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Fri, Oct 31st - 7:33AM

Processing Pendings Just Got Easier
Do you look forward to helping process pending WebRing Community submissions, but don't enjoy having to hunt for them? Well, we just made the hunt a little easier.

Announcing the Pendings List

After you sign in, you can access an updated list of the latest WebRing Community submissions on the following pages:

  • WebRing Homepage - Look for the section labeled "NEW Submissions!"
  • Directory Pages - Click on any category to open its directory page. If available, you will see a list labeled "Pendings in: Category."
  • Ring Hubs - Same as the Directory pages. Scroll down to the bottom of the hub page to find a list labeled "Pendings in: Category/Subcategory."

To process the pendings, click the site title to open the WebRing Community hub page. Then click on the red "Pending Submissions" link found below the title bar.

Who Is Excluded?

Some of you WebRing 2.0 members might be unsettled right now. No need to worry. Although your WebRing Communities will show on the pendings lists, no one except for those you have authorized will be capable of processing pendings in your Communities.

Why Process Pendings?

First and foremost, you help keep WebRing a satisfying experience for new and old members alike. Plus, your pro-active approach will help keep WebRing Communities on-topic and high-quality. And if the props weren't enough, you earn Activity Points for each pending you process!

Want to process some pending submissions right now? Click here.
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Fri, Oct 24th - 1:22PM

Last Week to Save on 2.0 Upgrade
Time is running out to take advantage of our October special. If you haven't upgraded to the WebRing 2.0 membership level, you have until October 31, 2008!

Why Upgrade Today?
In either setting up a PayPal subscription or paying a full year's membership at once, you save 33% ($12) on our premium membership. Key perks to upgrading include one-on-one help with your personal 2.0 representative, top listing in WebRing Community memberships, and a customizable profile page.

What are you waiting for? This incredible offer expires soon.  To learn more and upgrade today, click here!

Current 2.0 Members
Remember that your personal representative is standing by to assist you and to answer any of your questions. Feel free to drop them an email at any time.

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Thu, Oct 23rd - 10:57AM

How to Add a Profile Image
Ever wonder how people get a personalized icon next to their Shoutbox posts? Or perhaps, you saw some profile pages with an image of the member and wanted to add an image to your profile page, too.

Here's a little tutorial to help you add some personality to your WebRing identity:
  1. Click the "My Account" link found at the top of every page to open your account page.
  2. Click the gray "Edit Profile" tab. The "Edit Profile" page will open.
  3. Click the "Browse" button to search your computer for and to select your image of choice.
  4. Repeat Step 3 if you wish to upload a small icon.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Apply Changes" button.

Profile Image Option

The first upload field allows you to upload a rather sizeable image that will be displayed on both your profile pages and on your My Account page. If you choose to leave the second upload field blank, this image will be automatically resized to 30x30 pixels and used as your small icon.

Small Icon Option

This second upload field allows you to provide a different image sized at a mere 30x30 pixels. This serves as your small icon, which appears beside your Shoutbox posts as well as next to your site titles in WebRing Community Memberships (WebRing 2.0 only).

Why Upload a Small Icon?

If your profile image shows you shaking hands with Steven Spielberg or climbing Ayers Rock, you won't be able to make anything out once the image is automatically resized to 30x30 pixels. In order to make your small icon really pop, we recommend that you crop your image tight or choose a different image altogether.  

Adding an image to your profile is a breeze. Plus, it enhances your WebRing personality!  Ready to add an image to your profile?

A Related Post:
How to Crop an Image for Site Titles

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Thu, Oct 16th - 1:49PM

WebRing Responds to Blog Spam
The Web 2.0 revolution has offered internet users a whole array of wonderful tools. These tools allow us a tremendous level of interaction with others from around the world. Of course, as the Grateful Dead sang, "Every silver lining's got a touch of grey."

Blogs. They are a signature tool of the Web 2.0 revolution. They've given anyone who wants one a platform. People, organizations and companies have used them to quickly and frequently communicate with an audience. In most cases, blog readership is unsolicited; it grows with word of mouth and keyword searches. Enter the spammer.

Typically, a spam blog has the same pill-popping, Russian-dating, cheap-Photoshop offers as the unsolicited email spam you receive. But, are blogs of this nature really spam? This is where the "gray" in the "silver lining" comes in.

On our blog system, we have had our share of blog spamming. Comments aside, more than a few blogs that offer a pharmacopeia of medicinal bargains have popped up on our blog system. Several of our dedicated bloggers have spoken out against these types of blogs. Our official position has been that, although we don't think they offer anything of value, they aren't really spam; they're spammish.

Our most rampant blog "spammer" would come into the system and create 4-7 such blogs every couple weeks. We did nothing, but kept a close eye on their activity. This last week, that spam blogger turned up their efforts, creating over 350 new WebRing blogs within 12 hours. Each was dedicated to one pharmacological item after the next. The "grayness" of their activity suddenly became black-and-white.

