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Fri, Oct 29th - 6:14AM



(Entry #709690)
This week was poorly spent ... UHOH Except for two news items, reported via recap slant written below & focused upon. TWO MORE ON THE WAY, please stay tuned here.

Decisions sewn, like mending fraying sleeve of a hobo, came rather slowly to moi. All week pondering. Fear is in the air, almost every lousy time I visit favorite haunts online. No sense, told myself yesterday, to switch tactics. Thus applying the basics. I shall never use a PC to communicate online ever again came to mind on the Thursday. My head ached, finally mid afternoon, saw stupid Windows Updates tie-ins, your fifteenth click, ooh that awful return to childhood -- click like tapdancing without any fun at all -- were pushing adds to buy new PCs. Well, by golly, almost threw the one in the house off a cliff. Nah, resisted clicking that advert. Clicking is a word I hate as much as feedback. Poor things, out of the loop, Chile, webbers don't click.
I also came out against more than a few things which limit I-net access. So what, if just a few minutes ago, actually typed in search words --- "Why join a writers' group." Enjoy that mental exercise, sweethearts.

Yesterday, fell across less exposure on webring, but of course not at all ready.
Yet, to conjure a webtv website, there are tons of short cuts with very sophisticated graphics and clip arts. Even music.

Okay, here's my new deal, I told myself. Whenever that stinky PC slows, turn it off. Take a walk. Did that before. Now, no one shall see me on the damn thing until post Thanksgiving, a real given. And yeah, I refuse to destroy a single connection so I could return to favorite spots and say at least a polite hey, maybe monthly from now on. No lie. Frazzled is frazzled and my intellect can't handle the implications of being unloved.

I don't always find suitable etiquette these days. Do, however, totally welcome this month's quest via webtv knowledge gained. This to be thankful for, by all means, YES!!!

Kinda hate nervous knees while hoping virtual memory lasts on a PC. Kinda hate being told what to do, asked what to do, repetition for no reason drives anyone nuts, or at least it should. Yeah, we spent more boring hours boinking PC performance. Whitey down on his knees praying. Mickey, his tabby buddy making phone calls on his mini-cell. What? You expect me to do that daily? Get out of my face. For whom?

Repeated news makes me ill, actually turned queasy after a quick look at Twitter which limits word counts and supplies incoherence as if at all a grand new addition dubbed information sharing. That is simply disgusting when words of a news article, written and published by someone else become lumped like spam. Mickey thought it was an anagram.

Yes, this journalist watched the Afghan Peace deal topic (below) become swiped like a stale donut inside a Mac Donald's dumpster. Free & up for grabs. That's what online news sinks to include. Can't find any reasons to brag about the tiny fb logo. Similar to verbal repeats on televised think tanks with talking heads leading the homeless who are simply sitting on a sidewalk, watching a screen outside an appliance store. So, since, I can't blend, and will never bend --- I must only arrive at my own damn things, once a month at on specific spot. Yeah, come late Nov --- I'll again roast our succulent turkey in the cauldron this year. Maybe even email one of my groups. Who knows?

In short, greedy media corporations rushed to mingle their forces in late 2008(?) when allowance came to monopolies entering broadcasting. The downside was here to stay. No deviation. BECAUSE, media corporations purchased local tv stations, newspapers, radio stations variety is a rare exotic bird. Like-minded, fatcats from the world of communication (a mythical phrase) also threw money at state colleges. ALL approved via a slim margin by the Commerce Department. Yeah, quite a bit of this already made the wire on FreeSpeechTV, ala Dish Network.

So as lost as we all may be, hoping for diversity across the nation we live in, state by state, our adroit communal sadness can be replaced by a terrific ken for anger. Millions of people are mad about what we lost. When news is un-reported, whitewashed and censored --- Diversity is difficult to find now. Nope, aint gonna look day & night for stuff such as thrilling news bites which used to be --- showed up damn fast. These are becoming only accessible at certain times these days. Try one a.m. Or don't try at all. I simply don't give a damn what other people do or don't do. Never did really.

