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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:47PM

2010 Microsoft government industry users and business partner conference

Craig mundie said, "cloud computing is an important reform of global industry. This change will not only lead single Internet and software industry, once again, more will be upgrading the instrumentality of progress in other industries and catalysts. We see China is actively develop strategic emerging industries, and grasp the opportunity to occupy economic technology commanding heights. Microsoft very happy may use its own cloud computing technology Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

advantage and cutting-edge industry solution, and the government, industry partners and other hand in hand, for many troubled the whole society's tough questions to find change, power China industrial upgrading opportunity."

For years, Microsoft attaches great importance to the government, healthcare, education, etc for the development of information industry, and with these special mission enterprise-class customers to provide tailored to the frontier IT solutions. The conference is the Microsoft China Microsoft Office is so great!

the largest one in the government over the user summit. Conference invitation from administrative, more than 200 medical education, government users, partners and industry elite reunion beautiful the tianjin binhai new area, explore IT technology power industry development, the government information trends and prospects. Microsoft greater China region public division general manager MAO Peter, Microsoft China public division general manager wang xin will, Microsoft greater China region ZhangXiangHui doctor and Microsoft technology executive many colleagues services to communicate with users.

Microsoft China public division general manager, "said wang xin will become the Chinese government has been devoted to Microsoft reliable partner and informatization consultant, through Office 2007 is so powerful.

its technical superiority to comply with government approach to development and policy, actively help resolve the country in the process of development and the social demands primary problem. Microsoft appreciation using innovative technology improve the government in the informationization level aspects of informed decisions about the current government, actively The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

advocated and support green IT, cloud computing, things such as the industry hotspot emerging network, Microsoft has in products, technology and global service team, etc, and is willing to ready with industry partners hand in hand for speeding up China's industrial upgrading steps together."

As a software and information service industry leading manufacturers, Microsoft has been committed to the technology with advanced management and business innovation for users provide motivation. Its latest operating system Windows 7 came out less than half a user had won a widespread approval of hongdu. The latest data shows that the Windows 7 officially released so far, Microsoft in that world has sold more than 90 million sets of licensing, become Microsoft history the fastest selling operating system. Windows 7 in such a short time could be many famous Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

enterprises within the important platform, the business support to its basic reason for enterprise productivity promotion and cost control of an important role. And the next generation of Microsoft is releasing information workers products group product has received numerous users' attention and hope.

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:47PM

Rising security experts suggest netizen

, can take the following measures to prevent this loophole attacks:

1, install the latest version, one of the rising 2010 "IE prevent hang horse module" using intelligent defense technology initiative, need not upgrade can intercept exploiting holes cyber Office 2007 makes life great!

attacks. (rising 2010 version free use of 6 months, the official download address

2, installation, kaka Internet security aide 6.2, rising company as Microsoft MAPP partners, patching the most timely, the most authoritative, once Microsoft provides patch, rising kaka 6.2 will be the first time the patch program delivery to all users.

3, the use of IE6 and IE7 browser users, can will upgrade to IE8 browser has avoided the effects of the event of erdbebenkatastrophe loopholes. Many people like Microsoft Office.

4, according to computer skills, professional users can access, BBS, view the loopholes official detailed analysis report and temporary hand Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

(16 March 2010, tianjin) today, Microsoft China held in tianjin binhai new area 2010 Microsoft government industry users and business partner conference. The meeting, Microsoft and the Windows 7 make life wonderful!

government users from all over the country, partners and elites share Microsoft in the field of public undertakings in frontier solution and successful cases, while Microsoft technical experts also is the latest Microsoft cloud computing strategy and application and participants further Office 2007 download is helpful!

communication. Microsoft's chief research division and strategic decision officer Craig mundie and tianjin binhai new area ZongGuoYing district chief deputy secretary, such attends congress and speeches. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.



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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:47PM

4. Use this version my browser to replace now?

button, or even no address bar. It's on your default browser open new links, rather than in their own new window. In addition, according to the feedback from this version to get some function will become part of the official version, while others are lopped off. Microsoft Office is so great!

5. What fun platform preview release things?

Several about new support improved Javascript, video acceleration of them and hardware demo, you need through pages to download and install to view.

Zhongguancun online software group news: recently, the rising "cloud security" system to monitor 0day loopholes, IE the latest KB981374 began to be widely - hang horse sites using, this loophole influence IE6 and IE7 (the latest IE8 version unaffected by this loophole affected). March 10 to Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

March 16, rising "cloud security" system to help users of using this loophole hang interceptors attack 400 million times horse website. Rising security expert introduction, the user computer once attacked success, will infect download device, hackers backdoor Trojan horse that computers can not work normally, individual account passwords so privacy information from eavesdroppers.

As Microsoft MAPP partners, rising company in March 9 received a detailed analysis about KB981374 loopholes report, recently discovered that by using this loophole hang horse website The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

sharp increase, so issued this warning. This is followed by early march, after the F1 loopholes aerating Microsoft IE browser was again aeration 0day loophole. Serious

IE 0day loophole four million new aeration user has become a victim

Rising Internet attack lab manager by LiuSiYu introduces, at present KB981374 attack code on the Office 2007 makes life great!

Internet have been announced, online has appeared more attack by using the vulnerabilities of the program, and Microsoft currently temporary not released patch. The "prevent rising software module" hang horse can actively intercept the vulnerability of attacks.

According to rising security experts analysis, at present many versions of the attack code is not stable, users once visit after hanging horse website could lead to IE browser crashes, jammed wait for a phenomenon. But with the passage of time, against the development of the code will be more perfect, users are also more risks.

(the "rising antivirus software hang horse module" preventing IE KB981374 attack by the successful intercept hang horse website) Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:46PM

Microsoft also

Microsoft also

released details of IE9 supports them, including CSS3, SVG (ScalableVectorGraphics) vector graphics, XHTML extensible hypertext logo language ExtensibleHyperTextMarkupLanguage) and use analytical (industry standard codes (h.264 / MPEG4, MP3 / video/audio AAC) label.

IE9 and got from industry analysts and partners on the recommendation, including graphics chip Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

maker British weida (NVIDIA). British weida spokesman said yesterday in blog, the GPU to them in IE9 in hardware acceleration of virtual computing history has the meaning of landmark.

Microsoft says, IE9 development goal is to bring faster browsing experience, ACID3 in IE9 test Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.

scores is 55/100 compared IE8, referring to the 20/100 with a qualitative leap with Chrome and Safari, but is still a big gap compared to the test results, which is close to the full marks 100 performances.

In the "SunSpiderJavaScriptBenchmark PCmag and ZDNET," test IE9 preview edition playing well. Microsoft also confirmed that a "cup IE9 will not have", WindowsXP system, preview Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

edition support in VistaSP2 IE9 perfectly display with official version, is expected to not have the too big differences.

PCWorld magazine latest through the analysis of the latest release of the Microsoft browser IE9 Office 2010 is my love.

next generation "platform," for the preview release we prepare the relevant IE9 "platform preview version" of several common problems and solutions. I hope you can find themselves interested questions and solutions, mice are also can look delicious jabuticaba Popsicle and decide whether to.

1. IE9 what's new?

IE9 will rewrite engines than previous generations to get much faster start-up speed;

Will support them, CSS3 and other new standards.

Recommended reading: IE9 preview edition | forestalls to download the trial took trial

2. Interface have change?

From the current platform preview edition watch interface changes are premature. But see Chrome browser interface for innovation, believe Microsoft won't indifferent.

3. That you get "platform preview edition" is what east east?

This is in order to facilitate Web developer preview their websites can be in the kernel them compatible and provides a display properly. Microsoft promises about every eight weeks launched a new beta, solve the problem before. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.



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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:45PM

2010 around the Spring

Related enterprise high-level immediately explain accordingly, after 2008 entered office employees a raise problems of clarification and instructions. The incident itself, and then there was understandable Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

reported a series of content in the media, but it caused industry relevant personage speculation.

First, "a raise events" once announced later, most reports immediately say: optimal cool behavior will instantly provoked "of not a few net friend JiaoHaoSheng"; Some reports even stark describe Office 2010 is my favorite.

a way: "since the financial crisis started later, watching too much reason to cut jobs, every day was done on tenterhooks. Popular contrarian rise, a raise optimal cool recruitment and this both indescribably mention strength son, the old excited, optimal cool is positive materials." More more outspoken netizens want to join optimal cool "can make a little pay, also can see never future". Many users have apparently gave and words, so it is not testify them in this content is Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

optimal cool partner membership, or from the hands of the pr publicity department discussion. But for most insiders are concerned, so flattering description and botched vindicate, no doubt, slightly appear some vulgar and disgusting.