We deleted each and every one of the blogs they created that day. We've been extremely reluctant in the past to delete such blogs, as they don't directly violate our Terms of Services. But, this person crossed way over the line. As a result, we formed this formal position on the use of our blogs:

Acceptable Use

One blog with multiple posts with typical "spam" offers is acceptable. We will not delete your blog, but do encourage you to provide some genuine content. A good example is the person hawking Acacia berry products. With each post, they provide some history, statistics, or testimonials to its medicinal properties.

Unacceptable Use

Multiple blogs each with a single post for some typical "spam" offer is NOT acceptable. We will delete each and every blog you create. Additionally, we will delete every WebRing account you create in order to activate a blog, and we will do our best to block you from ever accessing the WebRing system again.

About Adult Blogs

We have adult blog designation in the works. Until then, we ask that you do NOT include explicit media like photos and videos on your blog. Links are fine, as they generally point to pages with the necessary safeguards in place. If you post any explicit media, we will delete the blog post in question (not the entire blog). If you repost the material after we have deleted it, we will then delete your blog altogether. We are sorry for this limitation, and thank you for understanding our reasoning.
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Wed, Oct 15th - 11:24AM

Fight Poverty, Feed Your Neighbors
Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

Many charitable organizations exist to help end poverty around the globe. UNICEF collects millions ever year to feed starving children in African countries. The UN World Food Programme collects and distributes tons of food to impoverished regions. Meals on Wheels delivers thousands of meals to senior citizens every day. The Peace Corps teaches destitute people how to grow their own food.

Notice a theme emerging here? Nothing is more indicative of poverty than hunger. In Third World countries, the main culprit is a lack of infrastructure that supports a vibrant and sustainable agricultural model. But what about the millions of starving people in countries that claim the distinction of "First World"?

We often feel good when we help the impoverished in distant lands. It's undeniable that those people need help. But what of your neighbor three doors down, or the people living your town's "slums"?

The US Census Bureau reported that in 2003 there were 35.9 million people living below the poverty line, a 12.5 percent increase from the year before. At the time of this report, the US economy was declared stable. With the current economic crisis, with so many people losing their jobs, imagine what numbers the 2008 report will reveal.

All around you, families are buckling down and eating smaller portions or forgoing meals altogether. They just can't afford to feed themselves like they used to. Children miss out on crucial nutritional requirements, and their parents can't even afford the healthcare for treating an otherwise avoidable illness.

So even though we encourage you to continue to donate to global charities, we ask you to consider going local. Here are some things you can do:

Gift of Groceries

You may know of a neighbor who recently lost their job. Or perhaps, there is a squalid house down the road with a family who have trouble enough trying to keep the lights on. Whoever you've identified, go buy them some groceries. Then, leave make a "midnight run" to their home and leave the groceries at their doorstep with a simple note that leaves you anonymous. Anonymity is key, as many in a destitute situation tend to be proud and not admit their needs. Make it easy for them to accept your gift.

Food Drives

If you don't know someone to gift with groceries, or you're not comfortable with the practice, give to your local food bank every chance you get. Most grocery stores, churches and community centers have some bin where you can drop off non-perishable items. If your local grocer doesn't have such a bin, talk to the manager about adding one.

Offer Your Services

If you are a child care provider, consider giving that single parent a free day of child care. That one day could make it possible for the parent to buy a few days of groceries or some diapers for their toddler.

If you are a general building contractor, consider donating materials and labor to improve the energy efficiency of someone's home. The money an individual saves on their heating costs in one year would help tremendously.
If you own apartment complexes, consider designating a portion of units as "low-income." This is becoming common practice with large units, but many are only granted to the elderly. Although this is terrific, remember that there are huge numbers of families who just need someone to give them a break somewhere in order to make it to the next level.

If you offer life-enriching activities like horseback riding, science camps, lifeskills seminars, consider including some individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend. The experience could inspire them to find creative ways to pull themselves out of poverty. Plus, they may remember what you did for them and do the same for others.

These are just a few ways you can help end poverty on a local level. What would you add to the list?

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Mon, Oct 13th - 12:12PM

The Day After Tomorrow - Blog Action Day!
In less than 48 hours, thousands of bloggers from across the globe will post content relating to the theme of "Poverty."

Blog Action Day was started as a way to turn thousands of disparate voices into one powerful voice heard around the internet. We are participating this year and hope that you will join us!

We are going to post something poverty related in our official blog, but we are also going to take it a step farther. If you upgrade to the WebRing 2.0 membership level via our Rocktober Special this Wednesday, we will donate your first quarter of membership fees to Blog Action Day.

Join us Wednesday for Blog Action Day! For more details, click here.
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Mon, Oct 13th - 11:43AM

WebRing Newsletter Seeks November Contributions
Our editor has just posted a whole series of ideas and components for the November WebRing Newsletter:

Log in and check 'em out. Remember that the ideas presented are only suggestions.

Need Motivation?
We will award you up to 300 Activity Points for any of your contributions that we select for inclusion in the newsletter. Come join us on The WebRing Newsletter Team and let your creativity shine, shine, shine!

Remember: You don't have to submit a site to join the Team; You can always only join the forum.

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Fri, Oct 10th - 11:03AM

WebRing - Diverse or Not?
Every once in awhile, we receive a really engaging question. Here's one such question posted by member patgoltz in the WebRing Managers Community forum.

