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Fri, May 30th - 1:48PM

Share Your WebRing Success Stories
Do you take advantage of any of our promotional programs? Have they driven greater traffic to your Web site or WebRing Community? Have you earned more than a few pennies through the use of our advertising opportunities?

If so, we'd love to hear your success stories. Just comment below to do so. If your story is especially compelling, we will feature it as a testimonial, maybe even with a link to your WebRing profile page.

* Remember to include your User ID so we can get back to you.

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Thu, May 29th - 1:40PM

New Shoutbox Now Available to 2.0 Members
Attention WebRing 2.0 Members!
As a premium member, you have the chance to test out the new WebRing Shoutbox!
Here are some of the new features:
  • 2.0-to-2.0 Chat – If you see an icon in a comment, it was made by a fellow 2.0 member. Click the icon to start a private conversation. In the future, we will enable you to display an icon of your choosing. You can even enter an exclusive general chat room for 2.0 members.
  • Support Chat – You can know bypass the support ticket system altogether and ask a live support staff member your questions. Although we’re not always “in,” odds are someone is watching out for your queries.
  • Zap! – Did someone say something nasty? Click the lightning bolt to remove the offensive comment.
  • Auto-refresh – No more hitting the refresh button to see if someone has added something new.

The new Shoutbox is currently only available to you, the WebRing 2.0 membership. This is your exclusive opportunity to test out the Shoutbox before anyone else. Try it out and let us know what you think.

* Want to test out new features before everyone else? Upgrade to WebRing 2.0 today!

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Tue, May 27th - 5:32PM

Edit Your Profile to Create a Great First Impression
One of the hidden gems of the WebRing system is the profile page. Although they aren't the focal point as with other social networking sites, WebRing profile pages help other members get to know you and what you have to offer. In most cases, your profile is the first page visitors see when they click on your user ID.

Our system provides an extremely simple interface, at least for those who know a little HTML. The benefit of our current profile page is that it is a clean canvas, leaving almost all of the design choices up to you!

What about those of you who don't know any HTML? You don't actually need to use it. Just write up some compelling copy and paste it into the text field. Want to add your photo? Make sure to begin or end your text with "".

All WebRing members, whether 1.0 or 2.0, can change their profile message via their Account Settings. If, however, you would like to style out your profile page, you will need to upgrade to a WebRing 2.0 membership. Once a 2.0 member, your personal account representative (another perk to being 2.0) can help guide you or provide you with a basic template that you can then use to create a snazzy profile page.

Already a WebRing 2.0 member? Click on the "Edit Profile" tab from your My Account page to get started!

Remember, your profile page is usually the first point of contact with others. Make your first impression count; upgrade to WebRing 2.0 membership and create a smashing profile page.

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Wed, May 21st - 3:34PM

Presenting the New My Account Page!
As mentioned in the May Newsletter, we are proud to announce that we have completed our revisions of the My Account page. The revised versions are now available to all WebRing members. If you're logged in, you've probably already noticed.

The revised look features a sleek Web 2.0 user interface, complete with rounded corners, drop shadows and gradients. We've done more than give the My Account page a facelift, though.

No more hunting is required to find your most recent and pressing tasks thanks to the Updates! section of the new communication center. Here, you will receive notifications of the following:
  • New WR Messages (formerly called WR Mail)
  • New submissions to the WebRing Communities you manage
  • Status of your pending memberships
  • Status of invitations you've sent
  • Overview of your site and ring traffic
Coming soon, you will also receive notices anytime someone posts to a forum you belong to or comments on your WebRing blog.

You have the option of one of three My Account displays:

- This is the default. This option keeps all the different elements contained in one communication center box.

*You may note that the example above displays a profile image. This feature is available to WebRing 2.0 members. Want 2.0? Click

- This option displays each element in a separate block. Only the blocks that require attention will appear above your tabs.

- If you just can't stand the slick new look, you can always revert back to the My Account look you've come to know.

