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Thu, Mar 27th - 7:30AM

Establishing the Diocese of Algoma
Bishop Frederick Fauquier
Algoma was erected as a diocese in 1872 by severing the northern portion of the diocese of Toronto, which originally consisted of all of the old colony of Upper Canada. Toronto, itself, had been erected as a diocese in 1839 and was divided a number of times to create Huron (l857) and Ontario (1861), with Niagara following in 1875 and Ottawa in 1896. The creation of Huron and Ontario had left the Diocese of Toronto divided into two parts connected by a narrow isthmus of territory. There was, to the south, a portion centred around the city of Toronto, which forms the present diocese of that name, and a northern portion which became Algoma. It has been put a bit crudely, that Algoma consists of all of the parts of the old diocese of Toronto that no one else wanted.

Algoma was intended to be the missionary diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, and its financial support was supposed to come from these dioceses. The support given was never adequate, however, and Algoma remained heavily dependent on fund-raising in England. It was not until 1956 that the diocese became self-supporting.

It was the spread of white settlement north into Muskoka and Parry Sound and the need to integrate ministry for these new communities with the existing Indian missionary work which led the Provincial Synod to create Algoma and elect Frederick D. Fauquier as its first Bishop in 1873.

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Thu, Mar 20th - 11:35AM

Anglican Coalition in Canada
Anglican Coalition in Canada LogoThe Anglican Coalition in Canada was founded in July 2002 as the Anglican Communion in Canada after the New Westminster synod in Vancouver, B.C. voted to allow the blessing of same sex marriage. The ACiC's sponsoring province is the Episcopal Church of Rwanda. The group is planning to grow by planting new churches.

Susan Zakamarko, St. Barnabas Anglican, WaterfordThe ACiC has 8 churches in B.C., 2 in Saskatchewan, 1 in Quebec and 1 congregation in Ontario - St. Barnabas Anglican Mission, Waterford, south of Brantford, that opened in late 2006.

St. Barnabas rents space to worship at the St. Mary the Protectress Ukranian Orthodox Church, 91 Bruce St. Waterford, Ontario. Susan Zakamarko (left) has been installed as Pastor/Lay Catechist.

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Fri, Mar 14th - 8:30AM

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Saskatoon

St. John the Evangelist, SaskatoonConstruction of St. John the Evangelist Church was began in 1912 when Saskatoon had a population of 16,000. Poor economic conditions meant the church was not finished until 1917.

The walls are Redcliff brick from Alberta with English (Doulton, Staffordshire) terra-cotta. The original foundation is of granite fieldstone, except under the steeple it is reinforced concrete. The steeple towers 44m (145 ft) above the ground and the nave is 40m (121 ft) long and 14m (47 ft) wide, seating just under 800.

The present two-manual Casavant organ was installed in 1981-1982 at a cost of over $120,000. Several improvements have been made to the building the latest being in 1997 with the addition of a new foyer, chapel, columbarium at a cost of $1 million.

When the Diocese of Saskatoon was created in 1932, St. John's became its Cathedral.

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Thu, Mar 6th - 11:48AM

Diocese of Niagara Loses in Court

Last Friday, in an interim ruling, the Ontario Superior Court rejected a bid by the Diocese of Niagara to hold its own separate services at St George's Anglican, Lowville and St Hilda's Anglican, Oakville.

February 17, St George's and St Hilda's overwhelmingly voted to formally join the Anglican Network in Canada effectively leaving the Diocese of Niagara. Last fall, the Diocese of Niagara and its just elected bishop voted to perform homosexual marriages even after the Anglican Church of Canada confirmed its prohibition on same sex blessings at the June 2007 General Synod.

On March 20, the court case will begin to decide whether the congregations or the diocese own the church buildings but it may take years to finally resolve the issue. The diocese is arguing that the parishes hold property in trust for the diocese. The Lowville and Oakville parishes argue the properties were built to uphold a tradition the diocese no longer follows and should stay with those following traditional Anglican beliefs.
St Hilda's Anglican Church, Oakville, Ontario

The congregation of St. Hilda's, Oakville was established in 1959 and by the end of that year moved to the current church hall. 11 years later the connected chapel was built and dedicated on Nov. 17, 1970.

The first frame church of St George's, Lowville was erected in 1857, eighteen years before the Diocese of Niagara was established. The present stone church (below) opened in December 1896 and was extended in 1990.
St George's Anglican Church, Lowville, Ontario

February 24, the Church of the Good Shepherd, St Catharines, Ontario, also from the Diocese of Niagara, voted to join the Anglican Network in Canada.

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