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Sun, Oct 12th - 11:28AM

Mother's Stops Making Cookies
Since 1914, pink and white frosted circus animal cookies have delighted the world. As of Monday, 13 October 2008, the world will lose these whimsical tasty treats. Citing steep increases in raw material costs, Mother's Cookies will cease production of their signature brand.

We miss you already, mama.
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Fri, Oct 10th - 4:23PM

Queen Latifah to Star as Ella Fitzgerald
Twentieth Century Fox announced the cast of "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered," a movie based on the life of Jazz icon Ella Fitzgerald. Slated to play the starring role? None other than Queen Latifah.

"Ella's always been a huge inspiration to me," said Latifah. "She's the reason I've switched from Hip-hop to Jazz."

Production of "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered" is set to begin November 2008.

This post is false, but wouldn't Queen Latifah make the perfect Ella?

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Fri, Oct 10th - 12:10PM

Is Michelle More Inspiring than Barack?
I ran across a very interesting article about a new sculpture to hit New York. Sculptor Daniel Edwards has released his nude bust entitled "Michelle Obama's Makeover for America."

The sculpture, a tasteful and respectful nude, was created with the idea that Michelle Obama is the embodiment of America's future. The sculpture makes her look like a Nubian Queen, though, so I wonder what the artist is trying to say here about America's future.

Also, he emblazoned a waving American flag across her chest. What's confusing about the flag is that Edwards has splashed the flag over the right side of her chest, not over her heart. Maybe the images I saw are just mirrored, but if they aren't, what was the artist trying to say by not placing the flag across her heart?

Just some things to consider. Maybe Lilith eZine will weigh in, as our most prevalent art gallery presnce here on the WebRing blogs?

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Thu, Oct 2nd - 10:26AM

Whatever You Do This November, Don't Vote!
Sarah Silverman and Jonah Hill are masters of irony. Remember, October 4 is your last day to register to vote in many states. Go register, then vote this November.

"Don't Vote!" -
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Thu, Oct 2nd - 10:22AM

Sarah Palin in Disney's "Head of Skate"
From the producers of "The Mighty Ducks" comes the blockbuster of the holiday season.

"Head of Skate" -

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