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Tue, Mar 25th - 4:40PM

Deanery of Huron
UPDATE: September 1, 2013, the Deanery of Perth and the Deanery of Huron were amalgamated into one deanery known as the Deanery of Huron/Perth.
Trivitt Memorial, Exeter, Ontario
The Anglican Deanery of Huron consists of 13 churches in 6 parishes. It covers a largely rural area in southwestern Ontario which is bordered on the west by Lake Huron. There has been a decline in church attendance caused in part by a general decline in the area's population. The deanery has churches in Mitchell, Blyth and Goderich, which with a population of 7,563 is the largest town.

Shown is the interior of Trivitt Memorial, Exeter, Ontario. The church was opened in 1888 named after Thomas Trivitt, Justice of the Peace in Huron County, who paid for the church after he had inherited a substantial estate. It was the custom at the time that pew rent was collected but at the new building all pews were free.
Port Albert, Exeter, Grand Bend, Ontario Anglican Churches
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Tue, Mar 18th - 4:37PM

Trinity Anglican, Mitchell, Ontario

Trinity Anglican, Mitchell, Ontario Mitchell is located 20 km west of Stratford, and 60 km northeast of London, Ontario. Founded in 1836, it amalgamated into the new Municipality of West Perth (2006 pop. 8,839) in 1998.

The first Anglican Church in Mitchell was built in 1858, now the location of the cemetery. A new building was erected in 1897 that burned to the ground in 1939. The current building was built on the same site that same year.

Trinity Anglican, Mitchell, Ontario was formerly in a parish with St Stephen's, Stratford and the closed Trinty Anglican, Sebringville. It is now in the Parish of the Holy Spirit with St. Paul's Church, Clinton and St. Thomas Church, Seaforth. Karine Farmer was appointed lay pastor to the parish February 1, 2008. They have been without a rector since September 2007 when Rev. Sue Malpus left to assume the new position of Children and Youth Ministry Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Huron.

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Tue, Mar 11th - 12:12PM

St. George's Anglican, Goderich, Ontario

Goderich, Ontario is located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. William 'Tiger' Dunlop founded it for the Canada Company in 1827. Goderich was connected to Guelph by the Huron Road that opened up the region to colonization. Salt was found in 1866 and a major industry since has been the salt mine which now extends 5 km under Lake Huron.

St. George's Anglican, Goderich was built in 1881. The building is of brick and has a 168-foot spire. Cruciform in shape, the interior is beautifully decorated with wall murals and stained glass windows. The stained glass in the building includes "Come unto me" (shown left). The floor of the nave slopes noticeably from the rear to the chancel, an unusual feature in an Anglican church but often used by Methodists to concentrate attention on the pulpit.

St. George's faces the same problems as all of the congregations with large, old buildings. They are repointing the brickwork of the exterior, putting a new roof on the chapel and hall, and replacing the windows in the rectory. The murals (dating from 1929) also need restoration work, but before this can happen, the problem of dampness in the walls must be addressed.

Inside St George's, Goderich
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Tue, Mar 4th - 5:18PM

Trinity Anglican, Blyth, Ontario

Trinity Anglican, Blyth, Ontario
Blyth, Ontario is a community in Huron County, southwestern Ontario of about 1000 people. The town is known for the Blyth Festival, which since its inception in 1975, has premiered 100 Canadian plays. The festival attracts audiences of between forty and fifty thousand annually.

Regular Anglican services began in 1865. Trinity Anglican, Blyth, Ontario was built in 1878. The church originally had a spire but early in the 20th century, the spire was felt to be unsafe and St John the Evangelist Anglican, Brussels, Ontario was removed.

Throughout its history Trinity Anglican, Blyth has been aligned with Anglican churches in Belgrave, Wingham, Auburn, Fordyce and Dungannon. In 1970, it became aligned with St John the Evangelist Church, Brussels. In May, it will get a new rector who will be responsible for St. Paul's-Trinity, Wingham and St. Peter's, Lucknow as well as the Blyth and Brussels churches.

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Sat, Mar 1st - 8:45AM

Archdeaconry of Erie

St Mark WindowSt Stephen Anglican Church, London, Ontario The Archdeaconry of Erie is in the southern half of London, Ontario and an area south of the city. It consists of the Deanery of Wellington, with 8 churches, and the Deanery of Delaware which has 21 churches. Archdeacon is the Ven. Ken Anderson, rector of St. James Westminster, London.

Shown left is a window of St Mark in St Mark's Anglican Church, London, Ontario. St Mark's was established in 1908 and the current building constructed in 1965.

Shown right is St Stephen's Anglican Church, London. Its rector, Rev. Keith Nethery, is Communications Officer for the Diocese of Huron. Rev. Nethery appears weekly on the Anglican segment of Life and Faith, a religious program seen on Sundays at 9:30 am on A Channel TV stations in London and Windsor. The program is co-sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Huron, the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, the London conference of the United Church of Canada, and the Islamic community.

Previous posts: York-Credit Valley Episcopal Area

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