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Sun, Mar 16th - 8:03PM

Passing Time?

Wow, one thing keeping a blog does is remind one of the passage of time. Yes, I know time is an illusion but it's certainly a compelling one. So many poeple feel much inner turmoil because of their "perception" of time. Not doing something in a "timely" manner (like returning to this blog), anticipating "future" tasks and responsibilities, remembering "past" occurrences. The concepts of a past and a future exist because we are gifted with an area in the latest evolved realm of our brain that allows us to conceive of such abstract concepts. Your dog lives in the moment (the jury is still out on cats). I work with mental training every day partly so that I am able to respond to future responsibilities and learn from things that have happened in the past without being tyrannized by the past and future. I work to stay focused on the moment. The concept of living in the moment has been part of the "wisdom of philosophers". The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. Work to focus on one step at a time in all that you do. It will enable you to not be stopped by the fears of the future or the guilts of the past. Yes, we live in a modern world, plan, set your goals, create a framework for success, but then focus on individual steps.

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