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Wed, Nov 19th - 6:58PM

Take Help of Experienced Finance Broker in obtaining Agriculture Loans

Agriculture is a major sector for the Australian economy contributing 12% GDP. 307,000 people are employed in the sector that earns $155 billion-a-year. The numbers clearly show that agriculture is a big business and like every other owner of a huge business, farmers often have to seek quick and affordable finance.

Funding Requirements

Many finance brokers or even lending staff employed by the banks do not understand fully, the essential components for obtaining funding for your farm business. So, if you are looking at expanding your farm business, or just looking to better manage your business during the cycle seasons and commodity fluctuations, here is a list of funding situations where you can use an agriculture loan:

• You may be looking at buying a neighbouring property

• You are a livestock producer looking to purchase vet supplies

• You may want to increase your livestock numbers

• You may need to buy cropping supplies (e.g. weed spray or fertiliser)

• You are looking to purchase, upgrade or replace your farm or business equipment

• You may need to meet your seasonal expenses

• You would like to consolidate all your agriculture finance into one loan, making your finance simpler and more cost effective, or

• You may need drought survival assistance

Summary of Agriculture Loan Options

Here is a list of agriculture loans that have been specifically designed by specialised lenders/credit providers to address the specific needs of your farming business. These loans are also more flexible than other loans:

Farm Term Loan: It is an ideal loan when you are considering capital improvement or purchasing property. The loan is flexible, in that it will enable you to choose the option of Interest-Only or Principal and Interest repayments.

Livestock Finance: It is specifically designed to enable you to invest in your livestock breeding. The loan has flexible repayments that can suit you cash flow.

There are other Agriculture loan options available to you, and these are:

Overdraft or Short-Term Finance: The loan type will provide you with the required working capital to fund any short-term production costs and to cover any cash flow shortfalls.

Equipment Finance: The loan type provides you with the options to purchase, upgrade or replace your farm or business equipment. The options are either a finance lease, asset purchase or an equipment loan.

Line of Credit: This is a convenient loan facility that puts you in charge of your finances and you can use the money when and how you want to.

Why Contact a Finance Broker?

Farmers need specialised advice from experts who have the right industry experience as well as having a thorough knowledge of the changing economic and market conditions. If you choose a specialised and experienced finance broker, he/she will:

• Understand fully your financial needs by working closely with your accountant and solicitor

• Ascertain your current financial situation and devise an optimum "Farm Business Plan" for you

• Provide with up-to-date economic data and financial information that will help you sharpen your competitive edge

• Assist you in obtaining funding for any agriculture loans you may be considering

• Ensure you meet all the requirements of specialised lender/credit providers

• Provide you with the required funding options, and

• Help you in choosing the right agriculture loan

So, don’t worry when you need affordable finance for farming business. Contact a finance broker and take his/her help in obtaining quick agriculture loans.

Singh Finance is the perfect financing partner for every business. The firm’s experienced finance brokers will go the extra mile in finding you the low rate farm business loans. you can even call on 0424 190 908 for quick approval on unsecured personal finance and fast truck loans.

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Mon, Nov 17th - 1:45AM

The Complete Guide for understanding Fast Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage from one lender/credit provider to another can be lengthy, costly and time consuming. The new and efficient way to refinance your mortgage is to use "Fast Refinance."

What is Fast Refinance?

Fast Refinance is a unique refinance process whereby your new lender/credit provider uses a product called Title Insurance to:

• Facilitate the refinancing of your loan in days, not weeks (faster same-day settlement)

• Enable an "Unattended" refinance settlement (no settlement meeting or booking takes place)

• Reduce settlement costs (all correspondence and funds sent electronically)

• Streamline the mortgage loan process (requires minimal additional documentation)

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance provides protection to lenders/credit providers against known and unknown title defects on a security property. It offers additional risk cover to strengthen and enhance your legal interest in the mortgage and the security property.

Why Choose Fast Refinance?

You should refinancing your home mortgage with the same extreme care you put into getting your original mortgage, and it is just as big a financial decision. So when you are thinking of refinancing, you should consider the following benefits of "Fast Refinance" and more importantly why wait for up to 6 weeks or more to take advantage of these benefits, such as:

• No Fees – most lenders do not charge Fast Refinance fees

• Very quick Settlement – when all documents are received and certified you can have an approval in as little as one or two days

• Savings – if refinancing at lower interest or extended term, it will save you money and even reduce your monthly repayment

• Easy for you – as your new lender will contact your current lender and organise the new loan, you do not have to approach your old lender

• Access to Funds – you may be able to access additional or surplus funds much quicker than when doing a standard refinance transaction

• No Contact from your old Lender – process circumvents the old lenders “retention unit” from making contact to try and persuade you to stay with them

How Does Fast Refinance Work?

You will need to complete a new loan application with the new lender/credit provider and provide all requested documentation for your new loan, and the new lender/credit provider will:

• Approve the loan application

• Prepare all the Fast Refinance loan documents

• Request you to sign and complete all the documents and state the “payout figure.”

• Deposit into your old loan account sufficient money to reduce the loan balance to Nil

• Pay you direct any surplus funds from the new loan

How Can a Finance Broker Help With Fast Refinance?

A professionally qualified finance broker is very experienced with arranging refinancing of client loans and he/she will help you in answering the following questions:

• Am I eligible and how can I qualify for a "Fast Refinance" loan?

• Can you help me to compare my current product features against the new product features before I decide to refinance my home loan?

• Can you help me obtain formal approval to Fast Refinance my existing home loan and at the same time obtain pre-approval finance for new investment property?

• With a Fast Refinance loan can I access the equity from my existing owner occupied property to assist me in the purchase of a new investment property?

• Will I be better off refinancing my existing home loan and consolidating my debts?

• What documents do I have to provide when refinancing or consolidating my debts?

• Can you help me to calculate the value of my home equity?

• Can you help to calculate my present loan-to-value ratio?

So, don’t forget to help of a finance broker. He/she will make you ready for fast refinance and ensure that you get cheaper rates and a better deal.

Quicker approval and better interest rates can be availed by opting for low rate home loan refinance. Solve all your financial troubles by calling on 0424 190 908. Singh Finance will not only help you in managing your current loan effectively, but it will also help your business by providing you with short-term second mortgage.

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