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Fri, Oct 31st - 10:49AM

Halloween News

Simpsons Spoof the Great Pumpkin & Peanuts

Halloween Financial News

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Thu, Oct 30th - 9:23AM

Election Thoughts

We thought it would be fun to collect and show some different opinions on the United States election:

If John McCain kicks the bucket...

Modern Communism in America

The Future of Black Nationalism in America

Paris Hilton strips to her bikini in fake election bid

Sarah Palin Fashion

Who's Nailin' Paylin? (Warning! Adult Content!)

Barack Obama Vs the KKK Assassins

Sarah Palin is NOT a Feminist

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Wed, Oct 29th - 2:54PM

Fashion News
Fashion Salon
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Tue, Oct 28th - 5:48PM

The Straight Goods on Homosexuality

The Straight Goods on Homosexuality

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Mon, Oct 27th - 9:45AM

We've changed the name of our WebRing blog today because we realized it was causing confusion in Google searches.

People looking for the Lilith eZine were being directed to this blog by accident.

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Sat, Oct 25th - 4:36PM

Canadian News

Kevin Smith at the Eaton's Centre Today

Handsfree Cellphone Driving Ban in the Works

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Fri, Oct 24th - 11:44AM

Breast Implants and Augmentation

Breast Implants at Work

The Beauty Myth

Beauty and the Breast

The History of the Bra and Breasts

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Thu, Oct 23rd - 7:34PM

Enlarging Harper's Caucus

$300 Million to Enlarge Stephen Harper's Caucus

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Thu, Oct 23rd - 11:52AM

Malcolm X and Black Nationalism

The Future of Black Nationalism in America

Malcolm X Speeches at:

Malcolm X Speech - December 1962
Malcolm X Speech - June 1963
Malcolm X Speech - December 4, 1963
Malcolm X Speech - February 14, 1965

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Wed, Oct 22nd - 4:59PM

Top Freedom and Environmental News
Top Freedom News

Topless Beaches in India

The Right to Bare Arms and Breasts

Going topless reveals differing standards

Boston Woman Arrested for Swimming Topless

Clean Air Canada

Canadian cities not getting the truth on their air quality

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Wed, Oct 22nd - 11:30AM

Barack Obama Vs the KKK Assassins

Barack Obama Vs the KKK Assassins

UNITED STATES - What happens if Barack Obama wins the American election? Will the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) try to assassinate him?

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Mon, Oct 20th - 9:21PM

Female Athletes: Women in Sports

Female Perspective:

Women in Sports: Lies, Sexism & Selling Out

Male Perspective:

Female Athletes, who takes them seriously?

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Mon, Oct 20th - 4:51PM


Unpasteurized milk is good for you

The Best of John Candy

Is Canada in a Recession?

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Sun, Oct 19th - 6:28PM

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

October 19th 2008

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

While we are saddened that Stephen Harper is still prime minister of Canada, we are overjoyed that he only won a minority government. Just barely. We came very close to seeing the Conservative Party win enough seats to turn back the clock on gay rights, the environment, arts funding, women's issues and a host of other things Harper's conservatives don't consider important enough to spend tax dollars on.

Technically, and this is an important point, gay married couples now pay more taxes than if they were simply single and living together. Thats more money in government coffers. Why would you want to reverse that?

Here's the thing however, and this is a mathematically oddity: Only 61% of Canadian adults over the age of 18 actually voted in the election this past Tuesday.

Of those who did vote the Conservatives got a mere 38%. For those of you who are good at math that means only 23.18% of potential voters actually voted for Stephen Harper's party. Certainly not a vote of confidence.

Part of the problem is young people who don't vote. Indeed quite a few adults don't vote either and its mindbogglingly difficult to comprehend why they don't bother. They either:

A. Don't care about politics.

B. Don't think it will do any good because some politicians are corrupt.

C. Don't think their 1 measly little vote will make much difference. Some MPs win their riding on just a few votes.

D. The politicians are talking about issues (ie. education, university spending & college loans) that don't speak to young people.

E. Think they're too busy, forget, figure the party they hate or like will win anyway, think its all rigged, etc.

F. Some or all of the above.

Years ago when I lived in Prince Edward Island I got into a huge argument with my mother about why I wasn't voting in a local township election. My reasons were: Its a township! I didn't know the candidates, I didn't know what they stood for and I didn't know any of the issues facing the municipality. Even now, living in Toronto, I have yet to vote during a mayor's election or for a member of city council. Same reasons. I simply didn't know enough to care about voting in it.

