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Thu, Mar 31st - 11:15PM

March 29: Not Fun Any More

The Age of Napoleon, p. 302
56.1 miles

96 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen:-16: 43/56.

0bama's inner Bracket.

Some Commander in Chief.

Lest we forget. I'd be terrified.

    And we think man can “kill the planet.”
    As Michael Crichton wrote:
    “What an intoxicating vanity.”
    blatantblue on March 28, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    I thought the President was going to stop the rising oceans.
    elcapt on March 28, 2011 at 6:03 PM

It was PBHO, in the Oval Office, with a Waffle.
I rock at Clue.
Bishop on March 29, 2011 at 10:42 PM

This afternoon the people who put in the HVAC came by to inspect it and clean the filters, etc.  This is a lengthy process, but I'm sure glad they do it.  After that and after lunch we went out to Rancho Cordova to pick up one cache (well, we got two) because it was the last one we needed for one of the challenges we signed yesterday.
It was a quick find, sort of a waste of gas and time for very little, but hey, we can count the cache! (or so I thought.)

On the way home we stopped to look for plants and by the way at PetSmart.  The cats there are all huge. One had her owner go to a assisted living home, but the one that broke my heart was let go when the owners were going to have a baby. I'm sorry, but when you get a pet you should commit to taking care of it through thick and thin unless, say, you have to go to a nursing home. Sometimes circumstances get in the way, but having a baby shouldn't be it.  Anyway, we picked up a toy for the dog, and his delight was palpable. He held it high and ran off with it, then chased it when I tossed it, and he was wagging the whole time.

Tonight we went to the History Society reward dinner. Good food. We ended up sitting with a former county stupidvisor... a different one from last year.  At this rate we'll go through all of them eventually.  The show was historical postcards of Sacramento.  Neat.

And then at home the cache hider for the challenge cache disallowed three of the qualifying caches. I am so frustrated and annoyed.  They have landslides, or they're drowned, and NOW I can't log them.  Suddenly, this game isn't as much fun any more.

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Thu, Mar 31st - 6:08PM

March 28: Quick Caching Trip

The Age of Napoleon, p. 302
56.5 miles

94 recordings of 36 types

Rasmussen: -12: 47/52

May we use the common to accomplish the extraordinary. (Father Ice-Cream's Homily)

What will 0bama say tonight?

Obama will stick to script and attempt to justify a policy that is broken, goals that are vague, allies that are Islamists, and the lack of any exit-strategy. What I suggest instead is that he tell the truth: He got played. Obama got maneuvered into getting involved in Libya because the Europeans, particularly the French and Italians, were concerned about their access to oil and a refugee crisis.
...The Europeans played Obama so easily because they appealed to his guilt instincts.  Obama sincerely believes that under Bush the United States was a Cowboy Empire,  insensitive to the sophisticates in Europe.  He has been all to eager to demonstrate that he’s different and willing to allow them to lead.

    The reason he’s maddening is he’s so pseudo-pedantic, and pseudo-professorial, and pseudo-ivory tower, and pseudo-law book precise.

    He just a brazen poseur, and an empty suit at that. Plus he’s arrogant and speaks to us all as fools.

    petefrt on March 28, 2011 at 9:13 PM

School admissions season (for preschool)

Homeschooling freedom.

I wanted to try for a first-to-find on a challenge cache.  Unfortunately, it's in Yuba City.  So after bowling, Rich came home and we bopped on up.  We found 6 caches and signed the log for two challenges that I'm pretty close to, and then we were at the levee for the Sutter Bypass. Oops.  There were three challenge caches there, including the one I was after... all underwater.

Also, one of the puzzle caches I'd figured out was at the base of a sign... a sign which had been blown over. So I called the cache hider, who wasn't in, but his wife said she would let him know. It was basically a repeat of last Monday, except we did actually find some this time.  Oh, well.

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Tue, Mar 29th - 11:10PM

March 27: Dino Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 302
55.5 miles
Beginning to clear up. At last!

90 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/53

WAY too hard.

Gates as incoherent as 0bama.

In church this morning, Father had a vote about when the Good Friday service should be, and Rich and I cancelled each other's vote out.  However, I think his 7:30 choice is going to beat my noon choice.  Oh, well.

We took Gareth to Dinosaur Day at Sierra College today.  He was happy to go byebye in the car, but cried when we stopped.  Then he ran around up and down, in and out, never stopping unless one of us grabbed him.  We showed him bones and animals and a gecko, and he got to frost a cookie though he wouldn't eat it then... he told some of our friends that he was 2.  He put crayons in a box. Then he was walking again and I suggested we turn around and go back to Djadja, and he started to cry "go home."  Oh, you're tired (he hadn't had a good night last night.)  "go Nana's house. Go Djadja's house."  Yes, we'll leave.

I told Rich to stay to see the watermelon explode (liquid nitrogen) and we started off.  "WHOMP!" Rich was happy.  Then we left.  That was about 3 minutes per dollar. Oh, well.  Maybe in two years.  Back at the house there was a lot of quiet play, books, etc.  When it was time to go home, a few more tears.  Roni called and talked to Rich and I was disappointed that we won't be seeing her on Wednesday.

Crayons!     Spelling his Name

Gareth conked out about two blocks from home.  He opened his eyes but wasn't awake, and Rob put him down for a nap. Joanna, meanwhile, was wearing a dress and pinafore I made for her mother (who has decided J. must be bigger than she was.) Really cute!

Conked Out     Joanna

And so home.

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Mon, Mar 28th - 11:43PM

March 26: Kinetic Electronic Watching Action

In other words, vegging out again.

The Age of Napoleon, p. 302
54.5 miles
rain, storm, I'm sick of it.

93 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52

I'm .2 pounds down, and borderline BP.

I expect to see a heart attack on the video!!

Yes, now you can be just like the North Koreans, for just an hour. Knuckle under to the Greenies and do your part for global socialism. Live in the dark like your comrades in North Korea. Me, I'm going to turn on every light in the house for earth hour and revel in my capitalist glory.

(Actually, I forgot all about Earth Hour.  Shucks.)

The American Pickers are Frank and Mike, and it reminded me of KNBR which I listened to in the '70s and early '80s, with Frank and Mike in the morning. Did a little research.

Frank Dill and Mike Cleary. I now have friended Frank and Mike on FB. Then there was Carter B. Smith, The Prince trapped in the body of a disc jockey. I remember his t-shirt collection. Aw.... he died in January. He was 74. I always thought he was younger than I.

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Mon, Mar 28th - 1:43PM

March 25: The Annunciation

The Age of Napoleon, p. 296
54.5 miles

99 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/52

On Wednesday Rich went out to Mather to talk to the Veterans' representative about the compensation for servicemen from the VietNam conflict who have developed lung cancer or prostate cancer.  A friend at church told us about it, and it looks promising.

Today the weather was dreadful. It's the Feast of the Annunciation, but I didn't make it to church, just vegged.

Congress and the Social Security Snooze Button.

He didn't tell Congress because further delay would have "cost lives"????

Didn’t this guy used to look for opportunities to deliver major speeches? That was supposed to be his bread and butter, right? Communicating with the masses through (allegedly) fabulous oratory, sending thrill after thrill up the exhausted legs of Chris Matthews. Three years ago, his team would have been scrambling for airtime to do an Oval Office address. Three years later, after his endless “messaging” campaign of speeches on ObamaCare ended with a GOP tidal wave in November, I guess they’ve wised up.

Peggy Noonan

    Sylvia Hanneken wrote:
Obama is now in phase III of his Presdential communication plan:
- Phase I: I am here to rescue the county from is bad self. Have you noticed how much nicer I am going to be than the last guy?
- Phase II: Constant hectoring of the populace about their failure to understand what I am doing and why it is so good (Obamacare). Jobs, debt? We will get to those later. Are you people paying attention in the back?
- Phase III: Talk to the American people, Congress about war or military force? I talked to them last year and see that got me! You people are interfering with my golf game...
As my friend Karl used to say (I have actually improved upon it: History repeats itself. The first time is tragedy, the second dramedy, and the third time is FARCE.

Can you say "corruption"?


Sri Lanka burns him in effigy.

As usual, the New York Times is Surprised.

Smallest Coalition since Cold War.

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Sat, Mar 26th - 11:27AM

March 24: Chemo Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 296
54.5 miles
major storm!

103 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 48/52

Strange (actually LYING) definition of "unilateral."

Oh, well, that's all right then.

Chemo day! I woke Rich at 7, and he was upset because he overslept. He'd set his alarm for 6:30... PM.  A little rushed, but he was ready to go on time.  They hadn't taken him in when I left for the Retreat House. Now I know I can wait about 10 minutes longer... it only takes 3 or 4 minutes to get to Christ the King.

When I got back Rich was on his second bag already.  His white blood count was even higher than when he started. (Gee, I only gave him beets once, speaking of old wives' tales.) I finally made a graph for myself so I can actually visualize the comparisons, and all the important things are up from the last "first week," except for the platelets which are just above critical.  With all the red meat I've been giving him, I'm surprised.

One woman there was irritating the pancreatic cancer guy by reading her prayerbook aloud.  He has to have blood donations before he can go again so he didn't stay long, and she never heard him asking her to be quiet.  Meanwhile, I was reading my Bill Bryson book and the Aussie across the room started talking to me about it. He enjoys Bryson, too. I didn't recognize his accent till someone else (who comes in with his 24-year-old grandson) said something about "down under".  Oh, yeah.

The woman who knits hats wasn't there today, but there were about 10 really attractive hats in the waiting room.  I left 4 books and an old Analog, so I won't feel bad if another book attracts me: I'm ahead.