My ideals were cast years ago. TEFF has plans for publication, communication, and tons of fiction to write and cherish. You see?

Long time coming to not lurk lost in the shuffle which always was high priority from this desk. To have 30 offsite hits (yeah could be returning readers, could be blocked readers, could be clones) is about as far as it goes. Although, never as good as it gets.
If any site cannot fathom the simplicity of webtv users, that is not my fault, nor shall posting on those places remain a to-do-ie which is not as simple as embracing that fun walk on a late October day. So, if you'll excuse me off to build a webpage. Shall I tell all --- where it is, when it is done? Why? Rather burnt out on what passes for sharing, like had rather enough, my dears.

TEFF (Paula' penname) shall never post her latest fiction anywhere ever again for free. You see? Listen, folks in the words of one of the greatest comedians of all times --- TTTHHHHHH -- thhhhhaaaaahhhh that's all folks!!!

Speaking of comedians --- don't miss Jon Stewart/ Steven Colbert --- DC - FREE RALLY/ Oct 30/ noon to 3pm --- LIVE on Comedy Central.

Meanwhile, restoring sanity, crazily smitten due entirely to webtv. Hell, I always did enjoy the ease. If encrypted pages don't want this wireless keyboard, and websites block access for my little black box? Let's just say, the feeling is mutual. TIME is a wonderful thing, meant to be spent wisely. Wasting time waiting for connections is frivolous, and creepily not on this dame's itinerary, pal. Just so readers understand --- to set the record straight. And I know Miss TEFFY aint alone in land. What I also know is when they are actually working websites, these ultra active, brilliantly hued, webby webpages of ours, they are kinda comparable to Lamborghini stats, over and above plain, sameness.

One last thing before I split for parts unknown .. to undisclosed locations, etc. The word on the street for "confusing" which is a verb, often used as an adjective or noun ... try bewilderment.

Tantalizing right along, okay? Damn, if all of the above, if that aint bothersome to y'all --- ask the next question. Does constant repetition build to mind control?


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Wed, Oct 27th - 2:37AM



879,000 search results surround the words: "Taliban Elite Aided by NATO"


One beholds Mazetti's entire first paragraph swiped enroute to the world wide web. Still eking mental stress stats by Oct 26. Well, the Times is currently offering an interactive due to The Iraq War document leak via Wikileaks. Yeah, this too came about approx one week before Sat. Oct 23's publication. All thanks to Mr Assange who rather drops his suitcases then splits. Let's allow for time for reporters to dig thru the pile.

WHERE -- NY Times Headline (above) originally, now making all the rounds via online editions of major newspapers from cities across the nation. Sorta wish any reporter might bump into a senator not afraid to speak his/ her mind, are we? However, the article subject --- Yeah, filling cheap seats as well, rambled & ranted inside many a blog. Me? Hell, I think its awful to read first responders, all with nonsense names like nn.ahmapatriot to nn.infavorawar ... or nn.fatcatpatsy & nn.juicygander whom inevitably feel peace talks are shady beeswax and rather quasi patriotically condemn everyone from Afghan Pres Karzai all the way down to Sec of State Hilary Clinton.

WHEN -- Oct 19/ Oct 20, New York Edition/ Section A1, page 1 --- Same story, folks.

WHAT-- Huge, 77,000 archive of military, and consensus documents leaked via Julian Assange, July/ August 2010 ... for Afghanistan --- covering 2003 on ... to 2010.

WHO --- Sec Clinton.
Bizarre as this my sound, Mrs. Clinton appears on Good Morning America (ABC) as early as Oct 7, from Brussels. No, please don't ask me how? AND she states emphatically without a hint of shame, nor remorse since cataloging her early hour remarks .. that she moreorless hopes for an end to the Afghan war/ occupation. I threw in the second noun, sorry. As relative tie, if anyone is still trying to think, which to my knowledge is not against the US Constitution, perhaps encouraged for a population in dire straights --- not overall pushed verbatim by the education powers that be in this great nation of ours, but perhaps by the words --- freedom of speech.

