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Wed, Mar 12th - 3:49PM

My New Toy
Hi all im so excited,i got my new toy..Heres what happenened ,all who know me here know that i just slog it out on this computor with no photoshop ,all my photography is done on a small digital compact casio ,my old camera was a Canon AV1 which is packed away still in its original box with the passed by stickers still on it,what a camera it was and still is ,Well my boyfriend has been promising me a new camera for ages ,but i never thought he would get me one.So yesterday when he got home from work ,stood at the front door yelling for me to come and look at what was in the garden ,hurry hurry he said, so out i go ,i could see boxes over in the garden,My first thought was that someone had dumped all their rubbish in our garden,(this is a huge problem in our area filthy pigs they dump mattresses etc it pisses me off) ,anyway he urges me to look further at the mess ,as i got closer to it ,i sort of realised it wasnt rubbish that the boxes were in tact ,Still it didnt click ,so im bending over, im my trying to read the boxes,,then i think that someone has dumped stolen goods in my front yard ,it still hadnt clicked,,then i picked up the box that said...Canon EOS 400D.,then it sort of hit me ,but i was to stunned my mouth was open but nothing came out ,i was still picking up more boxes...17-85mm image stabilizer lens ,a macro lens,extra battery and 2gig memory card back pack,430EX strobe flash ,the lot,,wow so i will be off practicing madly,Peter knows more about cameras than anyone i know ,he knows every single model ever built and what it does he is the macro king ,but he doesnt take pics any more its the one thing he excells at is cameras now its up to me to suck up the info so lets see what i can do with my new toy cheers all.
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Tue, Mar 11th - 3:46AM

Check my Blogroll
For some more of my great stores,Im an affiliate for the hottest lingerie store in Australia,with hundreds of products to choose from ,and of course its the best quality ,at very affordable prices,and lots lots more ,there is a sex toy store attached so you can do all your personal shopping in one place,and if you have the energy,check out the dance poles ,as seen on Oprah,the original pole.
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Tue, Mar 11th - 2:22AM

,Check out these red hot designs,available at my gallery cheers! 
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Mon, Mar 10th - 5:02PM

My Designs
Find these designs though out my various stores at cafepress and zazzle ,the links to the stores are in my blog roll or you can view this album at flickr
itsallgoodamanda's All other Designs photoset itsallgoodamanda's All other Designs photoset

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Sun, Mar 9th - 4:14AM

You will find a variety of quality products at my stores here is just a few ,heaps of very cute designs
itsallgoodamanda's Sample of Products photoset itsallgoodamanda's Sample of Products photoset

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Wed, Mar 5th - 8:08PM

 New today @ The Little Fractal Art Shop Designer fractal art profile cards,business cards ,check out my sample below ,its my contact card and it comes with a choice of different printing options, I like mine printed on virtually indestructable paper which is also waterproof you can also fit loads of printing on them front & back.So if you like what you see & would like my fractal art posters on your profile cards or any other graphic ,Please contact me and i shall be more than glad to make it up for you.All the graphics in the Little Fractal Art Shop are"All Rights Reserved" this being the reason i am unable to let my customers customize them. Totally unique little cards ,stylish ,classy.and they come in different sizes too .So dont worry about the details ,i will fix all that ,once you have approved the card you will then be able to purchase it straight through the shop.and you will be able to re-order them when you like And because your business card is visible in the shop get this Permanent advertising for you and it can be changed whenever you like hows that pretty easy really enjoy
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