Rich's eyes go a little wonky so I definitely am the driver afterwards.  He went into the house and I popped on down to the store to pick up ground pork.  Then I made golabki for dinner.... yum. After I got back from the store I cocooned in: I wasn't going to take the trash out till tomorrow because of the weather, but there was a little break and I got the cans out about 8PM.  The sky was an incredible darkish blue color to the west, where there was a small break in the clouds.  And then, of course, the skies opened again. 

Holy toledo.

The 0bama Doctrine: Whatever he feels like.

I have always said "feckless" described Clinton.  "Incoherent" is the word for 0bama.

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Sat, Mar 26th - 10:03AM

March 23: Joanna and Gareth (oh, and their mother) Visit

The Age of Napoleon, p. 292
54.5 miles
rain, again

102 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 47/52

Bernadette was taking the kids out for Easter pictures so brought them by the house. I moved furniture and did a fairly good job of babyproofing.  Then, when I was making Gareth a waffle for breakfast, Rich put some newspaper on the toaster on its way to recycling. Fortunately I saw it and immediately threw it off, no fire.  Whew!

Joanna quite liked the Muno guitar, so Gareth decided he wasn't afraid of it any more and in truth, it was his favorite toy ever. Joanna discovered the eye and arm make noise, which was news to the adults.

We set up a TV tray so he could have lunch at the same time as Joanna (only one booster seat over here.) They were back awfully late for lunch, but the kids hadn't melted down.

I ran "Toy Story 2" for Bernadette. Next time she comes for the day, we'll do "TS3".

DSC02869     DSC02875 DSC02864     DSC02867

Joanna is this close to walking. The only accident she had today was when she pulled the wooden clock toy down on herself, fortunately without permanent harm.

No worries, Mr. President; Biden said this while talking to Iowa Democrats in 2007, in the context of potential military action against Iran. You know, that country that wants to build nuclear weapons and holds conferences on creating a world without the US and Israel? When the target of the attack is a country that hasn’t presented a threat to the US for years, it’s apparently no big deal … especially if that President is a Democrat.

Ed Morrissey
this isn’t comparable to Bush’s My Pet Goat moment.  For one thing, Bush may have waited a few minutes to finish up with the kids, but he didn’t absent himself from the response for four entire days.  Bush didn’t leave the country to finish reading the book to the kids, either.  Second, the 9/11 attack came as a surprise to Bush, while Obama launched this war himself and left the country knowing full well it would take place in his absence.
...My column concludes that most presidents would have welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate leadership at this moment.  Obama preferred to play soccer in the streets and do a samba chair dance instead.

Odyssey Dawn
“Apparently, our Libyan adventure is called ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ because ‘Operation Princess Rainbow Sparkle Pony’ wasn’t manly enough,” tweets CanadianCynic.

I go with the cruise ship.

But at least he’s clean and articulate. Dumber that a bag of hammers,but very clean and articulate.
katy the mean old lady on March 23, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    I had the exact same thought [That the Odyssey went on and on] — and shouldn’t a man with a classical Ivy League education have caught that reference?

Simple answer: yes!

But that begs the question…

Hey, has ANYBODY seen any proof?

Hmmm… I thought not.
Crusader Rabbit on March 23, 2011 at 8:12 AM

Who to Thank For Gaddafi's Lack of Nukes.

Questions for Liberals

Obama decided to bomb Libya in between making his Final Four picks and planning out a vacation to Brazil, probably because Hillary yelled at him. How about applying the same standards to Obama that you applied to Bush?


And more LOL.


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Fri, Mar 25th - 5:52PM

March 22: Miracle or Old Wives' Tale?

The Age of Napoleon, p. 292
54.5 miles
a bit of a break

100 recordings of 37 types

Rasmussen: -12: 46/53

The statistics for Rich's type of cancer are not good. I keep saying that someone has to be in the survival percentage, why not us? Obviously, I've been praying for a miracle.  Bernadette, surfing the web, may have found one.  This is the first I've ever heard of it, but the idea has apparently been around a while. I then did some surfing of my own, and found a popsci link, a skeptical oneothers with lots of technical words, a connection with prostate cancer, and research into a drug (talactoferrin alfa) for lung cancer.

There are lots of anecdotes, and some ethical questions about the supply.  (There's not enough milk in the milk banks for preemies, never mind adults.)

Is this a miracle, or an old wives' tale?  Well, Joanna is tapering off but Bernadette is still producing, so we're going to try.  It's not like Rich would do this instead of the chemo, but with it, it can't hurt and it might help. We all feel a bit weird about it, of course.  However, we wouldn't hesitate to ask for a targeted blood donation or a kidney, so this is only a step or two up in the weirdness factor.

I was thinking in Church how Father Ice-Cream is pushing praying to Blessed Mother Mary to intercede for us and how appropriate it would be if mother's milk was the cure. I was also remembering that St. Bernadette was the one who brought us Lourdes, which is supposed to lead to a lot of cures.

My girls like their milk fresh (2 dd's, ages 3, and 7mos) so I've been funneling my extra to my mom who just finished chemo and is about to start rad for cancer. This is her 3rd bout in 22 years so only this time am I more aware of the effects of chemo and the amazing gift God has given us with breastmilk. I tell hubby I have a "medicine *chest*" lol.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, In a Sunburned Land, Bill Bryson*, Sacramento The Hub, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

*I have to have a book I can carry around with me, to sit at chemo or take when we go out in the car.  So a lot of these are too big, or just not the sort of book you read all at once.

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Wed, Mar 23rd - 6:53PM

March 21: Drowned Caches

The Age of Napoleon, p. 289
54.5 miles
a bit of a break

96 recordings of 34 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 46/54.

King Jester.

While America sent its men and women into battle over the skies and off the coast of Libya, its Commander in Chief spent his day [kicking soccer balls] while in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

I was embarrassed for my country. Now I’m full-out mortified. The wait until November of 2012 will be endless.
WesternActor on March 21, 2011 at 8:12 AM

Rich and I noticed the weather was clear for awhile so I thought maybe we could go pick up a couple of caches. One, in particular, was of interest. It's a challenge I just filled out: one cache put out in each year, 2000-2011. We didn't have to find it in that year, which is just as well since we didn't start caching till 2003! I posted the list, and then we went down to the pocket area to Garcia Bend. (Pronounced Garsha, don't ask me why, is that Portuguese?) We walked along the levee with the dog and figured out we might be in trouble.  The Sacramento River is way over its banks, and running fast. I took a picture of the cache location... don't think it's there any more!

The other one is up in a tree: but you can't get to the tree. Oh, well, it was a nice pleasant walk anyway and the dog got to go with us which made him happy.

The Cache is Wet!     DSC02856

Juan Williams now says to Defund NPR. Not because he was fired, but because a Democrat said they were in the Democrat's pocket.  Williams is a liberal, yes, but a journalist first.

Rep. Israel has unintentionally endorsed every conservative complaint about NPR as a liberal mouthpiece.
...Rep. Israel has let the cat out of the bag and revealed the real reason Democrats keep funding NPR, which is that they believe that progressives can’t compete in the marketplace.

But Israel’s missive reveals even more than that.  It confirms that progressivism is antithetical to open markets and private enterprise.  Israel and the DCCC want to keep government in the position of picking winners and losers in markets through heavy-handed interventions, a form of corporatism that distorts markets and leads to irrational and inefficient outcomes.  That’s true in every area of enterprise, from health care to the Internet and to political thought.  It’s an elitist philosophy that assumes that everyone except for an elect few lack the sentient ability to choose for themselves.  If progressives can’t get good ratings, well, it’s because the sheeple need to be spoon-fed progressivism at their own expense!

My brother linked to a page that talks about these wars being sold as humanitarian but actually for oil. When you think about our (lack of) response to Rwanda, they may be right.  But the same people who scream about that don't want us to drill our own oil, which, lets face it, would make Middle East oil less of an issue. It's complicated. 

Might as well just  watch the bald eagles!

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Tue, Mar 22nd - 7:55PM

March 20: Dulce de Leche

The Age of Napoleon, p. 286
53.9 miles

Ask of the Lord rain in the spring season! It is the Lord who makes the storm clouds, and sends men the pouring rain! for everyone, grassy fields. ---Zachariah 10:1. Boy, talk about an appropriate verse, and it's the first one I had today.

97 recordings of 34 types. 

How long before John Kerry is against this war that he was for?

Today we remember St. Cuthbert.  I've had my run-ins with St. Cuthbert. Back in 1971 (or maybe '72) we were touring around England with the three kids and a friend (making the kid-to-adult ratio 1-1, the only way to go.) We had gone to the top of York Minster (around and around and around the circular stone staircase) and leaned out a high balcony at Lincoln Cathedral and later we were to walk on Hadrian's Wall and visit the Lake Country, then Rich got a bad infection and we called the trip short (before I got to go to Hay-on-Wye with its bookstores, probably just as well I suppose.)

I think it was this trip when we went to Durham, but I don't remember Wayne there. St. Cuthbert's grave is there, in the sanctuary. I had just found out that St. Cuthbert didn't allow women to come into the main body of the church, never mind the sanctuary, so as I knelt by his shrine, I oh-so-maturely stuck my tongue out at him. Instantly, I got a very painful stiff neck that lasted for 2 days. I couldn't turn my head or sleep well. I have only had that a couple of times since. I refer to it as "Cuthbert's Revenge." Gotta treat the saints with respect!

Monica was about 2 the time we went to Peterborough (she and Roni picked a LOT of daffodils at Lincoln Cathedral that time... oops!) and she stood on one of the graves there... Queen Catherine of Aragon, in fact.  Oops again. Fun times!

This afternoon we went to see "Guys and Dolls" in Davis. Good job, though not the best they've done recently, and this is not one of my real favorite plays. We also traded our Peter Pan tickets for 4 earlier ones, and renewed our subscription for next year. (Which shows hope. Fingers crossed.  Prayers!)  The theater company has a liquor license now, so they were offering "dulce de leche", the drink that did Our Heroine in, in Havana.  I decided to try it... Ummmmm good.