Secondly, optimal cool official reply also revealed benefactors. Reports say: "according to optimal cool employees revealed, the economic crisis and employment environment deteriorating, raise to stabilizing the played high effective staff." Comprehensive several research structure for 2009 video industry in China, the investigation result judge for a 2009 network video industry of China occupied nearly 15% share, annual turnover of more than 1 million Internet enterprise, excellent Outlook 2010 is powerful.

cool apparently failed to economic crisis and by "employment environment" bad influence, in contrast perhaps survival and development more than two years ago. For a popular profession in front, and have high revenue ability of enterprise is concerned, if no internal or external factors, the strong influence of employees, apparently, does not appear "the unstable factors." The more don't need enterprise through common to stability will raise. Microsoft Office is helpful.

In this premise, raise more focused on "apparent aim to stable played high effective staff." If will "remain stable" and optimal cool many piracy lawsuit is easy to link reminiscent of optimal cool internal people and situation. For staff as a see listed hopeless, and frequently encountered the enterprise, individual lawsuits career development and social responsibility obviously also faced this choice, on this "internal" moment, optimal cool with a raise to "stable soldier's morale" approach, doubtless is self-evident. Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:45PM

In this case over a month later

infringement in haidan district court has sentenced a won, because in the panting optimal cool "and" McDull famously existing in films such as piracy, court decisions to sohu compensation optimal cool 10.5 Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

million yuan, and bear all costs.

March 2, 2010, optimal cool announced a lawsuit to cool 6, be cool 6 nets long-term stealing the original work, broadcast television, the number of close to 100 sow, rights protection amount more than 10 million yuan. Subsequently, anti-piracy alliance for optimal cool again launched lawsuits. This lawsuit, had taken sohu has the sole Internet copyright king tai ", "the stubborn turnip" part 2, Office 2010 is powerful!

excited nets have sole films of Internet copyright the first speed ", "ZhongHun" (also named "female police chief law) and the angels" protect treasure 8 department TV dramas.

Only see the above-mentioned litigation involving infringement of copyright, the optimal present films, however, as many as 12 department in several words sharp and contentious fierce appeal later, people still can see sent on actor with net friend name is broadcast television, upload stolen or friendship "stand outside provide search link.

As domestic video sharing website, calling for the original video of eve best slogan, whether and potatoes still loud "online network cooperation video broadcast mode", or launch copyright management system, seem to want to let people see optimal hanging actor head "justice halo", however, stay off public actor in disguise "optimal expose new cloths, traces of piracy will only Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

turn the industry says the headquarter bubbles.

Recently, the industry rumours say: best actor internal employee leaks its market sales atrophy, some backbone personnel loss; At the same time, this "employees" is optimal cool 2009's fourth quarter and the first quarter 2010 part of the sales and market situation of the disclosure. However, this content is released by relevant BBS shielding shortly after. Although the news, but not for acertained that because of the piracy problem had holes in the optimal cool, obviously would be frightening.

Review the inverse of hot debate recently network raise questions, optimal cool city of external Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

give explanation for: only for some outstanding old employees made a "moderate salary"; And expanded sales and marketing business departments, and basically is to reserve talents. However, throughout optimal cool "raise + recruitment" behavior in time, enterprise status and external environment, if its half-year to copyright lawsuit and market shrink issues together, which analyzes the formation is occupied let others have to extrapolate. Therefore, this "blog content" once revealed, in view of the future prospect of optimal present problems, such as internal operation and immediately anecdotal again became a topic of hot debate. Office 2007 key is very convenient!


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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:44PM

In this case over a month later

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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:44PM

Figure 4 in we know when fuzzy pronunciation query

British library this support fuzzy pronunciation inquires from Microsoft research's way, there is no other similar products technology, this function.

4, idioms in the British library enquiries, Chinese inquires, also can use wildcard, Chinese idioms can easily translated into English phrases: I love Office 2010 !

Microsoft British library has formed its own characteristics, convenient the more people learn about English, simplified the search and English words conversion, convenient people in work and life of the English application. Maybe Sino-British translation is not a great application, but fuzzy Office 2010 download is available now!

pronunciation inquires a progress is language translation. Because only convert between two languages are no longer people as a hassle when, can communicate, everyone so called barrier-free, man-machine is also like this.

Every March 15 "international consumer calls the day", anti-fakes, unprecedented upsurge in industries are called introspective, beware complaints or exposure. Video industry to broadcast it, Office 2010 key is for you now!

stole the behavior of video without copyright is equivalent to "false", this should be broadcast clips stolen website "false" films. It's not like daily provisions to users as such fake personal cause harm, but violated the copyright, also same site to site cheated loyal users trust.

Optimal of CEO of gu yongqiang had to the media, said video industry are welcomed since 2006's Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

largest bubble. The author thinks, his language is very practical, video industry development so far, at least dozens of web site at preemptive netizens who time and eyeballs, in order to gain the trust of netizens ratings, video website, to win the "GuanDao" behavior has destabilized the industry due order, even the ancient eldest brother own sites also hard survived.

Look back at what might this several years of optimal indicted course, is really busy broke down Outlook 2010 is powerful.

Beijing's haidian district court staff, excellent actor frequently for infringing be counterparts to court. 2009 September to sohu, excitement, nets, best friends for sponsors of Chinese network zyprexa video anti-piracy alliance, prosecution, and claim the optimal eve RMB 5000 million to 1 billion yuan. But 2009 November 26 afternoon Beijing haidian court ipr division after the trial Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

judge optimal cool judgment to infringement, optimal cool one of piracy FaQiFang optimal friends alliance 45 million zyprexa compensation.


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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:43PM

• high quality video

transcoder to Converter - DivX Plus has been redesigned and let users can not only to better use interface to create high quality DivX DivX video, Plus hd more easily custom file size, tracks or subtitles etc Settings. In addition, Converter now offer free DivX MKV) output (. Plus, the user can use all sorts of MKV video files to create advanced features. Microsoft Office is so great!

"DivX Plus software intuitive design let each use level of users are able to enjoy the hd video." DivX software and services department's vice President and general manager Guto Araujo said. "for the professional users, it provides a series of streaming, transcoding and web publishing tools. Even in low power of the Internet, users can also through the new software concise easy-to-use interface to enjoy the full screen hd video to bring fun." Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

In today's society, whether students, white-collar workers or FanFu stooges, have a chance to go abroad or minority, but the although needs to use the English places but enumerate. For most people, as a native speaker of the Chinese still dare not say all have knowledge, not to mention bad English. Even if you are English four, six levels of, also hard to avoid can have when brownout sifting, will have the human brain is not a computer. Office 2007 is so powerful.

When we use an English word, usually have two kinds of cases: 1, know pronunciation, not spelling; 2, know roughly letter combinations, but not sure. At that time most people think of using search led to solve, because the current hankering various translation software doesn't support this two kinds of query. But the result? "Baidu once, or don't know", "Google once, not many know". Foreign affairs work asked baidu, Google, the English or asked to ask British library.

Figure 1 Microsoft British library The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

Microsoft British library, development since last 194% since news fast, recently launched its feature again - intelligent input. The largest window is intelligent input support wildcards and fuzzy pronunciation inquires DOS command, wildcard and used in the wildcard query, "*" similar to represent more characters; "?" Represents a character; Only in the fuzzy pronunciation of similar Chinese pinyin input pronunciation can. For example we will seek word is "backgound", then we can query: through the following way

1, in our uncertainty among the missing word one or more characters, can use "?" Wildcard instead.

Figure 2 short of two characters in we know when query

2, in we are not sure when the very few words in character, can use "*" wildcard instead.

In figure 3 we lack in uncertainty when several characters query

3 and when in we know pronunciation, can also check to we want to find words, even if your pronunciation is not standard. Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!


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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:43PM

"DivX mission is to

 create a seamless and high quality video viewing experience, let consumers in computer any consumer electronic equipment outside also can enjoy the video content they like. DivX Plus software launch means we in this mission made an important step." DivX chief executive, "said Office 2007 makes life great!

Kevin make our new software set up the Internet to the sitting room, make digital video bridge of computer users easily connected to the content on the global numerous DivX devices."

