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Thu, May 30th - 10:05PM

May 29: Still Alive

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
64.5 miles
rain, then partly cloudy

189 recordings of 32 types. 9% clear.

Don Surber
This is the point in a two-term presidency where scandals pop up their heads like meerkats in the Kalahari Desert. Bad things happen in a first term that come to light in the second.

President Obama has outdone himself by providing four scandals to choose from:*

... Benghazi, in which a group linked to al-Qaeda killed our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans last Sept. 11. The administration lied about this attack so much that the president's nose should be so long by now that he could touch Chicago from the White House.

...Obama woke up the press just as the one scandal that could hurt him hit the fan.

The IRS mess is so toxic that it has led to a revival of the tea party, an unfairly maligned group of people who can now say to critics: See, we told you so.

...America will not impeach its first African-American president. But the buck stops at the president's desk and there should be a price paid for this abuse of power.

We shall see if that happens.

Trevor Thomas: Watching so much of the left nodding its shaggy head in agreement with the IRS actions, applauding its attack on the hated right, tut-tutting the dangers of the government declaring a portion of the citizenry in essence enemy of the state - no one should ever stupidly ask again how Nazism grew to take absolute control of the German reich.

Jeremy Meyer his guard dog instead of a watchdog sounds good, but they [the press] were his lap dog, not a watch dog. they made a ton of noise every time someone got close to him, but guard nothing they did.

It was my doctor's visit today. Of course, I had to wait around in my paper gown forever.  But she finally came in, apologizing. I don't mind, actually. It means she'll pay more attention to the patient than to her schedule. We went through my record, I got my pap smear, we talked about the disc disease (gotta strengthen my abs, that's what, and maybe adjust my car seat) and a little about Macchu Pichu.  I should get a shingles shot, which I'll probably do next week.  Otherwise, with any luck, we won't see each other till next year.  (But at least she's there when I have a problem: in 2011 with the skin cancer and last year with the blood pressure (which was excellent today.)

And home to veg out. I did get cacti into the bin and a lot of the privet.  I'll have a lot more to clear out there, but I'm beginning to get a view of the canna lilies.

I forgot it was Wednesday till 5 minutes before Vince called, but at least I was ready.

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Wed, May 29th - 9:51PM

May 28: Cleaners

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
64.5 miles
partly cloudy, rain at night

190 recordings of 33 types. 9% clear.

I went out this morning to the ladies' breakfast.  There were only 5 of us there, but it was a lively discussion. Then I came home and finished cleaning up for the cleaners, who didn't turn up till 2:30 or so. It was nice enough that I could sit outside, sorting papers for the neighbor who needed some for papier-mache at the school. 

Once they left, I was tired and didn't want to drive down to Elk Grove to say goodbye to Joan.

When I went to bed, the toothbrush needed recharging. I couldn't find the recharger, though I did find the charger for the foot massager. I had taken everything off the dressers when I moved them, and so I went into the bag I threw everything into.  Well!  There was the lock-and-lock box I needed when I went to stay with Roni on Mother's Day. Ha! But no toothbrush charger. So I went into the back bathroom and took Rich's, which was our old brush that didn't hold the charge.  It still had a charge, though, even though it hadn't been used for almost two years.  Anyway, the charger is now in front on my brush.  I really have to clean out that bathroom!  Rich's razor, for instance, can go to St. Vincent de Paul...

I was looking at geocaches, and found a picture of Rich at the Grand Canyon, which will be a Facebook banner picture eventually.  (Right now it's the "Yarnot Boyz" one of Rich, Vince, and Eric, and soon it will be the Dad's one from the Father's Day 2011 reunion.)

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Wed, May 29th - 9:45PM

May 27: Memorial Day

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
64.4 miles
cloudy, cool, and rain, late.

189 recordings of 34 types. 10% clear.

 Robert Stacy McCain @rsmccain

Liberalism: "My miserable life is fucked up. It's unfair that your life isn't fucked up, too."

Arguing with liberals is nearly always a waste of time, and I seldom bother, as there are usually more enjoyable ways to waste time.

Any argument with a liberal will quickly descend into name-calling, as the entire point of being a liberal is to imagine yourself morally and intellectually superior to others. The purpose of any argument, to a liberal, is never to discover truth — if they cared anything about truth, they would not be liberals, quod erat demonstrandum — and so whatever the supposed point at dispute, the proposition the liberal wishes to demonstrate is always the same: “Resolved: I am an enlightened being, and anyone who disagrees with me is an ignorant bigot.”

I got the flags out, and cried a little.  I also went caching: dropped off the Whole Tooth replacement and found one cache, and not another.  OK, that's all I need in this month.

Then despite the cold and slight drizzle, I decided to walk over to Laurie's for the luncheon. I was surprised to see there were other guests: I said "I'm sorry I looked so pathetic on Saturday" and she said no, she'd asked me because she had a surprise guest and knew it was somebody I liked. Ah... I surmised this would be the priest who was removed from St. Philomene for an accusation (which I firmly believe is untrue, especially after the deputy DA told us, as CASA workers, that child predators don't stop.  There were no other accusations, even after the diocese advertised and broadcast and looked for them.) I don't remember what I called him... Father Pastor?  I guess, after 7 years, Father Limbo is a good name for him. Oh, yes, my supposition was correct.

So Father Limbo and six women for lunch.  His case is finally going to be heard... just any time.  He talked about his experience in the "Acceptance House" in Philadelphia, where it seems they were just interested in getting a confession.  I remember how much I enjoyed his homilies... he's a very intelligent man and I think, since he'll probably never again have a parish (and he was so thrilled to have ours, but obviously God had other plans), that he should write theology books. 

We had chicken salad on croissant sandwiches, potato salad, and then strawberries and ice cream. Oh, yum.  It was a really pleasant few hours and I so enjoyed not dealing with the Memorial Day stuff. It was really threatening to rain when I got home, so I pulled down the big flag by myself and folded it on the dining room table. I almost got it right, too. (The triangles are a little off.)

I see cracks in the stucco where I planted the zinnias.  Always something!

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Tue, May 28th - 7:58PM

May 26: Inappropriate Laughter

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
63.2 miles
cold in the morning, then warming up.

187 recordings of 32 types.  11% clear.

Jim Treacher: If you like to talk about "global warming deniers" as you're wearing a sweater at the end of May, #YouMightBeALiberal.

Mary Pezzuolo Clark 48 degrees in Massachusetts today. I'm going to do continuous donuts in my V8 Hemi SUV till it reaches at least 70 degrees. Your welcome.

"With great power comes great responsibility.  In my case it also comes with a staggering level of amnesia." [A picture on Facebook of Guess Who.]

Washington Bridge Collapse Spotlights California's Aging Bridges. Hey, no problem, we're getting high speed rail.

Church in the morning*, and WPAC in the afternoon.  I was surprised to see Ron there since I thought he'd be at the music festival.  I showed him the picture of the zinnia and also the cache replacement in the plastic tooth.

One guy, a marriage and family counselor, said he'd never been in a room with people who'd been married so long.

I was talking to one friend and thought she was being funny about her son griping about a guy's car in "Dad's driveway" but it's an actual serious feud that I shouldn't have been laughing about. I've since suggested she have all her friends, one at a time, park in her driveway overnight.

My need for the meeting today was just to help me make it through this weekend.  I thought I wasn't upset about last Memorial Day, but I was: I guess it just wasn't that different from all the time last year, and this year it's a contrast.

*Laurie rescued me by inviting me to luncheon tomorrow.

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Sun, May 26th - 11:36PM

May 25: Tangled

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
63.2 miles
cold in the morning, then warming up

193 recordings of 32 types. 7% clear.

Mission Statement.

John Stephen Walsh: The West will apologize itself into the grave. Our worst first world problem` is that someone will call us `mean-spirited` or `bigotted.` When our greatest fear is for our existence, it will be too late for anything but an overwhelming response, and the surviving liberals will denounce those of us who saved civilization for those same liberals. And the process will repeat itself.

Yesterday evening, still light out, I glanced out at the porch just in time to see a young skunk step up on it and head toward the door. We haven't had food out there for years! I pounded on the door and the skunk turned around and went away, but I somehow didn't feel like taking the dog out for a walk then. 