So could it be young people today think the same way about provincial and national politics? They simply don't know enough to want to vote in it? Ignorance creates apathy.

My answer is ignorance and apathy? Start watching the news and reading newspapers. Politics is like karma. If you don't learn about the issues and vote you get the leaders you deserve.

On November 4th the United States will make a choice between John McCain and Barack Obama. One would hope that people will actually vote in such a historic election in large numbers. If they don't then Americans will get the leader they deserve, not necessarily the one they like.

To paraphrase Mr. T: I pity the fool that doesn't vote.

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

The Art History Archive

Carl Schaefer

The Canada eZine

The Canadian Petro Dollar

The Fashion eZine

Agent Provocateur




Levi Strauss


The Feminist eZine

The Good Wife's Guide

Advice for Young Brides

Aristotle: On a Good Wife

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Sun, Oct 19th - 12:16AM

Who's Nailin' Paylin?
Do you like Sarah Palin spoofs?

Check out Who's Nailin' Paylin?

WARNING: Adult Content!

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Sat, Oct 18th - 11:22AM

Canadian Artist Carl Schaefer


 Carl Schaefer
The Art History Archive - Canadian

Carl Schaefer was born in Hanover, Ontario in 1903. While Schaefer studied at the Ontario College of Art he was taught by two of the Group of Seven artists: J.E.H. MacDonald and Emanuel Hahn. He spent some time working as a church decorator and sign painter while working on his own private collection. Schaefer appreciated the landscape of his hometown and that led to him becoming a landscape artist.

Learn more about Carl Schaefer.


Above: Carl Schaefer - Fields Normanby Township - 1936

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Sat, Oct 18th - 10:39AM

Recession in Canada
Is Canada joining the United States in a recession?

Time will tell.

What is happening in Canada is strange. Job growth is up and unemployment is still very low, but people are so worried about the economy that they are cutting back on spendng... especially on luxury items.

So how do we track luxury items?

Well, for starters champagne sales in Ontario are down dramatically in 2008. 24%. Don't know what the percentage is for the rest of Canada, but seeing as Ontario has one third of Canada's population and is the biggest Canadian consumer of champagne it sends a signal that people are worried and being more thrifty.

Ontario cottages are also seeing a major drop in sales.

Sales of cottages in the Muskoka area (considered the most luxurious and convenient cottage market dominated by million-dollar mansions on the water) are down by a daunting 43 per cent in the first nine months of the year according to figures from the Muskoka and Haliburton Association of Realtors. Agents reported 111 transactions by the end of September, compared to 197 by the same time last year.

While sales of all types of cottages are down, Karen Flood, incoming president of the association, said the high end cottages are the ones most affected.

So yes, Canadians are cutting back on luxury items. Are we in a recession like the United States?

No, we're just feeling the pinch and the worry over the economy is effecting us too.

In the Unites States however there isn't just worry. There's panic.

Panic induced government bailouts of the leading banks of the U.S. and Europe, and a stock market that posted a record weekly drop of 18 per cent last week, and a 40 per cent plunge since last summer – the biggest failure in modern free-market economics is bound to raise doubts about the future of capitalism as we know it.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a tycoon with a near-monopoly on commercial broadcasting in Italy, scorns the "capitalism of adventurers" in the USA – the anything-goes Wall Street investment bankers who put annual bonuses ahead of integrity. Berlusconi is a brilliant businessman who started small and managed to build his business into a near monopoly and even become Italian Prime Minister, but he has a very important point.

Corruption and Greed in the Marketplace = Loss of Integrity, Honesty and Profits are soon to disappear...

Think about it. Would you invest money with a company you knew was fraudulent, syphoning funds to the private accounts or just plain greedy and untrustworthy?

No. Neither would I.

And thats what investors are saying. If American investment banks are so greedy and untrustworthy, why should we give them our money?

And furthermore, why should we bail them out either? That $700 billion Bush is giving investment banks to buy junk mortgages is a fundamental waste of money. Its like going to the shady used car salesman and saying "Hey buddy, I heard times are rough... how about I buy $[insert big number here] of your worst cars, your lemons/etc. and you can go on vacation to Hawaii with the money."

Last I checked investment bankers are pretty well off, rich to say the least. Profits are down due to the credit crisis, but they're still making profits. So why boost their profits with a bailout?