The main function of Plus DivX packages include:

• video transmission To DivX will easily authentication devices -- Go To ensure all To DivX Many people like Microsoft Office.

Player in DivX video files Plus broadcasts can also YiTai DivX devices in the global 2.5 on any one play. Users simply Go intuitive To follow DivX, can guide type menu from DivX video Player Plus will be transmitted To DVD Player, digital TV, PlayStation 3 ® equipments. Such DivX Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

• complete functions and extensive video playback support - DivX Player DivX Plus Plus Player can support multiple Web video format today's most popular high quality broadcast. DivX Codec Pack also can let Plus in common user third party player software MKV; play DivX or For example, the Codec Pack Plus DivX media player after installation to Windows in Windows 7, Windows 7 make life wonderful!

will play MKV/h.264 format DivX Plus hd video.

• excellent video playback high-definition Web browsers -- not only make the Player Plus DivX Web user can directly in the browser appreciate high quality DivX DivX video, Plus hd surround Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

sound 5.1 channel more support and many subtitles. Based on the standard HTTP server and JavaScript programming development DivX Player can already Plus Web as plug-in includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and the use of a Web browser.

• support MKV files streaming to PlayStation Plus software can be through - DivX brand new Codec Pack the DivX Plus in Windows 7 system of MKV format will high-definition content directly from the PC streaming to PlayStation 3 or ® psu on Xbox 360. Office 2007 download is helpful!



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Wed, Mar 30th - 6:42PM

In the network crime world

compromised website be redirected to network criminals ready network resources. Network criminals can buy some stolen by accessing data unauthorized access to the web site, modify, add in the web page Microsoft Office is so great!

iframeHTML label malicious. Website has been modified, the user will visit the sites from these be modified by be redirected to the legitimate websites designated website network criminals. If lots of web page is changed, it will cause a large Numbers of users be be redirected to malicious Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


Generally speaking, the "network flow" is one of the most cheap network crime services, general price for 0.5-1 dollars/thousand visitors. The zombie network operators will buy "network flow", will the users from legitimate compromised website directional to include the latest vulnerability using program malicious website. Once the successful attack against the browser vulnerabilities, then be directed to malicious website user computer will be infected, and become part of a botnet.

At present, the botnet flow for just some public Internet crime groups, kaspersky lab forecast, the future market may appear some so-called "grey" service that "gray" service can through the Office 2007 makes life great!

so-called "membership scheme" will botnet substantiate the assets, even if operators with crime properties of some services, such as sending spam, DoS attacks or spread malicious software was forced to terminate, also won't give network criminal cause too big effect.

San Diego local time on 16 March, a leading digital media company DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DivX) announced the release of the latest version of its flagship video software - DivX Plus ™. Chinese users can now also to DivX official website ( free download DivX Plus for Windows simplified and traditional Chinese version (supports Windows 7, Vista The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

and XP).

The newly designed DivX Plus software provides customers with more concise and easy to use interface for video on a computer desktop and DivX in the browser broadcast. These DivX video includes not only DivX video made before the version 7 files (MPEG/AVI), including DivX hd video - Plus h.264 standard based on the 1080p MKV can be as high as the video file format hd.

DivX Plus package by four independent product component: DivX Player, DivX Plus Plus Player, DivX Web Codec Pack, as well as DivX Plus Plus Converter. Including DivX Player contains a brand-new Plus the "Go" function, To DivX easily video transmitted To the computer world YiTai famous brand DivX 2.5, including equipment in a DVD Player, blu-ray Player, digital TV, playstation and mobile phones. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.



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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:52PM

2, selected contain hyperlinks cell

In Excel in a cell enter an E-mail address, by default this unit division will automatically converted into hyperlinks, use the mouse to click it would open the hyperlink, come so, how to Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

select the unit case without open this hyperlinks? The method is very simple, use the mouse point live this unit division for seconds not to put, can select it.

3, consistently show cells within the formula Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

In Excel in cell arbitrary input a formula, such as = 1 + 1, press to, then this unit division will no longer display formula, and shows results 2, but sometimes we didn't want to soon see the result, but hope this unit division can continue to show formula, how to solve this problem? The method Office 2010 is powerful!

is very simple, within the cell, ordinal input formula, click on the menu bar after the "tools" -- "formula audit" -- "formula audit model", which will make formula continue to remain the same, If want to show that the result of the formula, can again click "formula audit mode" can.

4, fast calculation the rectangular diagonal length

Known rectangular length and width, hereby request to calculate it the diagonal length, with Excel can fast calculate the answer. How to operate?

A rectangular long for the X, Y, wide for diagonal length for Z, then, from this formula can see, request the Z, there are two steps. A, calculate X and Y values of the square, and give them an Office 2007 key is very convenient!

r-squared value adding, Two, take the first step out the value of the root, conflicting figure is the Z. Obviously, we will use to Excel in two functions, one is a numerical calculation of square, i.e. on digital for power operation, Second is the square root of figures. Introduce below the two mathematical functions use method. Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

S return to a number of found: POWER

POWER function can be found in digital for computing, its grammar is: POWER (POWER) by,

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:51PM

2, in WORD hidden text

Sometimes we don't want people to see himself in the WORD written words, and to conceal it. The method is: selected to hidden text, and then click the main menu column of the "form" - "font", in "font" option card, select the "hidden text".

But to view the document with the hidden text do? You can click "popular" in the toolbar I love Office 2010 !

"show/hide editorial markup" button.

3, change "resume automatic document" position

Word XP has the function of automatic recovery files, you automatic recovery files folder path Office 2010 key is for you now!

where you know? Click on the main menu "tool" - "options", "in the options dialog box click" document position "TAB, can see," automatic recovery "file is it right in the folder, If want to change in folders position, first select the "auto recovery" file, and then click below "modify", it can change the path.

Excel is we common office software, the author in use process were summarized some experiences, now write for reference. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

1, do not use the direction key can also be the up and down or so to move the selected cell

Need because of the job, the author in Excel multiple cell input large text, as we all know, in Excel, if selected has selected cells on the right side of the cell, can press the direction key moves, can in order to save time, let the operating speed higher, can press the Tab key, so that they can quickly Office 2010 download is available now!

select has selected cells on the right side of the unit case, because type two hands are in primary key area on the job, if according to the direction key, it must be put right hand free and so will undoubtedly reduce efficiency;

So if you want to select has selected cells left the unit case do? The author found on trial, can also press "Shift + Tab" key combination, so that the selected cell will moves left. Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

We know a rapid above left and right to move the selected cell's method, the downward selected cell is press "Enter", in the same way, if want to upward selected cell is also pressed key combination "Shift + Enter", how, so you are in Excel in large text input speed will be much faster. Outlook 2010 is powerful.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:51PM

[note] this article stated skills already in 2003. Under test through Word

1. Enter Word edit state, press Ctrl + Alt + "+" (numeric keypad) key combination, right now the cursor will become a flower shapes

2. Then we'll be able to directly click on the specific name format bar, then, a "customize Microsoft Office is so great!

keyboard" window will play out

3. Then, to move the cursor positioning in "please click new shortcut" column, press the next group (such as "shortcut Ctrl + 3), and then click" designated "button, finish namely Settings

4. Okay, now is to try our new typefaces shortcuts, isn't it very convenient?

[little hint] this is not only can be used to set shop name skills, but also for keybinds set font, format etc quick operation all effective, have the interest friend might as well try their The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

In daily work, we often meet will be Word form the ranks of the condition, but this deceptively simple requirements in Word but difficult to implement, because the Word itself does not provide such functionality. However, to solve this difficult problem also have no way, today author will introduce a with Excel is easy interchange Word form little skill, hope to everybody can help. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

[note] this article stated skills already in Word 2003 + Excel 2003 environment test is passed

1. Open the Word software, selected needs switch table ranks, right-click the execution "copy" command

2. Try to open Excel, create a workbook, use the mouse in the blank cells place right-click and choose the "glue" the order

3. In Excel software, will just paste down form again, also selected right-click the execution "copy" command

4 in the blank cells place again right-click and execute "selective glue" the order, and checked up "transposed" checkbox after click the ok button

5. At this time, the form and content have interchangeable ranks will after completing the Excel Office 2007 is so powerful.

form selected, and paste it into Word, basic operation is completed now

6. Finally, don't forget to delete drop the original Word form. So far, all work formally completed

1, hidden Office clipboard

In Word XP, press CTRL + C key combination twice, form the right will appear clipboard task pane, sometimes we didn't want to let it show come, how to hide it? Click on the clipboard task pane below "options" button, and then select the "collect and not display version of shear board".