Why They Celebrate Murdering Children.

0bamateurism of the Week.  There are so many days with more than one, I suspect he should have three a day.

Told you so!

The Devil marching up and down. There are two priests I greatly admire who have been taken out of their ministries (well, one was well past the age of retirement) due to accusations: both by lawyers in Oregon (perhaps the same lawyer or firm): both without other accusations.  I talked to a district attorney who said child molesters don't quit, so there would be other accusers. In other words, I don't believe it, but they're ruined.  I figure Father Ritter (of Covenant House) was targeted by the sex industry he was fighting so hard.

Father Corapi being ex-military, has preached over the years about a tactic of war the devil practices, i.e., destroy an organization by targetting the officers. In the Church that means destroy the clergy and the people are left without shepherds.

He has also from time to time expressed anger and dismay over the injustice of rushing to judge accused priests by removing them from their ministry when a charge is levelled against them. How ironic that this is apparently what is happening to him.

He has spoken of sadness and disappointment when a priest he loved and admired, a mentor, was stripped of his active priesthood.

Reminiscent of the passion — being accused, stripped and punished without a judgment of guilt….

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Tue, Mar 22nd - 1:58PM

March 19: Out and About

The Age of Napoleon, p. 283
53.9 miles

101 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/54

I'm 1.8 pounds up (which sounds awful except for the fact all week it's been above that.) I have borderline BP  and I've been double dosing vitamins. I thought they were the calcium pills, but no, it's the vitamins. You expect me to be compos mentos first thing in the morning?

John Fitzgerald: A silly, ineffective, unfocused clown. He gives clowns a bad name.

I wanted to sit home and grumble about the weather, but Rich wanted to go see the water being released at Folsom Dam. Yeah, it's pretty spectacular.  We also went to check on Natomas Dam, too.  On the way home we saw a Chipotle and Rich remembered that Monica gave us some gift cards.  So for lunch we went to the Chipotle at Country Club Centre. I'm quite impressed.

 Folsom Dam

Then tonight we had a party at St. Phil's. They had about a week's notice but had about 100 people, and served corned beef and cabbage (and the best boiled carrots I've had in years!) Nice company and good food.

The Two-Trillion Dollar Mistake
    A second such “error” in less than two years either indicates extraordinary incompetence, or something more deliberate in action at the White House.


I vote it’s both. They are incompetent and liars.
rbj on March 19, 2011 at 1:53 PM

Steven den Beste

The Obama administration, combined with two years of strong Democratic majority in Congress, has caused incalculable damage to this country and the world. But we’ve recovered from worse, and it will discredit the left for a generation. The left finally gained control for two years, and now Americans have seen what that truly means. In November of 2010 American voters gave the left a stinging rebuke, and it’s going to keep happening.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hey, it’s exactly 8 years to the day since Bush started bombing Iraq! If you voted for change, this is the change you voted for. . . .

What I like about 0bama...

Barack Obama - He's George Bush with a Peace Prize.

What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war....What I am opposed to is the attempt by political hacks like Karl Rove to distract us from a rise in the uninsured, a rise in the poverty rate, a drop in the median income. --October 2, 2002 (Barack Obama)

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Mon, Mar 21st - 12:27PM

March 18: Toddler Therapy

The Age of Napoleon, p. 272
53.9 miles

95 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 45/54.

I picked up Gareth this morning and brought him here.  It was just a quiet day at home.  I read him books and played with a couple of toys with him.  And he had macaroni and cheese for lunch.

He had about an hour quiet time in my lap and we watched Yo Gabba Gabba.  Special time!

When we took him home, the house was too dark for my camera so I had to use the flash, which immediately makes Joanna look different from the eye-closing.  This one was good, though.


I found the perfect challenge cache for our #10,000.  We already have 3 (later amended to 5) of the 25 needed caches. This is for the oldest caches of various types in the area.  The hardest one we'd have to do this summer: it's 8.5 miles at altitude. We'll see how Rich is doing. There are a couple of other hard ones, but that's the real kicker.

0bama's on the wrong side of history.

The OMB nominee finally has to admit the obvious.

Immediate cease-fire. If only we'd spoken up 3 weeks ago.

0bamateurism of the day.

President Present.

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Sat, Mar 19th - 9:18PM

March 17: St. Patrick's Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 272
53.9 miles
cloudy, gray

97 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -20: 44/55

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.”~ Milton Friedman

The only green thing I could find this morning was my "Stop Plate Tectonics" sweatshirt. It dawned on me during Mass at the retreat center that it was in poor taste.  Back at home I put a different green t-shirt over a longsleeve one.

Makoto is OK, and he says thank you to all the American families. And I got word a couple of days ago that the elephant seals weren't hurt.

Rats, Highway 1 slid away between Carmel and the challenge cache I worked so hard on... guess that alters our plans. Not that there's any point in making plans since the weather just keeps getting worse, and the lab hasn't called to make a CT scan appointment with Rich. I have to wait till his appointment is set to make my own for a mammogram.

It was fairly nice today, but tomorrow it won't be, so I can't take the boy to the Folsom Zoo. It'll be nice if we ever go, because they have a cougar kitten and a young bear, among other things.

What, no ferries?
Cindy Munford on March 17, 2011 at 10:17 AM


BO may not be transparent, but we can see right through him.
NeighborhoodCatLady on March 17, 2011 at 8:08 AM

As if.

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Fri, Mar 18th - 10:22PM

March 16: Neighborhood Cache

The Age of Napoleon, p. 267
53.9 miles
clearing then rain

98 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -21: 42/56.

I am really sick of Pelosi.

With the impending nuclear meltdown, two wars and everything else going on, however, you'll be relieved to know that President Obama did complete his NCAA basketball brackets on time. And he made Wednesday night's Democratic Party fundraiser too.

Despise not prophesying.

So, for the first time in some weeks, I took a look at "nearby caches" and there was one at the end of my street! Less than two tenths of a mile away! Rich had left for a walk with Pharaoh.  NO, I couldn't wait for him, so I slipped some shoes on and off I went with the GPSr in hand.  And realized, as I got to the end of the street, that it was time for the junior high school to let out. Finally the different groups of kids went off, and the landscaper got out into traffic, so the car behind could leave, too. Only he didn't.  He sat there and sat there. I walked around the corner then came back. I walked around the other corner. I stood at ground zero and took some surreptitious looks, I paced, I walked past the car, but finally I gave up and sulked on home.

When Rich got home, I told him the story and out we both went.  A school bus was stopped where we wanted to be, with the driver on a smoke break. However, we looked anyway, and Rich located the cache just as the driver finally got back into the bus and drove off. So we logged it and came home.

I've been going through our old finds in order to fill in slots on challenges (you have to find a certain number of a certain kind of cache. I'm running a spreadsheet to see where we are with the qualifications for upwards of a hundred caches.) I've seen some interesting logs, and this one amused me:

There once were two Codgers from Sacto,
Out without Sailor, in facto.
We looked high and low,
And came up with no
Cache, which we think has been hacked-oh!

After a certain time, though, I realize this is making me sad.  Today I got as far as our Death Valley trip. Such good memories!

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Fri, Mar 18th - 6:54AM

March 15: Ides

The Age of Napoleon, p. 264
52.9 miles

102 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -22: (looks like being "above the fray" isn't working for him.) 43/57. Is it 2013 yet?

0bamateurism of the day.
We got a number of e-mails complaining about Barack Obama’s golf outing on Sunday in the middle of crises in Japan, Libya, and on Capitol Hill, where the federal budget due last October still hasn’t received any Presidential attention.  Good news, readers — the White House has heard your complaints, and we can guarantee next weekend that you won’t find Obama on the links.  Instead, he plans on, er, heading to Rio for some public adulation.
...As the nuclear situation in Japan hits a nightmare scenario, as freedom fighters in Libya get annihilated, and as the continuing resolution funding the US government runs out and the government possibly shuts down, Obama will head for the carnivale in Rio.  What better way to show leadership than to run out of town when the money stops, and to go to Brazil for a hero’s welcome while Europe wonders when America will decide to engage on North Africa?

I’m pretty much at the point where I want him out of the country as often as possible, so I would actually consider this the rare thing he’s doing right. Let the adults handle governing the country, please. ---WesternActor on March 15, 2011 at 8:16 AM

Both my health tests (blood, bone density) came out fine. My doctor thinks I should/could take a calcium with vitamin D supplement. OK, I'd rather not have osteoporosis and I keep forgetting to do any exercises with the weights. (And I should, I *hate* my flabby arms!) I'm not doing the mammogram till after Rich's scan is scheduled.

Jonah Goldberg. "Perhaps the standard shouldn't be whether Japan's reactor was "invulnerable" but whether it succeeded by taking such a beating without threatening much human life?"

William Johnston
Obama: "The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries." --Tampa, Fla., Jan. 28, 2010. He's just the smartest person in any room.


Carney said the scam entailed pulling together demographic, social, cultural, and policy characteristics to create the most exaggerated Democratic candidate possible without stepping over the line into caricature.

"By combining empty, touchy-feely slogans like 'hope' and 'change' with far-left-wing policy planks and presenting them in the person of a racial minority from a major Midwest city with an Ivy League background, we thought we might be able to make a good showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, maybe even capture the Democratic nomination," Carney told reporters. "But the entire country? No. We never, ever for even a second imagined the American people would elect someone who had served only half a term in the U.S. Senate to be the leader of the entire free world."

...As the 2008 campaign wore on, O'Keefe said, insiders grew worried Obama might actually win. They began dropping hints that the candidate was just a parody. They had him complain about the price of arugula to Iowa farmers. When that didn't work, Obama went bowling, scored a 37, and then joked that the almost impossibly poor performance "was like the Special Olympics or something."

