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Sat, Nov 29th - 11:19AM

News Headlines

Stephen Harper hands Canada over to the opposition

How to make a Coalition Government

Harper tries to delay Coalition Government

Standoff could lead to Accord government

Stephen Harper Cartoons

The Poor Reputation of the Car

Last Gunmen Dead in Mumbai

Nigerian riot kills 300

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Thu, Nov 27th - 7:12PM

Canadian Public Works
Do you think Canada needs more public works projects to stimulate the Canadian economy?

Read Creating Jobs in Canada and then email to tell Stephen Harper you think Canada needs more public works projects.

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Thu, Nov 27th - 11:36AM

WebRing Design Part II : Newly Acquired Webrings
LGN recently acquired some nice webrings on the auctions and we'd like to share our results as part of our webring design series. See our webring auction advice and our WebRing Design Part I.

Amongst our new finds are:

<< Prev | Automotive Connection | Next >> 

<< Prev | Art Network | Next >> 

<< Prev | Art Gallery | Next >> 

<< Prev | Photography | Next >> 

<< Prev | The Supermodels Webring | Next >> 

As you can see we've taken a minimalist (less is more) approach to these webrings and their look.

We believe that too much "stuff", like search bars, weigh down webrings and tend to make them look ugly. Search bars in particular should be OPTIONAL and not automatically part of the navigation code (as they currently are).

Popular webrings aren't just well run, they tend to be attractive and good looking too. That is part of the problem with quite a few webring navigation codes: They're just plain ugly.

When browsing a website (or designing your own) the last thing you want is an ugly webring messing up the design.


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Sun, Nov 23rd - 6:11PM

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

November 23rd 2008

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

The human race seems to be going through a rough patch right. I mean look at the issues... terrorism, climate change, oil and water shortages, food prices skyrocketing, wars in the Middle East and Africa, collapsing stock markets, the American automotive industry falling apart at the seems and a global recession. Gee, how stressful can it get?

We look to our leaders like George W. Bush, Stephen Harper and the newly elected Barack Obama and we would hope they have the solutions for these problems, or at very least know people who can come up with solutions and delegate the problem solving appropriately. When they fail or turn out to be incompetent we get more stressed and bitter about the status quo because it feels like we gave these leaders a chance and instead they squandered it. Stress, frustration and outright anger compound the issue.

And I am not just talking about adults stressing about these things. I have seen teenagers and kids panicking about the issues too. Unless you're the type of person who doesn't care about the issues I guess you don't care. Some people care more about who wins American Idol, who's dating who and what to wear on a Friday night.

And who can blame them? Who wants to worry about the fate of the planet 24/7? Worrying about these things all the time would drive a person crazy.

I also wonder if it would give most people an ulcer. I even went and checked some statistics. In the United States ulcer rates have gone up 27% between 1999 and 2006 according to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. But that can be misleading because ulcers are not stress induced. Ulcers are more closely tied to bacteria infections, diabetes and obesity. Stress just lowers the immune system, and thus stressed out people are more likely to get sick from common colds and a variety of ailments.

So the best solution is to relax. Have a spa day, go read a book or see a movie, maybe the new James Bond movie... oh wait, that has an environmental theme. The Day the Earth Stood Still? No wait, that has a war/terrorism theme. A lot of movies these days have something to say about the issues. How you relax will really come down to personal preference.

You can't help save the world if you're stressed out too much.

Suzanne MacNevin

PS. I give Quantum of Solace 4.5 stars out of 5. And the old 1951 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still is also worth seeing.

Art History
Bizarre Architecture

Stephen Harper: Biography & Quotes

A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming

Feminist Fashionista

Water: A Human Right

Religion & Philosophy
The Philosophy of Atheism

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Sat, Nov 22nd - 1:45PM

Canadian Tory Scandals

Breaking the Atlantic Accord

Plagiarizing Australian PM John Howard

Mulroney-Schreiber Scandal

Fired and Muzzled Officials

The Tory In and Out Scam

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Fri, Nov 21st - 4:01PM

Gothic Personals for Gothic Canadians

Goth Personals Canada - Are you still looking for gothic love in Canada?
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Thu, Nov 20th - 11:56PM

American economy going down the drain...