This morning I went over to Mass at Presentation.  There were Crossroad walkers (pro-life) there, two pews! 

I took the netting off the apricot, and nearly got tangled up in the tree myself. The stuff stuck to buttons and zipper pulls... The gardeners finally came about two, then I went down to Bernadette's with some apricots.  Joan wasn't there, so I should try again Tuesday.  Gareth told me he has a camera, but I didn't get to see it.

I saw Laurie at the grocery store. I probably sounded pathetic.

GeoWoodstock doesn't announce its locations more than a year in advance.  Sadly, next year is in St. Charles Missouri.  That'd be great in two years, so I could go on to Katie's graduation.  Hmm. I wish they'd come back to the West Coast.

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Sun, May 26th - 11:33PM

May 24: Bulbs and Bamboo

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
63.1 miles
cold in the morning, then warming up.

193 recordings of 37 types. 7% clear.

When he's lost Mad Magazine....

0bama asks Holder to investigate Holder
Mary Miller And you guys were worried that no one would get to the bottom of this. Silly Wingnuts! Obama has got you covered.

Mark Steyn
“Is this a republic or is it not?” Steyn said. “Because, if it is what a republic is then you guys wasted your whole time with your revolution — because they are basically saying we are the king’s courtiers and we do not have to account to you for what’s going on, but you have to account for us. Complete waste of time, the revolution.”

Britons and the Beheading

Real People,  Bill Whittle. (video).

I had great intentions and made it to church in time for the 8 AM mass, but today, being 8th grade graduation day, mass was at 9. Oh, well. I tried. I came home and dug up daffodils and three tulip bulbs (I hope they are the tulip bulbs). I still have a lot more to do, but the poppies are still there, developing their seeds, and I want to have more poppies next year, too.  The bulbs can wait a couple-four more weeks.

I also chopped down enough bamboo to get to the gas meter (and turn off.) That is such a mess there.

Some of my carrot seeds have sprouted, at last, but they're on the side of the bed, apparently washed down.

It's odd, I do all this work that you'd think would make my back hurt, and it doesn't.  It's sitting still (and definitely driving) that does me in.

I'll register Gareth for swimming lessons next week. The lessons will be in July, 2x a week. I think he'll like it. (He still has school in June.)

The neighbor's slobbery scary-looking mastiff-cross pup came by with his owner. He had a mystery bump a couple of weeks ago and I'm so glad to see he's healthy.  She says Pharaoh was out the other day (which I knew, but he came when I called him) and tried to attack Zeus.  Once I finish teaching P. to walk decently I'll have to go back to the dog park and see if we can't socialize him.

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Sat, May 25th - 11:03PM

May 23: What Earthquake?

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
63.1 miles
cold in the morning, then warming up.

192 recordings of 36 types. 7% clear.

Late Night Comedian Mocks 0bama
Notice how audiences still don’t know if they’re allowed to laugh at Obama, though? Yes, people, you’re allowed to laugh at him. You’re allowed to mock that narcissist. You’re allowed to ridicule anybody who wants you to submit to his will, to surrender your liberty and your property and whatever else he thinks you owe him. You’re an American.

Let’s all laugh at that big-eared dummy. HA-ha!

American Conservatives:
Oh. HERE WE GO. Obama says we need to let terrorists go free BECAUSE IT COSTS TOO MUCH TO KEEP GITMO OPEN. Is he serious? Cut off the welfare to the people refusing to work! Stop giving cash prizes to women to have babies THAT WILL ONLY END UP IN PRISONS! How about the WEEKLY PARTIES AT THE WHITE HOUSE?!?!? How about your MONTHLY VACATIONS?!?!? He's going to let terrorists go BECAUSE OF COST?? Unbelievable what this man won't say. He believes YOU ARE AN IDIOT. And the press is CHEERING HIM.

Google actually does something patriotic.  I didn't believe my eyes. (and I cried a little.)

Charles Krauthammer

6 ways the IRS scandal leads to 0bama.

0bama says the War on Terror is ending.
Mary Cecere Spooner You know more of this terrorist shit has gone down on his watch than on Bush's - Nobel peace prize my ass

Chris Douglas:You have to admit, it really is getting in the way of his war on the American taxpayer.

So, where did all of that $700 billion in stimulus money go (beside bogus green energy investments)? Maybe we can check into that after we make sure everyone is out of the water first?

I'm glad I waited to get gas till today, as it was down to $3.79. I've done 20,000 miles since Rich last drove the car.

I went out to the retreat house for Mass.  The priests from Reno are all over the place (they are on retreat). Also the turkeys, and there are some guinea hens running around with the turkeys as well.  The coyote will get them!

ARGH!  Initially I thought the fiesta was on the 9th, but someone (Father Ronin?) told me it was the 2nd. I was eager to go this year, since I won't be in Illinois for the graduation, but now I find out it really IS on the 9th. I have babysitting to do on that day.  Rats!

Then on the way home I stopped at the credit union to pick up a $100 bill for the grandson who is graduating. 

They're building something next to Renfree Field. I sure hope it's not another car dealership.

I was really close to finishing the puzzle and the dog chased the cat up onto the table and ruined half of it. I yelled, scared them both. I did finish it later. I'm going to take a break for a couple of weeks, since this one took so long to complete (maybe once or twice a week. It wasn't that hard, but I had a hard time getting to it.)




Vince called tonight, just as the bridge collapsed.  Then when he hung up, we apparently had an earthquake here, but I didn't feel it and the animals didn't.

I took another hunk of carpet out of the bedroom. It's beginning to look like I'll be able to move everything sometime in the future. 

Back to winter jammies! It's COLD out there!

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Fri, May 24th - 4:39PM

May 22: More Zinnias

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
62.9 miles
cold in the morning, then warming up.

192 recordings of 39 types. 8% clear.

I was up early and out the door about 7 to go geocaching. I found the first one in a little box on someone's lawn, and then went to a park (Jan Park, in fact.  We'd found a lovely multi there about 5 years ago) and looked and looked but didn't find anything more than stickers.  From there to a little one on a metal utility box near a grocery store, and then to a nice park where Rich and I
had found another nice multi.  This one was in a birdhouse. JUST in reach!  And then it was time to go to Ron's.




We had a chat for about an hour, and then I went out and picked up more zinnias. (This time they all appear to have taken.  Yay!) Planted them and watered the yard. Then I repotted the really big agave, using up all the compost I had.  I had thought I would get more plants off it, but I really only got four.  The plant had put a root through the bottom of the pot and into the chink between two pieces of concrete. More Little Shop of Horrors stuff.

I have a mystery bruise on my arm. Uh-oh. Maybe Joanna clobbered me or something, but I don't remember.

Jim Treacher
They're still trying to tell us Obama is just another politician. Despite the fact that he ran against "politics as usual." In a way, he wasn't wrong: He is unusually corrupt, dishonest, lawless, spiteful, arrogant, narcissistic... Stop me when I get one wrong.

Maggie Benghazi Poinski I doubt, from pre-K on through college, Obama did any of his own homework/studying, and probably had somebody take his bar exam for him. This is the "community organizer" mentality. He believes simply because he nominated/appointed people into administration offices that he can wash his hands of those department-workings and any "CEO" responsibility and just go shoot hoops, hit golf balls, or continue campaigning for his 'popularity polls' because somebody else is doing his job that they will be blamed for. The MSM and the democrats refused to allow any, ANY, blame for things such as Abu Ghraib and that super skank spy Valerie Plame Wilson's alleged "outing" rest for even a second on the shoulders of those who were directly responsible/guilty. No, they wanted Bush/Cheney/Rove 'frog-marched' out the front door of the White House in front of the media cameras because THEY had to have given direct order to do those bad things.

Mike Huckabee
NBC-5 in Dallas reports that because of a legal technicality, Nidal Hasan – who “allegedly” stood up in a Fort Hood cafeteria and began shooting, killing 13 people and wounding 32 others while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” – is still collecting a salary on the taxpayers’ dime. The Military Code of Justice says his salary can’t be suspended until he’s found guilty. And his attorneys have dragged the trial out so long, over urgent issues like whether he has to shave his beard, that he’s collected $278,000 since the shootings.