Half those search hits contain the same words. Divide again, once more, keep subtracting, etc.  Now, perhaps a mere 6,000 are left repeating the same damn smoke swap. Peace in Afghanistan is not a popular topic apparently.

Hold the phone as the story goes NATO cleared the way for certain Taliban echelon to meet in Kabul. Kinda safe passage from --- note: Pakistan. So they are in Pakistan? Also, we read of the escapades of NATO "coalitions forces" and Pakky INTEL folks. Everyone's bound to make a buck. What unlikely suspect turns down a decent bribe, we might ask in a chaotic, bloodbath mess gutted with intelligent nutcrackers.

Whom -- oh, these like don't know, won't tell --- whatever the hell is going on-ers? Yes, American families would rather see ships bringing troops home to Morehead City, NC than taking them to a strictly foreign land. Where not even those behind the scenes fellers in the Washington Post's list for their July article: SECRET AMERICA, activating privatized spying talk to the public. Nope, live bodies aka social intel elite offer nary a sniffle, sneezing at us as they wipe their snotty paystubs. Where's the hopeful word? What is peace? Must we engage for profit, forever? What the hell is going on?

Along comes A/P, read via The Las Vegas Sun. Now the sell out ensues by OCT 25 with their ballbusting article, reading like a cheat sheet for a state police exam. Meanwhile, both the ever-popular, continuously over-vociferous, Mr White House Sources, the Sources family, inter-married to Mr or Ms Officials. How large this gaslighting, glib clan must be. Repetition in its finest hour. Whew -- what a hoot, these guys, all adept at saying pretty much the same damn thing, media conveyed cant delivered to thy newsfeed desk or front door.

Well, back to good old AP which honestly feels duty bound to remind readers (mid Oct) that peace talks might damage "the surge." Identified as the 300,000 service men and women sent by President Obama, ala one of the rare supplications when he's actually introduced as President instead of simply Obama. Yes, Associated Press, let us all genuflect.  We understand where you're going with this. Yet, we-uns rarely find opportunity to appear out of nowhere like y'all, writing from nearby Islamabad.

Next ... as the entire scene thickens, before total collapse of mini, online, press whiffs of common sense, namely working to close down the Afghanistan conflict ala thoughts RE: ending this so-called war with a slight stab at negotiations ... we find by Oct 14, our US Sec of State in Turkey, where all news pointed toward a "friendly" country to manhandle possible peace talks. AHAH! So, no we don't know a ting. Citizens left holding a stale bag of chips. From the peanut gallery we may conclude we boast few dedicated news reporters nor mum as sheep, Washington bigots as in actually elected, nor appointees, etc willing to cross the line for truth seeking. The latter garbley-gooking about bereft of announcing not a single clue as to what are the haps re: this blogs slant on that daring, opening headline by Oct 26, the Tuesday. Let peace reign supreme, for Pete's sakes.


Las Vegas Sun search

© Copyright 2010, PaulaLaRue

PS: HIRE ME, Mr Publisher Man, could use a job, thank you very much.
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Sat, Oct 23rd - 10:01PM


This blog starts here:

Just when you feel, you're just about caught up on your reading, along comes the New York Times with another full scale, Iraqi news blowout taking over the weekend at the most popularly read newspaper in the USA. All courtesy of former, computer hacker, Julian Assange, infamously beleaguered by what he does as any man on the lam can possibly be.

The news is WikiLeaks, courtesy of founder, Assange is whistle blowing once more. This time with a mere "391, 832 secret documents" to slog thru, according to the New York Times, Oct 23, 2010.

While carries, on its homepage for webbers across the world this NYT headline: MIX OF TRUST & DESPAIR HELPED TURN TIDE IN IRAQ, readers may sniff what tide is that, dearies?