Whenever we in WORD reproduce the text after the task bar place will show replicated state, if we don't want to appear, you can click "options" button, and remove the "copy in the task bar nearby display state" (as shown in figure 1). Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:50PM

[note] this article stated skills already in Excel 2003 tested under through

1. Open need filling serial number list of Excel file

2. Input serial number, and the mouse to select the initial value

3. Then double-click the initial value below "fill handle". At this moment, Excel began to record the length of the automatic detection, and automatic sequentially set corresponding serial number Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Believe a lot of friends have such a problem, a document written after completion, no more, no less just write a page of zero few lines, that behind the words alone on paper, not only stopped at difficult typesetting and is more waste paper. How will such "long" document scaling to a page? A Office 2007 makes life great!

few friends are reduced by manual typefaces method to solve. But this approach generally difficult used more often, cut up Semite format is very inefficient. In fact, the Word itself is provides us with such functionality, today the author gave you introduce how to use the Word of automatic shrinkage page for "super-long functions to documents" lose some weight.

[note] this article stated skills already in Word 2003 environment test is passed Many people like Microsoft Office.

1. Open the ultra-long documentation, have watched two lines beyond the scope of a page

2. Click in the toolbar "print preview" button to enter the print preview state

3. Click the print preview in the toolbar "downsizing font fill" button, the Word that began to be reduced to page operation Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

4. Later, document then complete reduction. We can discover, whether text or headings are reduced in proportion, the effect is satisfactory

The author use the Word later, since then had a habit, are generally first knock in the writing, and Office 2007 download is helpful!

then set format. Can do so although efficiency is higher, but if you edit the document is long, and when writing need often turn back to find information when bother, after all didn't set format text "long after the same", it is difficult to quickly find they need content. In fact, with the Word, like Windows 7 make life wonderful!

other functions of text name also can use the keyboard to set, so that we in writing hands wouldn't have to leave the keyboard, which greatly improve writing efficiency.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:50PM

This section of the

on-line version of 2007 as our previous use special actually virtual machine, we can directly through a web browser to the server can Microsoft headquarters issued related instructions, and if Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

the server receives these instructions, they will react in real-time, and then realizing this interactive operation. Moreover, it is not just is in a pure demo type of program, like a real computer as, we can keep myself editing document direct stored in the server, next time when opened can normal calls. How about a little meaning, ok, now, let's go to have a look. Office 2010 is my love.

Contains most recently Microsoft Office 2003 patch hair, Microsoft Outlook 2003, a about custom form problems, with an error message: "Outlook cannot open form", unfortunately, and no other details prove this problem out where the.

The problem of the culprit is probably due to infected Microsoft Outlook form cache, you need to do is to clear the cache.

This problem can be corrected by Microsoft Outlook itself to solve, but need a clearly demonstrates to obtain the necessary commands. At the same time if you use of local document or a Exchange. PST server public folder, this needs of different ways to accomplish this task, it also makes things complicated. If you are forced to repeatedly cleared Microsoft Outlook form cache, will make things more difficult. Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.

Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook most valuable experts (MVP) Robert Sparnaaij created a script, this is VB written, can automatically remove Microsoft Outlook form cache.

When starting operation, this script clew you close the Microsoft Outlook (if you don't do so, may have forced closing Microsoft Outlook of attempt), then remove the path of files: % UserProfile % \ Local Settings \ apply Data \ Microsoft \ Forms. Here is the Microsoft Outlook form cache storage place. This folder also be deleted, in this process because license problem, form cache Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

there may be a problem.

Note that if you are in a installation virus protection programs and real-time protection system run inside this script, virus protection programs may try to prohibit this script operation.

Use of the Excel friends believe all have such experience, that is when we're in a very long form fill serial number, use the mouse drag is difficult to positioning. In fact, another way, perhaps filling full-length number will become a lot easier. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:49PM

A recruit: looking for a needle in a haystack (Vlookup function)

Recruit as name. This action on a boundless data sources, automatic for the computer to find what you want a data correlation data and fill in the designated place. Also is, can let the computer in a form or designated an area to search for a specified value, and then return the value shall be Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

specified in the relative on listed, the numerical. This recruit and corresponding change, respectively Hlookup lookup and two type. When search the data is horizontal arrangement, can use function HLOOKUP instead of function VLOOKUP. But the situation is less, used here don't do this. Office 2010 is my favorite.

For example: you have a worksheet, top ten thousand items name, each items code, price, purchase date, etc. If you want to do another statement, and some items in this table himself data, can use this to recruit, just import goods name or code, the rest for the computer automatically find and returns the corresponding price, purchase date, etc.

Use grammar

VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, range_lookup) col_index_num, Microsoft Office is helpful.

Lookup_value search for need of value. Lookup_value for numerical, citing or text string.

Table_array for need in which finds data tables. Can use the name of regional or areas, such as the reference database or a list. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

If range_lookup for TRUE, then table_array the first column of the numerical must press ascending order:... And - 2-1, 0, 1, 2,... And - Z, FALSE and TRUE, Otherwise, the function Outlook 2010 is powerful.

VLOOKUP cannot return to correct value. If range_lookup table_array need not be FALSE, sorting.

Through the "data" menu "order" select "ascending", can be arranged according to the numerical minimization.

The first column of the numerical Table_array for text, digital or logical values.

Text are not case-sensitive.

Col_index_num table_array stay in return for matching of the value of the column serial number. Col_index_num is 1, return the numerical table_array first column, Col_index_num to 2, and return to table_array second column of numerical values, and so on. If col_index_num less than 1, function VLOOKUP return error VALUE VALUE # VALUE! ; If col_index_num greater than the table_array column number, function VLOOKUP return error value # REF! . Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

Recently, Microsoft to release the 2007 Office Beta 2 simplified Chinese version. Although the new version in Office 2003 based on had many excellent improvement, but the corresponding system resources occupancy rate also relatively old version much higher than that light when installation, you'll need a two GB hard disk space, and even reluctantly fitted, in some configuration is low computer also runs like "cow" same. Swings, computer configuration low friend for no experience to the new changes 2007 version? Yesterday, Microsoft released a paragraph of the on-line version of 2007 perhaps can solve your this difficult problem.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:48PM

Formally entered topic,

I today mainly say is Excel about print some Settings, from my experience that some of the situation in the use of the software without problems often people when printing will more or less Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

appear some ought not to some mistakes, so in this detailed explanation for everybody, including several major setting a bit seen a lot about Excel explain print setting is ignored point, hope to not clear its setting countrymen to help.

About whether can use of Excel, estimate just used a computer people all say oneself will use. Is Office 2010 is powerful!

this really the case? Is the author of the user experience of many years technical support, many users of so-called "will use", really just limited to "use" and yourself. Input some content, plus some form grid lines, click save, look, documents ready.

If only that, Microsoft is not what the new version is elaborative, development. Early Excel 5.0 is already more than enough. Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

In fact, Excel is a more powerful data processing system, is not just a brought draw a form of form rendering tools. If real master of the Excel all functions, you will find that many repeated, boring data processing, can become very beautiful, you simply dots or drag mouse and then dragged their seatbacks sip mouth coffee, would have been busy you dizzy dark earth mission has let the system to help you handle. At this moment, watching still busy a collapse lake besmear colleague, you Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

only have one feeling: cool...

To truly reach Excel power, you must master Excel soul - function. Don't use of Excel of function, you are not a real will use of Excel of users. It is a different function of function, composed of different formula, just let Excel the master, a supernatural powers. Every function, it is his a recruit JueXue, but just to learn his trick, also is not enough, only put all trick lian cooked, and comprehensive utilization, mastery, do have recruit, gather you understand his supernatural powers, let Excel automatically help us with unable to complete tasks. Office 2007 key is very convenient!

Below, we will begin to learn JueXue heart Excel warrior. I'll be a recruit a recruit is introduced, and several recruit, then demonstrates how comprehensive employ several recruit, create new recruit. In the actual struggle against the enemy, we want to know, recruit is dead, people are living, and recruit the mind, must not continuous.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:48PM

"Be? Quick teach me." My cousin has no time for waiting.