Meanwhile, many of the victims are barely scraping by, unable to work or feed their families, and fighting for medical benefits. That’s because the government refuses to call this what it obviously was – a terrorist attack – and insanely classifies it as “workplace violence.” So the victims aren’t entitled to the benefits of military members wounded in combat. That’s right: wounded soldiers are denied medical benefits while the man who – “allegedly” – shot them is paid over a quarter million taxpayer dollars and counting. If anyone still thinks the Obama Administration’s refusal to call terrorism by its proper name is inconsequential, try telling that to the Fort Hood shooting victims. The attack was terrorism. The government’s reaction to it so far has been a “man-caused disaster.”

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Thu, May 23rd - 11:29PM

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
62.9 miles
cloudy, then sunny, breezy

189 recordings of 34 types. 9% clear.

Rasmussen: 47/52: -14.

What I am saying is that we are giving the federal government nearly $3 trillion a year to do things like inspect workplaces. And it doesn’t inspect. You cannot blame sequestration for 28 years of neglect under five presidents.

John Steele: Paul, there will not be any impeachment and certainly not any jail time. no one in DC has the cajones to challenge our first black president, he could shoot a 3 year old on the National Mall at high Noon on live TV and no one would do anything. They are afraid of the Race Card.

Trevor Thomas It's a great game "they" have going. The public is so ginned up on hate and resentment, most would rather prosecute a cold civil war on the opposition than reform government.

So what happens - government grows more fascistic and entrenched with each passing year. The ultimate result is an imperial presidency such as we see with His Majesty Barack I. And we end up with the shittiest "public servants" money can buy from one end of D.C. to the other.

The Tea Party is Getting a Second Wind.
If only our government had paid as much attention to the Tsarnaev brothers as they did to nice old ladies waving little flags. If only our government didn’t meet the dictionary definition of tyranny.

Fred Thompson:
David Axelrod said Obama couldn't have known about all these scandals "because the government is so vast"

Really? This administration seems more half-vast to me.

Fred Thompson:
Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel said that President Obama needs to "give more of an answer" on the IRS scandal.

Like what? "I really, really didn't know"?

Fred Hoffman
Love this quote from Bruce Maiman in today's Sac Bee:
"I'm reminded of a story from folklore where the tribal elder tells his grandson about a battle the old man was waging within himself. "It is between two wolves," he said. "One is an evil wolf: anger, envy, sorrow, greed, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is the good wolf: joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The boy asked, "Which wolf won?"

His grandfather answered, "The one I feed.""

Leno: Mitch McConnell says Obama fosters a ‘culture of intimidation.’ Seriously? Is anyone intimidated by Obama? He can’t even keep Joe Biden in line.

Leno: Fox News Channel has changed its slogan from "Fair and Balanced" to "See, I Told You So!"

I started the day at the ladies' breakfast.  A pleasant group today!

Well, I missed the protest at the IRS building. Which is only a mile away from here and I would have happily gone any other day, but today was Big Truck Day in Elk Grove.  So I went down and picked Gareth up from school and took him home, where Joan and Joanna were waiting.

I had gotten to the highway and realized I was getting low on gas.  (Drive to San Jose, that's apt to happen.) With a limited amount of cash with me, I had to just stop on the way to school and put $10 in. 

After lunch we went over to Big Truck Day at the Elk Grove City Hall.  What a neat event! Joanna wasn't really interested in climbing into the trucks and driving them, but Gareth certainly was, even willing to stand in lines.  He was in a street sweeper and a garbage truck, some big trucks with cranes, and a bulldozer, and he got to honk a lot of horns and push a lot of buttons. 

DSC01564     Grandma and Joanna

We finished the day at Leatherby's. Yum.

Ron had called in the morning while I was at breakfast, and I knew he then went to pool, so I called him back when I got home. He does still have zinnias and invited me over 8:30 or 9 tomorrow to get them.

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Wed, May 22nd - 6:22PM

May 20: Gareth's Birthday

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
62.8 miles

194 recordings of 36 types.  5% clear.

I got up early and was out the door by 6 to try for that geocache. I poked around for awhile and found it... rats, second to find!  And Budzdunworkin had found it before I even knew about it, so it was OK that I didn't go last night.

I did a lot of weeding and pruning. It helps with the pain but I get tired... I have no energy. I called Ron tonight to ask if he still had zinnias, since some I planted didn't survive the trip.
I had to leave a message. While I was weeding I pulled up a HUGE worm with a weed, but it headed back into the ground right away. 

I began to clean out the Yahoo! mailbox but today Yahoo! is messing up. They're buying Tumblr.  Fine and dandy, but you still have to do what you already have and the things you're getting paid for. I discovered that one of our first geocaching friends (the guy who said we should become premium members) died last November. :(  They had put out some really great caches, including one in a half-chewed pine cone. Meanwhile, Flickr decided to "improve" and it's awful. 

I took a huge stack of newspapers in to the Wildlife Care Place.  I also tried to get a Large WPAC t-shirt, but again the shirts are off in someone's car. I haven't worn or washed the medium they gave me, but what a clusterf* this is.

Massive tornados in Oklahoma. I got to thinking about Oklahoma City. In 2009 we saw the state capitol and kept passing signs for The Monument but didn't realize what that was till we'd gone (about the bombing of the Murrah office building.)  But then I was trying to remember where the Merci Boxcar was (which is how I found out Flickr was so messed up.) It's in Norman on the grounds of the center for children with developmental difficulties.  We did see it.  And I see that the Pennsylvania archives have given more information about their contents.

I also found a video from our Monterey trip two years ago.  Rich was looking at the weedy sea dragons with me. So interested and enthusiastic!  That's the Rich I miss.

Susan Rice Had a String of Failures before Benghazi.

J.T. Geehr Rice may be the first person to ever hail Mugabe for his intelligence and self-restraint. i was personally subjected to her bad decision-making when she gave the commencement address at my son's Stanford graduation in '10. It was 100 degrees, and all we wanted was a few inspiring words, but she droned on for 45 minutes in a self-aggrandizing ode to self. She's a piece of work!

DOJ Spying of James Rosen.  Totalitarian government!

No Way is 0bama telling the truth. Well, duh.

It's THE SUPREME COURT they want. Today's headlines are flooded again with more allegations of lies, bullying and violations of the civil rights of Middle Americans by the Obama "Justice" Department and IRS. What prize would be worth chancing such illegal campaign activities, what agenda was so important? What mission was so critical that it would justify looking away as an Ambassador and his staff were abandoned, or turning loose IRS auditors to intimidate people with NO ECONOMIC POWER?

GAINING INFLUENCE over and CONTROL of The U.S. Supreme Court at this critical time in history. When the opportunity to appoint Liberal -leaning Justices could change society forever.

Pauline Sodermark Those who are used to living in austerity can survive but I pity the younger generation who were always "haves" when they try to live under Socialism.

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Mon, May 20th - 11:03PM

May 19: Mother's Day +7

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
62.8 miles
warm, sunny

190 recordings of 35 types. 8% clear.

It was Pentecost, and I really had intended to start the day with church, but got up a bit too late.  OK, then. I started to drive to San Jose at 8:30. 

It appears my limit of driving is about 2 hours.  The last 30 minutes or so were sheer torture. I must start carrying ibuprofen in the car.  Monica had a printout about seniors and falling that is very interesting. I showed my trip pictures to Helena, Mark's mother. (Who is from Peru and they had honeymooned at Machu Picchu!)

Brunch was scrumptious.  Afterwards, there were gifts.  I got a T-shirt with birds on it... and the mockingbird is thumbing its feathers and sticking its tongue out.  And Turkish Delight!  Yum!

We walked over to an open house in the neighborhood. (There are lots of them, and also yard sales, as the students start to move home for the summer.)  6 bedrooms, 6 baths, and at least 3 sitting rooms (more, I believe.)  Part of it reminded me of that Frank Lloyd Wright house we saw in 2010, and part of a house I used to have recurrent dreams of. Interesting. 