How to Change Your My Account Display
  1. Click on the Account Settings tab from your My Account page.
  2. Scroll down and locate the "My Account Display Options" section.
  3. Choose the display option you prefer.
  4. Scroll down and click on the "I agree. Change my info." button.
If for some reason the page doesn't change in appearance, click your web browser's refresh button.

Go ahead and give it a whirl! Check out the different options, and as always, feel free to provide feedback in the comments section below.

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Wed, May 14th - 2:53PM

Organize Your WR Mail Messages
One of the little known features of your WebRing account are the WR Mail folders. Sometimes, you need to save a message from another member or from WebRing. After awhile, those messages pile up and clutter your WR Mail Messages box.

There is a solution: Create and use folders to organize your messages.

How to Create Folders
Before you can use the feature, you will need to create your own folders:
  1. Open your My Account page.
  2. Open your WR Mail Messages page.
  3. Locate and click on the "Settings" link next to the text that says "WR Mail Messages."
  4. Scroll down to find a series of fields titled "Save Folder #."
  5. Enter in the name of the folders you wish to create, then click the "I agree. Change my info." button at the bottom of the page.

How to Save to Folders
Once you have created your folders, you're ready to use them:
  1. Open your WR Mail Messages page.
  2. To move items, check each item you want to move, click the down arrow in the "Move to" section found at the top or bottom of the message listing, then click the "Go" button.
  3. To view the messages you've saved in the various folders, simply use the down arrow in the "View" section and click the "Go" button.
Now that you know how to create folders in your WR Mail Messages, go unclutter your inbox!
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Tue, May 6th - 12:33PM

Use RSS Feeds to Stay Updated
The Standard RSS Feed IconHave you ever wondered what in the world that little orange box with the arches means? More and more often, you've seen it appearing next to the URL in your Web browser. Some sites have it, others don't. If you see that icon, it means that URL contains an RSS feed.

What is an RSS feed?
RSS is the initials for "Really Simple Syndication."* If you're even remotely in tune with the world of journalistic writing, you know syndication is huge. It means your content is being distributed throughout a wide network of readers.

In essence, you can think of an RSS feed as a subscription to a magazine or newspaper. If you subscribe, you will receive the update directly into the reader of your choice. It's basically a way for you to create your own custom magazine, filled with the articles and notifications of your choice.

This unique RSS icon from Smashing Magazine aptly sums up the function of an RSS feed:

How do you use an RSS feed?
Using RSS feeds is, as its name implies, exceedingly simple. The only thing you need is some sort of RSS reader. You can think of a reader as the virtual paper on which your articles and notifications are printed. RSS readers are popping up all over the net.

Perhaps, the most commonly used is Google Reader. If you have an iGoogle account, you already have the reader. All you have to do is add some feeds. Of course, the Google Reader is only one such tool available to you.

For those of you who would prefer not to have to keep checking back to see if anything new has been posted, Firefox and Internet Explorer both have some form of reader built into them. Anytime one of your subscriptions is updated, you will see a notification in your browser's toolbar.

And in case those aren't enough options for you, most of the free email services like Yahoo!, Hotmail, and GMail all have the ability to receive RSS feed updates.

As for subscribing to an RSS Feed, well, that's the "Really Simple" part. Simply click on the RSS feed icon found next to the site's URL. That's it!

In most cases, a page will then open asking you where you want to add the feed. Google, Live Bookmarks, Hotmail... the choice is yours! If you don't want to confirm the addition, simply set your account to a default reader. That way you never have to click anything but the RSS icon. One click and you're on your way.

How does RSS relate to WebRing?
Every single WebRing Community has an RSS feed. This means that if you subscribe to a WebRing RSS feed, you will receive a notification anytime a new site is added. We also have them available on the directory pages, blogs, and forums. No more checking in on a thread. Just use your reader of choice to stay updated.

What's your reader of choice?
We'd like to hear about the RSS reader you use, and why you like it best. Tell us in the comments below.

* There is some fading contention as to what RSS actually stands for. Many who have used RSS since it was introduced in 1999 insist on retaining its original meaning: "Rich Site Summary." Since its dramatic increase in use started in 2005-06, we have chosen to use the much more oft used definition of RSS as "Really Simple Syndication."

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