Below, is to realize similar WPS2000 in "creating statements" function of specific methods:

First of all, on the first page setup your form, pay attention to set aside form in the first line, amalgamative for a cell, used to make table headers, then select 1, 2 lines, namely title rows and I love Office 2010 !

headers lines, click menu of "form - tables properties", v "form properties" Settings dialog box (figure 1), switch to "go" TAB, select the "options" in "allow across the page word" and "in the top Office 2010 key is for you now!

with a title line form repeated" two, click "ok" exit.

In the process of edit the document will inevitably have a spare daka produce. That have what good method can in the context of a longer document to keep all or part of the empty line? Of course, the answer is yes, and more than one in the process of edit the document will inevitably Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

have a spare daka produce. That have what good method can in the context of a longer document to keep all or part of the empty line? Of course, the answer is yes, and more than one way. Office 2010 download is available now!

If need in Outlook 2003 to multiple objects send mail, then only need in the named addressee with a semicolon input multiple E-mail addresses or use of cc way can; If the object is more, can use distribution way realization indiscriminately, but whether to take what kind of way, gives the Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

impression of all is not too good, after all, don't look so polite, ha ha.

There is a way, can use a contact for mail merge, this is a for large-scale distribution of mail labels, envelope, form letter, classification, email or fax to add your name and address of the process, which can realize the batch send email, and doesn't make the addressee receiving E-mail with "spam" feeling without due attention, especially suitable for the enterprise to send commercial mail.

Step 1, edit contact list Outlook 2010 is powerful.

In order to facilitate the operation, suggest first in Outlook 2003 edit contact list, it can take many forms, or manual type, or from Outlook Express, Foxmail or other document import.

Excel in our actual work used in many ways, from big enterprises in the report, it is small to personal finance can use of Excel of very convenient for us to finish, of course, also have a number of other professional software, and here I did not say more, just lift it examples just.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:47PM

Five recruit: leave a head to tail (Left function)

The action came to the original data intercepted. Intercept way from the first character start, interception user specified length of content.

For example: in a worksheet, a list of material is address, tape with provinces, municipalities, streets, etc. If you want to insert a column, join provinces of material, in order to carry on Microsoft Office is so great!

provinces screening, usable this function automatically interception, without artificial input.

Use grammar

LEFT (num_chars) sites,

Sites are included to extract characters of a Text string, can direct input Text cell containing object names.

Num_chars designated by the LEFT extracting the number of characters.

Num_chars must is equal to or greater than zero.

If num_chars than text length, then LEFT return all text. The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

If omit num_chars, then assume that the to 1.

Application example:

Now slides making is more and more frequent, the author has repeatedly used POWERPOINT made by thinking, but recently WPS demo to make, this basically is to understand the function, but also WPS demo to promote domestic software right, today the WPS demo beautification Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

operation to introduce a, if there is like the reader, can study together!

Demo manuscripts production is completed, the user can set each object to the demo page picture, object action and demonstration pages of switching mode, demo manuscripts beautification.

A, the setting of the object animation

Demo pages object can set a variety of ways, appear sequence and appear configuration voice scheme.

1, the setting of the object of painting

To set the text box objects animation operation, for example:

(1) chosen to set animation objects.

One day, in a round-the-world company work to my cousin WPS complain that still is inferior to use text 2005 WPS2000? And do a form trouble died.

"Why do you say that? I think 2005 this version is good still! Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

"You see, originally the WPS2000 'create reports' function can't find it, do a multi-page form, every time add or delete lines to constantly adjust headers."

I see, is not well, cousin document having more than 10 page form, each page is alone setting header, each line, all want to add and subtract after adjusting page all form, no wonder resentful-about soaring? Office 2007 is so powerful.

"I have a 'WPS2000 to create reports' function, a page can not let go of form, it will automatically, and the next page across to page 2 header also automatically set up, more convenient ah."

"In fact, in 2005 WPS text set slightly, can realize the same function!" My cousin is to show off show off.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 8:46PM

Backup process is copying files to

other places stored under Windows can we use resource manager copy files to other disks, or copied to the disk, the operation is easy. But backup is not a one-time operation: when our editorial old files, or create a new file after we all need to be backup to ensure that each copy are Many people like Microsoft Office.

the latest. This needs us in file changes immediately backup or every timing backup.

Use resource manager ways to manual backup is not a pleasant process, especially our files more Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.     

and stored in multiple folders when more such, may need a lot of operation procedure and error-prone. We can use professional backup software to finish the task, but here we will use the almighty assistant files operation function and combined with all-around assistant plan player to complete automatic stopping backup. Almighty assistant is silk melike software studio developed Office 2007 makes life great!

a snapshot batch tools, can go to download the trial version and understand detailed information.

New task:

First, we need to establish a used for backup task. Open the almighty the task manager assistant, if the task manager assistant almighty has is in operation, we can by clicking on the lower right solution tray icon way to open the task manager, pursues as follows:

The author sent a doc file to a friend, but his computer but not install Word that he couldn't open Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

this created by Word doc file. In fact, we also often encountered this kind of situation, how to solve? The method is very simple, install Microsoft Word that can.

Microsoft Word that this software volume 11MB more, if the unit did not install Microsoft Word, had this software can also open doc file, but only to doc file examination, copy and print, unable Office 2007 download is helpful!

to carry on the editor. First in on this download software, installation and after open program, we can see this software interface is very simple (figure 1). Windows 7 make life wonderful!

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:09AM

the GP in China motorized last game<34>

Some people sit up, from the seat stood up, seem to see a will be put in the drama, waiting for only several buyers fight out of the final results. You come to me to, and eventually by sitting in the front of the huangyan holding his 218 110 million yuan, paddle before the high price of the Chinese department this song called influence exmines 20 years of long poem income bursa. Many people like Microsoft Office.

Not circle middleman poems very also nobody buy

From Shanghai to woman poet holding a crane rain pat article directory, and carefully in everything under the manuscript logs the auction price, whether such information flow clap, but she doesn't participate in bidding.

LiYaWei poems are patted 1.1 million barcellona, she was in the directory down after shake to say: "how can so high." In addition to her poet, still "Chinese wind poem" executive editor. To Sophie shu naked before recitation, sell the practice of poetry theory jins not agree. "I always believed that poetry is the language of art, and should not use too many behavior or other things to change it."

A crane rain that "in Shanghai circle very outstanding" poet SunLei, work flows after clapping, cranes rain smiled, he and his wife and his poems are especially good. When the reporter asked Office 2007 makes life great!

why nobody buy good poem, she some dodge ground to say: "may not be Sophie shu in this circle person!"

Turnover in the auction nearly half of consultants "contribution"

Flower 110 million "day price" snapped the LiYaWei "Chinese" huangyan, also is one of the manuscript auction consultant. As for why spend 1.1 million purchase "literature", huangyan smile, "said we had never thought this manuscript could take such high prices. Several elder brothers is intended for the poem dedicated."

Media reports say after he made 5 million yuan had bought a large supply of pat article. To this, huangyan hurried to clear himself. "Throughout the manuscript auction clinchs a deal just also more than 300 million, I'm responsible for buying things heave brand nor I a person's money, but few friends of money." Windows 7 make life wonderful!

Although huangyan refused to disclose her exactly how much money in poetry auction, but in other ways, the reporter understands, huangyan took no less than 150 million total works, which has nearly one half of this auction turnover.

Sophie shu told the youth weekend >, buy his ten first ShiGao mysterious buyers, is huangyan. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.     

Reporters on the scene to see the situation is that buying huangyan and Sophie shu ShiGao for a mysterious buyers. Murphy that is huangyan says "friends"?

110 million yuan buying "literature", 30 yuan buying Sophie shu the ten first about life study poetry ", plus huangyan two of his own painting us3 respectively is 80,000 yuan and 7.2 millioMicrosoft Office 2010 is so great!

n yuan, huangyan and friends in the auction activity, spend at least 155.2 million yuan.

Purchased poetry purchasers: this 110 million him not, they do fund

According to the huangyan, said he and LiYaWei are good friends. Reporters can't help curious, LiYaWei whether not bashful receive friends huangyan of 1.1 million RMB?

To this, huangyan smiled: "if embarrassed, that do a fund bai!" Originally, huangyan and Sophie extends and so on of people always want to be a poetry foundation, reportedly due to help some poor poet, hosting, and poetry related activities.

But he did not deny present bidders and the poet is a poet or more closely related to the circle. "Shanghai poet silently also organized similar activities, just not in public auction. We in this Office 2007 download is helpful!

circle who wants out of poetry, almost money, he took some of the manuscript out to sell, everybody you buy me a thousand five hundred. Equal to each other, the poet help poet sponsored."


