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Wed, Oct 31st - 4:18PM

Recently, I have investigated another writers "blog" that gives the impression it contains "famous quotes". While I am a avid fan of quotes I must confess I was less than impressed with what I read, (mostly bad jokes and a recipe for pumpkin seeds). I hope in the future that will improve, as I am always looking to add some interesting wordsmithing to my mental library. Until that time comes, allow me to share some worthwhile quotes I have collected over the years...

"Gete's don't wield words where swords speak truer."   -Beowulf-

"Believe what you learn, not what you're taught."   -Arch-Druid Ranneth-

"Do or do not. There is no try."   -Jedi Master Yoda-

"Much that once was is lost. For there are none now left who remember it."   -J.R.R. Tolkien-

"What man is a man that does not make the world a better place?"   -William Monahan-

"I do not handle acts of aggression diplomatically."   -U.S.Army Sgt. Andrew Stevenson-

"If you can't laugh you deserve to cry."   -Arch-Druid Ranneth-

"Only I am so arrogant as to quote myself, but isn't admission the pinnacle of humility?"   -the Teacher-

I hope you enjoyed these words of wisdom. Whether they amuse, inspire, or invigorate, if they do anything at all, then they have done their jobs.

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Mon, Oct 29th - 7:01PM

How does one decide the path they take? Does anyone actually decide, or is it laid out before us by gods and goddesses we do not yet know? I like to believe that in some way, we have a choice in what road we take. Certainly, we all have situations thrust upon us, or sometimes are thrust into them. In the end though, we decide how to handle ourselves and our actions that effect these situations. Do we let our anger consume us when we are wronged? Do we return the love and affection others bestow upon us? Do we walk our path alone or in hand with those we trust, (and some who we do not)? I have made many choices in my life. Some have been worth remembering, some have been impossible to forget. We all will be remembered by the choices we make, as in many cases those choices will outlive our fragile mortal shell. In time others may learn from our choices, and gain insight through our wisdom. But we must always remember never to force that wisdom on those who are not open to it. To do so would certainly have a couteracting effect, as the rebelious instincts of defiance lies in the hearts of all men (and women), and force has ever begat force. So when others look to you for guidance, give them what they ask, or nothing at all. Do not order or demand, for if you do any failures or mishaps will certainly find the blame placed on your shoulders. Rather advise. Advice is only a different point of view, niether right or wrong to anyone but the one who views it. Keep these words in mind as you begin your next day, and may wisdom you never knew you had, guide you to a brighter tomorrow.
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