Nuclear energy in context

Unless we start building new nuclear plants, we will have to keep existing plants with older designs in operation longer.  That extends rather than abates the safety issues that currently are receiving so much attention.  Either we keep existing plants open, or we will need to replace current supplies from nuclear power — which accounts for almost 20% of our electricity.  Given the administration’s push for conversion of transportation from gasoline to electricity, the need to replace that power will be immediate enough to require a greater use of coal and natural gas, both of which the administration opposes in either use or extraction, or both.

The absent President
    Japan faces an almost unparalleled crisis, Libya is in civil war, and we’re having another budget showdown after running up a $222.5 billion deficit in the 28 days of February. And after last week’s bullying summit, Obama is spending this week talking education reform.

Education reform would be important if Obama was serious about actual reform, rather than just finding ways to repackage the same system that has delivered 40 years of flatlining mediocrity.  Instead, he and Arne Duncan are looking at improving schools by, er, lowering the existing standards in No Child Left Behind so fewer of them get rated as “failing.”

... We need to address the budget crisis now.  The NCAA bracket picks should be secondary.

Whiniest President Ever.

Osama bin Laden famously talked of the weak horse and the strong horse. Obama is the show horse. ...Today, as in the late 1970s, the job isn’t too big, nor is the country too powerful: The man is too small.

Mark Levin
Sarah Palin's latest post. She's way smarter than Obama.

(yeah, but who's she picking for the final four?

Says John Podhoretz, “We’re going on four weeks now, or more, that Barack Obama has been reading My Pet Goat.” Except he’s not just reading it. He’s doing ESPN segments about it.

He’s not the Leader of the Free World…and by design. He went on an apology tour to remove that status from anyone’s memory. Relieving himself of that pressure allows him to be just another guy in just another country, with just another day, just another weekend to golf, and just another vacation from not leading and golfing, this time to Rio.
jamie gumm on March 15, 2011 at 9:18 PM

What good is the UN?

Chutzpah. Hypocrite, much?

Damwell should. The nurses and prison guards got us into this mess. Not to forget SEIU.

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Thu, Mar 17th - 10:58PM

3/14 Pi Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 260
52.9 miles

David Burge: Euclid was history's greatest liar. "Pi are square"? The hell they is.

He also says he won't celebrate pi day... it's irrational.

His favorite team is the Houston Eulers.

Tim Kindred ?"Cosine, secant, tangent, sine! 3.14159!
Integral, radical, u dv,
slipstick, slide rule,

I'm still getting NHK, which as the nuclear plants are in danger, is a good thing.

Psalm 29: 3-11

The voice of the Lord is over the waters,
the God of glory thunders,
the Lord, over vast waters.

The voice of the Lord is mighty;
the voice of the Lord is majestic.

The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars,
the Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon.

He makes Lebanon leap like a calf
and Sarion like a young wild bull.

The voice of the Lord strikes fiery flames;
the voice of the Lord shakes the desert,
the Lord shakes the wilderness of Cades.

The voice of the Lord twists the oaks
and strips the forests,
and in his temple all say, "Glory!"

The Lord is enthroned above the flood;
the Lord is enthroned as king forever.

May the Lord give strength to his people;
may the Lord bless his people with peace!

104 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -20(!): 44/56.  So he said the situation in Japan was terrible and went on to his WTF speech about Duke Ellington.  Duke Ellington?

He'd rather be President of China.

It wouldn’t be easy for Barry to be president of China, because the Chinese would never let an incompetent, inexperienced fool like Barry anywhere near their top job.
AZCoyote on March 14, 2011 at 8:31 AM

They have a "Miss me Yet?" poster, and yeah, a little.

I’ve been missing George Bush for more than two years.  Who knew I’d be missing Bill Clinton by this time?  Let’s hope we don’t get to the point where we’re missing …. Jimmy Carter.

Global Warming fears losing steam.
Or maybe the results from Gallup’s latest poll are all part of a natural cycle.
...The cycle shows that global-warming hysteria is a hobby for those enjoying a fat economy.  When times get lean, people want energy at low cost and a focus on jobs rather than expanded regulation.  Voters tend to discover their inner skeptics when the bills mount and the revenue drops. 

Of course, the anti-nuke power people are all charged up. Can't use coal, can't use gasoline, can't use fracking, can't use nukes... what ARE we going to use for power, fairy dust?

Ben Hart
Don't be fooled. Here are the facts from the Heritage Foundation. The truth is Japan's plants present little danger despite being hit by fifth largest earthquake ever recorded, a mega-Tsunami, and huge aftershocks. If anything, this shows how safe nuclear power is. The containment technology is good. The Japanese are good at this.

I was reading my old Girl Scout camping brochure, and in the subsequent research to see what happened to Hynds Lodge, I see the top division (ages 11-17) of Girl Scouts is now "STUDIO 2B." I can't say I'm impressed.

I never changed out of my jammies today, just sat and blew my nose.  We did, indeed, have pie for dessert: Rich picked it up after his bowling.


One of the fleebaggers called the move “mean-spirited,” which is a nice big red bow on three weeks of Republicans needing police protection inside the Capitol.

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Wed, Mar 16th - 10:56PM

March 13: Blood Donor Award Luncheon

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.— Albert Einstein

The Age of Napoleon, p. 253
52.9 miles

103 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 45/54

It's too hard every week!

Today we went to the Blood Donor Luncheon.  We saw Mike from last year, and he seemed delighted to see us. Apparently he hadn't gotten my note from Christmas time.  He wants us to visit him again.  Unfortunately, an old workmate/enemy of his came to sit at the table too, so he left early.  We also saw some geocaching friends.

The food was good, the talks were short and inspiring, and we found Rich's name on a 10-gallon milk can, so it was a good day.

0bama's Lack of Leadership

I agree with Peters completely when he says “Obama loves the idea of President, but he can’t make a decision”.  I might have said it a little differently.  Obama loves the idea of being President and the trappings and perks.  What he doesn’t like is the job.

I believe that long-term one of the effects of the Bamster’s presentcy will be a serious hit to the reputation of Harvard Law, and the Ivy League in general. During some future presidency, those responsible should be brought into a congressional hearing and asked how the h little Bammie ever got himself a law degree.

slickwillie2001 on March 12, 2011 at 6:51 PM

Transcript of his Gridiron Club speech

I have to get back to not being involved in the budget negotiations. (Laughter.) My schedule is just packed with meetings that I’m not attending. (Laughter.)

You know, the last time I attended this dinner was in 2006. A lot has changed in those past five years. Back
then I was a newcomer who couldn’t get anything done in the Senate. Now I’m a President who can’t get anything done in the Senate. (Laughter.)
...You know, the day I hired Rahm as my chief of staff, unemployment was under 8 percent and my approval ratings were in the 60s. So, good luck, Chicago. (Laughter.)

New Republic has seen the light. An article today by Leon Wieseltier lets him have it, full bore: “Barack Obama’s policy toward the Libyan struggle for freedom is no longer a muddle. It is now a disgrace.”

Bruce has got most of it right, I believe, about him loving the perks but not the works of leadership. I submit there is one more motivation at play: Obama really, truly thinks he’s king of the world,
MaxMBJ on March 12, 2011 at 7:07 PM

Trench warfare in Wisconsin
This is an opportunity to pretty near wipe out the Democrats. If they want to stake their future on the belief that most people are happy that the guy at the DMV is getting a free retirement and better medical coverage than they are, well, good luck with that strategy.
Dawn Larson ?... I hope they continue to put millionaire liberal leftists on their stages and thugs right out there for the media to show the public ... the more they stomp their feet, yell & scream ... the more they obstruct democracy and raise the blue fist of communism ... the less support they will have among non union voters WHICH out-number union voters with 88% of all votes cast nationally and 87% in WI.

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Tue, Mar 15th - 9:22PM

March 12: RCGDS Event

The Age of Napoleon, p. 253
52.8 miles

-2.6 pounds, high BP after 3 days of low.

106 recordings of 40 types.

"Let me be clear.... I remain prepared to vote present at a moments notice."

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52

0bama claims we're tightening the noose on Qaddafi.

We went to the local caching group's party today, at a BBQ house in South Sacramento. Actually, the food isn't all that. I don't remember it from the last time we were here, 5 or 6 years ago.  This time we looked for some caches first, including one that is just around the corner from Casey's house. I was really tempted to go see the kid, since it's been more than a year. I better call!
Anyway, the party was nice and the people were good to talk to. And we gave a UV flashlight and a regular flashlight for the raffle, and were lucky enough not to win anything. A good day, and 6 more caches!

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...faster.

It's the week to rebuild Rich. I picked an Italian sausage stew for the meal tonight. Yummy.

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Tue, Mar 15th - 8:50PM

March 11: Roseville Caching

The Age of Napoleon, p. 246
52.8 miles
cloudy, cool

103 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/53.

Can't manage his own cabinet.

In the past, the job title of the person tasked with coordinating utilizing members of the Cabinet was the President of the United States. Of course, in the past the American electorate hired a man with actual executive experience and success for the position, too. This is what happens when amateurs get hired and expect on-the-job training.

The weather had cleared up enough for us to go out to Maidu Regional Park in Roseville to pick up a few caches.  The first one was a challenge cache for terrain 2.5 caches.  We'd had to find 9 caches of varying difficulty and that terrain level first. I had been keeping track till my other computer ate my spreadsheet. I've been working on these lately and discovered that I did have this one complete (the 2 and 3 terrain challenges each miss one cache.) Off we went. As we approached, there was a huge puddle... so we went back up a hill and walked around.  Then there it was!

