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Tue, May 20th - 5:45PM

Fossil Man and Adam

line drawing by Arthur Custance
In Fossil Remains of Early Man and the Records of Genesis Arthur Custance starts with the premise that if Adam and Eve are the first true humans, which Genesis states emphatically, then fossil remains MUST be descendant, not ancestors. Based on this premise, Dr. Custance presents an alternative interpretation which takes into account the scientific facts.

This and other Doorway Papers have been translated into Spanish by Santiago Escuain at Serie el Portico (Doorway Series). The paper can be read in English at line drawing by Arthur Custance
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Thu, May 15th - 10:20AM

The Necessity of Jesus' Resurrection

The paper The Necessity of Jesus' Resurrection by Arthur Custance proposes that while without Jesus' sacrifice there could be no salvation for man, nevertheless, without the Resurrection, the sacrifice would have been ineffective.

1.   Historically, but for the fact of the Resurrection, the Church, as the continuing body of believers who proclaim the truth in each generation, would never have come into being.
2.   Theologically, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the cornerstone of Christian doctrine. It is mentioned 104 times or more in the New Testament and was the most prominent and cardinal point in the apostolic testimony.

3.   Experientially, the whole foundation of the new life of the child of God personally is the indwelling presence, the reincarnation, of the resurrected Lord in the heart and life of the believer.

Also in the paper, Dr Custance digresses from his main theme to address the question of whether the tradition, which appears to have existed from very early times, Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday, is a mistake.

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Sat, May 10th - 7:36AM

Creation and the Theory of Relativity

On time and creation, Dr Custance writes:

There is something rather frightening in the thought that at one moment nothing whatever existed, and then five minutes later everything existed and that this happened only a few hours before man appeared on the scene. Such a situation has all the features of the "sudden and unexpected", which we usually find disturbing. This is completely contrary to our experience. What we do for others is to a large extent evaluated by them in terms of the time taken, because for us time and energy are equated. In this context time means forethought, and forethought means a plan, and plans take time. If we discover that no time at all was taken in preparing for us -- which could mean either that there was no planned preparation, or that it was effortless and immediate -- the impression we gain is that our coming meant very little to the One who prepared for it. Perhaps God was pleased to take the long course (or at least to appear to have done so) in order that we might discover how carefully He planned and made preparations for us.

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