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Sun, Oct 25th - 7:38AM

GeoCities, WebRing, and genealogy - history

Goodbye GeoCities!

GeoCities free websites will be deleted in less than a day's time.  

Google Search today says:
  • 20,500 from for
  • 56,500 from for genealogy
I hope that everyone has taken WebRing up on their offer to transfer their GeoCities websites to WebRing. There are a few other websites that have been working diligently to archive GeoCities listed on Wikipedia.  This Wikipedia article about GeoCities leaves out WebRing's history,  and WebRing's historical offer to transfer GeoCities websites. It is worth noting a few of the articles referenced in the wiki.

Rupert Goodwins, the editor of ZDNet, perceived the closure of GeoCities as an end of an era; he described GeoCities as "the first proof that you could have something really popular and still not make any money on the internet."[17] Vijay Mukhi, an internet and cyber security expert quoted in the Business Standard, criticized Yahoo's handling of GeoCities; Mukhi described GeoCities as "a lost opportunity for Yahoo! They could have made it a Facebook if they wanted." Rich Skrenta, the CEO of Blekko, posted on Twitter an offer to take over GeoCities from Yahoo! in exchange for 50% future revenue share.[19]

In response to the closure, rival webhosting services began to compete for the web sites leaving GeoCities. For instance, German web host Jimdo started the "Lifeboat for GeoCities" service to encourage GeoCities users to put their websites on Jimdo.[10][20], started by GeoCities competitor uCoz, is a similar project launched to save GeoCities websites[21]

With the GeoCities closing announcement the Internet Archive announced a project to archive GeoCities pages, stating "GeoCities has been an important outlet for personal expression on the Web for almost 15 years. With the recent news from Yahoo that GeoCities is going to be discontinued on October 26, 2009, the Internet Archive is working over the next few months to ensure our collection of GeoCities sites is as deep and thorough as possible."[22]

The website is also archiving and showcasing artifacts from GeoCities.[23]

A Special Search for on Wikipedia lists many wiki citations using You just can't rely on one source or just Wikipedia for a complete history of WebRing.

Reuters Article about WebRing
WebRing Rescues Endangered GeoCities Sites | Reuters
May 19, 2009 ... ASHLAND, Ore., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Before MySpace and Facebook, GeoCities reigned supreme when it came to personal websites.

WebRing Rescues Endangered GeoCities Sites
WebRing Rescues Endangered GeoCities Sites - Press Release
ASHLAND, Ore., May 19, 209 -- Before MySpace and Facebook, GeoCities reigned supreme when it came to personal websites. With its simplicity of use and free.

TechBurgh Blog
WebRing Rescues Endangered GeoCities Sites | TechBurgh Blog and ...
GeoCities reigned supreme when it came to personal websites. ... “We recognize that most owners of these GeoCities sites...

Goodbye, GeoCities!

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Wed, Oct 21st - 11:22AM

Today's genealogy Tweets
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Wed, Oct 21st - 10:47AM

Today's genealogy Google
1,850 from for genealogy.
103,000 from for family.
747 from for gedcom.
8,610 from for family history.
82,900 from for history
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Mon, Oct 12th - 8:57AM

Today's genealogy Google
1,690 from
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Wed, Oct 7th - 8:27AM

Today's genealogy Google
1,460 from for genealogy
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Wed, Oct 7th - 8:18AM

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Wed, Oct 7th - 8:17AM

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