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Thu, May 27th - 2:10PM

Midland Home & Cottage Inspector
The very first thing a person needs to know is what qualifications his inspector has? The Midland Home and Cottage inspector is a Certified Building Code Official by the Ontario Building Officials Association, The only home inspector to have this designation North of Toronto. Basically, this just means that, rather than the two basic courses that most "home inspectors" have, the Midland Cottage and Home inspector has over 13 recognised Ontairo Building Code courses. These courses are all over 1 week in duration and the applicant must obtain over 70% pass mark for each qualification. For a complete list of training and courses that the Midland Home and Cottage Inspector has obtained, please visit Qualifications With over 3,000 paid home and WETT inspections our expertise is available to assure you peace of mind when purchasing a property. Every summer we inspect cottages from Rama to Tiny Beaches, Innisfil up to Midland and Penetang. Severn River, Kahshe Lake, Sparrow Lake, Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe are just a few of our common inspection areas. Our experience ranges from the $400,000 entry level cottage to the $2,000,000 dollar dream home. Inspecting mulit-million dollar properties is not un-usual for us as we have inspected commercial properties for our corporate clients that vary from 1.5 million to 10 million dollars. These commercial properties are not an every day occurance but just to give you an idea of our experience and training, which you get the full benefit of when using our services. We were the first company to bring Thermal Imaging to Simcoe County and we bring a fully equiped truck to all our inspections. We take our inspections seriously and would never think of showing up in a car with a fold up ladder. We bring 3 ladders to all our inspections, 30 ft, 24 ft and 12.5 ft, if you want a professional job then you must hire a professional. Our cottage inspections start at $239.00 in the local area, prices may vary according to distance required to travel. Our home inspections start at $199.00 for a single bathroom residential home If you require a WETT inspection we are happy to provide that service for you. Our fee for a WETT inspection during the Home or Cottage Inspection is $50.00 per unit. Want some important information on inspections and maintenance of your home then do a search on our Tips Web Site, where you will find lots of money saving advice for home and cottage owners. For the most qualified inspection and for free information and advice please feel free to call me at 705-795-8255 or Toll Free at 888-818-8608 All inspection services come with an un-conditional Money-Back Guarantee. Orillia Home Inspector
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