The next nearby one turned out to be across the creek.  Then we realized that Rich had forgotten to change the coordinates on the puzzle cache!  Fortunately, it was fairly easy to re-do, as it just takes a cellphone number pad. (I originally solved it with our TV remote.  Why does the remote have the alphabet on the numbers?) Of course, I couldn't read the iTouch and got a "C" instead of the "G".  A mistake we realized when the coordinates were over a mile away.  OK, once it was fixed, we discovered we had walked right past it on the way to the challenge cache! 

This was a tree. We looked. And looked. And didn't answer people's questions as to what we were doing there.  And looked.  Finally Rich happened to look in the exact right place.  Once we'd replaced the cache, I looked for it from other angles, and even knowing where it is, I couldn't see it.  Excellent camo!

An easy cache, then we drove around the park and found a couple of others, on the other side of a very actively wet Dry Creek. I got hung up in a tree for one of these.  However, today was 5 for 5, which hardly ever happens.  A good day.

Oh, that awful disaster in Japan.  UVerse opened up their Japan channel (NHK) for all for the weekend and I've been riveted to it. I emailed Makoto, but haven't heard yet.

Please Obama keep your mug off the TV. We don't need you hogging the spotlight
(Of course, he actually responded quickly to the quake/tsunami, unlike the Gulf Oil
disaster or Ft. Hood)


Gov. Walker saves 1500 Jobs.

0 Would Rather be President of China
Unfortunately for him and us, Barack Obama is president of the United States. That job brings with it certain special responsibilities. It’s a tough job—maybe tougher than being president of China. But Barack Obama ran for president of the United States. Maybe he should start behaving as one.

TVWithoutPity TVWithoutPity
Yes, when tragedy strikes, we need to know what celebs think. RT @zap2it: Obama, celebrities react to Japan quake
Yeah, my day won't be complete till I hear what Charlie Sheen has to say.

erichogue Eric Hogue
Caller: Assmb Mariko Yamada (D-Davis), "This earthquake is why we need to respect UNIONS/workers not attack them." KCRA in Sacto @ 12:20AM.


0bama's long nose on energy.
0bama says we're producing more oil... now, THAT he inherited from Bush!

The President's anti-energy policies are a man-made disaster. Try as he may to deflect responsibility away from his own policies, President Obama can't escape from the simple fact that the actions of his administration have dramatically slowed down domestic energy production. As a consequence, his policies are directly responsible for increasing gas prices.
...The United States controls vast energy resources--the above numbers don't include our unparalleled coal deposits--but environmentalists, supported by the Democratic Party, have hobbled our economy and our job growth much as the Lilliputians tied down Gulliver with a million bureaucratic regulations.
...he is doing everything he can to prevent America from developing its own energy resources, employing many thousands of people in high-paying jobs, boosting our economy, and ending our reliance on the Saudis. If the Obama administration were not a disaster on so many fronts, its energy policies alone would dictate that it be replaced in November 2012.

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Mon, Mar 14th - 2:09PM

March 10: The Question

The Age of Napoleon, p. 242
50.7 miles

105 recordings of 42 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52

0bamateurism of the day.

Instead of announcing that only 14 of America’s 37,000 high schools (count as of 2001, anyway) bothered to respond to the contest for a success rate of 0.038%, why not just quietly pick one of the 14 that did apply without sending up a red flag via e-mail?  That way, no one would have to know how few wanted Obama, and the event wouldn’t be a reminder of just how unhip Obama has become even with young Americans.


Today Rich and I saw his doctor after R's chemo was over.  His white blood cells were way down again, but the doctor let both medications be used. 

He always asks how Rich is doing.  Rich thinks the doctor should be telling him that. It's gotta be tough to be an oncologist.  Rich asked The Question today... "What are my chances?" I somehow imagine this is a fairly average time for the question, six weeks along.  The doctor seemed to brace himself. Stage IV lung cancer, involving the lymph nodes, is incurable.  Apparently the chemo doesn't cure it, but hopefully keeps the cancer at bay so that Rich's quality of life is not affected (well, apart from the chemo itself).  He went through all the stuff he told us six weeks ago about how other treatments are not indicated. He says he's had a patient on chemo for ten years. I immediately thought "OK, we're going for the record."

He hasn't said anything different than before, but it sounded worse this time. Maybe I was more on the denial side of the hope-denial fine line before.

One thing that has since dawned on me, is that the longer we can keep Rich alive, and the healthier, the better treatments will be, including maybe a cure. 

And there's still that miracle we should always acknowledge. I remember the doctor's mantra, at his downtown office: "Every Day is a Gift." I guess that's how you can be an oncologist, by giving people more days.

And, when Rich's white blood count is so low, he has to be really careful. He could get bronchitis and/or pneumonia far too easily.  That's the other adjustment to his life style. And that's the other fine line we walk, between a healthy caution and outright hypochondria.

Well.  Rich will have a CT scan soon, and see the doctor April 14 when we'll see if the chemo is doing what it's supposed to, or even, please God, shrinking the tumors. Rich says he's not too sure he wants to know. Well, I want to know if it's good news, but not so much if it isn't.

Wisconsin's GOP Makes a Move.

Wisconsin: Left's war on democracy.

Let's call this what it is: a campaign to nullify the 2010 election, by a sore-loser party that doesn't like the results. a bid to protect one of its core constituencies -- public-sector unions -- the left has thrown a prime temper tantrum within and without the marble halls of the state capitol, trotting out its '60-era playbook of chants, signs and sickouts to create a media narrative that the cruel and heartless governor is trying to "destroy the unions."

...It must stop. As President Obama liked to remind the GOP during the first two years of his administration, elections have consequences. From the Republican point of view, there was plenty not to like about Obama's program, including the stimulus and the health-care bill, but they voted anyway and took their lumps like grownups.

Oh, look who's on TV!

Janet Incompetano.

IKEA instructions for assembling Stonehenge.

More Cowboy Poetry.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Woods, Myron Bolitar, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sun, Mar 13th - 7:49PM

March 9: Ash Wednesday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 237
50.7 miles
changeable March

108 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52. Gallup has him at 46%.

I left the griddle on overnight. Fortunately, nothing caught fire, so the only result is a high electricity bill. Whew!

My appointment du jour was the dentist. Everyone asked about Rich. They all wished him well.

Then we went to Mass and to get the ashes on our forehead at noon.  I took a picture of myself and my ash smear (Rich got a decent cross) and it's downright scary. I seem to have aged 10 years these last two months.

Cowboy Poetry: Yippee-ki-yay.

Birdie, Birdie, in the sky,
Why’d you do that in my eye?
You glad cows can’t fly?
CynicalOptimist on March 8, 2011 at 4:56 PM

 Don Surber

We went from whale oil in the early 19th century producing lamps, to oil producing light, to electricity supply the light by the end of the 19th century without a Department of Energy, thank you.

But my take on this is that there is no shortage of oil being produced. Libya is merely an excuse to raise prices, or rather for speculators to drive up the price.

I am convinced that if a butterfly flaps its wings in the Peruvian Amazon, the price of oil will rise.

roberty bob says:
March 8, 2011 at 8:02 PM

A mature, thrifty, responsible American father can manage a family budget of $60,000 per year without going into debt.

Three years ago when I learned that Mr Obama couldn’t make ends meet for his family on a budget of $600,000, I knew that he would spend America into oblivion if he ever became President.

I knew it with all my heart!

0bama needs help to manage his Cabinet

The fact that Obama needs an intervention to deal with his own hand-picked staff tells us all we need to know about Obama’s growth in executive management over the last two years.
...Basically, Gavin will provide the kind of executive talent that Obama lacks.  It’s an embarrassment, and a reminder why Americans usually choose governors and other proven executives for the top job, rather than a talentless rookie.

Absolutely right. (cartoon)

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Sat, Mar 12th - 7:11PM

March 8: Shrove Tuesday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 237
50.6 miles
springlike, partly cloudy

102 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 49/52

I used to get sausage croissandwich meals from Jack in the Box for breakfast at least once a week.  Well, yesterday was the first time in years I've gone to JintheB for breakfast. I decided to go whole hog and had a complete meal (a breakfast sandwich, which I didn't like as much as the sausage croissant). I was surprised, pleasantly, by the hash browns.  They used to be so greasy, but now they're apparently cooked differently. 

Today was the day for my bone scan.  I got a really chatty tech, which probably made the whole thing take twice as long, but I enjoyed it. It's a painless non-invasive procedure.  Then when I came out of the building, the guy parked next to me was changing his pants and shoes, using his car door and my car to shield himself. No worries.


Smoking gun.

The only reason to dislike 0bama.

This charge of racism is directed at me, and has been repeated so often that I’m inclined to believe it. Usually I respond to how people behave; act like a gangster thug and I’ll conclude that you are a gangsta thug.

Adopting the democrat assumption that people share common motivations I’ll presume that Obama’s performance as a black man, as president, reflects on how other black man would preform in similar circumstances.

So the only reasonable conclusion a racist bigot like myself can reach is Obama has so poisoned politics that black skinned people are either Marxists, or sell out Uncle Toms.

So I have to agree with the president, I am a racist.
Skandia Recluse on March 8, 2011 at 8:13 AM

If he actually believes this crap, he will become the Jessie Jackson of former presidents when he gets booted from office. The man is going to be insufferable and a non-stop TV presence.

Does anyone think he will be able to fade into the background while his successor cleans up the mess he will leave behind? The guy blamed Bush non-stop for at least his entire first year, he still uses the line “policies of the last decade”-wink-wink.
Mord on March 8, 2011 at 8:44 AM

I've been going through old paper boxes (so I can move some photo boxes, so I can put the new costume box in the playroom, try to follow me here...) and discovered in one I apparently filled about 1988:

1. A letter from a guy who later died of Marfan's, thanking me. I remember him coming over but I don't remember the incident for which I was comforting him.

2. A letter from my brother when he got married*, and a packet of family history papers.

3. A GOE-letter written to me when I was at Yosemite with Bernadette and her 5th grade class.

4. A letter my Mom was writing to her sister.

5. A letter from our soap-opera family, talking about the daughter's 5th husband abusing her daughter, among other stuff.

