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Wed, Nov 21st - 6:42PM


Our wonderful Photo Banner is now up and running at!!!

For those of you who are receiving our updates through email, take some time when you can to visit the site, see our new logo and play with the photos. You can click the banner to change the photo on top of the blog page. The photo above is a small sample of the banner.

This has been an eventful and adventurous year for us, and we'd like to thank you - our family and close friends - for all the love and support you share. As far as the site is concerned, we have received several offers from other companies to advertise with us (they put their ads on our blog page), but we've decided to keep this site as simple and uncluttered, especially with ads. Our way of assuring you that we try our best to keep information private (such as email addresses for example) and focus on sharing our life events with you, our family and friends, rather than aiming to acquire more outside hits. Of course, visitors are always welcome, and we invite "passers-by" to look around and get to know us, as well as interact and leave comments.

We hit the road again for the deserts of Southern California this Saturday, and getting the RV ready for its nearly one-month adventure, but in the meantime, we'll be enjoying the company of friends to celebrate some turkey-turkey!

From Chris, Rikki, Fox and Spencer - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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Wed, Nov 14th - 1:02PM

Updates From Your Traveling 12 Feet
Over the weekend we had the great opportunity to meet 2 of my most favorite photographers: Jim Zuckerman and Bruce Dale, in a 2-day digital photography seminar in San Jose. Naturally, all 12 feet were there since we decided to bring the RV with Fox and Spencer instead of staying at a hotel.

Again, being able to simply grab your car-house and pick a place to stay (...hmm. Or "park") in where you have the convenience (and comfort!) of home (no need to pack, even!) and at the same time travel with your pets, beats searching for the lowest priced hotel in the area. (Take that, Expedia!)

The Outdoor Photography Seminar was a success, and we picked up a lot of good tips. The best part of course was interacting with these renowned photographers personally. Jim Zuckerman (left photo) almost became a doctor, but chose to be a photographer instead. He never regret it one bit. I admire him for his bravery and his adventurousness. Bruce Dale, a National Geographic photographer for 30 years, is daring, resourceful, and very imaginative and lots of fun! Both of them have been to the Philippines and have told me a little bit about their experiences there.

Jim signed my book, and Bruce signed a special magazine that I'm giving as a gift to my brother in the Philippines. I also got Bruce to take a snapshot of us - cool huh? One of the world's internationally recognized photographer actually held my pocket camera and took a photo of him next to me! "Mr. Dale, you're my idol", I said. "Wow", he said. "What did I do?" he followed jokingly. Cheers to you, Mr. Dale. Thanks to you both for the inspiration and all the valuable knowledge you've shared with us.

In lieu of the subject, we will be posting different photos/panoramas of our trips in the title header of our blog page. The header will also be clad with our BRAND NEW SPANKING LOGO!!! (Did you know that "Traveling 12 Feet" is now an official business???) Here's the fun part: you get to randomly rotate these images when you click it! So watch out for this upcoming photo feature! (Here's a 'little' teaser of what it looks like - with incomplete logo elements)

Finally we head back to Emeryville, and after putting the RV in storage, we drove in the Xterra very excited and looking forward to the next trip -- our fall travel/vacation starts next week!!! We are heading down south to Death Valley and Saline Valley, also to make a side trip to see my parents in San Diego, and possibly Anza Borrego, the Salton Sea, and/or the Joshua Tree National Park. We can't wait, it's just a few days away!!! We will update you guys as much as possible, but in the meantime, take a look at how we travel in the Xterra:

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Mon, Nov 12th - 11:01AM

Part 2: A Ghost Town, A Man Who Died 4 Times, and Cows With 2 Heads

We hope everyone had a nice Halloween! Here's the rest of the story...

Just 5 mins. south of John Day is a museum worth checking out. The Grant County Historical Museum hosts relics of really old stuff (uhm isn't that what a relic is?), from a collection of 5,000 old photographs, to Victorian Crap Art -er, I mean "scrap art". The entire museum is also "touch friendly", inviting visitors not just to see and read, but also to feel, sit, touch, wear, and inevitably smell that old fashioned western spirit from yonder days. As for me, I took the opportunity while everyone was there (including the town Mayor) to enjoy a nice game of poker. The lady next to me was apparently not just known for her card playing skills, but, well, let's just say that cards are not the only deck she's shuffling on the table.

Later that day, I ran into her again, inside the jail house right next to the museum. This is the original cabin-like 5 x 7-ft cell where the bad-asses were contained, including Miss Social Butterfly here. Who wears satin and fine stockings while in jail?

Freaky peripheral No. 2 wasn't at all far. The last room in the museum sported real stuffed animals that were captured by cowboys and hunters: deer, elk, large birds... nothing jumps out of the ordinary until you see this:

Ay, carumba. What a place.

As for the rest of the town and the county, there were so much to do and still so many historical sites to see. We love places like this. Being able to drive your home (and bring your pets!) and experience living in a town like this one is just one of the many reasons why we love RVing!

Just one of the regular scenes around John Day, Oregon.
When was the last time you stopped driving to park on the roadside,
take your clothes off and jump in the cool water on a very warm day?

To see the rest of our trip's fabulous photos, click here!

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Fri, Nov 9th - 11:23PM

A Ghost Town, A Man Who Died 4 Times, and Cows With 2 Heads

Oh, the stories we have collected.

In our recent journey, we traveled to North Eastern Oregon, where a man named John Day baffled everyone with his life story. He was a hunter. A strikingly tall, handsome man who boasted of being impenetrable, while being overindulgent. During one of his journeys, he was attacked by Indians, robbed, and left to wander naked along the river. Locals started calling this river the John Day River, and within a very few years, so did the maps.

Fast forward to 2007, and a valley, two cities, a fossil bed/National Monument, and a dam are now known under the same name. John Day must have been really popular to gain such reverence without actually visiting these areas named after him. (See what running around naked can do for your persona?) His life was so remarkable yet ambiguous - historical records show several entries and reasons for his death: a) became deranged and suicidal, ran away into the woods, b) suffered severe depression and died, c) lived a fruitful life hunting and went peacefully in a cabin by the river, and d) gone incognito until 19th century paparazzi couldn't find him no mo.

Inside and around this county lie several abandoned towns. It was, after all, part of the Oregon Trail. But, like butter melting on a hot pancake, the gold ran out, the Natives pushed out and the environment heavily defiled - leaving the West coast with a brand new spankin' city and a totally awesome state that's now San Francisco, CA. Back in John Day, we took Fox for a trip to see these ghost towns, and he was purty pleased. Can you tell why?

The photos above are remnants of an 1880s boomtown during the gold rush, back when 5,000 people populated the area. Now, all that stand (stand leaning, I should say! hahaha) are these neglected structures - however, they still seem to function, in fact most of them look -nay, FEEL like the owners will be back soon before night fall.

Major creepy.

Don't miss the second part of A Ghost Town, A Man Who Died 4 Times, and Cows With 2 Heads - coming soon!

No Hooos, Just Booos!

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