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Sat, May 31st - 3:47AM

Clown Loach
The Clown Loach (Chromobotia macracanthus) typically can grow to 1520 cm (68 in). They are active and sociable fish and are best kept in groups of 5-6 or more.

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Sat, May 17th - 9:55AM

Golden Apple Snail
Golden Apple Snail
Golden Apple Snails are part of the Ampullariidae family. The Ampullariidae have both a gill and a lung which allows them to be amphibious.

Apple snails are most active at night. As well as eating vegetables and fish food pellets, apple snails will also eat other foods if they are available. They will sometimes eat brine shrimps and other frozen foods, or dead fish and insects. Generally, they will also eat any of the microscopic vegetation that grow on the tank rocks or walls.

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Sat, May 10th - 3:44AM

Indian Waterweed
Indian Waterweed
Indian Waterweed (Hygrophila polysperma) is exceptionally easy to grow but can rapidly grow out of control. The leaves turn a shade of pink or orange as they grow closer to the light source.

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Sat, May 3rd - 4:27AM

Mandarin Dragonet
Mandarin Dragonet
The Mandarin Dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus) is a small saltwater fish that grows to about 6 cm. In the wild they feed primarily on small crustaceans and other invertebrates. Their feeding habits can make them difficult to keep. Some fish never adapt to aquarium life and refuse to eat aquarium food.

The Mandarinfish is native to the Pacific, ranging approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia.

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