6. School work. Mostly about teaching writing to children.

7. My grandmother's hospital bill from Mt. Zion hospital in San Francisco, in 1915, when my Mother was born.  The birth cost $5, but the two week hospital stay was a whopping $25.

*When I told my brother about this, he said he has all my letters since 1958! Uh-oh.

Tonight I went to the kickoff for the 40 Days for Life campaign, preceded by a pro-life rosary.  A Facebook friend, a nun I knew before she was ever a nun, has moved back to town (a week ago) and was looking for a ride, so we went together. I had to get home to make pancakes, so I didn't want to stick around for the candlelight vigil, (and Leatherby's, sigh) but I was happy to let her see all her friends and chit chat before I took her home.

And being so late is probably why I misread the pancake mix instructions and read "1 can" for "1 cup."  I was able to add enough eggs and water to make really good pancakes anyway.

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Fri, Mar 11th - 9:03AM

March 7: Blood Test

The Age of Napoleon, p. 237
50.6 miles
suddenly spring

101 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/52

Off to get my blood test early in the morning. I couldn't remember the address but Professional Drive is a short street and I found it. No problem, in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Obamateurism of the day.

Some days, Ed, even the word Obamateurism doesn’t begin to describe this guy and his presidency.

drill, baby, drill.  The Eeeeevil George Booooosh got prices down from 147 to 33 in 6 months by licensing more drilling.

Jazz Shaw:  it turns out that the White House certainly is considering a plan, but not one that anyone outside of a rubber room could have predicted.

    White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said on Sunday the Obama administration is considering tapping into the U.S. strategic oil reserve as one way to help ease soaring oil prices.

    Speaking on NBC television’s “Meet the Press,” Daley said: “We are looking at the options. The issue of the reserves is one we are considering. … All matters have to be on the table.”

    There has been support among Senate Democrats for tapping the reserves. Senator Jay Rockefeller on Thursday became the third Democrat to ask President Barack Obama to tap America’s emergency oil supply to cool prices that have risen past $100 a barrel on the strife in Libya.
Those reserves are there to protect us, as Jane points out, in the event of a massive disruption in the flow of oil supplies. And for the moment, let’s put aside the commonly held opinion that the Obama administration is currently acting as the biggest disruption of domestic oil supplies. With Libya and other nations in the region experiencing unrest – or the threat of it – I would think that this is precisely the time when the United States would be seeking to top off those reserves, if not expand their total storage capacity. Draining them even before foreign supplies are cut off is nothing short of the height of folly.
The inmates are running the asylum.

0bamacare waivers soar past 1000.

That’s one of the fundamental dangers of ObamaCare.  It’s government by whim, not by law.  The entire act is filled with the phrase, “The secretary shall determine” or equivalents, meaning that HHS can essentially make up and change rules as they go along.


Look at it this way: Unlike golf, at least this hobby keeps him in the building. Besides, given his track record, there are bound to be a few more hastily arranged damage-control “beer summits” before he leaves office. He might as well have his own supply.

Good news.

Biggest One Month Deficit in History. Tim Edwards Must be to pay for those White House parties and golf games.


Well, that was two years we’ll never have back.

Dean Ramsay Hey Barack.... so Bush was correct!!!! How about apologizing to him and the country...Be a stand-up guy and be a man.....

Democrats attack Republican candidate's children.

William Bailey
Gas just jumped from $3.86 to $4.89 per gallon in ONE day!!!!! We're in deep doo-doo!  [This turned out to be untrue.]

Pu'u O'o collapses. We sure lucked out on being able to walk out to the lava when we were there.


0bamaCare's March Madness.

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Fri, Mar 11th - 8:49AM

March 6: Gareth

The Age of Napoleon, p. 228
50.6 miles
rainy, stormy

94 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 47/52

Too hard again.

We had Gareth today because next week sucks.  I'd hoped to take him to the Folsom Zoo, but the weather, as has been happening all year, didn't cooperate. So it was another quiet day at home.  When he came in, we had some people who had stopped by to see how Rich was doing.  He was a little shy, but then went to play.

He is learning so much, and he communicates.  When I "read de book" of Clifford counting bubbles I found some and showered Gareth with them. He's been a little leery of bubbles but this time he began to warm up to them.  No pictures today, I forgot to take any.

Roni's cat Bertie (12) got mysteriously sick last night and had to be euthanized.  He was a skittish cat but occasionally did me the great honor of allowing himself to be petted. He will be missed.

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Thu, Mar 10th - 7:33PM

March 5: High School Basketball

The Age of Napoleon, p. 228
50.6 miles
clouding up again

100 recordings of 35 types.

What is being introduced through the UN.

You know, Father Ice-Cream was talking about the Last Days.  Sometimes I think we ARE there.  I've got to get a copy of the Catechism (I may have it) and check out these sections.


As a reminder to those who don't live in Nevada, Rory Reid is Chairman of the Clark County commisioners. Who approved a contract that made the responsibility for maintenance of the voting machines in the county with Nevada's greatest population to the SEIU.

Harry Bell
US President’s ultimatum to Qaddafi: "I Demand your immediate resignation to make way for a new Dictator I can Bow and apologize to."

Ramirez Cartoon.

Good question!

We went out to the former Arco Arena (now Power Balance Pavilion) tonight to watch Jesuit play arch-rival Shelton. We decided to go early to cheer on St. Francis High, as well.  Rich sailed past a parking place looking for one a little closer, and then was going to back up to get it only there was a car behind him.  "DAMN!!" he screamed.  "Darn!" I corrected and then said it really wasn't that important.  "It IS!"  This is a sad failure of priorities.  He has cancer, the country and state are being ruined by idiots in the government, and he's screaming over a parking place when there are many others.  Of course, it could just be displaced anger, except he's always been overly angry about parking spots.

We got in ($17 apiece, plus the $20 parking... comparatively the food was cheap!) and saw the end of the Antelope High game.  This is their first year as a 4-year school, and they made it to section finals.  Sadly, they lost.  Then St. Francis won handily, but Sheldon shellacked (I hate that word but it's alliterative, anyway) Jesuit. Oh, well. It was fun to watch the kids on the Sixth Man, who are really back in strength like 20 years ago.

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Wed, Mar 9th - 8:38AM

March 4: Errands

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
50.6 miles

107 recordings of 41 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 46/53

Fifty-eight percent (58%) believe it’s a least somewhat likely that the price of gas will top $5 a gallon by summer.  [And just suppose it had been the Eeeeevil President Booooosh.]

Nick Gillespie
Finally, Obama Shows Himself to be a Non-Interventionist! Regrettably, He's Only Talking About the NFL.

Empty Podium

Hold on just one consarned minute here, Motown concerts at the White House don’t plan themselves. What, PBHO is expected to do everything at once, lead the nation AND practice how to greet Aretha Franklin?
Bishop on March 4, 2011 at 9:40 AM

Obama never intended to lead. He wants to act as a facilitator and take a vacation for 8 years. I do think that is what he expected this job to entail. Clueless.
bopbottle on March 4, 2011 at 9:45 AM

It’s almost as if Dear Liar had no executive experience. If only someone had told us that. . .
rbj on March 4, 2011 at 9:49 AM

Late again.  At least, thanks to the Eeeeevil President Boooosh, we don't have to worry that Qaddafi has nukes.

Today the Big Thing was running errands.  I had a lot of stuff to go to St. Vincent de Paul, for starters. There was a big heavy box of craft magazines, and some more swatches, and twin sheets, plus the usual junk.  When we got there, they were unloading a truck, too, so there should be enough stuff to be going on with. They were pretty sparse right after Christmas.

Then we drove over to Wal-Mart for a bin for the dress-up clothes and costumes. Rich had brought down this box from the attic and I thought it was just material, but then discovered all these clothes. I found some of the costumes from our first Hallowe'en here: I'd done Vince, 2, as Peter Pan and Bernadette, 7 months, as Tinker Bell, and one of the big girls was Captain Hook and the other one the Crocodile (it's a dragon costume). Steve had opted out and decided to be Darth Vader.  We still have the mask.  Besides the Peter Pan suit and the dragon body, there are wigs (which I really used a few times myself) and dressup clothes. Gareth isn't ready yet, but it might happen any time, and this bin will go in the playroom (replacing a couple of photo boxes... which need to come into the family room replacing paper boxes. Nothing is simple.)

Then we went downtown and got our Music Circus tickets. We once again asked for the aisle seats, just in case.

Next, dropping off that book at the library.  They were repairing the street right outside, traffic was down to one lane, so we parked in a nearby lot and I walked the book over. 

Finally, the grocery store for a couple of things, and so home.

Tonight was the Sharing God's Bounty planning meeting and Rich went to that. (Lucky bum).  They prayed over him among other things. Looking at the finances, it appears we didn't donate anything this last year.  That's not good. My gambling winnings have been going to the retreat house instead, but still, we usually give SGB money now and again.

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Wed, Mar 9th - 8:02AM

Ash Wednesday

Show us your Ash

Lent Calendar

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Tue, Mar 8th - 2:14PM

March 3: Cats!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
50.5 miles

106 recordings of 42 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 45/54

Where's Waldo?  That's the 0bamateurism, too.

The left built the fiction that Obama was a leader and now are shocked to find out the very thing that kept Obama viable in 2008 — a history of voting “present” and staying behind-the-scenes on every key controversial issue — makes him a failure as a leader now that he’s president. That doesn’t mean Marcus or the other liberals in the big media are going to abandon Obama in 2012, but they are annoyed he’s making their future public relations job all that much harder.
jon1979 on March 3, 2011 at 8:41 AM

Making the DOJ do its job

The White House asked for a clarification.  They got a trip to the woodshed instead, and a very short time frame to stop the halt to ObamaCare that Vinson’s ruling creates.