Then back at the house, I popped a pain pill and headed home. I came home the way we did 2 weeks ago, and was very happy not to have an accident blocking traffic this time. I did start to have leg pains the last half hour, but not as severely.  I'd stashed the pets, so they were glad to see me.

We missed Walk on the Wild Side yesterday.  So I put it into my calendar for next year.

Then this evening, about 8:30, I found there was a new cache in the neighborhood. If only Rich had been here, we'd have dashed out to see if we could get first to find. However, it was just a bit darker than I felt comfortable with, so I'll try tomorrow. Early.

20 Reasons to Dislike the Democrats

2) The estimated number of people killed in the Holocaust? 11 million. The estimated number of people who were killed in WWI? 37 million. The estimated number of babies who have been killed because of the Democrats’ beloved Roe v. Wade? 54 million.

5) The Democrat Party's slogan in 1868: "This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule."

11) The Democrats fought Republicans for more than a hundred years on civil rights issues, finally came around to our position and then claimed we were the ones against civil rights. What's it like?

    It would be as if, after fighting Democrats for a hundred years over the issue of abortion, Republicans finally got Roe v. Wade overturned, and then, out of pure political calculation, Democrats jumped on the bandwagon and demanded a federal law outlawing abortion. Some pro-life Republicans would probably object that federal law outlawing abortion is not one of Congress’s enumerated powers. On the basis of Republicans’ constitutional objections, Democrats would then reverse the entire history of the pro-life movement and start claiming the Democratic Party alone fought to end abortion in America. That is exactly what they have done with the history of civil rights.

12) Al Gore tried to steal a presidential election he lost in 2000 and he's still trying to pretend like he was the victim.

13) "It’s an obsession with the Democrats to nationalize everything: health care, welfare, the speed limit, abortion, the drinking age — so there’s no escape. Like all totalitarians, the Democrats’ position is: We thought up something that we know will work better than anything anyone else has done for the last 30,000 years. We don’t know why no one else has thought of it. We must be smarter. This is why the history of liberalism consists of replacing things that work with things that sounded good on paper." -- Ann Coulter

15) The Democrats are the KKK Party. Not only did they create the KKK, Democrat Robert Byrd was the last member of Congress to hold membership in the KKK, Democrat Hugo Black was the last member of the Supreme Court to hold membership in the KKK and Democrat Harry Truman was the last President to hold membership in the KKK. Now, whom do the Democrats blame for the KKK? Republicans.

19) The Democrats got us into the Vietnam War, put rules of engagement in place that made it impossible to win, destroyed public support for the war with their incompetence and dirty, hippie protests and then after Nixon put us on track to win, made sure we lost by cutting off funds to our allies in the South after we left, which led to a genocide.

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Mon, May 20th - 10:58PM

May 18: Gluttony

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles
Delta Breeze!

191 recordings of 33 types. 7% clear.

Why do you apologize to Muslims and lie to Americans?  --Judge Jeannine.

I went through North Sacramento to get to the WPAC Membership luncheon in West Sacramento. And cried, from all the memories of geocaching there and going to the archives open houses. (And to see Father Steve's reading of his history books.) *Sniff*

The luncheon was at Club Pheasant, and the food was OK... I was pleased, though, when I came into the room and Jane came over to ask me to sit at her table, and as I came up, there were Darlene and Gary who wanted me to sit with them, too (same table). I met a woman who is also in Renaissance society and went on the Duck tour of San Francisco this week, and, like Ron, she had a wonderful time!  It was a nice lunch.  The talk was about long-term care.  The whole thing is really scary.

From there, home to finish the corn chip salad, and go to Jef's house for the "Smeat-a-palooza."  Oh, my. Smeat is smoked meat.  The guy had a LOT of fun. I had a LOT of food.  I especially liked the bacon-wrapped chili rellenos, smoked.  And the ribs. And the rolled stuffed flank steak. And, and... I didn't have room for the brats or the tri-tip.  Someone had brought an excellent pea-and-chow mein noodle salad that I somehow managed to eat, too.  SO stuffed.

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Mon, May 20th - 10:56PM

May 17: Babysitting

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles
warming up

188 recordings of 33 types. 8% clear.

Trevor Thomas (when someone said "Bush did it") So because we had a warmongering administration before this one, we should excuse the arrogant fascism of this one? Isn't that like the woman who shrugs off a string of cheating husbands with the observation that at least this current bed-hopping bastard doesn't beat her?

Godwin's law says any argument on the web will eventually invoke Hitler, and the corollary states that the person who first mentions Hitler has lost the argument. My comparable axiom says that when you're totally without an argument, you bring up Bush. And have lost.

Last night I heard the owl.  Yay!

When I was taking the kitty litter outside I spied a glass shard next to the back door.  That's from the break-in, and apparently my cleaners aren't doing that good a job back there. I picked it up and dusted under the laundry table.  Two rock hammers and a big first-aid kit were under there!

Then I went to babysit, and discovered Rob was taking a mental health day, so I wasn't really needed.  Good way to finish my book. (The Time-Traveler's Wife, oh my goodness I LOOOOOOVED it.)

I stuck around and at one point I was talking to Joanna about shapes and numbers.  She's a lot of fun.  I had brought Gareth's birthday present because I know Joan will have lots and I didn't want mine to be lost in the shuffle. 

He was excited about it. It's a Lego-like Lite-Brite type thing.  Gareth doesn't think you should build towers... I tried, Joanna tried, and his Dad tried, but he just wants the base level. I'm sure eventually he'll like the idea.  Anyway, it was a success.


I got two more geocaches on the way home, so I only need 5 more this month.  At home Bernadette came by for the EZUp awning.  My, it was dusty!  (It hasn't been up now for a couple of years.)

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Sat, May 18th - 10:22PM

May 16: Lunch

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles
cloudy, a tish of rain, then clearing

186 recordings of 33 types. 9% clear.

Mom died 22 years ago. I handled that whole thing badly. 

I went out to the Retreat House for Mass, then to the commissary since I couldn't figure when I'd have a chance again any time soon. It was a quick trip.  When I got home I only had time to put away the cold stuff, just leaving the rest near the pantry for later.

Ron picked me up at noon. I'd changed to jeans since it was chilly earlier.  We went to the Creperie and had a delicious lunch and nice conversation. 

When we went out, I fired up the GPS and forgot to tell it where I wanted to go, so it acted at first like it wasn't talking to the 12 or so satellites it had located.  When I remembered what to do, we were 200 or so feet away, so went back toward the restaurant and found the cache. Ron was looking at an electrical box (which was a REAL electrical box, a good example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing!) but I found it this time.  He's really enjoying this, but he'll never get involved himself.  The man doesn't even have a computer.

Afterwards, we went to his house where he handed me a trowel and we dug up zinnias for me.  He says he's throwing all the others out, but I thought 18 was plenty.  At home I planted them immediately.  They look sad, but I think most of them will make it.




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Fri, May 17th - 9:36AM

May 15: Babysitting and Artichokes

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles

192 recordings of 34 types. 7% clear.

Jim Treacher
All of these scandals are the same scandal: the Obama administration is utterly corrupt.

As we've been saying, um, FOREVER.

Karza Baron: Denise, I'm getting the scary feeling that the answer is that Obama is "Colonel Klink" from Hogan's Heroes. A petty, vain, lazy, easily manipulated figurehead that the enemies in his own camp struggle to keep in place because he provides cover for their illegal activities.

You'll have to take my word for it.

Smith Mar:c Another scandal missed by the Drive By's ........ In June 2010 (11 spies were rounded up in the NYC area.) Anna Chapman was the main one, this story was the impetus for the new show Amerikans on FX. The FBI had been watching her because she was getting too close to a sitting Cabinet member. Who else but Hillary Clinton. Chapman and her hubby Alex were pals with a Alan Petricof who was Hillary's friend and fundraiser. Petricof's son Mark also knew Hillary and the Chapman's. Now of these 11 deported, 10 went back to Russia and one vanished. This story stopped short of the friendship to Hillary but this is another example of this scandal laden administration and their accomplices, The Drive By Media........

Jim Treacher
Deep, even breaths, libs. Repeat after me:

Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.
Everybody's lying but Obama.

Jim Treacher: The government is so big, it's impossible to manage. Obviously, we need more federal spending to create a Department of Fewer Departments.

