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Wed, Mar 26th - 8:20AM

Creating a Flower Fairy Ring

Creating a Flower Fairy Ring

Through fairy rings you can connect and work with the energy of elves and fairies.  Also called fairy circles, dancing elves, and lightning strike, a traditional fairy ring appears as a circle of tall grass within a ring of toadstools, surrounded by a ring of darker earth or dark stones.  These favorite dancing places of the fairies, where music and merry revelry lure mortals into fairyland on full moons, can bring good or bad luck, healing or illness, pleasant dreams or nightmares.  It all depends on your intention.

The reason for making your own fairy ring is to attract helpful elves and fairies.  When you craft your own fairy ring for ritual, meditation, or prayers, your create a vortex of light.  You have complete control over this sacred space so it;s safe, unlike fairy rings in nature which are often extremely dangerous.  This personally crafted fairy ring is one in which you stand, sit, relax, or even sleep.  It is akin to a stargate, a portal to the Otherworld of fairyland.

I thought since it was springtime, I would show you how to create a Fairy Flower Ring.

Follow these steps to create a fairy flower ring

1.  Mark out the fairy flower ring in an area that gets full sun.  The ring can be any size you like, depending on the number of bulbs (this can also be done with plants or seeds)you plant.  Plant the bulbs in autumn.  Use a bulb-planting trowel to dig small holes at the proper depth around the edge of the ring. Plant a daffodial bulb in each hole,. following the directions provided on the package, add a bit of bone meal, and fill planted holes with potting soil. Water as needed.

2.  Walk three times clockwise or sunwise around the planted fairy flower ring, and sing a happy song or hum a favorite uplifing tune aloud.  Dedicate your fairy flower ring to the helpful fairies, including the flower fairies and woodland elves.

3.  In early spring, the bulbs will transform into beautiful yellow and white blooms in a perfectly natural fairy ring.  You can lay, site, stand, sing, dance, paint, sculpt, make wishes, dream or meditate in your golden fairy flower ring,  Every year the bulbs will mulitiply and your fairy flower ring will be larger, thicker, and slightly different.

It's now to late in the season to plant daffodial bulbs, but there are other nice perennials you can plant..such as Geraniums (they flower all summer and most of winter) or what ever your favorite perennial is that you know does well in your area.  Then when Autumn comes around you can plant your border of daffodial bulbs around your existing will be beautiful next spring!

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