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Sat, Oct 10th - 3:39AM

Welcome to my Blog Spot


This is my first message on my new blog spot. I really haven't anything special to say today. You see I'm exporing. Exploring is what I do quite a bit of. I start something new and then I have to see how it works or how to do it or what else is possible.

For example, yesterday I discovered as I was writing a newsletter for a group to which I belong how to put a vertical line between the columns of text. Now the computer had always known how to do that - but it took until yesterday for m to suddenly discover it - and then do it.

Last week I looked at a pair of wonderful knitted slippers that my sister had knitted for me. And what had I done? I'd worn them out. Of course, wearing was the purpose for which they were made. But now there was a hole in each of them. Then I remembered how I used to watch my mother darn my father's socks. It's not what many people do today. It''s more common to throw them out and get another pair. [The same thing happens to undies. Have you noticed how the elastic goes before the garmet itself is worn out ... and those crafty manufacturers stitch the elastic in making replacement difficult. Once upon a time you could replace the elastic by threading it through ... but not now. You have to either create a hem to thread the new elastic or throw your otherwise good undies out.]  But I'm digressing. I do that. So back to my knitted slippers. Did I tell you they were blue? I wrote a poem about them.

Blue feet: 
not blue
with cold.

Cosy blue
wool knit -
Heather blue
from mountains
highest peaks -
toasts my feet.

Blue, warm blue:
       a pair
       of  knitted slippers
       brings such
to my toes.

The good news! I discovered I could darn! And now I can wear my knitted slippers again.

Exploring how to do things is such fun. Last month I went to a school to do a storytelliing programme. I thought it would be fun to make a pinata and fill it with origami fish. Then I thought of all that paper tearing and sticky glue and layering and drying - and it felt all too much. So I thought for a bit and had an idea. I made a 'lazy woman' pinata from a large paper bag dressed up to look like a fish. The kids loved it and so did I.  

All this thinking has made me tired ... so until next time ... Hoo roo!

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