For the love of country don’t complain about ObaMao not doing anything. He only does the worst thing for the country he can come up with.
Slowburn on March 3, 2011 at 8:22 AM

While I was sitting with Rich at chemo, I finished AUNT DIMITY DOWN UNDER by Nancy Atherton.  This was a real disappointment. I normally love these books but this one was very thin on plot, only a travelogue for New Zealand (though I did think it a nice coincidence that there was an earthquake in the book, too).  The most annoying thing is that Lori, the protagonist, spent over 200 pages trying to figure out how her husband had saved this other guy's life, and then, suddenly, she knew BUT the author never told us. I re-read the 50 pages twice in case I skipped over the answer, but no. Grumble.  The only good thing about this book was the recipe for Anzac Biscuits (cookies) which I want to try.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Photograph, Penelope Lively, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

I noticed that chemo is a very hopeful, cheerful place.  There were folks who are finishing up, this is just making sure the last chemo is gone, and even the really sick ones are hopeful.  It's not a desperation last chance, it's just another step to recovery. (Please, God.)

Oooh, Olmec artifacts at the de Young!  We gotta go.

Tonight was Jesuit High's production of "Cats."  They didn't have a present for us, darn it, though I suppose going to the shelter and giving out kittens might have been a bit much.  The show itself was set in a home for the mentally impaired, so the kids could concentrate on singing and dancing and acting rather than fancy costumes. They did a fantastic job. Bernadette came with her friend Sarah and they enjoyed it as well. Rich, who doesn't like this musical, liked Jesuit's version.

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Mon, Mar 7th - 11:39PM

February 2: Yuba City Yet Again

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
50.5 miles
rain, stormy

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go... Dr. Seuss

103 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 45/53.


So merely 120 days after the midterm elections handed Boehner the majority in Congress, 152 days after the FY2011 budget was due, and 56 days since the 112th Session of the House of Representatives began, Obama found some time in his schedule to talk to the Speaker of the House about the budget.  That’s what I call leadership.

0bama and the DOMA, going stupid.  I think it's because he never actually had to discuss anything or bargain, he's always been handed stuff because of the color of his skin.

Because of the rain we didn't start for Yuba City till after lunch.  I'd been trying to find certain caches that met criteria for a challenge.  The challenge was to countdown 10-1 with caches with those numbers in their names, in order. We had a LOT of trouble with the "3".  Sunday we didn't find "3 Musketeers" or "Geography 354." (That one really was gone: I don't know about the first.) Monday we couldn't find "SNSpencer Was Here #3" or "Three is a Charm" OR "Park Across the Street 3." Yesterday, finally, after dropping Gareth off, we found "Laguna Creek Preserve #3 - Briar Patch." 

OK, so we had to find a "2" before the event, which has a "1" in it.  I'd had a biggish route planned but the weather dictated we would just go directly to Yuba City and pick up a few caches there. We found "Christmas 2007", a letterbox cache that involved a walk along the levee.  Then in town we COULDn't find "2 spooky."  I was so glad we had the "2" by then.  And we got another letterbox and a puzzle cache (I've actually started to figure out puzzles!) before heading to the party. This was smaller than the usual ones, because it was mainly to allow a little girl to deliver her GS cookies.

We won a couple of the raffle prizes, talked to people, then came home. I enjoyed it.

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Mon, Mar 7th - 12:06PM

March 1: A Day With Gareth

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
49.1 miles
cold, clear

98 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 48/51

Yeah, I'll believe it's a crisis when the people who tell me it's a crisis act like it's a crisis.

After Mass I went and picked Gareth up to spend the day. I had "car keys" for him, but he wasn't interested.  Since he played with them on the way home, apparently he needed to warm up to coming here again. It's been some time, and he seems to have lost the feeling that this is just an extension of his own house.

Anyway, when we got here, the dog was waiting for us, so I'm trying to let Gareth in without getting licked to death or knocked over by canine enthusiasm. Or letting the cat out at the same time. Rich, of course, was nowhere to be seen, but once I got in he could be heard.... "DAMN!" No no no no no. It's supposed to be "darn!"  He'd put off going to the bathroom so he could help get us in, but he finally gave up and that of course is when I arrived. 

Gareth saw the new book and the Muno guitar.  He was a little shy about both, but I showed him how the book worked (fingers in holes to make things pop up and he soon liked it. About the guitar "go away" by which he means "put it away."

He had "raboli" for lunch.

He played, we watched a Yo Gabba Gabba, he played, I read him books, he played. He told me when his diaper needed changing, which is a step forward. He cried exactly once, when I told him "not right now" over a puzzle.  In the long run, all three of the things that I have to give him -- the train puzzle, the ABC puzzle, and the "Goodnight Moon" game -- he abandoned early on. It's his easily distractable phase.

Finally he tried Muno and played more than the five songs I knew about. It turns out each character has two songs.

When it was time to go home, he said "go playground" and we said no, he was going home, and that was all right.  Apparently he remembered last time with the playground. He played with the car keys all the way home, and if he'd taken them in that would have been OK, but I was glad he left them in the car.

Fun day!

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Sun, Mar 6th - 7:43AM

February 28: The New Doctor

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
49.1 miles
cold, clear

105 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 49/50

Today was the big day, and I got to meet my doctor.  And very nice she is, too.  She looks a lot like that actress, you know, the one who played the dysfunctional little sister in that series, you know, with the really really pretty woman and the handsome guy, you know.  Actually, I finally remembered one of the names (Billy Campbell) and was then able to work to Marin Hinkle, who is who my doctor looks like.

She's young, I think in her 30s.  I think at least 3 of my children are older than she is, maybe all of them.  She's building her practice, lucky for me.  If she doesn't move away, she'll see me out.

My weight is where it's been, and my height is still 5'8-3/4" Rich has been shrinking a bit, not me yet.  Blood pressure was a bit high.  The doctor came in and sat and talked to me and typed on her computer.  She's faster than Rich's oncologist. I told her right away about Rich, on the theory that this is part of my health history. 

I'd written out dates of operations and immunizations (that I remember. I think I may have had the pneumonia one but don't remember) and other health history. I believe she found that helpful. She ordered me a blood test, mammogram, and bone density test, but it's not the year for a Pap. We talked a little bit... she asked when we got married. She asked about grandchildren and I could hear my voice get all "awwww" about them. 

Now, unless something comes up, I will see her again next year. I'm really pleased.

A sign in Wisconsin or at least about Wisconsin: "we work hard so union members don't have to."

Talking in Church.

Obamateurism of the Day.

Barack Obama has an interesting set of priorities. No one in America should go broke paying for health care, Obama argues in his attempt to convince voters to support his massive government interventions in the health-care industry. On the other hand, Americans who need rescuing from other countries had better be prepared to pay retail.

Why do we have the most powerful navy in the history of the world again? Seems like a perfect time to use it. This is just stupidity compounding stupidity
Daveyardbird on February 28, 2011 at 8:11 AM

Governor Walker:

    I’m sure the President knows that most federal employees do not have collective bargaining for wages and benefits while our plan allows it for base pay. And I’m sure the President knows that the average federal worker pays twice as much for health insurance as what we are asking for in Wisconsin. At least I would hope he knows these facts.

    Furthermore, I’m sure the President knows that we have repeatedly praised the more than 300,000 government workers who come to work every day in Wisconsin.
    I’m sure that President Obama simply misunderstands the issues in Wisconsin, and isn’t acting like the union bosses in saying one thing and doing another.

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Sat, Mar 5th - 12:00AM

January 27: Donor Appreciation

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
49.1 miles

110 recordings of 42 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 49/51

It's the two-year anniversary of the Tea Party. I was one of the few people at the local protest.

Instapundit: give InstaPundit reader Donald Gately credit for prescience. On December 27, 2008 he wrote:

    You say that A.N.S.W.E.R. would love to see Icelandic-type protests here. But what if folks under 30 or 40 or 50 started staging large public protests about the Ponzi-scheme that is Social Security? What if taxpayers started staging massive protests about public pensions that let government employees (many of whom don’t have to participate in Social Security) retire at 50 with 90% pay – even while common taxpayers have to ratchet back their own retirement dates? What if financial and real-estate workers started staging protests about their jobs disappearing while the Democrats in congress do everything in their power to preserve cushy UAW deals? What if parents in neighborhoods with failing schools started actively protesting the stranglehold that the teachers unions have over their childrens’ education?

    Those types of protests would likely un-nerve the left, and might actually lead to Change that the rest of us can believe in.

0bamateurism of the week.

    The 3:00 AM call has been rescheduled.
    OldEnglish on February 27, 2011 at 9:10 AM


You have reached the White House, home of President Barack Hussein Obama!

To continue in English, press 1…

To continue in Spanish, press 2…

Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

If this is an actual emergency, hang up and dial 911 immediately.

If you are a Third World tyrant in need of assistance, please visit our website, We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for your convenience.

If you are a former ally of the United States and need assistance with future White House policy decisions, please hang up and visit

Thanks and have a great day!


turfmann on February 27, 2011 at 10:55 AM

We went to a Donor Appreciation Mass (and meal) at the Retreat House.  The homily was quite good... Father talked about a Mom crossing the street with a small child.  "Hold my hand" and the total trust: this is how we should be with God. Hold His hand.  Trust him. Oh, I try.

The meal was fantastic.  We sat with a very nice guy who was interesting to talk to.  He said, surprise surprise, that when he was in Wyoming he was, wait for it, caught in a snowstorm.  Later we talked to Father David. He'd somehow not realized Rich was sick. He asked if he wanted to be anointed but then said "well, I can't compete with the Bishop."  Ha! 

Rick Perry has harsh words for the fleebaggers.