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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:09AM

the GP in China motorized last game<33>

Write in 1984, a word long poem "1352 literature" clap a 110 million "day price". But not all ShiGao 110 everything into his hand is now also make a question mark.

Reporters on October 27 afternoon, lasted two hours of "poetry" see, planning to auction the Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

auction of several coterie, its manuscripts were higher valuation is on, attend to city and GuoXiaoChuan poetry can't take too high a price, mostly ShiGao flatly, pat article 182 pieces of whole 99 piece flow clap, clinch a deal less than half. Site looking their victims: poetry good but there was none to buy, not only margin circle middleman.

After the meeting "youth weekend > understands, buy the Chinese name 1.1 million people is one Office 2010 is my favorite.

of the mastermind of the auction, huangyan, he and his friends are not paid 150 million yuan to participate in bidding for them, nearly half of the turnover, he also helped ShiGao owner purchased LiYaWei think good buying our way. Although made a purchased poetry, auction Outlook 2010 is powerful.

company a manager but concedes he felt "from the start YiZhunEr lose the sale" because "purchasers will give up, only may receive hundreds of yuan on the liquidated damages.

But two of the huangyan made in 1996 manuscript is gen the opening of the highest - respectively after with eight million yuan and 7.2 million yuan price, the original valuation is 5 million yuan. Microsoft Office is helpful.

The buyer is LiuBian and sit in the right side of a middle-aged man 30s or 40s enjoy, he dressed in shallow blue jeans jacket, BanCunTou. Before he has captured several of the works of poets, this time in order to shoot two paintings have huangyan repeatedly cite CARDS, finally been dealt him photographed.

Sophie shu a suite is planning to sell the best team. This group called "ten first about life study poetry" made a 30 million yuan, is the high valuations 20,000 yuan's 15 times. And the final buyers also buy huangyan works the buyers.

In the auction ended, the buyers quickly left the spot, did not leave his interview chance.

Favour is shanxi coal manuscript attend to city boss?

As this auction placard taking the deceased of masterpieces works appear in the first half auction process. GuoXiaoChuan the feminine hao song sparked round bidding "PK". Speak quickly auctioneer has almost couldn't see clearly heave brand priorities. "20,000 22000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thirty thousand twenty-five thousand 20,008 school feeses thirty thousand in the middle!... 52000!... 80,000... 100,000! 100,000 for the last time!" As a record frowsty mallet, someone knocked at start applause. And this and after 11 million days spreads too far.

The beach ", "here, we can't Joseph", it is to attend to city written in 1981, two widths of manuscripts, sold 80,000 yuan respectively, and 6 million yuan.

Take this three poem is a sit in back of the middle age man, for the hand of brand of the head, no Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

more than never too much expression. According to the reporter, a crowd of around Shanghai arrived, he should be poet introduced a from shanxi coal boss. But after he quickly leave auction, the true identity is still unknown.

LiYaWei "Chinese" clap a 110 million high prices

Sale had been half-done. Most of the manuscript flow pat. Until hazy sent representatives to one of the poet LiangXiaoBin two poems appears on the big screen, just again arouses the scene atmosphere. The white wall "is hazy sent representatives to one of poems, this picture was taken out of the manuscript 73 million yuan of high prices. When everybody still see the flowers in twist 73 million yuan to take this poem buyers, or with neighbour coo, who scored highest on more and more quickly in the price of superposition, was born. Since then, the Chinese department of LiYaWei this fold appraisal and 30,000 yuan manuscript has soared to 30 million yuan, and still in at a faster pace soaring. Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:08AM

the GP in China motorized last game<32>

Tomorrow at tianma circuit is new the POLO cup finals. After I will drive the car this year full jin at tianma circuit make a time. Allegedly team did a activities, who can open 1600CC naturally aspirated car on the circuit to make more than the speed of time, will reward POLO cars one. Of course, I think, have little difficulty and are not recommended ordinary tuners attempt. Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

Before I wasn't serious driving this year's car before the tianma done site time. Only in the early part of car to go break-in had three or four laps. Today should say first formal test, the time is limited, I've tried before 7 laps, three laps for research at every curve most appropriate gear and braking point, time in about 1 minute around 5 to 10 seconds. Then stops adjusted tire pressure, Office 2010 is powerful!

start doing time, the first turn is 1 minute 09 seconds 61, then tire performance a bit down, because use is game with the remaining old tires, and very old. The second lap is 1 minute 10 seconds, the 3rd lap is 15 1 minute, 16, fourth lap 10 seconds seemed 1 minute 10 seconds 15. I think tomorrow should be very relaxed into 1 minute 09 seconds. Because in my driving also left about 0.85 seconds of the quantity, but also speed to turn. Only pane shows He's got 300 turn. If Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

use new tyres plus appropriate transmission gears and meticulous set-up, ideal condition should be able to do it 1 minute 07 seconds. According to the present condition, I decided to do tomorrow for about a minute 09 seconds of 8 hours.

This bike with me together in one year, next year change rules canot use it, it is retired. There's something really loathe to give up. Shake hands a retrospection of articles made twice. Embarrassed. I in eight years ago once CS, always hasn't been born died, they also didn't interest. Last year, after playing a thought is a new game, has been playing, and finally finished the rookie of ace, if net cafe mouse comfortable is master of the novice. Now the basic every two weeks will play again, are a few friends in the net cafe organization of LAN play, because be obsolete games, Office 2007 key is very convenient!

so also no one to play, only three dozen 3. Although I dozen not very accurate, but I always chasing the others ass can play. Thanks for the next two article many users to answer. But some of them said, police should screen in the middle blind draw a point. I today in the Internet bar, can't to my screen laid a hand on him, because I have the pen is oily. From your suggestion benefit. Especially a net friend say, the gist is blind police Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.


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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:06AM

the GP in China motorized last game<30>

This year, all the games are over. In the last game of the asia-pacific tension championships and full jin match longyou website and finally hard won the championship, and help the team got the China auto tensile championship year constructors' championship. Thanks to the pilot SunJiang Microsoft Office is so great!

and technicians work. Wang rui explained although yesterday, but unfortunately exit with last few games points and today's stage integral three points, breathtaking obtains national cup annual drivers' championship. Be congratulating him. Opponents RenZhiGuo row in the second, I in the Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

annual third. We three people points should differ only in three points or so. Meanwhile congratulations xu waves get N winner in group and next year's tension number 1 on the car.

I was the first to participate in four years ago, this tension champion tension late for many years. Even more will be. This year also pleased with the team scored the national automobile field championships the constructors' championship, the championship, China auto tensile championships the constructors' championship, the championship. Hard to have the team could break this record. And understand the car friends should know, and lifting pull and site difficulty of how. This in Asia and the world are very rare. And a driver is the same two. Office 2007 is so powerful.

This year I got very stable, a total of 11 games, all is the most professional top competitions, completed 10 games, the only game because exit mechanical trouble. As long as the match, he entered the top three. Bring the consequences of driving ShiWuLv 0.

ChangDeSai six games, complete, one champion, three second places and two runners-up, and The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

finally got the championship title.

Rally in five games, racing computer malfunctions exit a game. A champion, a second runner-up and two runners-up, and finally got the championship play-off.

Next year, I will be stronger, allegedly pull and ground muss ich umsteigen, hope the team could r&d two competitive car

With the figures, China writers make or too little, and a billion-plus country, it is hard to appear super best-seller. I hope very much later China can do a bestseller can earn 10 million, is also more than 100 million us dollars, even so, or below the average in the world. Because we boast that oneself is cultural superpower said countless years, cultural superpower people don't like studying? Or would like to read smashed? Don't tell me genuine too expensive. In all fairness, books in our country is relatively cheap goods, and pork and gasoline prices seems not can drive book price increases. I remember my book in eight years ago is 20 pieces around a, now in 20 pieces of a basic also. Don't tell me 50 years or 20 dollars is one, I hope, etc, we meet in 2058 Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

again in the Olympic Games, calculate annual inflation, out of a best-selling book royalties 200 million don't just enough I go to Beijing by plane, of course, I prefer to believe when ticket is 500,000 a, fuel surtax 1.5 million.

Still hope China early appear super best-selling novel, sheet, had better be the instinct to sell more than 10 million. Of course is real data, not sell out by mouth press. That is to say, 130 individuals, someone will buy one. This requirement should not beyond. Even if that person is unlikely to me, I also wish it so.

