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Wed, Mar 19th - 8:54AM

Flood Traditions of the World

Arthur Custance's 1969 paper provides a summary of what is known about Flood Traditions of the World, listing some 150 accounts. Dr. Custance finds that, widely different in detail as many of Flood accounts are from the biblical record, the traditions are in accord both with it and among themselves on the following four basic issues:

1. The cause was a "moral" one.

2. They almost all speak of one man who is warned of the coming catastrophe and thus saves not only himself but also his family or his friends.

3. They all agree that the world was depopulated save for these few survivors from whom the present people of the world were derived.

4. In all of them animals play a part either in conveying the warning, or in providing the transportation to safety, or in giving information about the state of things after the Flood had subsided.

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Thu, Mar 6th - 12:33PM

The Originators of Technology

Dr. Custance in his paper, The Technology of the Hamitic People makes the assumption that the present population of the world is to be wholly derived from the three sons of Noah - Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Indo-Europeans are Japhethites, Semites are of Shem and that the coloured races (black, brown, red and yellow) are from Ham.
Reed House
The paper then asserts that the descendants of Ham were the inventors of almost everything basic to World Civilization in its mechanical aspects and lists some of those inventions. Arthur Custance writes:

It may come as a surprise to find how many, how varied, and how fundamental have been the inventions of Hamitic people, and how great a service they have rendered to mankind in the field of technology.

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