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Tue, May 27th - 11:40AM

Deanery of Medway
UPDATE: September 1, 2013, the Deaneries of Medway, Brough and Wellington were amalgamated into one deanery known as the Deanery of London.

St Martin's and St Aidans, London, Ontario St James' Anglican, Parkhill, Ontario

The Deanery of Medway consists of 15 congregations in 11 parishes. It is located in the northern part of London, Ontario and an area north and west of London that includes Strathroy, Middlesex Centre and Lucan.

With the Deanery of Brough it makes up the Archdeaconry of Middlesex in the Diocese of Huron.

St James Anglican Church, Parkhill, Ontario shown right was erected in 1874 with the bell tower added in 1914. It is in a 2-point parish with St. Mary's Church, Brinsley. The rector is Rev Greg Little who is also Dean of Medway.

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Tue, May 20th - 4:13PM

St. John the Evangelist, Strathroy, Ontario

Strathroy, since 2001 part of the municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc (2006 pop. 19,977), is 40 kms west of London, Ontario.
St. Ann's Anglican Church, Adelaide Village, Ontario
The parish of St. John the Evangelist, Strathroy was established in 1842, 18 years before Strathroy was incorporated as a village. The original St. John the Evangelist, Strathroy frame chapel, which served as the first school in the community, was moved across the street in 1863 where it remains today as a private home. It was replaced by a brick structure which is the nave of the present church that has seen several additions over the years. The church council has recently completed a visioning exercise, which, when implemented, will see the church and parish hall facilities fully modernized while the original sanctity of the present worship space is maintained.

St John's is in a 2-point parish with the smaller congregation of St. Ann's Anglican Church, Adelaide Village, Ontario (shown right). The original St Ann's, a frame structure built in 1833, was destroyed in a windstorm in 1868 and replaced by the current brick building.

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Tue, May 13th - 9:09PM

St. George's Anglican, Middlesex Centre, Ontario

Middlesex Centre is just north of London, Ontario. The first St George's was erected in 1841 with the parish being financially supported by the Church Missionary Society in England.
St. George's Anglican, Middlesex Centre, Ontario
John Akister was church sexton for over 30 years. He was paid $16.00 per year to ring the bell, light the fires, clean the church and dig the graves. A perk of the job was that as long as he had a cow, he could have all the hay from the churchyard. He also lived in the old log rectory when the rector no longer occupied it. He marked the lessons to be read, met the rector at the door on Sunday morning, and would take his horse to the shed. He became very autocratic as time went on, and was relieved of his duties; but he was given a plot in the cemetery as a reward for his years of service.

The present St. George's Anglican, Middlesex Centre, Ontario was built in 1865. It is in a 2-point parish with Grace Church, Ilderton.

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Fri, May 9th - 12:10PM

Clandeboye and Lucan, Ontario
St James, Clandeboye - Holy Trinity, Lucan, OntarioSt James Anglican, Clandeboye and Holy Trinity Church, Lucan forms a parish about 20 km northwest of London, Ontario. Holy Trinity will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the present building on June 22, 2008.

UPDATE: September 1, 2013, the parish was transferred from the Deanery of Medway to the Deanery of Huron/Perth.

Lucan, Ontario is known for the 1880 Donnelly Massacre and is currently building a $510,000 museum on the event to open next May.

James and Johannah Donnelly and family squatted on farmland outside of Lucan. Land ownership became central to a dispute with Patrick Farrell, who at a logging bee in 1857 was killed with a handspike in his head.

James Donnelly hid on land around his farm for 11 months but when he resurfaced, he was found guilty of the Farrell murder and sentenced to death. After much lobbying by Johannah the sentence was commuted to seven years.

The tight-knit family prospered but resentment and violence were never far from the surface. Every covert act in the area was blamed on the Donnelly family. On Feb. 4, 1880, vigilantes, led by the town's constable, went to the Donnelly homestead and killed the family members they found and then hunted down two other family members. Six men, including the constable, were charged in the killings, but after 2 trials were found not guilty.

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Tue, May 6th - 10:43AM

Church of the Transfiguration
Church of the Transfiguration, London, Ontario
33 Bromleigh Avenue, London, Ontario

The congregation was formed in 1958 and the church building constructed 1961-62. The church is in the Deanery of Medway.

The original front doors, shown right, have been moved inside to prevent further weather damage.

The the mosaic on the doors represent the transfiguration. From top clockwise: Jesus Christ - the fish with a cross; St. John - the winged serpent rising out of the challis; Moses and Elijah - the tablets showing the ten commandments; St. Peter - the three golden keys; and St. James - The three clam shells and the raised sword.

Church of the Transfiguration
London, Ontario

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