Juliette Braverman Nguyen: I mean really. How can we expect Obama to grow the government when it's so big and inefficient?

Matt Gray
Sure, the IRS head resigned over the scandal, but what about Fast and Furious, and removing Habeas Corpus for some offenders, and attacking the medical marijuana community, and seizing AP phone records, and removing 4th amendment protections for email and texts? Is Obama going for a record? And why does he always learn about this stuff 'from the news' like everyone else?

Sea Change.

The End of the 0bama Illusion.

The problem is that not only is Obama a liar; he is a phony.  And bit by bit, the evidence is becoming clearer to more and more of the people who were taken in.

The Obama administration is making the case for conservatism better than Mitt Romney ever did.

As Sen. Lamar Alexander has long argued, conservatives believe not only in limited government, but limitations to sweeping acts by government. Large comprehensive bills like the proposed immigration reform and the Obama health care plan lead to too many unintended consequences. Alexander quotes Irving Kristol, who called himself a "policy skeptic." His skepticism is rooted in what appears to have happened at the Justice Department, IRS, and EPA: Big sprawling government inevitably gets out of hand. Seventy-three percent of the public already says they distrust the government, according to a Pew Research Center poll....
If these scandals are indeed affecting the ideological landscape, this is bad news for liberals. It’s not just that the opposite ideology is getting some help from government bunglers, but the media is exacerbating the problem.

I went down and babysat today. I told Joanna "The Little Red Hen" and I think she was re-telling it to herself after that.  Otherwise, my duties are to pick Gareth up, make lunch, supervise his iPad time, and relax. If there's no blood or smoke, the day is a success. I've been getting a lot of reading done.  The current book is a real page-turner: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

On the way home I stopped by a cache location and again couldn't see anything out of place, then stopped by Nick's parents' house because I forgot to take the newspapers on Sunday.  Marty is doing well, very well.  Alicia and Jack were total zombies. I said "hi" but got no response.  Marty gave me some artichokes!  Beautiful stuff.

Vince's call was fun, as usual. Apparently Eric has been having trouble sleeping from worry.  He's worried about his folks dying, among other things. OK, Rich, since you're hovering in the area anyway, playing with AJ (or so we believe) stop by and tell Eric it's going to be all right.  AJ is walking now. 

Ron paid me for the trip and one bill was a $50, so I can hold onto that for later, saving me a bank trip. 

I figured out my finances: not like R.J.'s mother recouping $250K, but I'm about halfway recovered from that astonishing tax bill.

And my Keen sandals still seem to have a little bit of Galapagos sand. I miss it!

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Thu, May 16th - 5:45PM

May 14: Parking a Motor Home

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles
a little cooler.

192 recordings of 35 types. 5% clear.

Crying because he got caught.

Kate Berry He's crying because we don't *understand* how he's The One, and we should all just TRUST HIM and believe he has good reasons, in our best interests, to have armed Mexican drug cartels, use the IRS as his attack dogs, and cover his administration's complicity in the diplomats' deaths!

Elizabeth Campbell
It's been fun but I need to give Candy Crush a rest, as it is interfering with what really matters in life. (In other words, I am getting my ass handed to me in five separate Words with Friends games.) [and so she started paying attention and beat me! Sulk!]

Jon Stewart doesn't like to be wrong!
Jim Treacher: Dear Jon Stewart: If "conspiracy theorists" are vindicated, then the "conspiracy theories" are called, um, FACTS.

Allen West---"Anyone with an Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker is a threat to the gene pool."

I went to breakfast with the ladies, and then for my mammogram, which was quite speedy.  Then I waited around till Ron was through with pool. He wanted a ride to get his motor home back, then my help to get it parked. His carport is a bit higher on the right (driver's side when you back in) so there are a couple of blocks to go under his wheels on the left.  Well, we couldn't get it right. We finally realized that the people who did his driveway had moved the back blocks... and once we got them placed where they belong it was easy to get the motor home where it belongs.  Then I got the tour.  Very nice indeed.  It's only got 23,000 miles on it... he takes it to Tahoe for a couple of months and to Eagle Lake for another month. 

I had copied my pictures of the abbey from the time Rich and I went in 2008 to the iPad so I could show Ron.  Also, last night I printed out an article about the Angel Island Immigration Station (which involved learning quite a bit more about how Rich's printer works) for him.  So we sat in his house and talked for awhile. On the whole, it was an interesting afternoon.  He's "paying" me by taking me to lunch on Thursday.

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Thu, May 16th - 4:53PM

May 13: Great Timing

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles

194 recordings of 38 types. 5% clear.

GM spending $1.3 Million to make cars in China

The Onion comments on the media's coverup of 0bama.

David Plouffe Excuses the IRS
 Logan Dobson: sure, laws were violated, but, see, it would tend to help my political party, and we're the good guys, I assure you.

 Jay Caruso: Using @davidplouffe’s logic, bank robbers should be excused because the banks have way more money than the robbers do.

Jim Treacher:
I admire all the journalists who are singlemindedly devoted to finding out the truth about whether a news story will hurt the Democrats.

I woke up distressingly early, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got ready to go, had a cuppa coffee with Roni and a pastry, and went home starting about 6:30.  I had the pest guy coming and it's the day for the cleaners.

And what remarkable timing I had. I turned into the street at 8:03 (having gone counter-commute again.  This made sense on a Monday morning, but was really confusing yesterday afternoon) and there was the pest guy, who had just parked.  He got out of my way and waited till I got the dog out of the back yard.

I can hardly wait till my contract is over.

Then the cleaners didn't get here till nearly 3, though I was ready for them by 11.  And they missed a couple of things... this was the week they were supposed to clean the range hood. Last week I picked up the top of the stove and cleaned out under it, but decided to let them do the hood. And they didn't.  The other thing was they didn't get the bathroom basin trap.  I'll talk to them next time about it.  And about the hood when that comes around again (in a couple of months.)

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Wed, May 15th - 7:23PM

May 12: Mother's Day

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles

187 recordings of 32 types. 8% clear.

0bama's law professors say he was lazy and unqualified.  So that makes him different from now, how?

Bernadette joined me at church with Gareth and Joanna and the kids were actually pretty good.

Then I came home for a couple of hours, then locked Abby in the bathroom and Pharaoh outside.  I went to the first hour of Sunday support and showed some people the pictures I found from the time Rich and I went to Vina in 2008.  They sure have gotten a lot done!  Then I left at 4 and drove to Novato.

The kids were gone to the park, so I had a chance to talk to the grownups while drinking a margarita and eating cheese and crackers.  Then when they come home we had the best steak ever... R.J. did a fantastic job.  He gave us steak knives, but they were totally unnecessary.  I'd already used the table knife and it went through the steak like butter.  YUM.

Kathy is going on a cruise in the fall. I'm so glad she's up to travel again.  This is a bridge cruise from SF to Ensenada and back.  OK. 

Dessert was a fantastic carrot cake.

As Kathy was leaving, Roni's phone rang and it was Steve!  We had a nice chat. He has another patent approved (if he told me what it does, he'd have to kill me). 

Then I wrote up a little list of family since Roni and R.J. will be going to the cousin Kathy's wedding and she's only met the two aunts and one uncle in recent years.  I sure wish I was going with her instead of babysitting. Oh, well. I will be taking the kids back here on Saturday night to rescue the pets.

And so to bed.

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Tue, May 14th - 7:53AM

May 11: Hot Saturday

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles

192 recordings of 35 types. 6% clear.

I went to Mass in the morning. In the afternoon I took a 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a yogurt maker for Bernadette.  They had to order online but waived shipping, so I should have it in a few days.

The people next door, who are moving out, had a huge party for their 4-year-old. (These same people had a pony for her 2nd birthday.) They had a jump house and face painting and a dime toss... I saw other neighbors heading over with presents. I wish I'd thought of that.

My PG&E bill shows this year I'm using 25% of what I used last year!

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Sat, May 11th - 9:28PM

May 10:

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.8 miles

192 recordings of 38 types. 5%

I went geocaching this morning, looked for 6, found 4. 

