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Sat, Nov 24th - 11:03PM

Sterling Silver Earing about Sealife
One of these sealife sterling silver earing will be perfect for Lorrie.

Lately, I have been noticing Lorrie wearing jewelry with motifs of dolphins, whales, starfishes and so on.

It must be a new interest as this wasn't the case (I guess) more than half a year ago. That is how obersvant a person I am.

I have been keeping this observation to myself so that I can surprise Lorrie with a Christmas gift she likes without any anticipation.

What I can tell is Lorris has taken a steep interest in sea life and since she likes silver jewelry, I am thinking of getting her a pair of sterling silver sealife earing.

This page reminds me that I still have to decide between dangle earings or studs.

I'll probably go for dangle earrings and I like the turtle and sand dollar dangle earring a lot but the octopus one is the cutest to me.

I wonder what Lorrie likes better? One way is to window shop with her at this jewelry shop with sea life theme jewelry and observe her reaction when looking at sealife sterling silver earing.

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Sun, Nov 18th - 8:50PM

Open Heart Earrings
Recently, I have noticed that jewelry can be made from wires.

Rather interesting. I think how it is done is to twist and manipulate different wire into different shapes.

Here is an example I came across.

It is a handcrafted 925 sterling silver earrings that features a hand formed ornate open heart, accented with a sterling silver single bead dangle.

It measures approx. 2 1/4 inches from bottom of earring to top of earwire and less than three centimetres at widest point of the hand formed heart.

I like its simplicity and being handmade, it offers an artistic look. Nice.

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Sat, Nov 17th - 8:48AM

Pink Pearl Earrings
Just happened to come acroos this page and I thought I had better bookmarked it.

Then I thought it will be even better if I made a post about it.

There is a pair of pearl earrings very similar to the one from this web page from Jaslyn's Collection, a jewelry boutique shop at the mall.

It's a pair of silver pink freshwater pearl triple drop earrings with three pink freshwater cultured pearls hanging beautifully on sterling silver chains.

It's a Christmas gift I have shortlisted and it will be easier if I have a photograph reference for comparison purposes.

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Sun, Nov 11th - 7:42PM

Sea Life Sea Charm Jewelry
Will Addison like a sea life sea charm jewelry for a Christmas gift?

Addison wears her silver charm bracelet quite often. It certainly is one of her favourite types of bracelets.

I have given Addison a silver charm as gift before and she has added that to one of her silver charm bracelets.

Addison has been keeping turtles as long as I could remember and recently she has set up a salt water aquarium so there are a few choices on this page that should present a good gift option for her.

There's a very cute sterling silver sea turtle charm on the web page so that may be my choice for Addison's Christmas gift from these sea life sea charm jewelry.
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Tue, Nov 6th - 12:23AM

New Blog and New Hobby
I have joined a jewelry making class and am very excited about it.

I want to start a blog about this new hobby and I'll look around the net for inspiration for future projects so this new blog I'm starting is going to be all about jewelry.

Jenny said she is making a bracelet based on what she sees on this page.

It's about creating a bracelet to showcase an array of beautiful buttons collected.

Using a peyote stitch base of size 6 seed beads, the buttons are stitched in the base of the bracelet. The piece can be further enhanced with dangles and charms.

I'll see how Jenny gets along with this project to see if I'll do something similar.

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Sat, Nov 3rd - 8:25AM

WebRing to Weblog

I registered with webring, thinking of joining a ring and ended up starting a new blog instead.

I was thinking of beginning a new blog anyway.

Simple blogging interfaces is what I like and this one seems to fit the bill. I'll try a few posts and see if I like it.

If I do then I've got myself a new home for blogging. This sure turned out unexpectedly.

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