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Sat, Nov 16th - 12:48AM

Appointed - Hit Single - Call Me

Appointed, is an award winning Christian recording artist and two-time nominated GOSPEL CHOICE AWARDS recipient.
She's also a Pastor, Television Host, and Writer that released her debut project ‘Your Love’ featuring the hit single "Call Me"! This hit single is now playing on various radio stations across the country. "Call Me" emphasizes the message GOD is always there to answer your prayer especially during people's deepest despair. Appointed is also the recipient of 5 South Florida Gospel Music Awards nominations.


Appointed means to select or designate to fill an office or a position and that certainly has proven to be true for Appointed. Appointed is an awarding winning gospel recording artist. She is the recipient of three Prayze Factor People's Choice gospel music awards that include Urban Solo Artist of the Year, Urban Contemporary Solo Artist of the Year and Christian Contemporary Solo Artist of the Year.

Other noteworthy gospel music industry moments of this hard working gospel artist include:
  • Two Gospel Choice Awards Nominations.
  • Finalist in Channel's Most Powerful Voices Top Ten beating out hundreds of other participants across the country (Matthew Knowles was one of the judges).
  • Four time South Florida Gospel Music Awards nominee.
  • Urban Inspirational nominee.
Talking about being APPOINTED, yes she is but not just to getting awards and nominations. She is also APPOINTED to proclaim glad tidings to the meek and to the broken through her music and the preached Word of GOD.

Despite not having much of a music background, way back in the day, prior to releasing her first single, You Know, Appointed was writing songs on scraps of paper, in her heart, in the car, on the streets, well, just about wherever! Appointed would even bang out chords on a little Casio piano in a shack house in the hood not knowing or caring where her efforts would lead. She just knew that the music in heart needed to come out.

Along the way, Appointed battled various levels and types of adversity that included drug addiction, child abuse, depression, homelessness, domestic violence and child molestation. During those hard times, Appointed did not know that all of the things she endured would ultimately lead to GOD being glorified through her life as she is a living, walking, breathing testimony to what GOD can do with what is meant to harm.

Appointed believes that only what is done for Christ will last. She indeed loves the Lord! Her love of GOD and His people is evidenced by her willingness to give as much as she can, as often as she can, rather than to simply receive. Although it's been rough, it's been fair because I know that GOD is for me and has my best interest at heart states Appointed.

Currently, Appointed serves as a Pastor who is also a wife, mom, community volunteer. She firmly believes that building and maintaining a strong family bond is one of her all time greatest accomplishments. Her long awaited debut project, Your Love has been described by as electric. Appointed is on a mission to make massive moves as the Lord leads.


  • Appointed- Vocalist
Appointed & Mic-Won: Spiritual Intent
Official Website:
Gospel Music Channel Most Powerful Voices Music Contest
"Congratulations to all of you who made the Top Ten in the independent artist category. Its quite an honor as you were judged by experts from GMC, Roland, The American Heart Association, and Music World Gospel, including Mathew Knowles, president and CEO of Music World.

- Toni, GMC Most Powerful Voices Team

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint

The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint
Section B2

"Mic-Won and Appointed of Fly Away Records soar on the mic"

Mic-Won and Appointed if Fly Away Records sing God's message with the music, passion and energy of a new generation. "Jesus saves! Jesus gives! The Calvary Baptist Church congregation sang on Saturday night, Sept. 5 with an energetic Rap and Vocals or "R&V" flavor, a term coined by the performers who led the church group in praise and song that night.

With hip-hop and dance and a language, rhythm and sound that appeals to the young, the " Fly Away" duo speaks God's message. The two artists, exuding a strong presence and compatible bonding on stage, bought the crowd to its feet and brought their hands in the air in praise. The performers' love for music and God shone brightly through the performers.

Appointed said she is inspired when she performs and writes music. She feels god's presence flowing through and within her each times she faces audience. Through his rap and verses, Mic-Won said he is able to help others learn to be able to 'fly away' to God.