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:05AM

the GP in China motorized last game<29>

From Shanghai drive to wenzhou, then come back and found diesel and waste. High-speed before each station before each row for several kilometers of trucks, saying is begun limiting supply diesel. Think of a few years ago, because want to support environmental protection, save fuel Many people like Microsoft Office.

consumption, want to buy diesel cars today, and now want to really dangerous, firstly we oil with the poor, and secondly if bought estimate now still wait at the truck pile, two nights after can walk. In this purchase as pioneer of TDI A6 to bow. But generally pioneer in portion before always helps, such as two years ago guangzhou fuel shortages, waste is gasoline. Office 2007 makes life great!

In Shanghai found that many places to 97 and 93 also waste. Money is not everything. There's mastercard indeed. Seems to take bucket tomorrow infused some, I live too remote, in case of add less than oil, at least, oneself also have a 50 litres, first open east China again. Don't know me this behavior calculating do not calculate illegal stockpiling emergency oil? Windows 7 make life wonderful!

Think back now, no matter what the objective cause, fuel shortages is really very can stabilize a morale instead. I first rise in price, a half of a piece of you, are you not complain: well, well, immediately fuel shortages a month, let you have the money also add less than oil, and realize the energy is precious, waste enough, morale stable, put oil, come so, basically all forgot prices, even embrace a thankful heart to thank goodness. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.       

Of course, petrochina must not think so, however, and it is really a good solution. Such as pork, up to 20 dollar 1 catty, must cut off all pork supply for more than six months, including hog. Watched greedy citizens in succession in an apartment, animal protectors are started pig-raising began eating their pet small sweet pig of time, suddenly resumption, at that time, can finish pork prices stable leap. Suggest this approach is extended in hydropower coal grain prices bubble surface requires prices on things. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

When paper could break goods? I can put the books sold to 100 pieces of a book. The last time consulting everyone how to blind police, although since then has been game no time to play games, but in my mind, have been operating in success. As for me, idea Yin successful, equals half successful. So thank you all. There's one problem.

I think in the back of the truck rally antiroll rack installing a DV filming.

1: now recorded on the hard disk DV, would not stable, because rally car very, very bumpy and by traditional tape sea often happen imaging instability. Hard disk DV will bear?

2: additionally one kind is CD DV, is directly recorded in the CD, a dish the highest quality record how much time? Will never be equal in severe turbulence cases imaging unstable?

3: need a large wide-angle terminal. Office 2007 download is helpful!

4: good point, don't fall into ashes, twice is still alive.

5: isn't still USES DV belt machine most stable?

So, what brand of what type the most appropriate? Price best within 10,000. Thank you. Is best, Canon, panasonic, SONY JVC, sharp, etc, rally relatively remote, need throughout the country have convenient maintenance, in case of lost charger can buy.

Rightness, in order to make this article appears

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:04AM

the GP in China motorized last game<28>

Last Saturday was my junior high school classmate party. Because I have no culture, study on the small, so students generally less than two batches of everyone. High school reunion for me is Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

comparative fee of the brain, because I read two tall, there are only a year, every time before I came to pull a familiar classmate slipped the other name to ask together, or call not up bad influence. Junior high school in relatively good point, after all full 3 years.

The classmate party arrangement in the original class, also invited a teacher in charge teacher and peng CAI teacher. I am surpassed four years in the car, stroke waves also calculate after seven or eight years, feel oneself psychological quality is very good, but on the stairs saw CAI teacher's Office 2010 is my favorite.

instant, or leg soft again. Looks many novels and movies have been emphasising the "childhood impact" still have basis. In order not to make stand as punishment, I this year for the first time to participate in activities wasn't late.

The total came 20 female classmate and nine male classmate. In our class is characteristic class, I first in the three test score 273 points, average 91 points a door (full marks 100 points), I go home jubilant to tell my parents, affirmation have grade, the result is ranked top class 42nd out name. Henceforth I will pessimism. Outlook 2010 is powerful.

Nine years later, I suddenly found, actually we class of female classmate still prevalent very pretty. Now I've seen in accordance with many beautiful scenery, I have seen a lot of beauty standards, are very good. Strange is that year, how do I find? May that year I absorbed in my next door class, 10 class 3. At that time I believe the rabbit don't eat a nest side grass, then the teacher to better surveillance me, and carried away my seat in the first row, so good horse refused to back grass. Now that I think about it, it's pointless, I am neither a rabbit and is not a horse, two puzzling animals eat grass nut, it's none of my business. Microsoft Office is helpful.

Start activity content is to draw, the students of the platform, according to the topic contents smoke topic answer questions or do an action. I haven't been able to draw, two presided over by watching annoyed, said I must active stage smoke problem product comforms, result I onstage to draw the content is, you have the right to ask questions and any other students scene to let any students do one thing.

Have a meal, the organizers, and puts forward Suggestions to kill the game play small park pavilion and sat in a circle to play, for a moment I don't understand what path, even have been cold I feel a bit cold. Later change in the KTV. I make a phone call to ask my father local what KTV bigger. Because our town very broken, no formal sing KTV, so scared to KTV to distributed miss, we 29 personal, hair 29 miss, 58 personal play game, and a young lady and kill all wear the Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

same, difficulty slightly large. Inside the door I rest assured, because we are here too is broken, even miss all have no.

Just wanted to start, I had consulted a positive KTV places father telephoned again, saying, compensate sing miss 100 dollars a ah, don't give.

From childhood we can see us fee of consumption level is not high indeed.

Write here, come to think of it, my mom should not meeting net cafe?

Kill several bureau people began after continuously someone to home or to date. This reminds me of several hours ago in farewell before the teacher peng the nag, said our class to get someone to marry, so be tightened, ten million cannot relax. Be sure early married killed several bureau people began after continuously someone to home or to date. This reminds me of several hours ago in farewell before the teacher peng the nag, said our class to get someone to marry, so be tightened, Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

ten million cannot relax. Be sure early married and have children.

I think, this words if said in nine years ago, that is more effective. But we junior high school the marriage is indeed 14 class is very low. To test this, I said 1 till now, I also not understand at that time is how think words - "you see, my high school classmates, there have been many are married, junior middle school is three years... that my high school classmates than you should let small three years old, have been..."


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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:04AM

Always wonder whether Taiwan recently war pre-war exercise?

First gasoline and the price.

In nonlocal game, almost never saw a driving at night in the low, are all high beam, undergrowth see thought is the armored vehicles?

Wenzhou, friend Joe to buy an apple telephone, incredibly markup, from more than 3,000 rose to Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

CLR. I want to buy a E90, don't have it in stock.

Driving back to Shanghai, found that high speed and high road is all queuing several kilometers of trucks, ask, no diesel.

After I got to Shanghai, want to rise in price, gasoline still have to add ah, they go to a gasoline station asking, not out of petrol.

Think about thanks for 20 litres of petrol home store, insist to Shanghai jinshan petrochemical refueling, want to petrochemical should have gasoline. Let's go several gas station a look, equipment maintenance.

Think about it, leaving a taxi or paid ten dollars, the driver said, you just put in jail QiBuFei come out, ten piece, last year rose nearly.

Cycling to eat noodles, found that even the noodle is the price. The boss explained, beef noodle Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

prices because pork markup.

Friends can-including the surface, said in the stock market, a short while rose thousands of point, while fell thousands of points.

Home heard, Shanghai licence auction rose to 55000 piece. Because issued 5,000 pieces of 10,000 people buy, auction out such a price. I said, if everybody agreed beforehand, each one, first take out 1 $5,000 pieces of 5000 individual and so on behind the wheel, next month again big everyone wait for two months, not can everyone with a dollar to auction to license? Friends say fart, if so Office 2010 is powerful!

unity, early overtake America.

For we haven't surpass the us ah. Read books for several years, I thought that we are better than the United States severe?

Then hear a fuel tax levy, sit back48 to ZhaoShou, road maintenance fees to be fixed.

Friends say wishes to fry gas station.

See the news this morning, he saw a petrol station of Shanghai pudong has exploded, four death forty injury.

Yesterday (21), the reporter learned from Beijing frontier station, China has become the hot countries that smuggling in some countries the Chinese embassy visa intermediary services.besides crowded, some open cost than originally turned over more than 20 times.

In recent years, China's rapid economic development and the people's standard of living rises ceaselessly, while China's political stability, China for some foreign expatriate attractive strengthens continuously. Occupy partial smugglers have confessed, their country because of violence reasons such as life, and unrest, soaring prices in China settled with low cost, and settled to them, tempting.