China buys more US debt, passes Japan

China Vs America: Comparing Size

Oil prices crashing

United States jobless claims hit 25 year high

Sarah Palin Vs the African Continent

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Tue, Nov 18th - 2:00PM

Statistics and Reliability
We at the Lilith Gallery Network LOVE statisitcs. If there's a topic we're writing about we like to go a good decent reliable source... like say the CIA World Factbook... or National Geographic or Statistics Canada, depending on what the topic is.

We're certainly not going to go to say... the Catholic Church, and use their statistics for how many followers they have because we know the numbers they claim will be inflated. The Catholic Church has a tendency to include people of competing religions like Protestanism, Lutheranism and even Judaism... so you really can't trust the numbers they give. Wikipedia isn't very accurate either, because we all know those numbers can be easily modified by any kid with a keyboard.

Religion is always a hot topic... so when we looked around for a reliable source on what was populations of different religions we ended up picking the National Geographic's "Geography of Religion" to come up with the following statistics (dated 2000):

  • Judeo-Christianity 33.0%
  • Islam 19.6%
  • Non-Religious/Atheist 15.1%
  • Hinduism 13.4%
  • Other 6.7%
  • Chinese-Traditional* 6.3%
  • Buddhism 5.9%

  • The CIA World Factbook has similar stats (dated 2007), but doesn't track Chinese-Traditional:

  • Judeo-Christianity 33.55%
  • Islam 21.01%
  • Non-Religious/Atheist 14.09%
  • Hinduism 13.26%
  • Other 12.25%
  • Buddhism 5.84%

  • Note: That doesn't mean Christianity grew 0.55% in 7 years, its just from a different statistical source.

    What we do find interesting however is how these numbers change over time. National Geographic has been tracking world religions since before 1900:

    In 1900, Believers by Percentage:
  • Judeo-Christianity 34.5%
  • Chinese-Traditional* 23.5%
  • Hinduism 12.5%
  • Islam 12.3%
  • Buddhism 7.8%
  • Other 9.2%
  • Non-Religious/Atheist 0.2%

  • And what you realize is two things: Islam has almost doubled in size in 100 years and nonbelievers/atheists, while technically not a religion, is the fastest growing belief structure.

    If we were to use these statistics and growth rates to guess what the future holds, it suggests there will be 3 major sets of believers by 2100: Judeo-Christians, Muslims and Nonbelievers.

    If you also take into account there was 115 different wars (including civil wars) between 1900 and 1999, that doesn't bode well for a peaceful 21st century. We've already had 9 wars between 2000 and 2008, and two of them could best be described as confrontations between Western Christianity and Middle Eastern Islam.

    So while having accurate statistics is important the thing to remember is that they're really just a guideline and comparing those current statistics to more historical stats helps to put things in context.

    That lends to the idea that the two major religions will be fighting between themselves for years to come while atheists/nonbelievers and other religions stand by the sidelines aghast at the horror of it all.

    Afterall, what will the world come to when Christians and Muslims start going to war, arguing over something as silly as numbers, oil prices, the minor differences between the Bible and Quran and whether Jesus was the messiah or just a prophet?

    "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."  - Steven Weinberg, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.  
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    Mon, Nov 17th - 11:44PM

    Atheist Cartoons and Videos

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    Sat, Nov 15th - 7:25PM

    Botox = Scary

    The Truth about Botox

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    Fri, Nov 14th - 10:34AM

    WebRing Auctions
    We applaud WebRing for finally auctioning off all the abandoned webrings in the system and we've categorized them a bit.

    #1. Far too many of the webrings have only 2 to 5 sites in them.

    Ask yourself, which is better: 20 webrings with 3 sites in each of them, or 1 webring with 60 sites? This basically comes down to the idea of Less is More. There are literally hundreds of small webrings in WebRing which are divided into their various categories that have less than 5 sites in the webring. Not a lot of selection for someone browsing them and certainly not an incentive for people to join them.

    Which explains why they were abandoned in the first place. The owners realized it takes a lot of work to grow and build a webring, and that they either didn't have the time or interest in making the effort.

