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Thu, Oct 30th - 9:25AM

Joel Tombleson Wright vs. the Synod of Huron

St James Anglican, St Marys, OntarioRev. Joel Tombleson Wright sued his diocese in 1881. The Diocese of Huron in administrating a trust created when the Clergy Reserves had been secularized decided to redirect funds that had previously gone to clergy to other purposes. Wright, who had been receiving $200 a year from the trust, on behalf of himself and other clergy of the diocese, sought to have the funds restored to the individual clergy. He won at Chancery Court in London, Ontario but the decision was reversed on appeal. The case finally reached the Supreme Court of Canada, which decided against Mr. Wright, who thereupon, in 1884, appealed to the privy council of Great Britain. In 1886 Rev. Wright agreed to drop the case.

Rev. Wright was rector of St James Anglican, St Marys, Ontario during the lawsuit. The lawsuit did not seem to affect Rev. Wright's work. Significant additions were made to St James Church during this time including construction of the tower shown. Rev. Wright remained rector in St Marys for 18 years.

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Thu, Oct 16th - 10:26AM

Diocese of Huron Electoral Synod

The Diocese of Huron will hold a synod on October 25, 2008 at St Paul's Cathedral to elect a replacement for Bishop Bruce Howe as Bishop of Huron.

Bishop Bob BennettNominated from the Diocese of Huron are:

Rt. Rev. Robert Bennett
Bishop of Norfolk (shown right)

Dean Terry Dance
Rector of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, Ontario

Canon Christopher Pratt
Rector of St. John the Evangelist Church, Kitchener, Ontario

Archdeacon Richard Salt
Rector of Trinity Church, Sarnia, Ontario and Archdeacon of Kent/Lambton

Canon Kim Van Allen
Rector of All Saints, Windsor, Ontario

Nominee from the Diocese of Niagara:

Dean Peter Wall
Rector of Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton, Ontario

UPDATE: The Rt. Rev. Robert Bennett was elected on the second ballot.
He will be enthroned January 10th, 2009.

There will be an election March 28th, 2009 to replace Bishop Bennett as Bishop of Norfolk.   There are 9 Suffragan Bishop of Huron Nominees
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Thu, Oct 2nd - 3:09AM

Holy Trinity Anglican, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Holy Trinity Anglican, Winnipeg The first Holy Trinity Anglican, Winnipeg was completed November 4th, 1868 and enlarged in 1870. It was quickly outgrown, as was its successor. The present building was completed in 1884, with a seating capacity of 750. It is now designated a national historical site.

When this church was built, it was on the outskirts of Winnipeg. Over the past 120 years, the city has grown up around it. It now sits in the heart of downtown, next door to the new arena and the new library.

There are about 400 households in the congregation and being a downtown church, almost all of them live outside the geographic boundaries of the parish. About 250 people attend one of the three services each Sunday which use the Book of Common Prayer.

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