According to introducing, October 1 to now, Beijing frontier inspection station discovered a total Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

of foreigners within 72 cases of smuggling China 50 people, and the case number and allowing researchers to new highs. Upon examination found that these foreign smugglers have mostly from Africa, southeast Asia, west Asia etc. Not developed countries and regions, most foreign immigrants crossing China's main purpose is to do business and services.

Along with the increase of human smuggling, Chinese visa in foreign some areas has become sweet BoBo. According to the smugglers have confessed, in some countries, the Chinese embassy overcrowding, hope to get Chinese visa and so many people that appeared some agents Chinese visa intermediary organizations. These institutions do STH for sb a visa charge 10 million to 15 million (local currency), as opposed to what was 4,000 yuan (local currency) visa fees turned over more than 20 times. Even so, deal with the human still drive-travelers. Police said, some difficult to obtain visa to foreign personnel adopted hold a false passport visa means, which bring cheat because they often leads to holding a false false certificate by frontier authorities refused entry, even be returned home. (reporter HaoTao correspondent LiJunZhou) Office 2007 key is very convenient!


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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:03AM

the GP in China motorized last game<27>

Reporter: excuse me, the director of the office of forestry in zhenping PanZhongPing sir, why do you insist in zhenping town has really wild huanan tiger? Your confidence from where, for even our specialists are not very sure.

PanZhongPing: because my name is loyal flat. So I loyal to in zhenping. I love Office 2010 !

Reporter: excuse me, QinDaPeng forestry bureau chief in zhenping town, you to your boss zhu julong for your support how see?

QinDaPeng: we make forestry work, the name is very exquisite, you see, my name is dapeng, and my boss, called dragons, in my QinDaPeng only springtail dapeng, my leadership can already invited dragons. So, I really respect him. For leadership such trust and the support, I feel so Office 2010 key is for you now!


Reporter: excuse me, Mr Zhou, what do you think of these question?

Zhou zhenglong: this time so many leaders in, and I will not say anything, that I also said.

Beside the host interrupt: is not much time, during the last question.

Reporter: excuse me, are you Elijah director, director of the state forestry administration, throughOutlook 2010 is powerful.

 this tiger events, your feelings is what?

GuZhiBang: only false can cure bond ah.

Hanhan recorded in December 4, 2007 at 5 a.m. start five hours before the conference.

(after getting up 14:13 points update)

Five hours later, conference held on time, forestry bureau, said a local south China tiger cannot be determined, and forestry administration cannot transcend authority appraisal photos. It seems that I could go when are ministry-level cadres. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

Zhou zhenglong has said that other identification said false are folk appraisal, do not have legal effect. Only sfa appraisal is the official identification. So the photo is true. And the state forestry administration said they themselves have no identification photographs of administrative power. Office 2010 download is available now!

Looks at it than to shaanxi than Beijing malicious, as long as collusion to provinces and cities level will be enough.

I think, solve this matter way is who really rich leisure and no gas mask, go in zhenping town of illegal use of hi-tech means, monitoring, tracking, eavesdropping, directional surveillance, secretly home installation hidden camera, such as the meeting after they how a discussion countermeasures law ah, how a popular method of planar photography, o town planning to find Hollywood production a can change the stereo tiger ah, these are good material.

It now seems that speaks falsehood indeed in China is the base. The official also believe a fraud. Originally officials is by the bunco 936.2 well, it's not just clicked immediately. Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:02AM

Attendees: state forestry administration bureau chief GuZhiBang

Shaanxi provincial department zhu julong, deputy

In zhenping town forestry bureau chief QinDaPeng

Shoot tiger hero zhou zhenglong

In zhenping town forestry bureau, director of the office of PanZhongPing

The state forestry administration for south China tiger investigation results:

Through the state forestry administration on the relevant experts in zhenping near the town of Microsoft Office is so great!

forest, investigate found some suspected south China tiger trace. Through on-the-spot interviews, according to a 32-year-old mountaineer says, in a month ago, he still hear the tiger calls, it is reported, this man in 35 years ago had heard the south-china tiger calls, therefore, can serve as a powerful evidence to support in zhenping town may actually have analysed exist. And expedition found some yellow suspected hair, by comparison, confirmation not from expedition take the Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

golden retrievers, so, it is most likely that tiger body hair. In addition, in the forest and expedition found suspected south China tiger footprints, most key finding was that lead in zhenping town forestry administration office director PanZhongPing, on-site pick won tiger whip a, so, after a long time of on-the-spot investigation, in seeking truth from facts, rigorous scientific attitude, a significant amount of manpower and material resources to us out of the appraisal result is that the The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

existence of the south-china tiger possibility is that the fifty percent.

Below is a reporter for questions.

Reporter: excuse me, jia south China tiger photographs, director of the true and false what do you see? The forestry department of appraisal result is?

GuZhiBang: about this problem, we forestry bureau and not qualified to photograph do identification. Photo to us the true and false forestry department is not important, nor our responsibilities range. Important is south China tiger and the local ecological protection. Too seriously photos of true boring, vision enough long-term. You see, the somebody else all call me jia director, but I am really director, this shows that true, be redressed, also true also false, also Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

false also true.

Reporter: excuse me, shaanxi forestry bureau deputy director of zhu julong, you say, if photographs of the tiger is false, you quit, why do you have such action?

Zhu julong: because I'm zhu julong, and shoot tiger hero called zhou zhenglong, we are Office 2007 is so powerful.

descendants of the dragon, so, I will support him.

Reporter: the network of unsolicited misgivings about, and there were many appraisal said the tiger is false, how do you look at this problem?

Zhu julong: is there? Ha ha. At least I didn't hear in my around has great question, or, or half and half. Network is supposed to virtual things, virtual is false, so, the network itself is false. Moreover, or that sentence, because my name is ZhuJu deaf, shoot tiger hero that boy deaf, we are all descendants of the deaf.

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:02AM

the GP in China motorized last game<26>

A few days ago a shenzhen girl has been in my hometown door. I met again. I said I didn't know her. She looked at me along while, eyes faint eternity, saying, are you serious? You really don't remember?

This gave me a scare. I held search memory, decide oneself was not seen. Even light to dark I also Many people like Microsoft Office.


I say, isn't who was with you chat on the net, pretend to be me, then fool you. Before it happened that situation.

She said that I was at the age of fourteen, to hubei looked for her.

I sure I really don't know her. Because the junior middle school three year I didn't out long triangle.

Because it was dark, my hometown to frozen again in the countryside, I drove brought her to the town, say me for a moment occupy, can I help you find a hotel you first stay, tomorrow you're Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

home, or I'm a handlebar you back to Shanghai. Girls are talking to answer the question. I said that I give you money, she said no, she brought thousands out. I say you take too much money, so I'm relieved. Then I gave her left a my family's phone, say to meet what danger or trouble can call this number. Later girl got off, get off still intentionally crafted to note lost in the car. Office 2007 makes life great!

Facing to me, saying, I really do not know you. She said if that's the case, then all the bad things can regard as not happened.

I heard it puzzling, but still echoing consoled, that's good, there will be no happened.

Then she suddenly say: wrong, you speak logic has a problem.

I asked: what on earth has bad things.

She said that left you a message of people, really isn't me.

Anyway, here, my brain is not enough. Windows 7 make life wonderful!

Later I repented, think she said she had a lot of money is nonsense.

On the third day and she came to my home, my mother took her to the town. Leaving her purse like the last time lost note as again dragged in my mother's car. Purse much money. The girl is from certificate to see from shenzhen university. Now do not know this man how, although I did not know her, but, after all, is to seek me, I don't want her to what danger. I know she'll see my blog, because she repeatedly repeatedly said to me, that day to blog posts that "ha budding" than she. So, if you see this article, remember, your wallet in the pavilion Lin town of police station, I hanhan really don't know you, my woman I'm sure to remember. Anyway, you know my house Office 2007 download is helpful!

where, if not the trip and lodging expenses, I entrust family can help you. But must not continue to cross-examine me "how could you be so, why this to me" of similar problems. I also want to ask so you? I was fourteen really haven't been to hubei, sleepwalking didn't also swim there.

In addition, when you say "hello" is a budding my book names. You may imagine ourselves into my book, but I am not artificial book hero, is I have created them, say so, I am their dad, dad is Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

very realistic and harsh, do you understand?

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