    What is needed therefore is to amalgamate a lot of the small webrings with the same topic (WebRing has been known to do this). Otherwise its not really worth bidding on a webring with only 2 sites in it.

    #2. Webrings with 6 to 29 sites, more worthwhile.

    These webrings are better for bidding on, but they are more scarce. Pay attention to the number, the activity point price and you should actually visit the webring so you know what you are bidding on. You should be able to spot these ones because they will typically have a more generic name (webrings with long winded names tend to only have a few sites in them).

    #3. Webrings with 30+ sites in them = Hot Tickets

    The large webrings are the ones that are worth bidding on and we imagine they will be snapped up quickly. The larger the webring, the more people will be bidding on them.

    Undoubtedly there will be some serious competition and bidding for the webrings with 100+ sites in them.

    Fixing It Up

    Once you do get the webring(s) you bidded on and won, we recommend fixing up the navigation code so it looks better, suspending any sites that have a failing navigation code and cleaning up the look, description, the logos and maybe even the title of the webring(s) [a poor title tends to discourage people from joining]. Once that is all done you could Google the topic of the webring and maybe invite some other people to join it.

    We've noticed recently that they logo upload tool seems to be broken and WebRing should look into fixing that.

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    Thu, Nov 13th - 8:32PM

    Art, Politics and New Planets

    Jackson Pollock for sale in Toronto

    Tory government scraps Portrait Gallery

    United States jobless claims hit 25 year high

    New Planets Found

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    Wed, Nov 12th - 3:32PM

    Feminist News

    Disney Princesses, Capitalism and Feminism

    Sometimes Women just say NO to Kids

    Lesbians Attacked in Hate Crime

    Woman Rescues Two in House Fire

    Top 10 Ways Sports Illustrated Disrespects Women

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    Tue, Nov 11th - 8:48AM

    Blog Headlines

    Ford, General Motors & Chrysler running out of time

    Boycotting Yak Canada

    General Motors says its may go bankrupt

    Imagine a World with Few Men

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    Sun, Nov 9th - 4:44PM

    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition - November 9th 2008

    Letter from the Editor

    We are dedicating this issue to George W. Bush, the outgoing president of the United States of America.

    Mr. Bush, the staff at the Lilith eZine (and indeed many people around the world) have made fun of you for 8 years or more now. Your quotes and antics are, to say the least, amusing. We may not approve of the stupid things you do, and we question your level of intelligence, but we've managed to deal with your mistakes and inadequacies during a troubling time in the world's history.

    Some of us would like to blame you with the world's problems. We could saddle you with problems like global warming, climate change, terrorism and war, but that would not be fair. You didn't create the war, or the terrorism or environmental problems. You didn't create the credit crisis facing the United States either, or the corporate crime. There is a convincing argument for blaming you for high oil prices, but we cannot make you solely responsible.

    As much as we hate your guts, you are just one person of many who deserve the blame for a variety of problems. We humans created these problems with our greed, our laziness and our unwillingness to change. It is mankind that will be punished for our mistakes, not you. You had the opportunity to change things for the better, but you wasted it just like the rest of us regularly do. C'est la vie.

    That said, there is also the issue of your alleged war crimes, torture, imprisonment. You could be held responsible for those actions, and we won't have much sympathy for you in that situation. Barack Obama will no doubt be faced with the prospect of giving you a presidential pardon, but that will not protect you from the International Criminal Court should they decide to arrest and charge you.

    We're also taking bets as to when someone will attempt to assassinate you Mr. Bush. Somehow, it seems highly plausible that someone out there is feeling trigger happy. Will we shed tears should it happen? Maybe, but they will be tears of joy. Your controversial methods are not universally liked.

    My colleagues and I have created a comprehensive biography of George W. Bush's life and his time in office. We think it is a fitting end to Bush's career in politics. What will he do next?

    If his father's post-presidential career is any sign George W. will be serving on the board of directors for the Carlyle Group and helping the Saudi Royal Family with their investments. Considering the price of oil quadrupled during Bush's time in office that seems like a fair bet. The Saudis must be rolling in cash by now.

    With any luck Barack Obama will be able to fix the mess Bush left us with and finally catch Osama bin Laden. Bush couldn't even get that one right, could he? Oh well, he's only human.

