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Mon, Mar 15th - 1:01PM

Add Your Latest Blog Post to Your Website
If you are a WebRing Member who uses the WebRing Blog platform, you should find our latest addition to the Widgets gallery particularly exciting.

With one small piece of widget code, you can now display your latest WebRing blog post on any webpage.

Where Can You Add the Blog Widget?

Anywhere you want! Simply encase your blog widget code in the formatting HTML  you design.

  • Your site's sidebar - The widget should automatically be resized to fit in that space.
  • Section of your page - If the section is already preformatted, simply paste in the code. If you're creating a new section on the page to host the widget, you may need to create a table to keep the blog from sprawling across the page.
  • New page of your site - Insert into the body of your new page. You will likely need to insert the code into a table with a defined width to keep the widget from sprawling across your new page.

Where/How to Get Your Blog Widget Code

As long as you have already activated your free WebRing blog, you will now find a "Blog" subtab on the "Widgets" screen of your My Account page. If you haven't, then you'll need to click the "Create Blog" tab to activate your free blog.

  1. Click the "Blog" subtab on your Widget screen.
  2. Copy all the code that you are presented with.
  3. Paste the code into any of your webpages that you wish.

Once added, your latest blog post will show wherever you add it and will automatically update every time you  make a new blog post.

Also related, we are now displaying your latest blog post on your system profile page!

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Fri, Mar 12th - 1:24PM

Publish Practically Anywhere with Say It!
Right beside the Publisher icon found at the top of every WebRing page is a green speech bubble.

Have you clicked that green bubble yet? If not, you're missing out on one of the most powerful ways to publish and communicate via WebRing.

What Is Say It!

Say It! is a powerful tool that enables you to post content practically anywhere on WebRing.

Say It! allows you to send emails, post to the Shoutbox and WebRing forum and to send personal messages to your contacts. Now, you can do even update various pages and features of your Publisher website.

Guide to Post Options

To post content using Say It!, simply use the main text field to enter your content, check the box that corresponds to where you would like to post it, then click the "SAY IT!" button. Here's what each option does:

Blog - Select this option to post your content to your blog. If you chose to include a page with your latest blog post on your website, the post you make using Say It! will show on your site until you make a new blog post.

News - Select this option to change the "News" section that appears in the sidebar of your website if you chose to use this feature. Whatever you post will replace the previous post.

Current - Select this option to add a new update to the "What's Happening" page of your website if you chose to create this feature. Whatever you post will be added above your previous posts.

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Tue, Mar 9th - 10:40AM

Drag and Drop Images onto your Publisher Site
Adding some flare to your Publisher pages/sites is quicker and easier than you might suspect. Simply drag and drop images from one web browser window/tab into the Publisher editing window.

3 Ways to Add Images

You have three options for adding images to your new Publisher pages:
  • Image Manager - Use this icon  found in our editor window to upload images to your account.
  • WebRing Public Images - Drag and drop from our selection of publicly available images. You can find them here.
  • Offsite Public Images - Drag and drop public (non-copyrighted) images from other sites.

How to Drag-and-Drop Images

"Drag and drop" is exactly what it sounds like. You grab an image, drag it to a different window, then drop it in place.

You can use images you previously uploaded to a non-WebRing, non-password protected site, as well as images made publicly available on other sites.

Before you begin, you will need two windows/tabs open:
  • one window with the image(s) you want to add to your page
  • one window with the Publisher editor opened for the page that you want to add the image to.

Once you have those windows open, you're ready. Use the left click button on your mouse to do the following:

  1. Click on the image and keep the mouse button clicked. (Don’t release the mouse button.)
  2. Drag the image to the window that contains your open Publisher editor.
  3. Hover the image around until you've positioned it where you want it to appear in your text.
  4. Drop the image by letting go of your mouse left click button.

That's all there is to it. We offer a directory of public images that you may use. You can find them here.

Publisher Image Drag-and-Drop Limitations

There are a couple of minor limitations to the drag-and-drop approach. If you tried to drag and drop an image onto your Publisher page but nothing appeared, there is likely one of two reasons that it didn't work:

Problem: You tried to drag and drop from a folder on your computer.
Solution: Use the Image Manager icon  found in the Publisher editor to upload/add images hosted on your own hard drive.

Problem: You tried to drag and drop images from a password or copyright protected or otherwise restricted page/site.
Solution: Find a different image to use that is publicly available.

Drag and Drop Also Works in Your Blog!

The images included in this post were also dragged and dropped into this blog post. You can essentially assume that if you're using a Rich Text Editor like the ones used to make blog posts here on WebRing or to create webpages using Publisher that you can drag and drop images. Go ahead; give it a try!

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