Then this evening I called Ron to tell him about a trip to Angel Island in July and we'll be going together. Rich and I were last there in 2006.  Found 9 caches walking around the island, and didn't find 4. Only 4 of those are still there.  The trip is to the Immigration Station which has been refurbished, and which involves the Chinese Exclusion act, so I have to research this.

I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday tomorrow. 

And walking the dog was totally a disaster... he saw a couple of sparrows and wouldn't pay attention to anything else.

I was supposed to be cleaning for the cleaners, as I won't have much time on Monday.  Well, I did change the bed and do the laundry.

Jay Carney to WH Press Corps: Ixnay on the Enghazibay

They Let Chris Stevens Die.  “They let him die, and then told lies over his coffin,” [Wicks] told fill-in host Guy Benson.

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Sat, May 11th - 8:04PM

May 9: Trip to Chico

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
61.2 miles

190 recordings of 37 types. 6% clear.

Ron didn't drive me to the WPAC office for our trip today, who knows why. So I was chatting with a friend from church who was also on the trip when he came by.  After a short time, we all got on the bus, and off to Chico we went.  I do think Rich and I found a geocache next to the
Sierra Nevada brewery, but there isn't one now.

We were in the first lunch, so after a short film about the brewery (it's only 30 years old!) and a browse around the gift store (I got hop and mint chapstick) we went to the restaurant and sat outside with Darlene and Gary.  Great company. I had a chicken sandwich which was really good.

Then we toured the brewery.  This is nothing like other tours I've taken, like Bud, Oly, Miller: we were right up next to the malt kettles and tasted various levels of roasting of the malt.  The hop freezer is full of all different varieties of hops.  We walked across a catwalk to view the packing (that looked like the other breweries.) I was amused by all the filled and capped bottles waiting for labels in ranks of 4 going down to one... looked like a bad day on the freeway.


Sierra Nevada will be expanding to North Carolina. What started as a tiny garage brewery is now immense.  And they have this huge solar array which provides their electricity.  They compost 95% of what they use (including the paper towels in the bathrooms) and recycle their water.  The yeast and hop sludge is sent to local farms to feed chickens and cows (the chicken and beef they have in the restaurant.)  The methane produced is trapped and tanked and used in fuel cells.  It's very close to being a completely closed system.  They distribute all over the country, transferring to trains after a certain distance. 

And it's still family owned, and the workers are local.  Our guides had been an art major and a communications major, and just love the company and their jobs. 

DSC01463     DSC01456

The first picture there is a bike repair station. The second is the tasting room with one of the copper kettles in the back.  They gave us coasters and a keychain beer opener (a cache goodie!)

Oh, and the Trappist Abbey partners with them on the Ovila beer.

That was our next stop.  Rich and I were here in October of 2008 to see the Sacred Stones and also do some geocaching.  They had the chapter house about finished, and had an open house to show what they were doing.  Now it's closer to finished, but of course they need more funding. We also got to see some of the other stones.  In the years they were in Golden Gate Park, the numbers disappeared, and the plans burned up in a fire, so it's been a huge jigsaw puzzle, and there are more stones, from other buildings. Only one of the original pillars passed the stress test. 

A Big Jigsaw Puzzle            DSC01485

But it's now the oldest building in the Americas!

After that, we went to the winery. Rich and I hadn't found that.  I tasted 6 wines and bought the petite pinot grigio and the Abbey Angelica, which I hadn't tasted, but which was in the newsletter. One of the things I noticed in the films was that many of the monks could use orthodontia, but of course that would be wasted vanity. And I think it's amusing that the winemaker is a woman!  We were there on a Holy Day so it was an added thrill to have the tasting room open for us.

And then we came home, arriving before 7.  My pets were glad to see me, especially poor Abby, who I had locked in the bathroom.  Nice day!

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Thu, May 9th - 9:51PM

May 7: Watching the Kids

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 169
60.2 miles
rain, cloudy

188 recordings of 39 types. 7% clear.

First thing this morning was breakfast. I took my laptop and iPad to show one lady how to move pictures from one to the other.  Hilarity ensued.

Then I went down to Bernadette's so she could take her car in for service.  I had to detour because of an accident downtown, but I still arrived in time. Joanna is much more lively this week. After Bernadette got back, she went in back and was digging up her garden.  I was playing with my iPad, reading Facebook, and darn near forgot to get Gareth.  I pulled up to the school 3 minutes late and arrive at the door as the teacher is saying "Gareth, your mom is never late..." and I appeared in the doorway and said "Nana, on the other hand..."

Back at the house, Bernadette had lunch ready then went to a meeting at the nearby school about preschool.  Joanna won't be going next year but can at 4.

Then we drove over to get her car and I came back with the kids, till Rob came home, Bernadette came back, and I'd finished the book I was reading (An Episode of Sparrows by Rumer Godden) so I could give it to B. to read.  And so home.

At home, Ron had called.  We played phone tag for awhile, but ended up talking at last. He'll actually need the ride on next Tuesday instead of Friday. OK, then.

Last year I was fighting a dying car battery and setting up for the South America trip, looking up caches in Ecuador and Peru, wondering about the ankle rash, and trying to get the mister on the porch to work.

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Wed, May 8th - 9:30PM

May 6: Athlete's Ankle

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
60.2 miles
cloudy, rain

191 recordings of 42 types. 6% clear.

How far we've fallen!

David Ignatius begrudingly agrees Benghazi is a story.

6 Ways Benghazi Proves Hillary Should Not be President.

Can we take the risk of expecting her to be any more competent in dealing with a similar situation as President? The answer is obvious. Keep that woman out of the White House, whatever it takes.

Mike Huckabee: For once, Washington heard the public’s complaints and actually did something about it. The Obama Administration recently unveiled a proposed application for insurance in the Obamacare exchanges, and it ran 21 pages, longer than a corporate tax form. That sparked so much anger that they tried again. Somehow, they’ve managed to whittle it down to 3 pages, or 7 for a family. But I have to ask, where was this willingness to respond to public outrage when Americans were complaining that they didn’t want a 2,000-plus-page government health care bill in the first place?

I wanted to be early to the doctor's appointment, but not necessarily an hour and fifteen minutes early. I completely misremembered when the appointment was.  That gave me time to go pay for the membership lunch at WPAC and then get my medicine at Raley's, and then go back. Almost late this time.  The doctor introduced himself, calling me Mrs. Yarnot, which I like. He listened to the history of the rash on my leg, took a scraping, looked at it in the microscope (the first time I started to worry it might be something serious) and says it's a fungal infection.  Athlete's Ankle, so to speak.  OK then. He looked at my face and arms and says to come back if it doesn't go away in a month. 

From there I went to the commissary. I looked at the 31 pound bag of dog food and decided to have the groceries checked and bagged and hoofed out to the car instead of doing it myself.  The tip was worth it.  I stopped and got cash, and so home, where I wrapped the meat for the freezer. I then did the last thing on my list, calling to make a mammogram appointment. 

And then, in the afternoon, I took the green bin from the neighbor whose mail I'm watching home. It smelled of vomit.  Not so much after I filled it with rose trimmings and some privet (which was what I thought I'd fill it with, before I got sidetracked with the roses and pomegranates.  The privet will have to wait till the next three pickups.)  I put it by the gate. (And the rain washed off the vomit, it seems.) 

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Tue, May 7th - 11:01PM

May 5: Aladdin, Jr.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
60.0 miles

184 recordings of 36 types. 9% clear.

Bernadette drove me down to San Jose so we could watch Genevieve and Charlotte in "Aladdin, Jr".  Again, a very professional production.  Charlotte did a good job (gone are the days when she had to watch everyone else for cues how to behave) and Vivi is really a good dancer. 

Before the show we were eating at Peggy Sue's when suddenly Roni and Lexi appeared.  And Roni must have bought the tickets the same time I did, as they sat next to us... and 2 seats away from Monica's friend Michelle, who'd come up from San Diego!  Also in the fan club were Mark's mother (of course) and aunt and uncle. 

Cousins     Two Daughters and Me

At intermission, Monica, who was running spotlights (Mark was on microphones) waved at us from the catwalk. 

