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Sat, Nov 24th - 9:27AM

Food sniffing cats, Irish coffee, spanikopita (again) and winter on a boat.

Sorry I've been gone a while; I'll try to be better about this blog. It's my first and I'm using it to share with you about an amazing pet product we have created for folks who are grieving over loss of a beloved pet companion. I'm also enjoying sharing tales of Abby the cat, boat living and food we love (my husband, an amazing cook, writes a food column for a magazine and my hobby is Indian cooking.)

Saturday mornings on a boat in Seattle are amazing. If I wasn't on a boat full time, it's where I'd want to be. If you've ever awakened in the morning on onboard and looked out at the water, the other boats bobbing near by, the unusual "stuff" around the dock. It's a very interesting world and, at the same time, soothing and inspiring.

Cold has descended upon the Northwest, but tolerable cold. It's Irish coffee time. Abby LOVES Irish coffee time because whip cream is her only human indulgence. We're bad, we'd probably slip her more human food but she doesn't want it. What she does want, though, is to smell everything. We've never seen such a cat. Whenever we are in the galley cooking she'll come over, stretch out reaching one paw up above the counter (not touching it) and "ask" for a sniff. We'll bend down and allow her to smell whatever we are making. Sometimes her little nose scrunches up, disapprovingly, other times she just gets her sniff and leaves...but she always wants a sniff. She never tries to eat anything.

Whip cream is different. We use a good brand of the canned whip cream (OK, OK, we aren't into organic either). She barely has to hear the hiss or eye the can coming out and she appears. She doesn't want much, though. Just a quarter sized dollop is enough, and she is neat about how she licks it.

I'm munching a couple Spanikopita that I made up and froze the other night. I took them as hors d oeuvres to Thanksgiving dinner with family. If you are tempted and haven't tried the recipe in the last blog entry, I encourage you. They freeze perfectly and make an incredible breakfast munch, just 15 minutes in the toaster oven. If you have a toaster oven at work, take some to the holiday party and be a real hit. The Phyllo dough isn't hard to work with.

Next blog I'll send a picture of them.

If you happen upon this blog, I'd love to hear from you about your animal or dwelling or food. There is a sculler passing by outside my window. Now, there is one sport that's way beyond this couch potato, Freezing at 5:00am to crawl into an amazingly tiny boat to rush backwards across the water. Nah, give me my Whaler with it's 25 horse.

Please tell pet owners you may know who have lost a beloved pet companion about Miss You So Much, A Pathway To Healing. It's a CD-based therapy program that can help one better understand and manage their emotions to things even beyond their time of grieving.

More later

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