    Suzanne MacNevin

    You Know You're A Canadian When...

    Seven Environmental Problems That Are Worse Than We Thought

    Whose Slut?

    George W. Bush

    Family & Personal Life
    Dodging the Vietnam War
    Business Career
    Governor of Texas
    The Republican Primaries
    Election 2000
    The Bush Administration
    Domestic Policy
    Economic Policy
    Environmental Policy
    Foreign Policy
    The Anti-Bush Movement
    Alleged War Crimes
    Re-election 2004
    Indian Ocean Tsunami
    Hurricane Katrina
    Stock Market Collapse & Recession
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    Sat, Nov 8th - 9:16AM

    Gun Control and Shootings

    8 year old Arizona boy kills father and his friend

    Americans buying guns like crazy after Obama win

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    Fri, Nov 7th - 1:44PM

    Poverty and American Abortion Rates

    Poverty the leading cause of abortion

    Abortion or Single Motherhood?

    Open Letter to Anti-Abortionists
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    Fri, Nov 7th - 12:46PM

    Weddings Vows, Massage Spas and General Motors Bankruptcy
    Is it unfair to force men to write their own Weddings Vows? We think it is. Especially if they have glossophobia (the fear of public speaking), just like 75% of the adult population.

    Never had a massage? Check out some Spa and Masseuse Do's and Don'ts.

    Lastly, are you worried about the US economy? You should be. General Motors says its may go bankrupt and Ford is also suffering huge job losses.

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    Thu, Nov 6th - 7:25PM

    What is happening to the baby boys?

    Less boys are being born, and those that are born are having more birth defects.

    85% of sperm is now abnormal and males are growing up with smaller penises, more genital birth defects, and testosterone levels so low its equal to females.

    Low fertility is now effecting many young couples and its becoming an epidemic.

    Less males are being born in industrialized countries. Even less male animals are being born.

    Pollution: Where have all the boys gone?

    The Disappearing Male and Petrochemicals

    Comment (6)

    Wed, Nov 5th - 11:25AM

    Whose Slut?
    Whose Slut?

    Ever feel like you've been discriminated against just because you're more sexually active? Its an unfair double standard that women are called sluts just because they act like a man.

    "We are even beginning to reclaim sexist insults; the feminist punk bands of the 90s, collectively known as the Riot Grrrls, challenged traditional interpretations of the word ‘slut’ when they wrote it on their own bodies, and pop icons like Courtney Love and Madonna deliberately sexualise themselves to play with and subvert society’s virgin/whore complex." - Natasha Forrest.

    "Our world developed as a patriarchy and, as such, women were relegated to the realm of sex objects, a fact which has disadvantaged our sex for millenia and continues to do so." - Natasha Forrest.

    [T]he general idea that objectification of women = bad is a given in much feminist discussion. What some of these feminists fail to acknowledge is that self-objectification is an integral part of female heterosexuality. Whether it be shopping for underwear or dancing at a club, most of us get a thrill at the thought of being desired by men." - Natasha Forrest.

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    Tue, Nov 4th - 10:00PM

    A Great Day for Democracy: Obama Wins

    A Great Day for Democracy: Obama Wins

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    Tue, Nov 4th - 12:49PM

    WebRing Design Part I: Navigation Codes
    When designing your webring you should ALWAYS pay attention to what the webring actually looks like on the page.

    When managing your webring click on "Navigation Code" under Customization, then scroll down to the line that says "Advanced users may wish to directly edit the navigation code. Do so here." Click the here and it will take you to an area where you can muck around with the code and experiment with new designs. If you end up not liking the design, click cancel and don't worry about. You can also use this page to revert the code to the default version.

    We recommend following these principles:

    1. Less is more. A smaller webring can be more beneficial than a huge gaudy one, easier to fit on a website and it just plain looks nice and convenient.

    << Prev . Join Now . The Journalism & News Webring . Random . Next >>

    2. If you decide to use an image or logo, don't make it too big. It will annoy your webring members otherwise. Smaller is better, but make sure the image is something people can tell what it is. Try to make the image something positive to look at.