We joined other cast and family members at Flames for an early dinner.  And then B. and I drove home.  There was a bad accident at the 580-I5 junction, which first slowed us down and then stopped us, about 10 cars back from the stop for the life flight helicopter.  We passed the crumpled car after they opened one lane. Scary stuff.

I got a phone call from Stacy's (CASA kid from 6 years ago) grandmother.  The kid and family have disappeared, did I know where they are, and by the way how are you?  So I'm going to have to call back, say it's been 5 years since I saw the kid, and by the way my husband died 18 months ago.  Not looking forward to that.

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Tue, May 7th - 7:35PM

May 4: Eighteen Months

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
59.0 miles
partly cloudy, warm

188 recordings of 38 types. 7% clear.

Mike Huckabee:
President Obama was elected in 2008, promising to shut down the terrorist detention camp on Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, known as Gitmo. Then reality intruded. If you don’t keep dangerous terrorists there, where do they go? No state wants them near their citizens. No regular prison wants them. Their home countries certainly don’t want them back. And some of the ones who were released went right back to terror and jihad. Five years later, Gitmo is still here, and Obama is once again vowing to close it. He says its bad image is a recruitment tool for terrorists, as if they really need that to convince their followers to attack Americans. He worries that the prisoners who are on a hunger strike and refusing to eat the three delicious, culturally-sensitive meals they’re served every day might starve to death. I have to say, that is probably the very least of all my worries.

So what can Obama do? He promised to take the issue of closing Gitmo back to Congress, which has already rejected it. You know, when a political leader repeats a promise he’s failed to keep for five years, and then promises to keep it by repeating a tactic that’s already failed for five years, that probably isn’t the best way to dispel the notion that he’s ineffectual.

American Conservatives.
Israel acts to save more lives........BECAUSE OBAMA RECANTS HIS WORD, & COWERS LIKE A PUSSY. No surprise there; he's a lib. After demanding that the military "stand down" instead of coming to the defense of 4 Americans MURDERED at Benghazi; calling a mass murder by a radical rag head "workplace violence"; & telling Mexico that Americans should be ashamed of themselves for being successful, WHO WOULDN'T BELIEVE OBAMA WOULD TURN A BLIND EYE TO MORE TERRORISM?

American Conservatives: More "evaluation", more committees, more "studying" the situation..... ObamallamaDingDong never met a problem he didn't want to PONDER WITH NO ACTION. As my husband always says: TALKIN' AIN'T WORKIN'!

Krauthammer: 0bama, the Fall

Thus emboldened, Obama turned his inaugural and State of the Union addresses into a left-wing dream factory, from his declaration of war on global warming (on a planet where temperatures are the same as 16 years ago and in a country whose CO2 emissions are at a 20-year low) to the invention of new entitlements — e.g., universal preschool for 5-year-olds— for a country already drowning in debt.
....For Obama, gun control was a political disaster. He invested capital. He went on a multi-city tour. He paraded grieving relatives. And got nothing. An assault-weapons ban — a similar measure had passed the Congress 20 years ago — lost 60 to 40in a Senate where Democrats control 55 seats. Obama failed even to get mere background checks.

The heat wave broke, so maybe I would have enjoyed going down to Elk Grove for the parade.... naaaah.  I did go out early to geocache and found all three that I was looking for.  Then I tried walking the dog, who seems to be beginning to get the idea. 

And in the afternoon I got to sit outside in the back for about an hour.  Such a pleasure!  And every time I look over at my new grass where the trash pile and the sandbox used to be, I think of Vince noticing it first and I smile.

It's been 18 months. I went to church and talked to a friend, finding out how her husband is doing, and how she is doing.

I managed to stifle my sarcasm when the house-sitter looked at a picture of Pharaoh and asked if it was Pharaoh. 

Reading: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (vol 1), Edward Gibbon, The Bible (2 Machabees),  The Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon,  An Episode of Sparrows, Rumer Godden, First to Find, Morgan C. Talbot, 10 Books that Screwed up the World, Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.,  Death, the Final Surrender, Fr. Cedric Pisegna.

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Mon, May 6th - 9:26PM

May 3: Last Renaissance

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
59.0 miles

188 recordings of 38 types. 7% clear.

Ron picked me up for Renaissance and I went to the film about the WWI Christmas Truce.  Somehow, I'd thought it was an isolated incident but it was actually all up and down the line, and lasted a few days until the officers, pressured by higher-ups, put an end to it. Interesting film, but the discussion afterwards was dominated by one guy who even talked over other people asking questions.  Ron went to the talk about the California coastal commission, which turned out to be more about nuclear power, allowing us to disagree about just about everything: nuclear power, Rancho Seco, global warming.  We even disagreed about the Bee's restaurant reviewer.  But that helped me: he'd asked for a ride on next Friday and some help parking his motor home, promising me a lunch wherever I would like... and talking about Blair reminded me of the Crepery, where I haven't been since we went shopping for Bernadette's wedding dress! I'm looking forward to that!

Today we had lunch at Red Lobster, and the waitress was good about the separate checks. 

This was the last Renaissance day of this semester.  Oh, I have enjoyed this, and such a varied selection of programs I attended.  The first was a BBC episode of "Days that Changed the World" about the finding of the first dinosaur and the Piltdown Hoax. Then we heard Marcus Breton of the Bee, mostly talking about the Kings.  Next, the Roman engineers. Then Galileo's Trial paired with Gagarin's flight.  I had to miss the next one, and that saw out February. 

In March, we saw The Assassination of Arch-duke Ferdinand and the Death of Hitler, then Up the Yangtze about the flooding of the river valley as the Three Gorges Dam went up, then I went to the talk about the Sacramento Youth Symphony. That afternoon we attended the forum with Barbara O'Connor.   I then watched a documentary about the Civilian Construction Corps.  Also, this was the month we went to the Rosie the Riveter National Historic Site.

I missed the first week of April because of Ashland, and I would have loved to see the film about Harper Lee.  (Which I just realized I can order from Netflix!) Then I wanted to go to a talk about California geology but Abby got sick.  Priorities, darn it!  The 19th I attended Women Spies of the American Civil War, which was terrific, and then last week was the one about the crows and then Ben&Jerry.  What an eclectic mish-mash!  What fun it's been!

Reading: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (vol 1), Edward Gibbon, The Bible (2 Machabees),  The Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon,  Ya-Ya's in Bloom, Rebecca Wells, First to Find, Morgan C. Talbot, 10 Books that Screwed up the World, Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.,  Death, the Final Surrender, Fr. Cedric Pisegna.

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Sun, May 5th - 9:54AM

May 2: More Babysitting

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
58.8 miles

188 recordings of 39 types. 7% clear.

And a third day of babysitting.  Joanna was dozy all morning, but did finally nap in the car and finally came to life after I got Gareth.  When I got there, I saw Gareth out hopping with the kids.  He's OK on two-leg hopping and completely inept on one leg, funny in fact.

DSC01403     DSC01404


I loaded up a geocache but couldn't find it.


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Sat, May 4th - 9:29PM

May Day: April Summary and a Good Dinner

"We must think of late people because I believe they're still with us---in a way.  And so a late person can stay with you all your life, until it is your turn to become late too.  And the late person doesn't want you to be miserable.  A late person doesn't want you to think that your work is no use.  A late person wants you to get on with life, to do things, to make good use of your time.  That is well known, Rra.  It is very well known." ---Precious Ramotswe in THE LIMPOPO ACADEMY OF PRIVATE DETECTION by Alexander McCall Smith.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
58.8 miles
hot, windy

185 recordings of 40 types. 8% clear.

April Summary: 6.3 miles, 0 bike miles, .3 pounds up, 0 pages read.

I read 4 books, went to 0 movies and 3 plays, and 4 Masses.

I found 46 caches last month, and I'm at 8147. I'm at 336th in the world, and am 19th locally

In proofing, I'm in 1152nd (out of 42429 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 873 pages proofed, 21st (darn, I'm slipping!) (out of 5197) in P2 with 23523 pages, 614th (of 983) in P3 with 469 pages and formatting 790t place (4053) with 1323 pages. I really really really have to get back to this.

In Flickr I have 46584 pictures, with 100,723 views, and 246 sets to work on.

