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Thu, May 26th - 4:23AM

Arms Still Open Wide

In this world of greed and hate, where sin and love collide; God reveals man's pestilence with arms still open wide.

Little children, come to Him. In Him you can abide; He calls to you, He loves you - with arms still open wide.

Men and women, come to Him. Put all your work aside; He calls to you and comforts - with arms still open wide.

Since our birth we've all denied - so come to His dear side; God is love, He will provide - with arms still open wide.

Listen, sinner, hear His voice, "Forgive them," Jesus cried; For on that cross He held your nails - with arms still open wide.

Copywrite 2004-2010 louis gander
Written 3-31-11 by louis gander. FREE to print and use ONLY with copyright information attached - NOT for resale.

For articles on Salvation, see the Salvation Blog.

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Fri, May 20th - 7:31AM

Holy Island

Holy Island, or Lindisfarne, lies two miles off the coast of Northumberland, England. It is 3 miles long and less than two miles wide and can be reached at low tide by walking across the sands.

In 635, Saint Aidan started a monastery there, using it as a base from which to preach Christianity among the people of the mainland. The Celtic monks produced the elaborately decorated Lindisfarne Gospels. In 793, the Danes landed, burned the settlement and killed many of the monks. In 875, anticipating another raid the monks fled from the island to Durham, taking the body of Saint Cuthbert (d.687) with them. The island was deserted until 1082 when Benedictine monks from Durham reestablished the monastery. The monastery was built to resist further invaders. For added protection a castle (shown above) was built on a rock to the east in 1550.

Today Holy Island attracts tourists to the ruins of the monastery and is a bird sanctuary along with the neighboring rock islets of Farne.

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Sat, May 14th - 6:20AM

Are you praying or playing?

Prayer time is business time. It is the greatest privilege any man can have; to commune and talk with the greatest and the only God. It is therefore imperative that prayer time be taken seriously and not casually and not seen as an ordinary religious exercise.

The attitude we have during prayer determines the result we get from such prayers, as God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7) we have to be focused and have our minds on God. We should not allow anything to distract us during our prayer times (e.g. our phones, friends etc). We should make sure our hearts are connected towards heaven as Clarke rightly said, "prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue."

Lets check our prayer lives (personal and corporate) and examine ourselves. Let us make sure that every time we pray we are doing what we propose to do and get the best out of our prayer time. Prayer is for profiting, it is the key we have to heaven, it is our source of power, it is our weapon against Satan etc let us maximize our praying time.

He prays well who is so absorbed with God that he does not know he is praying.
- St. Francis of de Sales

by Tolulope Oluokun

For more articles to help you to personally understand and apply prayer into your spiritual life, see Prayer Guide.

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Mon, May 2nd - 3:17AM

Simple Faith In Christ  by   David Pekrul

My heart goes out to those who live in sin,
So trapped within the confines of their lust,
With hearts so empty and so dark within,
And nothing in their lives will make them just.
They roam around, confused and very lost,
Just grasping anything to make them whole,
Yet Jesus came to rescue with a cost,
Accepting Him will save their very soul.
But those so blind quite often never see,
A simple act of faith can bring such joy,
They try to live as upright as can be,
While noble acts of good they do employ.
But it is simple faith in God's own Son,
That saves from sin, and life in Christ begun.

If this poem is used in any publication, please send a copy of the publication to David Pekrul at 170 Carr Cres. Okotoks, AB T1S 1E3 Canada E-Mail:

Website: The Poetry of David Ronald Bruce Pekrul
David Pekrul is also the author of The Sacrifice

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