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Sat, Nov 10th - 4:32PM

Trying to Get the Hang Blogging - Communities
A dear, I upset one of the community managers  today  by submitting an application to join the community. I do appologise as I never meant to put anyone off.  I seam to have done something wrong and have been accused of spaming? Someone please explain to me why if my blog is about my home business, but i have other, family etc why I can't join a community with those interests? Personally I thought that webring was meant to bring people with similar interests together and see what other members of the online community are up to. Ah well, I'll stop complaining now.

Guess I'll go and look under the business section for a community that looks interesting.......

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Fri, Nov 9th - 10:20PM

A Bit More About Blog Author
It has occured to me that as a new member here I really should share a little more about me & why I am here so that can people get to know me.

Over the last few months I have been testing, paying, and paying for systems, programs and software that promised to have me earning money online almost overnight - the make a long story short for now I'll just tell you that I paid ALOT and made nothing. My husband told me that at last count I had made a 700% loss! 

My motivation is honest and simple - to be able to stay at home and raise my kids. 

I need to earn enough money that I don't need to return to work. I am not greedy - just 2-4K per month would pay the bills. I finally feel like I am in the right place with the system I have choosen. I am having so much fun.

There has been some great testimonials and feedback in the forum so I will get some of that and post it fyi next time.

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Thu, Nov 8th - 5:44AM

$3.9 Million Paid To Members In Just 15 weeks
    It's official...Ty is a legend. How many other site operators design a system specifically designed for the inexperienced to make money online. WOW $3.9 million...I am still in shock : )

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Sun, Nov 4th - 5:26PM

United Families
My personal and pay it forward goal is to bring families back together again.  Many of us either do or have worked many long hours and get to spend too little time with the family. Between the increasing hours of a 'normal' working week and the commute that many of us face as the only house we can afford to live in is 30miles from work - the sence of family is becoming a fond memory.

For this reason I have embarked on a mission - to earn a living online and help as many families along the way while doing it. COLD HARD FACT - earning money online is a challenge. 

My current business is just new, a bit like this blog. I have joined the Reverse Funnel System. I plan on letting you know how I am going with the Reverse Funnel System -RFS- and give you extra information along the way. I am positive that this is not another scam and time will tell.

RFS Members are like of mind and have common goals and long term interests are invited to join the Inner Circle. It's a colaboration of successful, experienced, green & positive online business owners who work together to achieve ultimate potential.

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