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Wed, Nov 30th - 4:32PM

U.S. an oil exporter?
Well, not oil exactly, but petroleum products in general.  While this might sound like a good thing, and perhaps in terms of finance and balance sheets it is, the implications for the future are not.

U.S. Nears Milestone: Net Fuel Exporter

We're going right-side up on fuel imports/exports not because we're cutting back but rather because the devloping world is demanding more and more.  In terms of climate change and global warming this can only be taken as an ominous sign.


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Sun, Nov 27th - 4:58PM

This is bad news for anyone living
What took decades of hard work to achieve can be so easily lost when we favor tax cuts for the wealthy:

Enviro protection falls to state budget axes

I guess the ewalthy don't care, they can afford bottle water and air purifiers for their penthouses.  The rest of us?  "better to die and decrease the surplus population" as Dickens so aptly put it.


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Fri, Nov 18th - 7:28PM

Newt is nuts on climate change
Firstly, he's flip-flopped like the best of em (Romney comes to mind) on the subject, but his paranoia only exceeds his ego on this one.  Have you heard of Agenda 21?  Sounds sort of sci-fi but really is just the item number for a UN issue.  Might have been more of a lightning rod if it were agenda 51 or 666, but whatever.  It's covers climate change and the recomendations (not laws) that governments, large and small down to small groups, can consider in a response to climate change and humans likely contributions and remedies therein.

Newt is afraid of it and is trying to project that onto the rest of us:

What's with Newt Gingrich and Agenda 21?

He really seems to think the UN is some evil plot.  But I guess when you start talking about cooperation then it is an evil plot to folks like him.


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Thu, Nov 10th - 7:38PM

The door to 2.0 C is closing
Read this somewhat alarming story:

World has five years to avoid severe warming: IEA

Now, I ask WHY is the american public so against making changes to combat C02?  It has to be the hottest jobs market of the next generation.   Clean energy.  C02 capture systems, energy efficient building and planning.  It's similar to the time period when we were switching from horses to cars.  The possibilities are endless.

So why doesn't anyone see it?  Why isn't there SOME movement? 

Maybe our energy companies see it, know it and want to milk the crap out of fossil fuels first and with thei giant, government subsidized, profits buying up and suppressing startups that are trying to expand in this area?  Will they dither until it's too late and the rest of the world has the jump on us.

We need to demand that our covernment, the one we all seem to loathe, help us out here.

It's no longer enough for us to do our part to lower out footprint individually.  We HAVE to work together on this.  We MUST make our government ours again, and work for and with us.

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Sun, Nov 6th - 7:04PM

Dirtiest cities in the US
Almost all of them in California despite the state's efforts at emission reduction.  Just goes to show what a mess of cars can do to a place. 

10 dirtiest Cities

I grew up in California, and like the place.  Does not suprise me that these cirties are all high on the list.  They are all surrounded by mountains which prevents air movment certain times (or lots of times) of the year.  Any valley based city is going to have bad air if there are too many people, cars and cattle.

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Fri, Nov 4th - 7:11PM

C02 emissions up 6 percent
We can't reduce our impact on greenhouse gases fast enough, yet we're going int he wrong direction faster than ever.

GOP:  What if you're wrong?  If'we're wrong and we build a number of green industries that hire people and develop new technologies, so what?  If YOU'RE wrong and we end up with a mess much worse than the meltdown of 2008 (which you DID contribute to) then what? 

Biggest jump ever in greenhouse gases

Can we afford to wait while congress votes on bills to re-affirm our country's motto, or name a few more post offices?

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Fri, Nov 4th - 6:28PM

People Affect Climate
I've believed since I was a teen in the 70s that humans have an impact on the world in which we live.

In those days the "fight" was mainly pillage and pollute: To stop clear cutting of forests in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere because of the damage it caused  to waterways and ultimately salmon and other wildlife; to reduce th use of pesticides, DDT as a prime example, that polluted our rivers and drinking water; Cutting back on air polluting exhaust.

These all affected the environment in ways that could be measured, both locally and globally (acid rain for instance).  But today we are up against a much bigger problem, one that is more difficult to "measure," and as a result much more difficult to get people to accept.  Climate change.  Caused by global warming, but really much more than just hotter summers here and there.  Fundamental changes in climate that may have affects we can't predict and in places we might never expect.

It's a problem that, if we choose to ignore it beyond a certain point, we won't be able to "undo" in our lifetimes.  Is it worth the risk to do nothing but argue about whether or not humans are contributing or not?  No.  We HAVE to be.  Just consider our past history of land, water and air pollution.  The odds of is NOT contributing are next to zero.

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