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Fri, Mar 4th - 8:44AM

February 26: Challenge Cache

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
49.0 miles

98 recordings of 40 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 47/53.

There was no change in my weight, but I have alarmingly high blood pressure.

Mostly today I sat and worked on a bunch of challenge caches, especially an alphabet one.  This is for caches that were put in before July 30, 2008 and found after that date.  This meant that the "Z is for Zebra" that we found near San Simeon didn't count, nor did the "x" cache we found for the southern California alphabet challenge, (put in too late) or the "x" cache in Yuba City (found too soon.) I resorted to looking at other people's lists and located some in the San Jose area: then it dawned on me that there was a series by the cacher named Nazgul and maybe some would be easier than others. So I looked his caches up, and lo!  We'd found one in August of '08 and I'd just missed it!  So I managed to fill out the spreadsheet. I'll make a bookmark list out of this one, but the final is back in Big Sur (and a terrain 3) so maybe we'll go to Monterey on one of Rich's week off (if he's up to it) and do this one.

I finished that late at night. Pretty much a waste of a day. I'm still filling out a bunch of these challenge caches. It's fun to find something that fulfills the requirements, and it's also nice to remember each of these caches.

I did take the dog for a walk which was nice.

The White House energy policies make the US less competitive.

No surprise, Matsui doesn't want any spending cuts at all. She's Pelosi's mini-me.

Libya's UN Ambassador turns on Qaddafi.

Rockford has a nice museum, too.

Christopher Hitchens calls 0bama our Swiss President.

Shuttle Launch.  Nifty video.

Dagny Zaggert
Tea party demonstrators I've seen on TV last 2 years appear angry, but nice. A few in here, seem a little nutty. BUT MOSTLY, the Wisconsin protesters look like out of control, mad, screeching crazy people. They shout and scream so much. Have you noticed that? Instead of sending pizzas like the hate-America Egyptians did, can we call nearby pharmacy, order Valium to be sent over?

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Thu, Mar 3rd - 6:08PM

February 25: Blood Test

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
46.8 miles

101 recordings of 44 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 48/52. How did this guy get out of college?

The storm really blew in this morning and the dog, as usual, woke about 4:30 needing to go out. I waited for him and let him in immediately, wiped his paws and we went back to bed.  Only, it seems I didn't close the door tight. When I got up for the morning at 6:30, the door had blown open and the rain and wind were howling through the back room. I took one look and said to myself that if Spooky had gone out in there, he'd have to drown on his own, no way was I going out for him.  Of course, he was quite happily snoozing on my chair.

Today was Rich's blood test, to see if he was OK to get the counts back up on his own.  His white blood count and platelets were up from last week, and the platelets were up where they were supposed to be: granulocytes and red blood cells slightly down and need to be better.  Still, it's promising.

I thought maybe my waistband was chafing, but later events lead me to think I must have gotten poison oak on Wednesday. Argh. 

The Golden State is Made of Lead.

"We've been living in Fantasyland," incoming CA Gov. Jerry Brown announced in his December forum on the state's dire budget situation. "It is much worse than I thought. I'm shocked." But there is a bright spot, writes Tim Cavanaugh. CA provides a pure test case of interventionist economics in the US, making the Golden State the perfect laboratory for the managed economy the rest of the country rejected in November.

In many parts of the world, people have a great deal of patience in order to get their desires, and use several divergent ways to achieve their ends.

I don;t think many people, especially now and in the West, realize when the “long game” is being played. To many “long term” is 24 hours.

War against Koch.

Koch is not going to obstruct universal health care, delay climate change advocacy, or derail President Obama’s domestic agenda any better than the president and his supporters are already doing.


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Thu, Mar 3rd - 7:39AM

February 24: New Doctor!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
46.8 miles
Cloudy, to rain

104 recordings of 46 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/53

OMG my weight.  That's what comes of eating so well.
Jack Ranch Cafe: a bacon-ortega hamburger
Linn's: salmon artichoke quiche
Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill: reuben
Cavalier: farfalle salmon
Damera: roasted veggie sandwich
Monica's: meatloaf

I enjoyed it all.

So, after the debacle at the Base clinic last week, I was really hoping that lady whose advertisement I saw at Rich's doctor's, last December, was still looking for patients. After Mass at the Retreat House I drove down to the clinic and walked in. No advertisement, but I checked out the directory and discovered her offices are upstairs past the urology department.

I approached the desk. "Is Dr. C. still accepting new patients?" "It depends on your insurance."  "That was my next question... Medicare Tricare?"  "Yes."  And just like that, I answered a few questions, had my cards photocopied, and got an appointment for next Monday, coincidently 20 minutes before the one I'm cancelling at the base!

This is only the second doctor I've chosen myself, as the Military and Kaiser pick them for you.  The first was my obstetrician in Laramie while Rich was in Viet Nam, and I may have poked blindly at the phone book to get him. And by the time I had Monica, I didn't like him much, but that may well have been just because Rich was in VietNam. I've liked some of the ones I've been assigned and disliked others, but it's always been a tossup.

When I went to cancel the military appointment, I discovered the woman actually does have appointments next week. Apparently she was just late to submit her schedule.  Well, that wouldn't have boded well anyway, and who knows how long I'd have had her before she was transferred or got out of Uncle Sammy's Air Force.  Last year's doctor was Czech... hard to understand. I'm really excited about having my own doctor that I picked myself. If I'd known it was this easy, I'd have done it earlier.

(Now to kill this stupid 0bamacare so I can keep her.)

0bama lets Europe take the lead on Libya..

Vashta.Nerada on February 24, 2011 at 9:34 AM: It is times like these that I wish the US had a president

TIME TO PARTY: Obama to celebrate Motown at White House concert..
artist on February 24, 2011 at 9:35 AM
The President and the First Lady host music legends and contemporary major artists for “The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House”; the Vice President and Dr. Biden will also attend.

People call Beck crazy but I am starting to believe he is onto something. This whole situation stinks to high heaven. Amateurish bumbles cannot account for the 2-year record of constantly being on the wrong side of America’s interests.
Mord on February 24, 2011 at 9:36 AM

He's too busy.

Guess who owns a 50 inch tv thank u hunny for the anaversery gift
(Somehow I don't think she needs it.....)

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Wed, Mar 2nd - 12:22PM

February 23: Highway 1

The Age of Napoleon, p. 222
46.8 miles
Clear, cool

Rasmussen: -16: 46/53

After two nights of Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan (turned over to Almost ANYTHING Else), I discovered last night that they do actually have Fox News... disguised as the CBS channel. Too little too late.

We would have been on the road at 8:15 but I couldn't find my little notebook, the one I keep track with, eeeeeek.  I checked the room again, and finally discovered I'd packed it. Fat lot of good it would do me in the suitcase!  And we started up Highway 1.  There's road repair going on along the way.

We stopped for a last look at the elephant seals.  There are fewer on the beach today. It looks like we timed this trip just right. (Besides the break in chemo, Rich didn't have bowling on Monday so it seemed like our chance.) There were some seals in a small pool, and one female decided to heft herself out.  She reminded me of a Biggest Loser contestant; I half expected Gillian to be down there yelling in her face.  The female finally got up and muttered something to a weaner up there (she didn't touch it, as near as we could see.)  Apparently it was elephant seal for "GET THE H**L OUT OF MY WAY YOU LITTLE B******!!" because suddenly the weaner was moving fast, bawling "HELP! HELP!!" and got well out of the way. We just love the elephant seal soap opera!

And so goodbye to the amazing animals.  We started caching our way north.  I had some that I wanted to get for sure.  There was one we were interested in for the lovely view, but once we started, we found the trail was slippery and dangerous and we decided to try another time.  Then there was the "Captain's Thrown."  (Not a deliberate misspelling, unfortunately.  They also said the cache was a small vile.)

Then there were the three Roosevelt Fountains.  Only the first was actually running, and I missed my chance to grab some spring water. Oh, well.  There were banana slugs. (Which kind of look and move like small yellow elephant seals.)

The final cache we did before lunch was at McCay Falls.  We chose not to pay $9 to park in the State Park, and there was room on the road. This meant we walked a bit farther.  The trail goes under the freeway and then a quarter mile farther there are amazing views.  We watched some kids down at the bottom (forbidden) playing in the falls and then they were back at their car about the same time we were.  That makes me tired just thinking about it.  (I like how the picture focuses on both the near and far distances.)

DSC02762     Gem of Big Sur

We had a great lunch in Carmel and then shopped a little and found a couple more caches before going to see Monica.  We had a pleasant visit there, too, and came home with lots of oranges.  What a great trip!!

Improving the image of the US in the world.

Time to Abolish Public Employee Unions.

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Tue, Mar 1st - 6:50AM

February Summary

Rich's stats last month:



























And, baseball, plastic ball, glitter filled plastic ball, 3 marbles, mechanical pencil, 2 inch chain, LED light, bike rear reflector, 2 plastic bracelets, child's plastic ring, USB sound connector, Mexican peso coin, 2 beads, bag of sunflower shelled seeds, plastic coin, 2 tokens, schrunchie, metal hair clip, knit cap, child's plastic clothes hanger, lug nut, drill bit, tire stem cap, 12" rubber tiedown

 For me, 24.9 miles in February, .2 pounds down, 25 pages. In January I read 4 books,
 0 movies, 0 plays, 12 Masses.

We found 50 caches last month, and we're at 7529.  We're 201st in the world and 18th locally.

I did no proofing at all last month. Again. I'm in 995th (out of 34428 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed, 14th (out of 4014) in P2 with 23508 pages, 531st (of 867) in P3 with 469 pages and formatting 586th place (3187) with 1020 pages.

In Flickr I have 39047 pictures, with 85949 views, and 169 sets to work on. Not to mention getting the Kodak/Ofoto pictures captured, which I still need to do.

In Netflix, I watched the first disc of Waiting for God, season 5.

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