Because we're talking about America's elite, the backbone of the Republican party. They make a huge fuss if they're not making huge profits. Small profits just doesn't look good enough on paper. Because the outgoing Bush Administration is corrupt and just doesn't care if they bankrupt America and have a budget deficit.

So Canada, America... what will it be? Your pensions are riding on investment banks that use shady mortgages in an effort to boost profits. Do you really want your money being managed by someone you can't trust?

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Thu, Oct 16th - 10:56PM

In My Hair

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Wed, Oct 15th - 11:00AM

The Secret Life of Bees

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Wed, Oct 15th - 12:56AM

Canadian Election News

Conservatives Win a Minority, but no mandate

Conservatives Win Minority, Steal Liberal Platform

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Tue, Oct 14th - 11:36AM

High Heels

On the topic of high heels...

The Female Perspective:

Are High Heels a Detriment or a Benefit?

The Male Perspective:

High Heels and High Expectations

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Tue, Oct 14th - 9:57AM

Spam Statistics 2007
Email considered Spam 45% of all email
Daily Spam emails sent 14.5 billion
Daily Spam received per person 8
Annual Spam received per person 2,900
Spam cost to all non-corp Internet users $255 million
Spam cost to all U.S. Corporations in 2002 $9.1 billion
States in the USA with Anti-Spam Laws 26
Annual Spam in 1,000 employee company 2.1 million
Corporate email that is considered Spam 15-20%

The above statistics are based on 2007 records. Estimates for 2008 suggest there will be a dramatic increase in Russian and Chinese spam. China for example has growing middle class and a definite thirst for the internet.

Telephone Marketing And SPAM Should Be ILLEGAL!

Advertising in America

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Tue, Oct 14th - 1:00AM

More Bailouts cause Dow Jones to recover 938 points
Tuesday October 14th - Wall Street stormed back yesterday from last week's devastating losses due to the American credit crisis, sending the Dow Jones industrials soaring a nearly inconceivable 938 points after major governments' plans to support the global banking system reassured distraught investors. The surge in stocks comes after a dismal week on Wall Street that erased an estimated $2.4 trillion in shareholder wealth.

The Dow by far outstripped its previous record for a one-day point gain, 499, reached during the waning days of the dot-com boom in 2000. All major indexes rose about 11 per cent.

The Wall Street surge will be good news for Canada, where the Toronto stock market was closed Monday for the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. Last week, the TSX lost more than 16 per cent of its value, one of the worst weeks ever for the Canadian market, on investor worries about falling commodity prices and a spreading economic recession in the United States.

When trading resumes Tuesday, the Toronto market is expected to post major gains following the Wall Street jump.

The hope on Wall Street was that the market was finding a bottom after eight sessions of losses that sent the Dow down nearly 2,400 points. But while a rebound had been expected at some point, investors can expect to see back-and-forth trading in the coming days and weeks as investors work through their concerns about the banking sector, the stagnant credit markets and the overall economy.

With the U.S. bond markets and banks closed Monday for Columbus Day, it was difficult for investors to gauge the reaction of the credit markets to actions by major governments. Even as they return to Wall Street, investors remain worried about the health of consumers and areas like the housing sector.

But the market did appear to take heart when the Bush administration said it is moving quickly to implement its $700 billion (U.S.) bailout, including consulting with law firms about the mechanics of buying ownership shares in a broad number of banks to help revive the stagnant credit markets and in turn get the economy moving again. The bailout will increase this year's budget deficit significantly.

Wall Street was cheered by word that Canada will bailout Canadian banks to the tune of $25 billion and from the Bank of England which said it would use up to $63 billion (U.S.) to help the three largest British banks strengthen their balance sheets.

The Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank also jointly announced plans to work together to provide as much short-term funding as necessary to help revive lending.

After a series of weekend meetings in Washington of heads of the Group of Seven nations, the gains in global markets signalled that investors found comfort from the actions and pledges coming from government officials.