Pull into the station of full tilt disclosure by landing on the first stepping stone, launched by John Burns & Ravi Somayi's: WIKILEAK'S FOUNDER ON THE RUN, a peculiar Assange tell all for the man who only "twelve weeks ago" gave the world a stingy "77,000" documented Afghan war leaks, as long as the Brooklyn Bridge.

In the latter article, Private Manning is mentioned, not as an identified source, mind you, but similar to a war casualty. Oh, they, the powers that be, the military grabbed this guy, faster than a penny free falling from the Empire State Building, Aug 2010. Yup, Manning faces, life imprisonment and up to "52 years." Used to be there was at least a decorum of whistle blower protection status for the fearless.

Well, maybe you read it first on when that five page segment concludes --- with a sad sell out sentence. Although pivoting on what happened in Iraq during gurj bu's administration --- the final line (below) ignores all this death toll, detailed awfulness. None of it pleasantly patriotic pandering--- while not a bit easy to read. Instead, hard to take comes quickly to mind. Here's the tie, while all 2010's wikileak paraphernalia rains down upon a nation, gracing far off London, Sweeden, Iceland from go-getter, grabbing the world spotlighter, Australian, Assange.

Okay. The New York Times tells it like it is --- be ready now, once its in the Times, oh it's history allright --- for wisdom's sakes.

"But war is always clearest in retrospect, and it remains to be seen whether Afghanistan has reached that point." (Conclusion line from Mix of Trust ... Headline from NYT, on 10/23)

Since the summer of 2010, kinda felt an Iraq wikileak lurked moreorless just around the corner. Yeah, now officially burst upon the scene. Which sure will keep reporters busy in New York City and in London. Assange usually sells to the highest bidders. We're the ones holding the bag, while President O goes a little more berserk. While hearts and minds return to our military families and lost soldiers in both embattled theatres.

Hell, me? Along with that wishy-washy concluding last line --- I totally dislike an overemphasis on perfect tense in journalism. But hey, readers, they might want to know they may also check:

DEADLY DAY IN BAGHDAD:(Dec 20, 2006) in Sunday, Oct 24'S, NYT from Sabrina Tavenise.
Or try on for size: James Glanz & Andrew Lehren's: GROWING USE OF CONTRACTORS ADDED TO WAR. Know why doesn't this last headline surprise anyone? Say, didn't that unspeakable aside make more new millionaires? Yes, called war profiteering, my friends. Used to be unconstitutional.

PS: I'd buy a copy tomorrow of the NYT, although kinda hard to find in Deluth. Demmit.

BTW, this journalist can use a job, so, sure buzz me, Mr. Publisher Man. Sure, would love to be paid for writing again.

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Thu, Oct 21st - 1:28PM


        by TEFF Into Caldron Time!  (teffom@Writing.Com)

Will say this, tons of space on that -- carrier, while TEFF's most likey a click away (above) Yuppers, established a six year portfolio there, moving to stretch the wings. So hey webtv, thanks for the upside of web surfing.

Rather a burnt out participant rant --- follows: www wahla wus wo wee woohing
Come on, don't let the title fool you.
This blog starts here.
E-mail message 
Date: Thu, Oct 21, 2010, 10:57am
Subject: Fandango

Here we are again this morning. So who came up the house to read my blog? Well, one truly never knows. Fandango shows 20 offsite readers in five days, last week. Imagine! Got cold feet, closed Fandango again.  Hee hee. Since moving onto msn bloggin baits moi & webring blogs lay cast to the side, yet in the making for yours truly, suppose folks will find my words here and there, on a good day, at least.

So much for the invisible audience. The silent majority we all love so well.

Topic: Better part of valor confessions ---
Yeah, spent a partial week "reviewing." Oh hell, now even hate to say the word we-woo-ing.

REF: ABOVE: RE: those peculiar onsite views, none clicked upon ..  Denver Chips (below) but went right to the juice which incidentally seems to float their boats --- a few additional hits appeared on old stuff with the infamous word, R-e-v-i-e-w found amongst Fandango Archive Blogs. So, priorities anyone? Here to read the old stuff with your favorite topic? Well, shame on you. There's a world out here. Sure, Fandango intends an eventual proverbial shake. Promises, promises. Right?