    The Webring of Feminism
    The Webring of Feminism
    Join Now | Ring Hub | Random
    << Prev | Next >>

    3. Don't forget to use some colour. Choose colours that will match colour schemes easily and that the text will show up in comparison to the background. You can even make the background transparent, but then you have to be careful to pick a font colour like grey that will show up on almost any background.

    4. You don't have to keep the WebRing search bar. Thats more of a necessity for really BIG webrings. Don't keep it if your webring is relatively small.

    Interesting point: We (the Lilith Gallery Network) were the first people to put search bars in some of our bigger webrings and lo and behold WebRing loved the idea so much they went and added it to ALL webrings. The very first webring with a search bar is below:

    The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
    The Incredible Art,
    Culture & Music Webring
    Join Now | Ring Hub | Random
    << Prev | Next >>

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    Tue, Nov 4th - 9:00AM

    Thomas Jefferson & Refreshing the White House

    Thomas Jefferson & Refreshing the White House

    POLITICS - The following is a quote by Thomas Jefferson:

    "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

    The concept here is simple. If one political party has been in power for too long then it is time for change. There's a reason why the United States only allows each president a maximum of 8 years. It is to prevent them from becoming a tyrant.

    It is a citizen's duty and responsibility that if one political party has been in power too long then it is time to vote for the other party.

    America doesn't just need change, it needs a little rebellion.

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    Mon, Nov 3rd - 8:34PM


    US Treasury rejects GM/Chrysler Merger Aid

    European Union in Recession

    Liberals barely scratching two loonies together

    Sarah Palin Prank Call from Nicolas Sarkozy

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    Sun, Nov 2nd - 12:33PM

    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition
    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

    Letter from the Editor

    In two days Americans vote on the future of the world.

    That is just how powerful the United States presidency is. Regardless of the advances of China's economy, the USA still has the most influential economy and the current economic slowdown in America is effecting markets around the world.

    Americans have to make a choice: Do they want change or more of the same. If they do vote for change it will send a fundamental message to the world that America is turning a new page in its history books, that the Bush era is coming to an end and the philosophy of "attack first, ask questions later" will be over.

    That isn't to say Barack Obama won't lead America into war. This is the United States we're talking about. They average a major military engagement every 4 years. Every president since the birth of the United States has been involved in some kind of military incursion. What will change is the reasoning behind how Americans go to war, if and when they go to war.

    When the United States went into Afghanistan it made sense to remove the Taliban from power and hunt down Al-Qaeda members. But when the Bush Administration went into Iraq it was based on phony charges of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Behind that the belief that Iraq would somehow be better off without Saddam Hussein, who had brutally stamped out religious violence between the Sunni and Shia sects. With Hussein's authority gone and the USA's authority tarnished that violence has returned.

    What will also change is the idea that America's economy can just rumble on without regulation or supervision. Bush has been so focused on his war on terrorism that he has virtually ignored the failing American economy, an economy that is like a central cog to the world economy and when it slows down the whole world slows down. Bush's approach to economics has been to do nothing. Just let the market regulate itself.

    And so it has, with disastrous results. Banks gave out too many sub-prime mortgages, the economy faltered, houses lost their value, people defaulted on the mortgages and the banks ended up owning properties they couldn't sell because the housing market had collapsed. So now the banks own a lot of land they paid too much for and don't have the money to pay for other investment opportunities. Hence the current credit crisis.

    A president who had paid attention to the economy could have spotted the warning signs and pushed for changes to the banking/mortgage industry, could have stimulated and boosted the economy and staved off a housing market collapse.

    So the question for Americans on Tuesday is: Who do you think will keep a watchful eye on the economy? John McCain or Barack Obama? The world awaits your answer.

    Suzanne MacNevin
    Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    Tomma Abts

    The Fashion eZine





    The Feminist eZine

    The Beauty Myth

    The Health eZine

    American Obesity Rates

    The Politics eZine

    Malcolm X Speeches - December 1962

    Malcolm X Speeches - June 1963

    Malcolm X Speeches - December 4th 1963

    Malcolm X Speeches - February 14th 1965

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    Sat, Nov 1st - 9:16AM

    Beauty and Fashion

    Too Many Supermodels

    The Beauty Myth

    American Obesity Rates

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