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Mon, Oct 13th - 10:30AM

Brand Name Fashion

Agent Provocateur



True Haute Couture has Vanished
Giorgio Armani
Manolo Blahnik
Pierre Cardin
Roberto Cavalli
Coco Chanel
Christian Dior
Dolce & Gabbana
Salvatore Ferragamo
Gianfranco Ferre
Tom Ford
John Galliano
Jean Paul Gaultier
Carolina Herrera

Tommy Hilfiger
Jessie Hill
Lisa Ho
Marc Jacobs
Wolfgang Joop
Donna Karan
Christian Lacroix
Karl Lagerfeld
Helmut Lang
Ralph Lauren
Alexander McQueen
Thierry Mugler
Alex Perry
Miuccia Prada
Paco Rabanne
Nina Ricci
Yves Saint-Laurent
Nicola Trussardi
Gianni Versace
Louis Vuitton
Vivienne Westwood
Yohji Yamamoto

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Sat, Oct 11th - 10:47AM

Financial and Political News

Traders Panicking as TSX, Dow keep falling

Oil Prices and the Canadian Dollar

Loonie suffers record one-day drop

Toronto Stock Market Crashes 1200 Points

Open Letter to the Opposition Leaders: If Harper wins a minority

10 Reasons Why Stephen Harper is Incompetent

U.S. jobless claims hit 7-year high

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Tue, Oct 7th - 9:42AM

Environmental Headlines

Climate right for green bonds

Vancouver and Montreal could become flooded

Sarah Palin hates Polar Bears?

University of Calgary working on CO2 Scrubber

Carbon taxes originally a Conservative idea

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Mon, Oct 6th - 2:48PM

October 6th 2008 - The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition
The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

This is a belated Sunday Edition, not only because its Monday, but because its been 2 months since our last Sunday Edition.

For me personally its a busy time of the year teaching. There's also stress, not just from work, but from society and politics.

I have yet to decide whom I shall vote for the August 14th Canadian election for example. Its bothering me because usually I know a month or two in advance whom I intend to vote for. Its also bothering me because Stephen Harper actually has a serious chance of winning a majority government.

And as a teacher working in Canada... that scares me.

Stephen Harper has worked hard to change his public image over the past several years, trying not to appear like the penny-pinching, don't care about the common person, privatize health care, sell out Canada to the USA, censor movies and television, sell the CBC, cut funding to the arts, cut funding to literacy, cut funding to women's shelters and women's programs, puppet for the American Republicans, oil industry pawn, bribery monger, fraud artist, lying, cheating and overall general scumbag that he is.

Instead his minority government has pushed the idea of Stephen Harper as the family man, the hockey lover, the guy who believes in laissez-faire economics... To me laissez-faire doesn't mean hands off. It means lazy. Harper doesn't like to mess around in economics and as a result does nothing about the economy. If the economy goes bad he blames problems in the USA.

Remember the glory days of Jean Chretien? An endless stream of trade missions to Asia, Europe, Africa and South America? He promoted Canadian products and exports overseas so that Canada didn't become so dependent on the American economy. Harper has been too busy trying to get rid of gay marriages and keep Kyoto and environmental change off the table that he has totally ignored promoting Canada overseas.

So in deciding whom to vote for I will be weighing multiple issues: Who will promote Canada overseas? Who will make environmental change for the better? Who will protect the integrity of Canada's health care, education and social programs?

I will tell you it won't be the Green Party. I'm sorry, but the Greens are just contributing to vote splitting and could hand Harper a majority. Canadians afraid of a Harper majority should seriously consider voting strategically this election. I'd rather see a Liberal and NDP coalition than see Harper get a majority.

One last scary thing: Harper still hasn't announced his party's platform for this election. Its a huge secret what his party intends to do... but I can guarantee it will include doing nothing about the environment and further eroding Canada's social programs.

Suzanne MacNevin

The Art History Archive

Henderson Cisz

The Canada eZine

Uniting the Canadian Left

The Entertainment eZine

The Napster Revolution

The Fashion eZine

Open-Cup Bras

Nursing Bras

The Health eZine

Smoking in Canada

The Politics eZine

The United States of America - History, Politics and the Decline of as Superpower

The Sex eZine

The Five Languages of Love

History's Greatest Lovers


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Sat, Oct 4th - 7:44PM

U.S. jobless claims hit 7-year high

U.S. jobless claims hit 7-year high

United States - New applications for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week to a seven-year high due to a weakening economy and the impact of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav, the Labor Department said Thursday.

The department reported that initial claims for jobless benefits increased by 1,000 to a seasonally adjusted 497,000. That's significantly above analysts' estimate of 475,000. The total is the highest since just after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks seven years ago.