First up on today's relaxed action --- awoke to mountain fog .. strolled my wrap-around porch, pretty early in the new dawn rising, beheld La Spectacular Full Moon. Gorgeous! Uh, oh, see one skunk manipulate himself homeward bound. These attractive fellers hate daylight hours. Rather nocturnal, don't you know? Like this shadowy gov-mint we hear so much about lately. All due in part to The Washington Post articles of July 2010. Now those, I love, no adore. Hat's off to Dana Priest for staying on point RE: an ultimately revealing listing of said spy-guys with that marvelous two year investigative reporting extravaganza. Yeah, The Washington Post names names thu-out the summer of 2010. Oh, you didn't know  Or you do know?

Next, thought to up the ante and actually re-write titles of those revved for a certain reviewing website. The goal being to pick a weekly winner. Whom, already received the daring Twenty star. For a brief injunction ala days of yore ... way way back in the old timey stats, when introduced her very first forum ... Namely: "MOFFETT FILES TAKE FIVE"  Then, typed in titles for the week under the r/r/r microscope in 2005. Hey, I picked weekly winners back then from a randomly compiled list. People complimented the extra mileage. However, to read TEFF REVS all one need do is type teffom in the search box on PRP. All rather forcibly boring time re: any extra work, especially using a lead me to the slaughter house, PC driven mechanical ways and means. And no it is not that I don't know how to use one. Of course, I do. I am happy as a partridge in a pear tree with my webtv. Shall post the winner right now. BEST STORY READ in OCT/ 2010 --- "Echo Park " 

Thus concludes a spate of holding to the mark, all the others which border on yet another, infamously, serious question from this desk. Why are most of these so terrible, practically written exactly the same. Not everything purposely sparsely edited by their authors? Hell, if I can figure it out. Here, anyone may hypothesize that a crowd is writing these boring shorty gems. Spot sameness, as in lacking creativity. Oh no -- written and produced, signed, sealed, delivered by ??? Not the clone jag, not again? Just when I was out, it pulled me back in, demmit.

Main concerns --- via notes to self --- court the publishers today, Paula. Feed Whitey aka little Lamby Pie, whose new coat of regrowth is as healthy as all get out and as smooth as glass. Unfortunately, due to a visiting canine, Big White astrophysical little bod, causes him to be dubbed Pinky, as he lost all his hair, as felines might when exposed to a flea cartel from another state. Oh, sure we love our Pinky. Now, he's recovered after a desolating shrinking loss close to five pounds. Of course, he looks like a new born lamb. Pinky sends out a fond "Hey what's the haps in your neck of the woods?" to those who've accidentally stumbled upon "FICTION FANDANGO, A WRITER'S BLOG " 
End daily cat story, no apologies.

Oct 21, 2010 -- When female, nude tootsies hit the rug, predawn thinking skills cast an ever popular gratitude to be a webber. Kinda felt like climbing out of a canoe, adrift on a sea of placating, topic fishing. You see, PC-ers, you are being misled like lamb chops, pounded to a narrow margin of lean, fried meat. Nope, can't see pushing a mouse around forever and a day. Can't for the life grasp why this is considered progressive, self satisfaction aside. How in the world, we might ask, must one take pride in accomplishment to such lower standards?

Well, sit yourself into a chair, tuck in the ass cheeks, luvs, but get the lead out, follow your mouse around a course that leads to nowhere. Why? Then while you are having a ball with your personal computer, Explorer options, pal, and not writing in disk or CDRom, not able to research without a time line nor drag time easily at all ... ask yourself -- hell why won't these things work even a fraction faster. They never shall, so you can do crosswords while you wait, rhyme new poems or read a book which still exist out there in print mode, BTW. You go ahead, knock yourself out. Nope, not me.

