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Web Ring's 1st Genealogy Blog - RSS feed - Add to Google

Fri, May 11th - 12:46PM

Web Rings which you may like to join?
As promised here is the list of my Web Rings. Most are for genealogy & history related topics, but you may find others that fit your subject. Please feel free to join. If suitable I will let you know asap.

  • Ancient Trades
  • Commercial Genealogy Web Site Ring
  • Gedcoms of the World  NEW
  • Genealogy Banner Exchange Program
  • Genealogy Family and Friends
  • Maximilian Genealogy
  • Royal & Noble Genealogies WebRing
  • The Genealogy Forest
  • The History WebRing
  • The Tudor Webring
  • United Kingdom WebRing
  • Worldwide Lookup Services

    I have applied to adopt some other similar rings that have been abandoned and will add these in due course.

    Enjoy Peter

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    Fri, May 11th - 12:24PM

    Web Ring's 1st Genealogy Blog

    This Blog is the 1st to be set up on Web Ring. I started it on the 3rd May 2007.

    As this is a great way for those interested in genealogy & history to communicate I hope that you all will feel welcome and make comments and/or participate in the various topics that get posted over time.

    In order to make Web Ring users aware of this First Genealogy Blog and encourage participation, I have submitted this Blog to over 20 of the major Web Rings covering a range of genealogy & history themes.If you think it should be in your Web Ring please let me know. Similarly if you would like to join my other rings I will list them shortly.

    Please use this great new facility. Its for all of you.

    Cheers Peter

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    Thu, May 3rd - 3:29AM

    Genealogy Web Ring Blog

    As no one has yet added any Genealogy BLOGS I thought I would get in quick.

    I have never used a BLOG before but do have extensive knowledge of Web Ring and Genealogy & History sites.

    I run several sites as well as Web Rings and am a member of over 50 Rings.

    My main web site is

    Please take time to visit if you have an interest in Genealogy or History.



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