"Flyaway" record label is an independents hip-hop gospel one with music and language of the modern generation. The record, only with beginnings in 2001, has received favorable response from its listeners through numerous tours and performances around the country, from the east to west coast. Their new release "Shine, The Light Experience" is now available . Visit for more information "Music is the best way to spread God's message," said Mic-Won, a San Diego artist Music is timeless and appreciated by all, he added.

Children and young teens and adults can relate more easily to the scriptures and values of the church when it is in a medium they understand, he said. " We want to help share to the that it's cool to be in the church," Mic-Won said, as young children played nearby, seeing Mic-Won perhaps as a role model.

Appointed said she has had to work hard to develop her singing talent. And, together with Mic-Won and their supporters, Fly Away label is growing with diligence and perseverance. "It didn't come easy" she said "All in God's time".

The Gospel Zone

Excerpt From The Conference Review.

Who would've known? Appointed & Mic Won got on stage and ripped! They were a surprise; they had us all fooled, but their ballads and combination of lyrics/hard-core beats gave them a boost despite some problems with the sound system. After a performance like that, I was exhausted; my palms were sweating from holding my camera so tight.

Special-T Records

Don't Stop Giving God The Glory!

by Special-T Records Rating: 10

I heard the samples from the CD and I was very impressed! Keep on giving God the glory, and keep him first in your life. You will see God move! I love your beats also! Keep up the good work for God's Kingdom! God Bless!

Big UPS!

"Appointed and Mic-Won are an annointed minstry and music team. Their unique style of R&V is upbeat, and guranteed to get anyone on their feet. I enjoy their ministering performances everytime I go to one of their shows" - ThaPsalmist2.

For Booking:

BM Snowden Booking Manager
UpLook Management
(619) 500-4461
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Wed, Nov 13th - 1:52PM

Tips For Up And Coming Independent Artists!
Blessings Saints, 

In this blog you will learn great tips for up and coming indie artists. As a Gospel Music Marketer, I engage with many different professionals in the Christian community and in the secular community to seek out resources that's trending. One specefic resource and secular organization I obtain great tips from is Indie Connect.  It's a global business club for up-and-coming artists, songwriters, musicians and music professionals.  The following is their recent  top listed tips you as an artist need to consider:

1. Study the industry. There are countless places where you can learn how the industry works as well as how to become a better performer. Some are free. Some cost a little bit. Marketing The Gospel,,, CDBaby and many more have free info.

2. Study general business. It's only when you can marry your talent with business knowledge that you move from having a hobby into having a business.

3. Find a mentor. Network both within and outside the industry to find someone who believes in you and will help guide you.

4. Network. Plug into the many music-related groups on LinkedIn and just read all of the advice. There are deep and powerful discussions by experienced industry professionals on every aspect of the industry. Ask as many questions as you want, No question is 'stupid'. There are countless people who want to help young artists not make the mistakes that they did!

5. Learn to book yourself. You have the same problem with booking agents that you have with managers. They work on commission as well - usually around 10%. So if you can't command a decent amount for your gigs, and you're not gigging full time, it's not worth their time.

6. Master your craft. If you sing or rap, be amazing at it. If you play guitar, dazzle crowds with your skill. Never stop improving. Even the most respected singers and musicians have coaches and work on improving or learning something new all of the time!

7. Find your uniqueness. What is it about you and/or your music that will set you apart from the vast sea of competition out there? Once you find it, develop your brand around it. Your brand is the first sight, sound and feeling that a person gets when they see or hear your name. Develop it and then protect it!

8. Build your team. Once you have done all of the things I have just mentioned, you'll find that the team members you've been looking for will start to find you. Interview them. Do your homework to make sure they are a good fit and can get you where you want to go. Ask to speak with other artists they have worked with. Be sure they have a good reputation and the respect of the industry.

