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Tue, Nov 27th - 4:23PM

Diocese of Huron

Trinity Anglican Church, Aylmer, Ontario
Trinity Church, Aylmer, Ontario
Aylmer, a community of 6,500 people, is located about 45 km south-east of London, Ontario and 15 minutes north of the Lake Erie shore. The area is primarily farming land, growing tobacco, corn and beans.

Much of the community is "low German speaking", and as a result, there are many different congregations in the area. In addition to the traditional United, Baptist, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic churches, there are several other protestant churches, and fourteen different Mennonite congregations.

There is an active Anglican Church Women group, choir, lay readers programme, and a group that specializes in providing a monthly Brunch. The Christian Education programme is small but active. The Parish Hall facility is used several times each week by a variety of community groups.

Trinity Church celebrates the Eucharist according to the pattern in the Book of Alternative Services.

Rev. Adele Miles has been incumbent of Trinity, Aylmer and the incumbent of Trinity Church, Port Burwell and St. Luke's, Vienna since May 2007.

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Wed, Nov 21st - 8:44AM

St John's, Sandwich, Ontario

St John's, Sandwich, OntarioFollowing the cession of Detroit to the United States in 1794, and the withdrawl of the British garrison two years later, many Loyalists moved to the Canadian side of the Detroit River where they founded the community of Sandwich. In 1935 Sandwich amalgamated with Windsor, Walkerville, and Ford City to form the City of Windsor.

Early Anglican services were conducted by Richard Pollard, sherriff of the Western District. In 1802 he was ordained a deacon and appointed missionary to the settlement. By 1807 a log church had been erected. American troops used the church as a stable during the War of 1812 and burned it down when they retreated. It was replaced in 1818-1819 by a larger structure which forms a portion of the present St John's, Sandwich, Ontario which was built in 1872.

St John's is the mother church of 8 other parishes, including the Cathedral Church of St Paul in Detroit, Michigan. 7 of the 8 parishes are still open and holding worship services on a regular basis.

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Tue, Nov 13th - 4:14PM

Grace Anglican, Brantford, Ontario
Grace Anglican, Brantford, Ontario

Grace Anglican, Brantford, Ontario is the oldest Christian congregation in this city of 125,000. The first building was erected in 1832 with the present building built in 1856 and a memorial tower added in 1917-18.

The parish is in the process of planting a new congregation called Counterpoint. The new congregation meets every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the Upper Parish Hall of Grace Anglican Church for an hour of uplifting singing, prayer, teaching and fellowship. The new congregation provides another option for newcomers to the faith to explore the teachings of Jesus and the meaning of Jesus for their lives in contemporary society.
Form Scarcity to Abundance by David Ponting
Grace Anglican's rector is the Rev David Ponting, author of From Scarcity to Abundance: A Complete Guide to Parish Stewardship, published in September 2005. Before his ordination, Rev. Ponting worked in the Marketing departments of consumer-packaged goods such as Crayola Crayons and spent four years with a large multi-national advertising agency.
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