Netflix, Homicide, Season 4 Disc 1 and Deadwood, Season 1 Disc 1.

Yeah, right
4. Yesterday's performance at the press conference was — I would presume — theater. It was the Theater of the Ineffectual President. It was not the Theater of the Lame Duck.
...His performance yesterday was — I presume — a scene in the script for winning the midterms. I can't accomplish anything without Congress. Congress is the problem. He needs his Congress. Will we not give this beautiful man — upon whom we've projected our hopes and dreams — the Congress that will bring his presidency to a successful end? He is the central character in this movie "Obama" that we've all got to sit through. If we stay in character as members of the audience — passively taking in whatever we see on the screen — we'll merge our desires with the main character in the big spectacle. Identification with the protagonist. In the scene that ran yesterday, we saw our protagonist suffering his doubts and his weaknesses. He is beset with adversaries. Oh, no!

SGT Ted said...

    Obama isn't a leader. He is a wannabe dictator. He has expressed that exact complaint: that he isn't one, frequently.

Bender said...

    It's not my job to somehow get Congress to behave.

    Instead, it's his job to continue to be a condescending jerk every time he opens his mouth.

Fred Thompson
Gitmo is on lockdown as most of the detainees have gone on hunger strike.

Huh. Maybe they shouldn't have put Michelle Obama in charge of the menu.

Victoria Knox
When the Boston bombing terrorists once again turned out not to be "angry white Tea Partiers," as Chris Matthews reflexively surmised for the umpteenth time, I said it's time the media gets rid of pundits, commentators and reporters who have been wrong 100 percent of the time in these situations. Chris Matthews is a start. Other heads should roll now (pun very much intended).

The Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare was constitutional and when voters were given the chance to elect a candidate who promised to repeal it, they declined so what difference, at this point, does this poll make?

"It is good to talk about late people, Rra," she said quietly.  "It is what they want us to do. Late people would be happy if they knew we were talking about them." (Precious Ramotswe in THE LIMPOPO ACADEMY OF PRIVATE DETECTION by Alexander McCall Smith.)

I babysat again today, and when I got home I poured some 3-yr-old homemade peach freezer jam (yes, a couple of ice crystals, but OK) over a pork roast in my magic Presto pot, and later added some Yukon Gold potatoes. Yummy yummy.

8 years ago we were in Hilo for Lei Day.  I miss Rich!

Reading: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (vol 1), Edward Gibbon, The Bible (2 Machabees),  The Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection, Alexander McCall Smith, First to Find, Morgan C. Talbot, 10 Books that Screwed up the World, Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.,  Death, the Final Surrender, Fr. Cedric Pisegna.

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Fri, May 3rd - 7:29PM

April 30: Babysitting

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
58.8 miles
hot, windy

182 recordings of 39 types. 9% clear.

Look who's on TV!

Abby has been misbehaving. I wondered how she had a wet paw when she came to bed... then figured she'd gone out to the kitchen for the water there.  While she was in the main part of the house, she peed on the carpet in the living room. I could kill her, but I just spent $700 on her teeth so she'd have a nice long happy life. Grr.

Today I slept in too late to go to the ladies' breakfast before getting down to Bernadette's to babysit.  When I arrived, she put Joanna's carseat into the car.  And forgot to readjust it to Joanna's size, since it was last used with AJ. So when I went to get Gareth from school, I could only fasten it partway.  I drove on eggshells there and back.  When Rob got home I asked him to take it out so they could adjust it tonight. He didn't quite understand me and was trying to adjust it there, in the heat, till I went out to see what he was doing.  He was beet red. I really am NOT trying to kill my son-in-law.

As I left I went to hug Gareth and my glasses fell apart in my hands.  That's about a month. ARGH.

I checked on how many finds there have been on our caches. The answer is 8008 so far.

My neighbor came over to ask me to pick up his mail while they're on a trip. I brought him in to show him my carpet, and he zeroed in on the family reunion picture (which of course is the idea) and I showed him the memory book Monica had made, and by the time 10 minutes were up, he was a little weepy missing his late wife.

Reading: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (vol 1), Edward Gibbon, The Bible (2 Machabees),  The Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon,  The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection, Alexander McCall Smith, First to Find, Morgan C. Talbot, 10 Books that Screwed up the World, Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.,  Death, the Final Surrender, Fr. Cedric Pisegna.

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Fri, May 3rd - 12:10AM

April 29: Like New

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
58.8 miles

186 recordings of 43 types. 7% clear.

"Identity politics with the I capitalized." Michael Meyers, talking about the President's latest speech.

So I took the car in early this morning, and got a shuttle ride back so I could clean up for the cleaners. 

It was a different team.  They were OK but I miss my usual ladies. 

And then the shuttle driver came back. He'd looked up about century plants because mine is so interesting.  And the car is fine, they gave me the touch-up paint I wanted and actually washed the car, as well!  So I touched up the scratch I knew about and all the slightly less deep ones I got when I drove into a bush (I believe I was geocaching.) Now the car is in fantastic shape for the next 5K miles, at which point the brakes may be ready to change out. (and I'll be out of warranty.)


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Wed, May 1st - 8:35PM

April 28: Gardening

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
58.8 miles

182 recordings of 41 types. 8% clear.

After church, Laurie made me blush by asking if I was going to the dance with "that man."  No, actually, I'm not going.  Besides, I went to Napa with someone else.  (But really, Jan, you're too old to blush.)

I planted out the peppers and tomatoes. One of Bernadette's volunteer cherry tomatoes doesn't look that healthy, nor does one of the peppers. The others look like they'll thrive.

I FOUND MY SWISS ARMY KNIFE! I lost it about a year ago, and while looking for it then I found Rich's, which I've been using ever since. 

Then I went to the Support Group and saw a lot of my friends. There was a new woman I asked to sit with me and I hope I helped her feel welcome.  Ron will be driving to Minnesota in a couple of weeks with his son, and wanted to know if I wanted his ticket to the San Francisco Giants tour.  No, not really. 

At night I listened to the siren and the traffic noise, and I remember when I went to England and stayed with my Brit Friend, and it was so QUIET!  And dark!! Sigh.

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Wed, May 1st - 9:07AM

April 27: T-Shirts!

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 160
58.8 miles

185 recordings of 44 types. 6% clear.

Jim Treacher:
Transcript of Obama's White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech from an Alternate Universe Where He's Capable of Making Fun of Himself and Not Just Taking Thinly Veiled Shots at His Detractors

obamaWHCD.PNGTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Good evening. It's good to be here. It's been... [checks watch], over 3 hours since I last gave a speech on TV. Starting to go through withdrawal.

....Hey, have you seen that new Star Trek movie? Terrific, terrific stuff. A Star Trek for our times. I've even read some reviews saying I'd make a good starship captain. Yeah. Can't you just see it? Right after I lay off 8.9% of the crew and blame it on the previous captain, I go around the galaxy apologizing to the Klingons. And the Romulans. And the Cardassians. And the Ferengi. And the Tribbles...

Oh, right, after I left the tire place yesterday I went back to the SPCA bookstore (because I really need more books, yeah, right) and got: HIGHWAY 99 (an anthology of Central Valley writers), DECISION POINTS by George W. Bush, THE WORST HARD TIME, Timothy Egan, BOSWELL'S LONDON JOURNALS, 1762-1763, EATS, SHOOTS, AND LEAVES, Lynne Truss, MISS MACKENSIE, Anthony Trollope (I love Trollope), AN EPISODE OF SPARROWS, Rumer Godden, THE LOST CITY OF Z, David Grann, and THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD by David McCullough. If I could only buy the time to read!!

Today I finally got the summer and winter clothing traded out, and while I was about it I moved one dresser and cut up another section of carpet.  Eventually I'll get this carpet mostly out and be able to move the bed (and get the rest of the carpet up.  I sorted t-shirts and have the plastic drawers in the closet, one whole dresser, and I realized I've never done anything with the little drawers that I got to help Rich when he was so sick... so I now have t-shirts in one of those, too. I should be able to find the shirt I want, now.

That tired me out so I decided not to plant out the tomatoes and peppers today. I watched a silent film, Beau Brummel, with Mary Astor and John Barrymore. So funny!

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