9. Be professionally relentless. The world is going to tell you that you can't make it. If you have any level of marketable talent, they are wrong. There is a place for you. It may not be on the biggest radio charts. It may not be headlining huge stadium concerts. But there is a place for you - a place where you can feel good about what you're doing for a living, comfortable with the income you're making and proud of the person and the artist you've become.

10. Give back. Reach down and help other new singers and musicians in the same way that you were helped. Keep their hopes alive! You're never too young to do this. Share anything you've learned that has kept you from making a potentially serious mistake.

Your Sister In Christ,

Brenda Solomon

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Wed, Nov 13th - 1:49PM

I Was A Prostitute, Smoked Crack, And I Use To Steal From Church | This Is My Story!
Christian Marketing PromoterWould that be a title to entice you to read more? It sure would get my attention if I seen it for the first time. How about these phrases:

"Download My New CD", "Get A Free Track", "New Release Single", "Check Out My New Song" "Get it now at Itunes" "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" etc.

These phrases are among hundreds of similar if not exact quotes shared by many other artists. These phrases are so repetitive that I would not be surprised that folks choose what to read and listen to base on the cover picture or the looks of a flyer. You think there is a better way of advertising music? I certainly do! Let me tell you why. We as humans can be very nosy. And I mean that in the best way! That is, all it take is a few good selected words to put in a headline of a story and every body and they mama will click on the link to find out more. Well, advertising a song is no different. Many of you write and sing about some pretty deep stuff. And quite frankly if it was advertised the correct way, you would have folks all in your music business trying to hear what you had to say.

Case in point, recently I was browsing through headline discussions on Linkedin and I came across a headline topic that made me forget about any other discussion that was on the page. I kid you not, the title was so appealing that it caught my eye and made me stop to explore what else I was going to experience in the reading. I'm very sure it caught many other eyes as well. The topic included words that were shocking, tragic, sad, brave, encouraging, and above all it involved Christians within a Church. It was a real life story that all to often you would hear in songs by Independent artists who have gone through some painful events in their past. Within a short phrase the headline title was a preparation for readers to get ready to read some juicy details about a very private matter.

That's how you as an artist need to begin your sales pitch if you want someone to buy your record. You need to set them up to be ready to learn the real you. Such as, what circumstances made you write or sing the song? What is it that your potential fans are about to listen to? It better be something that's going to tap into their emotions weather it be sad, tragic, funny as heck, or something folks can relate to. Even more, a headline topic that most would not dare to share with others in public. As a reader, I want you to give me a reason why I should stop gazing at other sales pitch just to read yours! You need to think outside the box and sway away from the typical sales pitch that the major record labels do on a norm. They have millions of dollars behind their campaign and can effectively use their well-known brand to hype artists with the typical slogans! Therefore, as an Independent artist I suggest you prepare your potential fans! The fans should already have an idea what they are about to hear. The song should be the confirmation and the details!

Remember, you need to dress up your headline title as if it's your first and last appearance you might be judged on. Then, you can show off your real talent, which is the gift of singing, songwriter, musician etc.!

