following totally free of charge:

22 free Musicademy lessons for guitar, vocals, keys, drums, orchestral instruments and bass A how-to guide for strumming patterns A set of cheat chords for guitarists Teaching notes for the Musicademy seminars including those for other training days 

Discount prices 

We are offering an early bird discount of Ł17.50 for all bookings made before 31 July. When you purchase more than one ticket at a time, a further discount will apply (again there are early bird rates for this).
Please note that once you have purchased tickets we are unable to offer refunds. 

What people thought of previous training days:

  • “Very practical & helpful.” 
  • “Overall an excellent day – Thank You.” 
  • “Plenty of really practical info that we can put into practice immediately.”
  • “This was the first worship training day I’ve been to & it was good to discuss/cover issues I don’t really think about when I’m doing worship. There are definitely things I will change – the top tips for musicians individual instruments I found particularly useful.”
  • “Thank you for a very good day. It was very practical, lots of useful tips. Also it was done in a friendly, informal style and speakers, very graciously were available for questions outside of the sessions.”
  • “We covered a lot in a short space of time, and the time seemed to go very quickly. Good value for money and whetted the appetite to find out more on each topic.”
  • “A lot of ground was covered in a short time, but very well.”
  •  “Interactive and encouraging.”
The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network
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Tue, Oct 1st - 6:27PM

Should I Launch My Affiliate Program In-house?
Guest Blog Post:  By Janice Scrim
Communications & Media Strategist

If you’re thinking about launching an affiliate program, there is plenty to consider. Somewhere near the top of your list, you will need to think about whether you want to launch your affiliate program in-house or within an affiliate network. With pros and cons to each option, it really depends on your individual business, your goals, your resources and the experience that you have in launching, managing and growing an affiliate program. 

If you opt to run your affiliate program in-house, you’ll need affiliate software so you can manage your online business, track your affiliate activity and measure your overall ROI from this secondary online acquisition channel. 

Here are the top five reasons why you should launch your affiliate program in-house and manage your program with your own private software (aka, white label software). 

1. Transparency 

Transparency goes at the top of the list of reasons why launching your own affiliate program in-house is a good idea. When you have white label software, it acts as a window to your affiliate program. You have a clear view of your affiliate partners, promotional activity and methods, payment terms, traffic, commission structures, marketing campaigns—the works. Transparency is crucial to a successful affiliate program because it gives you control, which allows you to then customize your specific affiliate program to meet your unique goals. 

2. Relationships 

When you launch an affiliate program, your relationships with your affiliates are an integral part of your business and long-term success. Through your software, you have a direct line to your affiliates, with no third party sitting between you and your partners. You can garner simple details such as the names and contact information of your top performers or drill down deeper to find out how they promote you and which campaigns have been most successful. You can communicate directly with them, leverage their strengths and meet their growing needs. Through your software, you can create immediacy in your relationship management that can’t be equaled in an affiliate network. The benefit of immediacy and having a direct line to your affiliates is higher quality relationships, and therefore, a more profitable affiliate program. 

3. Control 

Keeping your affiliate program in-house provides you with the control to develop the personality of your product that is directly in line with your core message and values. Control can come in the form of customized commission structures, exclusive incentives, marketing creative options etc. Your software can also be branded to reflect your business, so affiliates can identify with you on a further level. With your own program you have the freedom to tailor your program to truly reflect your unique business, and do not have to manage your business with the kind of limitations that are sometimes associated with networks. 

4. Cost Effectiveness 

The cost effectiveness of an in-house affiliate program is one of its most appealing factors for online retailers and merchants. With a lack of network fees, affiliate management fees (if you take this on internally as well) and additional fees that often come with special add-ons or customizable features, this option is, for the most part, a much less expensive option. You can also use your ROI and savings to re-invest into your program, give higher commission rates to top performers and provide additional incentives that will help retain and motivate your affiliates. 

5. Added Value 

An affiliate program that remains in-house becomes added value for your business, and essentially a strong asset. Your program becomes a reflection of what you put into it, and this provides you with the incentive to give it what it needs to succeed: dedication, time and a strong team of people to support its growth. 

If you’re thinking about launching an affiliate program and are considering your options, we can help find the solution that works best for you. 

Related Blog Post

Lets Expose Your Brand, Services, Products To Thousands of People In A Niche Network  

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