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Fri, May 27th - 3:27AM

Fear and Loneliness: A Dangerous Combination
by Robin Tramble

Are you feeling lonely? Waiting on that special someone? Have you found that special someone and entered into marriage and found yourself still feeling lonely?

We conduct Home Bible Studies and at this particular study the Hostess apologized for every one that wasn't in attendance. We told her that was alright, whoever was meant to be here is here.

We continued and the subject matter we got on was about relationships. Some of the subject matter would not have been discussed had everyone expected attended that evening. I felt led through out the course of our conversation to tell them that they must be careful of fear and the dangerous combination of fear and loneliness.

Fear will immobilize us, steal our destiny, health and relationships. Fear empowers us to FAIL. Faith is just the opposite.

I went on to tell them that the Fear of loneliness will cause us to make choices that we wouldn't have other-wise made, such as; getting into a relationship that we know goes contrary to what we believe. Compromising our standards. Lusting and seeking after ways to fulfill that lust. Settling for second best. Interrupting our relationship with God. Ignoring the unctioning of Holy Spirit.

To all of you who are looking and becoming impatient with the wait, please know from we who are married there is loneliness in marriage. How? When you haven't done what God is trying to get you to do now, which is to have a personal relationship with Him.

Substantiate your completeness in Him. Lean on and trust only in Him. When we make haste to make our own way for a relationship we are trying to fill a void that only God can fill. In turn we get married thinking "now I won't be lonely", oh no my friend! You have just complicated things.

Your expectations will be too high and could result in discouragement, depression, infidelity, resentment, and more. You will soon be seen as needy by your new spouse, which will replace the joy of marriage with a burden and most of all disrupts your fellowship with God, because now you are seeking fulfillment through your spouse (as you did when you were unmarried) which leaves less time for seeking fulfillment from your personal relationship with Father, God.

Replace Fear with Faith. Faith that God knows the plans He has for you.

Faith to know that He will not with-hold any good thing (person) from you.

Combine Faith and completeness. This is a dangerous combination! You read it right... a dangerous combination for the enemy, satan, slew foot, the adversary.

When you're a woman of Faith and complete in God--watch out!

I encourage each of you to continue to develop your completeness in God. You are a woman by God's design. Remember God in you= EMPOWERMENT.

Scriptures on loneliness

Jeremiah 17: 14-17, John 14:1-6, Proverbs 18:24, John 14:26, 28, John 16: 1-6

Author Resource:-> These are just a few suggested keys.

Visit here to access a free resource to aid in your effort in overcoming fear.

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Thu, May 19th - 10:30AM

A Marriage Made In Heaven
by Pastor Stan Slabaugh

When reading of creation in the book of Genesis, we see often the phrase, "and God saw that it was good." This phrase is altered somewhat after the creation of Adam and Eve. After that event God "saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." Adam and Eve truly had the first marriage "made in Heaven.!" God had said it was "not good" for the man to be alone. Once Eve was created for Adam, God aid it was "very good." We can learn from this first marriage to help our marriages. The following are keys to having a "Marriage Made in Heaven."

1) Adam and Eve knew God had put them together

Adam was made for Eve, and Eve for Adam! God put Abraham and Sarah together. God put Isaac and Rebekah together. God put Boaz and Ruth together. Look at your spouse and say "God has made him (her) for me!" Remember the words of Jesus "What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." You may think you made a mistake, but there are no mistakes with God!

2) Adam and Eve were assured of each others love.

When Eve, said "I love you." To Adam, he knew she meant it. After all there was no one else! No one else was in existence! In marriage, your spouse should feel so loved by you it is as if no one else exists. Make there be no doubt of your love and faithfulness to your mate.

3) Adam and Eve spent time together.

Adam and Eve would take walks in the garden. I am sure their conversation was both wonderful and edifying. There are two ways I know that statement is true; 1) They could not talk of the "good old days." There weren't any to talk about! There talk was only of plans present and future. The past is gone and we can not redo or undo any of it. 2) They could not talk about people. There was no one else to talk about! Their conversation had to center on Adam, Eve, and God! Much strife and disagreement can be avoided if we refuse to talk about people!

4) Adam and Eve were both obeying God.

They were both in the place God wanted, doing the things God had given them to do! Both of them, tended the garden, enjoyed it fruit and its beauty, walked and fellowshipped with God. What a life! Your life and your marriage is always happiest when you are both obeying God. When there is unhappiness in a marriage, check the room of obedience to God first.

5) Their conflict came when they disobeyed God.

Satan got Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit and the first marriage and home was thrown into turmoil! Consequently, Adam also ate of the fruit and God had to banish them from the garden of Eden.

Don't let disobedience to God bring conflict and turmoil to your marriage! Set out today to realize God has put your together in marriage. Be assured of your spouse's love and faithfulness. Spend time together. Have conversations about the present and the future. Each of you individually see to it you are obeying God and living to please Him. When these things happen, you too, will enjoy a "Marriage Made in Heaven."

Author Resource:-> Pastor Stan Slabaugh has been in the ministry for 29 years. He currently is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Grove City, Ohio.