Oh boy-oh-boy -- Listen up, kids --- On one simply avoids cursor blues. We go up and down at leisure, no sideways for us. We watch our active clip arts, we hear our midis which folks in webtv land share and we also are privy to better news, sequenced instantly, kibosh rigamarole. Yes, PC-ers no matter what upgrades you purchase, wallow in, turn over and re-flour yourselves before your mind is fried --- webtv is better. Your upgrades are indeed downgrades in retrospect, I kid you not. Thus concludes word on the street -- YIPPEE!!! WEBTV RULES! Look, Fangango's not a library; anyone may research "webtv" on wikipedia.

Now of course, I should at this juncture, perhaps supply one of my webpages, in a url fashion. Hey, maybe next time, I will.

Until next time. WRITE TODAY, don't you dare just wee-whew. And if you dooooo? You do so at your own detriment, if you were once a creative writer. Slogging on, few posters on that particular, honest-to-gawd spot (above) which begins with an A, were not even half way edited as in polished.   Offerings appear --- possibly as tests to see who finds the most mistakes.

Although, step aside, please --- wwww wwwa wa wa wa wat watch the tram car please. Wouldn't this please rev groups? Hey, they could all praise each other again, allatime, repetitiously, no arguments.

Well, not one to ever have complimented the teachers who say they taught the kids, who sent home the busy work homework, which took hours to complete, with three of us doing our crayola best at the kitchen table while making dinner at the same time. Oh, believe it, babycakes. Decades ago, we protested that teacher, who was fresh out of college. You see, she knew it all. So, keep your busy work away from the likes of TEFF.

We need look away from gullible, even though mass media tells us so. Examine cant, my dears. An industrious driven butterfly, wingbat worthy, competition aiming at anyone who can proudly tie their own shoes, me thinks. Sorry, I digress.

All -- ALL one's remaining options are on the I-net, available for anyone courting brainwave stimulation. Thus concludes a major kick to the forehead type blog subject for the how dare you cartel. Clone your clone's stories enmasse wherever you like. But do not ever, as in never expect applause.

So, how does one understand this? Miss TEFF? Do the math, take sameness in writing as common denominator. Next: insert, grade school, dummy down syndrome when in point of fact authors should reach as in stretch to smarty up. From small sampling sums, perceive one hundred to four hundred active members surfing various places, out of tens of thousands claims --- resulting tallies (nope) that beaut aint slicing mustard. Always question fairness in ability to: logic on. The amount of pretending Norte Americans do in one hour could fill an encyclopedia. YES!!

Ah, a.m. news feeds -- rocky road there on two separate counts, yet a tad related. Readers, you see, us relaxed, journalistic-acute types employ our educated reading ploys, also hourly among a population akin to gifted intelligentsia. Don't we just, dear audience?

Come on talented writers, don't fall to the wayside with lazy. Here's your author-to-author hint of the day. Touch your toes, reach for the sky --- STRETCH!!!

NO!! STOP!!! Don't you dare lose credence and swivel your neck bones to see whose watching you-uns. You just maight already have a name to maintain, (let us hope that name is real) a portfolio to overspill. Read fine print down below. Like, moi, along with countless, electronic dabblers ... these are your pages, upon which to impress. Capish?
Signing out now. Publishers, see you in the next blog, since now I've more privatized homework to set to rights. Involving an M for Mexico, compatriot to an encyclopedia on my shelf. Now, I too want to look at a map which shows these Texas border cities under "gunbattle" duress.


PS: Whitey and Micky, both are not like moi. These cool cats like familar things. They favor the sandbox nextdoor.

Okay!! BREAKFAST TIME: Homemade waffles. Contrary to popular opinion, one needn't purchase pancake mix in cardboard boxes from uncaring, dangerous food corporations. Fatcats also manufacture tardy contraptions such as friendly PC which don't add knowledge at all. Really? Really!!!
Onto the bacon, crispy in the pan. TEFF in the morning, here and I'm listening.
Gawd, gotta stop this lecture gig thing, just toooooo damn easy.Leave a comment
© Copyright 2010 teffom@Writing.Com
All rights reserved.

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