Forum Post 6014 - 10/09/08

Folks, I saw in a recent newsletter that apparently WebRing believes in diversity. That's fine with me, and I support that. One thing that does concern me, though, is that diversity can be limited if a ringmaster chooses to make his ring family-friendly, because now he is not allowing the same degree of diversity as other webrings. So I need to know if diversity also includes the right to have webrings that have diverse criteria for joining. Thank you.

Our Response

You raise a very valid point in regards to the limits that many Ring Managers place on membership criteria. As far as individual rings are concerned, you're absolutely correct; many rings lack diversity in regard to their join criteria. But that's the nature of rings.

Consider This...
Each ring is, or at least in many cases should be, highly niche. Take the Conscious Black Men ring, for example. In order to join, you need to be conscientious, black, and a man. This excludes everyone else. But, that's okay, both from a community and search perspective.

In terms of community, these fellows have a place where they can share their commonalities. In terms of search, it establishes them as authorities within their specific niche. Ultimately, it would diffuse their niche strength if they were to allow an off-topic site to join the ring.

Limitations are essential at the ring level (at least, in most cases).

When we said that at WebRing we believe in diversity, we were talking about the diversity you can find when you look at ALL of WebRing.

On this one site, we have Christian WebRing Communities alongside Satanism WebRing Communities. We have Liberal Politics WebRing Communities alongside Conservative Politics WebRing Communities. We have Cat WebRing Communities alongside Dog WebRing Communities. Polar opposites existing peacefully side-by-side.

This is the diversity we referred to in the newsletter, the diversity of so many different, distinctly niche communities gathered together in one place - WebRing!

Want to get your 2 cents in? Visit the WebRing Managers Community Forum. Or start some new threads in the General Members Forum.

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Wed, Oct 8th - 11:21AM

Announcing the Shoutbox Contact Menu
Connecting People. It's what WebRing's all about! That's why we're excited to present the latest enhancement to the Shoutbox — The Contact Menu!

You may already know that if you hover your cursor over the left edge of a Shoutbox post, you can identify the poster by their WebRing ID. Now when you hover over that same spot, you will find the Contact Menu.

Use the Shoutbox Contact Menu to connect with other WebRing members.The Contact Menu currently allows you to do the following:

  • Visit ID's profile — Choose this option to open the member's system profile page.
  • Email ID — Choose this option to send a WR Message to the member.

If the "Email" option concerns you, don't worry. This option utilizes our internal WR Messages service, which means that the message will NOT be sent directly to your normal email account. This will keep you from getting spammed.

One Word of Caution
Be careful not to click on the poster's icon, unless of course, you want to talk privately with that member. You want to hover, then click on the option of your choice once the Contact Menu opens.

In case you missed it…
The Shoutbox now allows only those logged into WebRing to post. Since making this change, the shouts have become much more civil and helpful. So if you haven't used the Shoutbox in awhile, consider revisiting it. It's a great way to meet other members!

Coming Soon…
We will be adding a third contact option — text messaging!

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Mon, Oct 6th - 2:21PM

Join Us for Blog Action Day - October 15, 2008

"One day. One issue. Thousands of voices."

Blog Action Day's theme for 2008 is What do and have in common? Power in numbers!

Once a year, bloggers from around the world come together to write about a single issue. This year's cause is "Poverty."

To Participate:
  1. Register your blog at
  2. Copy and paste into a document the short piece of code that they provide after you register your blog. (Save the doc for October 15.)
  3. On October 15, 2008, post your "poverty" related content on your WebRing blog. Remember to include the code from into your post (see instructions below).
To Add the BlogActionDay Code:
  1. Click the 2 angle brackets icon in your WebRing Blogs editor (accessed from the "Post a new message" screen). This will switch your view from WYSIWYG to View HTML.
  2. Paste your Blog Action Day code at the very bottom of the post.
  3. Click the "Save Message" button to post to your blog.
Once you have posted your poverty-related blog message, your voice will be added to the thousands of other people's sounding out from around the globe!

Even if you don't have a blog, you can help promote this collaborative project. See their Promotion page to learn how. We have submitted this blog as a participant. Will you register yours?

Donation Alert!

In addition to our own blog post, if you upgrade to the premium membership level this Wednesday, we will donate all first quarter fees to Interested in helping Blog Action Day help fund the Global Fund and Upgrade on Blog Action Day!

Mark your calendars — Blog Action Day is October 15, 2008.

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Thu, Oct 2nd - 11:47AM

What's Behind Door Number...?
Have you read the October WebRing Newsletter, yet? If not, you're missing out on a fun contest involving these doors:

Curious as to what this is all about? If you enjoyed watching game shows that asked, "What's behind door number...?," you're going to love this contest. We could detail the whole contest here, but we'll send you to the October Newsletter instead.

These members have already submitted their correct answers and were awarded 150 Activity Points:
yourkin | aussiedogs4 | hjewels | thetopstop | bookooguru
Congratulations to our first 5 winners! Will you be among the next 15 correct respondents? For complete details, see the October Newsletter.

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