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Thu, May 29th - 3:05AM

African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Otterville

African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, OttervilleThe African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery just north of Otterville in southwestern Ontario is one of the few preserved black pioneer burial grounds in the province and dates from 1856. Encouraged by local Quakers, free blacks and escaped slaves fled persecution in the United States and found homes in the Otterville area beginning in 1829. The church and cemetery served the local black community until the late 1880s.

The Memorial Cairn shown contains the only remaining tombstone. The cemetery had fallen into disrepair and became overgrown with shrubs and trees. The South Norwich Historical Society worked for 4 years to determine the placement of the church building and about 200 neatly arranged graves. On July 2, 2007 a re-dedication service was held in St John's Anglican Church, Otterville, Ontario.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church was renamed the British Methodist Episcopal Church in 1856. At the service, Rt. Rev. Maurice Hicks of St. James Christ Church BME Church in Toronto gave the message and Rev. Ernest Crawford of Beth Emanuel BME Church in London, Ontario offered the Prayer of Re-dedication of the cemetery.

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Thu, May 22nd - 6:48AM

Diocese of Athabasca in Full Communion with ANiC

At its synod, 24-27 April 2008, the Diocese of Athabasca passed the motions:

Diocese of AthabascaResolution # 2008-11 - BE IT RESOLVED that the Synod of the Diocese of Athabasca inform the parishes and the bishops who have joined the Anglican Network in Canada and the Province of the Southern Cone that we are in full communion with them.

Resolution # 2008-12 - BE IT RESOLVED that the Synod of the Diocese of Athabasca express its dismay that bishops of dioceses have resorted to secular courts when parishes within those dioceses have found it necessary to align themselves with the Anglican Network in Canada and the Province of the Southern Cone.

Currently, four Anglican Network in Canada parishes are in legal disputes with Anglican Church of Canada dioceses:

- Parishioners of St Mary of the Incarnation (Metchosin) in Victoria were locked out of their church by Bishop James Cowan of the Diocese of British Columbia on April 4th. A court ordered the Diocese to return the church building to the parishioners the following day and ordered the parties to return to court to consider a longer interim order.

- The Diocese of Niagara took three southern Ontario ANiC churches to court seeking to evict the congregations from their buildings. The churches were given sole access to their buildings in an initial court decision (see Diocese of Niagara Loses in Court

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Thu, May 8th - 6:33AM

St John's Anglican, Sandwich, Ontario

St Bede the VenerableSt John's Anglican, Sandwich, OntarioSandwich has been part of Windsor, Ontario (2006 pop. 323,342) since 1934 when the communities of Windsor, Sandwich, Walkerville, and Ford City amalgamated. St John's is in the Essex Deanery of the Diocese of Huron.

The first St John's church was built in 1807 and burnt down by the Kentucky Mounted Rifleman in the War of 1812. The second church was built in 1815 with assistance from the U.S. and England and the current building was constructed in 1872.

The church's side chapel contains stained glass windows depicting some of the saints of the early church, including: St. Helena, St.Boniface, St.Martin of Tours, the Venerable Bede and St.Augustine. Pictured is the window of Saint Bede the Venerable (673?-735), English Benedictine monk and scholar, chiefly known for his history of England from the Roman occupation to 731, the year it was completed.

Within the church are windows that show the nativity through to the crucifixion.

St John's Anglican, Sandwich remains a vital parish today. There is the food bank, the Mission to Seamen and the seniors’ housing project.

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Thu, May 1st - 10:47AM

Doors Open Chatham, Ontario

On Saturday, May 10 many buildings in and around Chatham, southwestern Ontario will be open to the public. The buildings will be open from 10am - 4pm and there is no admission charge. Among the buildings will be Classic Coachworks, Blenheim; Highgate United Church; McVean House, Dresden; Palmyra School; Smith and Wilson Estate Wines, Cedar Springs and Chatham Capitol Theatre. The 2 Anglican churches open are Holy Trinity Church, Morpeth and Church of the Redeemer Anglican, Highgate.

Holy Trinity Church, Morpeth, OntarioHoly Trinity, Morpeth was consecrated in 1854 with a foundation that had been laid a decade earlier. This historic church, site of a national memorial cairn to poet Archibald Lampman, has solid walnut pews. The flagstones at the main door were taken from a schooner. The 1846 bell is dedicated to the memory of the second Bishop of Quebec, Rt. Rev. Charles James Stewart (1775-1837).

Church of the Redeemer Anglican, Highgate, OntarioWhile Holy Trinty, Morpeth is no longer an active Anglican church, its mission Church of the Redeemer, Highgate still has a weekly service. It is part of the Parish of the Transfiguration. The 60 feet long by 30 feet wide brick building was constructed in 1877. The pulpit, prayer desk, communion table, railing and chairs made by a local craftsman in the 1870s and still used today.

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