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Sun, May 20th - 8:12AM

Novelty songs

Podcast 6 is a sampling of Mid Century Novelty Songs
including Witchdoctor,Purple People Eater,Alley Oop,and more.Buy the CD or hear the podcast at 

I should mention that all of the recordings offered from 108th Street Records are from a catalog of music that I own,all are legal for me to sell.This is not file sharing.

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Sun, May 13th - 9:15AM

First Rock And Roll Song ?

 The mid Century was the birth of Rock And Roll,even though it had been evolving and had many roots preceding this time.Its a little subjective as to the first rock &roll song, some would say "Rocket 88" by Ike Turner and his Rhythm Kings was the first  in 1951.Others would give that credit to Fats Domino for his 1949 song "The Fat Man".Part of Rock And Roll roots lie in Rhythm & Blues.In the 1950's Fats Domino had no less than 59 singles in the R&B charts-37 of them reaching the Pop top 40 as well.Domino sold more records than any Fifties-era rocker except Elvis Presley.He was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1986. Click the link below to hear the podcast.

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Thu, May 10th - 6:46PM

The "Cover" Story

We sometimes hear the term "Cover version". In popular music a "cover" is a new rendition of a previously recorded song. The term cover originally implied a rival version of a tune recorded by an artist after the original version was released. Popular musicians and listeners now use the word "cover" to refer to any remake of a song.

Musicians now play what they call covers of songs as a tribute to the original performer or group. Artists may also perform covers of a favorite artist's hit tunes for the simple pleasure of playing a familiar song.

Cover versions of many popular songs have been recorded, sometimes with a radically different style, sometimes virtually indistinguishable from the original, and sometimes we like the cover better than the original. Paul Mc Cartney's "Yesterday "is the most covered popular music song in history. The Beatles "Come Together" has been covered numerous times.

From early in the 20th century it was common practice among record labels to cover a rival labels "hit" tune by recording a version for their own label in hopes of cashing in on the tune's success. There was little promotion or advertising involved. When the average record buyer went to purchase a new record, they usually asked for the tune, not the artist. Distribution of records was highly localized in many cases, so a cover version of a hit song from another area could reach an audience before the original version was widely available. The highly competitive record companies were quick to take advantage of these facts.

This was all changing in the Mid century with better distribution and TV in more homes. But with the explosion of rock & roll , teenagers still wanted the song and not necessarily the artist or the album. The 45rpm record was the format of choice.

This was the period of the "copycat cover", a recording that sounded as close to the original as possible and sold at a discount price which also appealed to teenage buyers. Have a listen and hopefully download some of these recordings that hold a small place in rock & roll history trivia.These are all digitally re-mastered from the mid Century pressings.

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Tue, May 8th - 4:06PM

Jacques Offenbach was one of the originators of Operetta in 19th Century France. One of his most famous being,"Orpheus In The Underworld" which included the famous Can Can theme.Operetta's were Musical entertainment's which generally did not pertain to very important subject material.Spoken dialogue,dancing,practical jokes and mistaken identities were the trademark of the Operetta form.These were a precursor of the modern musical comedy.Sounds a little like Cartoons,doesn't it?

The mid Century was also the Golden Age of Looney Tunes.Offenbach's music,along with other Classics were widely used in these Cartoons,and many of us were introduced to this form through these animated musical comedies.

Hear the podcast,buy the CD or Download the music at:

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Sun, May 6th - 4:36PM

50's Rock & Roll

Hey all, some great 50's rock & roll at 29 selections for

$9.00 or .99 ea. in mp3  format. Nothing to join,secure pay pal payment.

Also avaliable on iTunes 

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Sat, May 5th - 2:57PM

Hello and welcome to my Blog,I'm offering music downloads.Some are "Cover" songs, not by the original artist's,but they are fun to listen to,most sound very much like the originals and hold a spot in music history trivia.This is all music that was popular during the mid Century either because it evolved or had been around for years and was made more available through advances in technology. The first four podcast's are Waltzes,Classical,and Tango,  with some early Rock & Roll and Novelty Songs in more recent selections. All avaliable for download from  Hear the Podcast's at These are all good listens if you have'nt heard them in awhile.More will be added over time.


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