Brenda Solomon

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Fri, Nov 8th - 3:38PM

17 Out Of The 25 Music Marketing Training Sessions Completed Thus Far | More To Learn
Hi everyone, I thought I give you guys a quick update and status on the Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 (MMM3) Training I'm currently participating in! So far, I've completed 17 out of the 25 lessons/training sessions, which is at a fairly moderate speed being that I'm proceeding with this in my spare time. It's a very thorough and well put together marketing strategy that John Oszajca, a musician, marketer, and the creator who obviously spent countless hours developing. I won't go into details, most of you already heard me preach about the benefits it contain. But what I will reiterate is that I'm truly truly impressed on the active engagement that John and his staff is providing. I mean these guys seem to have 99 pair of eyes and ears. They swiftly answer questions from what appears to be hundreds of participants who are involved in the training each on different phases. I honestly haven't seen anything like this online except from corporate professionals that spend a grip for their company! And what's so amazing is that once you opt in to participate in this music marketing training, you have a source to go to even after the training is complete. Heck, that seems like a lifetime membership if you ask me! I no longer need to pay for any other training that involved marketing and advertising! Oh, but there is one thing you should know. It's possible you might walk away from this training with a blown up big head because you will learn techniques that people went to a university to learn :-). So, if you decide to join us, keep it humble ok :-)!
Well fam that's all I have for now, but I'll try and touch basis again soon. If you signed up to receive our promotions and marketing tips by email, you obviously have priority and will hear from us much quicker! By the way, for those who may not be aware of our Free SoundCloud Promotion, we are now offering you the opportunity to promote, market, and sell your song on two of our marketing websites free of charge! If this appeal to you, don't delay to get the hook up! Our last and final playlist is halfway full and it will be a minute before we add and rotate songs.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who submitted the wonderful endorsements and comments on Linkedin, Google Plus, and Facebook. It truly means a lot to us when you take the time out to express your love and appreciation for our marketing outreach services. Our prayer and hope is that you will fulfill your mission and assignment that you was given. If we are not connected on Linkedin and you would like to connect, feel free to join our group byClicking Here.

If it's not to much to ask we would be honored and grateful if you would leave a comment on our parent website or sister website "Comment Box" on the home page near the footer! It lets us and others know if these types of promotions are helpful to the body of Christ! You will benefit as well. Your Facebook name will link back to your own Facebook page, which can lead to more traffic! Its like leaving your business card for all to reach you! God bless you Saints and we pray you receive His devine favor!

Your Sister In Christ,

Brenda Solomon
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Wed, Nov 6th - 6:55AM

Independent Gospel Artists Music Promotion

Independent Gospel Artists Music Promotion

It's FREE To Promote And Sell Your SoundCloud Song Here! Just Fill Out The Sign Up Form! Click Here To Get Started!!music/c1xmv


Support Team
Marketing The Gospel
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Sat, Nov 2nd - 9:36AM

All-in-One Marketing Automation

Marketing Gospel Music With Strategies That Works!

With 15 Different Features To Promote Independent Gospel Artists!

Christian Marketing PromoterSimplyCast 360 All-in-One Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation, we are experts. We make it easy to create marketing messages without any technical expertise. Send out completely customized messages that are consistent with your brand and track them with detailed reports. We have great competitive pricing and excellent customer support, along with a wealth of resources such as white papers, FAQs, tutorials and more. Let us help grow your business today!

15 different products to assist in your online, offline, mobile and social marketing within one account. Innovative companies are turning online visitors into new customers more easily by simply engaging with each lead using the preferred mode of communication.

The days of just sending an email newsletter or posting on Facebook are gone. The way people digest content is changing every day and only those companies that take advantage of several mediums will move ahead of their competition. Don't let your business be left behind.

email marketing campaignsFront & Center Reports

When you send something, you want to know if the message reached the client and what they did with it. That is the whole point right? With our detailed reporting features, you can have a real-time view of exactly that. Then you can either celebrate a job well done or know what to improve on.

The reports you will have access to include beautiful graphs, vital statistics and specific details on who interacted with your campaign. Then you can export or print off the numbers to share with your team. We make it very easy to show off your success.

email marketing campaignsEasy-to-Use Editors

Time is money, so nobody wants to be spending time fighting with software. Our solution makes the entire campaign creation experience a breeze. Whether you want to create from scratch or import creatives you already have, we provide the editor for the job. No tech skills needed.

Once you are happy with your final product, our system will check your work, make suggestions on what would improve the campaign and finally help you schedule the actual send. Most of our products will have you from beginning to send in only a few minutes.

email marketing campaignsCreate Subaccounts

Manage a full marketing team? When using SimplyCast, you can include certain permissions that let you have full control over what each person can and cant do when it comes to your marketing. This makes it easy to manage and delegate responsibilities while only using one account.

For those just starting out, this may not seem that important. But after growing your business with us, you are going to be adding new people and new campaigns quicker than you think and that is where subaccounts will be a true benefit.

Brenda Solomon

SimplyCast Affiliate

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