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Wed, Oct 24th - 7:14AM

Church of the Redeemer, Toronto

Church of the Redeemer, TorontoThe Church of the Redeemer, Toronto was built in 1879 with seating for 500. A parish hall was constructed in 1881 followed by a rectory in 1891.

In 1979, a hundred years after it opened, the parish was voluntarily disestablished with ownership of the church building passing to the Diocese of Toronto. The air rights were sold to the developer of the surrounding property, which meant the developer could build a bigger building than would normally be allowed. Monies from this sale were used to renovate the church in 1982.

In 1986 the parish was reestablished and ownership of the church returned to the parish in 1989. Membership grew to 350 families resulting in the church needing more facilities. With no room to expand, a gathering space, meeting rooms, a kitchen and offices were built under the church in 2001.

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Wed, Oct 17th - 7:12AM

Bishop O'Neil's Hat

Bishop O'Neil's HatThe Diocese of Huron archives have a bishop's hat they believe belonged to Rt. Rev. A.H. (Harry) O'Neil, fifth Bishop of Fredericton. In addition, the archive has two formal coats with tails, one black and one purple. The three items of court attire were likely bought in preparation for the 1958 Lambeth Conference, when bishops from around the Anglican Communion gathered in England.

Inside the brim, there is a crest with the words “Domine dirige nos” (Lord, guide us), the Latin motto for the City of London, England, which means the Bishop probably got his chapeau from Wippell's of Tufton Street, Westminster, a clerical vestment shop founded in 1789 and still going strong.

Born in Clandeboye, Ontario in 1907, O'Neil studied at the University of Western Ontario before getting his divinity degree from Huron College in 1929. While Rector at Atwood, Gorrie, and Clinton before becoming professor of Hebrew and later Principal of Huron, he found time to be the Chaplain to the Anglican Young People's Association (1938-1940). Following his tenure at Huron College, O'Neil was general secretary to the British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada, from 1952-1957. O'Neil was consecrated Bishop of Fredericton in 1957. He was the 13th Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada from 1963 to 1972. The Most Rev. Alexander Henry O'Neil died in 1997.

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Wed, Oct 10th - 7:54AM

Mildred Grimes Trust Fund
Trivitt Memorial, Exeter, Ontario

Mildred Grimes left approximately five million dollars to Trivitt Memorial, Exeter, Ontario for the building up of the Kingdom of God.

Trivitt Memorial decided in response to this gift was to give ten percent back to God by supporting ministry initiatives on a local, diocesan and world level.

It also hosts an annual "Community Thanksgiving Celebration". It is a way of bringing the wider community together to give thanks to God for all the blessings of this life with a special emphasis on giving thanks for the life and generosity of Mildred Grimes.

This past year's celebration, following a service of thanksgiving over 340 people shared a meal together under a huge tent raising funds to support the ministry of Habitat for Humanity, Huron County. The local community gathered together with thankful hearts and raised approximately $2,700. Trivitt Memorial matched that with a grant of $3,000 for the work of Habitat for Humanity. During the dinner further grants were announced and presented from the Mildred Grimes Trust Fund to various organizations that had applied for funding. Some of the grant recipients include organizations such as the Blue Water Rest Home, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Town and Country Support Services, Exeter Fireman’s Association, The Royal Canadian Legion, United Way, Vision Peoples in Mission, Diocese of Huron 150th Anniversary Celebrations, Diocese of Huron Children and Youth Ministry. In total $56,000 was presented from the Mildred Grimes Trust Fund on this night.
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Wed, Oct 3rd - 7:45AM

Diocese of Brandon and the Deanery of Essex

Bishop Jim NjegovanThe Diocese of Brandon covers approximately 100,000 square miles from the far north to the far south in western Manitoba along the Saskatchewan border; has many isolated communities especially in the north where many of the congregations and clergy are aboriginal. The Bishop is the Right Rev. Jim Njegovan.

Diocese of BrandonLast October a covenant agreement entitled "Companions on the Journey" was signed establishing a five year partnership between the Diocese of Brandon and the Deanery of Essex. The agreement will encourage exchanges, visits, prayer partners, parish partners and sharing of resources. There will be exchanges of young adults and youth for such purposes as leading vacation bible schools. It is hoped respective colleges, Canterbury College, University of Windsor and Henry Budd College, La Pas will form partnerships.

The Deanery of Essex has 28 churches in Windsor, Ontario (2006 pop. 323,342) and the surrounding area. Although the Diocese of Brandon has far more territory than the Deanery of Essex, Brandon and Essex have relatively the same number of parishes and clergy.

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