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Thu, Oct 2nd - 7:10PM

10 Reasons Why Stephen Harper is Incompetent

10 Reasons Why Stephen Harper is Incompetent

Observations from the October 2nd English Debate on CBC:

#1. No Platform

There's a federal election in Canada and Canadians are going to the polls October 14th 2008, and its October 2nd already and Stephen Harper still hasn't released his political platform. He is making promises based on no actual platform for change.

#2. Plagiarizes Speeches

Stephen Harper can't even write his own speeches. His staff writes them and occasionally plagiarizes speeches from other politicians.

#3. Laissez-faire I Don't Care

Harper has fallen asleep on the Canadian economy. He hasn't done anything to prevent a recession, despite Canada's export driven economy and all the exports Canada sends to the United States. Harper's response to economics? Do nothing at all and hope nothing bad happens. Why do people think Harper will be "good" for the economy when his approach is to do nothing at all?

#4. No Investment in Canada

Harper has done nothing to invest in Canada's economy, education or health care. Instead he has cut funding to farmers, literacy programs, women's groups, arts funding and anything else Harper doesn't consider important. I ask you this? How is farming and literacy not important? We need food and food prices keep going up lately. And literacy helps people find jobs. Can you imagine being illiterate and trying to make a resume? How is this helping Canada?

#5. Ignores the Environment

By his own words, Harper believes that global warming and climate change is a scam and a hoax. He doesn't even believe his own scientists. When Harper's government commissioned a study into how they could cut carbon gases without hurting the economy a Conservative think-tank came up with the idea of taxing carbon gases (namely the coal industry and the oil industry)... however the oil industry in Alberta and the coal industry in Nova Scotia didn't like that idea and convinced Harper (through large political contributions) to scrap the idea. The Liberal plan to tax carbon gases is original a Conservative idea, but Harper is so corrupt he simply doesn't care.

#6. Harper doesn't promote Canada overseas

Remember how Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney went on trade missions to Europe, Asia and Russia? Since being in power Harper has gone on no trade missions to promote Canada's products or materials.

#7. Harper allowed bribery in his own party

The Conservative Party tried to bribe Chuck Cadman for his vote by offering him a million dollar insurance policy (Cadman was dying of cancer and the money would be paid to his wife). After Cadman died phone recordings came out proving that Harper not only knew his party wanted to bribe Cadman, but allowed the bribery attempt to continue.

#8. Prison & Punishment not a deterrent to crime

Harper's approach to crime is to increase the punishment: Longer prison sentences and more prison sentences for children. Criminals are NOT thinking about the prison sentences or how long the prison sentence is when they commit the crime. They're more worried about money. The real solution to preventing crime is to boost education levels and to boost the economy and crime will automatically go down when more people have jobs.

#9. Harper is a Bush Clone

Harper essentially does whatever the Bush Administration tells him to do. Harper has pushed towards sending more troops to Afghanistan, keeping troops in Afghanistan longer and is looking forward to sending Canadian troops to Iran.

#10. Harper Flip Flops on issues

Harper has flip flopped on carbon taxes, on gay marriages, on the economy, on privatized health care, on lowering the Canadian national debt, on Afghanistan, on Quebec Separatism and many other issues.

Other Notes:

We have not decided whether to vote for the Liberals or the NDP. The Liberals seem like a lame duck, and the NDP seems like a viable choice. The Greens don't stand a chance. What Canada's leftwing really needs is a combined Liberal-NDP-Green party. It happened for the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives, its time the leftwing did it too.
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Thu, Oct 2nd - 9:07AM

American History and Economics

American History

War of 1812
American Civil War
World War I
Great Depression
World War II
Cold War
Vietnam War
Energy Crisis
Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan
Iran/Iraq War
Gulf War
Invasion of Panama
The Rise of Terrorism
Kosovo War
September 11th
War on Terrorism

American Economics

Agriculture & Food Prices
Asian Imports
Budget Deficit
Corporate Crime
American Health Care
Oil Prices
Interest Rates
Credit Crisis
Weak Dollar

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Wed, Oct 1st - 5:36PM

Lilith News Headlines

Ford's sales down 35% in September

Harper is ripping off Ontario

Taliban kill top Afghan policewoman

Is Sarah Palin becoming a liability for John McCain?

To be creative is, in fact, Canadian


Bush has increased exports to Iran

Stephen Harper Plagiarizes Speech

European banks collapsing despite US bailout

64% of Canadians plan to register for no-call list

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