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Wed, May 11th - 8:22AM

How to Prepare for Sunday Morning
by Laurie Whitehouse

Sunday morning for the average Christian family that is preparing to go to church is a wonderfully spiritual time of peaceful tranquility...NOT!! Really I can only vouch for my family; sometimes, far too often, Sunday morning can be a chaotic time of searching for that one matching sock, waiting in line for the bathroom, and changing clothes a few times trying to find just the right thing to wear that doesn't need to be ironed! We have a busy family that likes to be on the go, so even Saturday preparation time can be limited. Through the years I have discovered that just a few pre-Sunday preparations will save endless minutes and cut back on needless frustration especially when it is time to head to church in a worshipful spirit! Here are my time-saving suggestions:

  1. Find tights, nylons, and matching socks so that there won't need to be a big hunt on Sunday morning.

  2. Do your best to hang up church clothing, especially men's and boy's shirts, right after they come out of the drier. If they still need to be ironed, iron them throughout the week and hang them up.

  3. Have the kids get out their shoes and place them in an area where it will be easy just to put them on on Sunday morning before they head out the door. There is nothing worse than hearing, "MOM, I can't find my shoe(s)!"

  4. Clean up the dishes on Saturday night--you will be soooo glad you did come Sunday morning.

  5. Make sure kids know where belts, ties, and other church paraphernalia is.

  6. Have kids get Bibles out and place by shoes.

  7. I have always loved the idea of a big Sunday dinner, but in reality it hasn't always been possible, and that's okay! Just make sure you have something planned even if it's Campbell's soup and grilled cheese.

  8. Have an idea of what you are going to wear and stick with it!

  9. I'm a big fan of cereal on a Sunday morning--it's quick and easy, and there is not much of a mess. Even toast and peanut butter is good, and when served on a paper napkin there is even less mess than cereal.

  10. Set a bath/shower schedule for Saturday evening. The larger the family you have, the harder you should try to get as many baths out of the way before Sunday morning rolls around. I know in our house, the hot water only goes so far!

  11. Take a few minutes to think about your husband's needs. Does he have clean t-shirts in the drawer? Does he have an ironed shirt ready? Many of his needs can be taken care of during the week.

It is very important to guard the spirit of the whole family on Sunday morning. There is nothing that Satan would like better than to have everyone in a grumpy, aggravated, less than spiritual mood. Take just a few steps, and you will find your Sunday morning to be a much more pleasant experience!

Author Resource:->

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Tue, May 3rd - 6:07PM

Keep Some Mystery in Your Marriage
by Pastor Greg Baker

One of the great attractions for people is the mystery that surrounds another person. Mystery is intriguing to people. And once a person is intrigued, they seek to get close to solve the mystery. So many people who meet the first time are highly attracted to each other because of the mystery involved.

This mystique and intrigue keeps people interested in each other. But the more comfortable and familiar we are with each other the less intriguing we become. Many men have allowed their minds and hearts to wander towards a woman they barely know or understand because of the new mystery involved. And in the long run, they end up with the same problems with this new woman as they had with the old one.

It is important, therefore, that you keep some mystique and intrigue in your marriage. Don't get so familiar with each other that you feel contempt. Keep a certain amount of decorum around each other, a certain amount of intrigue.

Let's face it, gentlemen, no woman looks on proudly as her husband watches a ballgame, lounging around on a couch in his underwear with a bow of chips on his stomach. No woman will look upon that proudly and say, "That's my husband!" However, if you hold the door for her, seat her at the table and keep a gentlemanly air about you, she'll find that intriguing and mysterious.

Remember that air that you had when you dated-that debonair, rakish, or princely bearing that you adopted? In every effort you made to be yourself, you still presented an atmosphere of mystique and mystery that she found incredibly intriguing.

I asked my wife one day what attracted her to me. She mentioned many things, but one stood out in my mind. She told me she loved the confident way I walked. That air of confidence held tremendous intrigue for her. Remembering this, I try to keep that confident walk when I am around her.

This doesn't mean that you can't let your hair down. But it does mean that keeping that dashing or princess like bearing is very intriguing for your spouse. In the privacy of our home, we are more familiar with each other, no doubt, but if we can keep the decorum, the mystique, and the intrigue alive, so will the attraction.

Much of it is attitude. Treating each other like you did when you were dating, is an attitude. Back then, you found each other mysterious and interesting. Now you know all about each other and have discovered that it's not all roses and honey.

Many of you have become casual. Back then, you'd make sure that your house was spotless when your date came over. Now, you come home and throw your clothes anywhere and everywhere, don't take care of your appearance, never write a romantic letter, and have lost every bit of that dashing or princess like air about you that so attracted your husband or wife to begin with.

Author Resource:-> Greg S. Baker is a Pastor, Counselor, and Author specializing in building and strengthening relationships.

Please visit our website at:

For more books and resources on how to communicate better, express yourself, and strengthen social skills. Check out our book, 'Fitly Spoken', a Christian based book that explores the intricacies of human communication and expression in relationships.

See my article directory for more articles:

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Mon, May 2nd - 7:41AM

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