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Thu, Mar 27th - 2:53PM

Can't Add the NavBar to Your Site? Use Your WebRing Blog!
Are you one of the hundreds of new members who either can't figure out how to add the WebRing NavBar to your site, or your site editing software doesn't allow you to add the NavBar, or you don't even have a web site?

Consider registering/activating your WebRing Blog.

As a member, you have a free blog waiting for you to activate it. Here's how:
  1. Sign in to your WebRing account and open your My Account page (if it doesn't open when you sign in).
  2. Click the "Register" button on the "Blog" tab.
  3. Fill out the form page that opens and submit it.

That's it! You will then have a blog at your disposal, and the best part is that the WebRing NavBar is already added.

Once you have registered your blog, you can post updates, provide tips and tutorials, showcase products, journal about your day-to-day lives, supply political commentary... the sky's the limit!

And, remember to join a WebRing Community after you start to blog.

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Thu, Mar 27th - 1:13PM

How to Increase Your Ring Traffic
Here's a little tip to help increase your WebRing Community's traffic:
Add the WebRing NavBar on a page with relevant content.

It's no secret that search engines, especially Google, favor sites with content over those filled with links. For one reason or another, a fair share of members add the NavBars to an affiliate or link page. Although this keeps the relevant pages of your site "ad-free," you reduce the potential to retain visitors on your site and within your WebRing Community.

Likewise, if you add the NavBar to a hidden page, you aren't really helping to build a community of similar sites. Think about it: when was the last time you visited the affiliate or links page of a site (unless it's labeled as something like "Resources")?

We've often received comments from folks who stumble across WebRing and are left unsatisfied with their visit. Why? They cite rings filled with link page after link page. Imagine a WebRing Community filled with page after page of relavent content. The odds of people returning to your ring to find well-targeted information on a particular topic would increase exponentially. It's all about satisfying expectations.

If you manage a WebRing, we encourage to first set the example and add your NavBar to a page with relevant content. Then, ask your members to follow suit. Your Community will prosper as a result.

We would love to hear from any managers who take this proactive approach to improving their Communities, for better or worse. Did your WebRing Community experience an increase in traffic as a result? Simply leave a comment below to do so.

Remember, though, it will take a few weeks for the search engines to notice the improved changes to your Communities and make them available to the masses.
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Mon, Mar 10th - 4:00PM

Need Help Adding the NavBar to Your Site?
Wayland H. from Member Services here with an update on the video tutorials I've been putting together.
We now have over a dozen easy-to-follow videos that will guide you through the often difficult process of adding the WebRing NavBar to your website.

To find the tutorial for your site editor, click here.

We hope that these video tutorials will get you over the NavBar hump and allow you to starting joining the thousands of WebRing Communities that await you.

Although we have many of the most commonly used website editing programs, we're always looking to add more. Are you having troubles adding the NavBar to your site? Leave us a comment here with the URL for the editor you use, and we'll take a crack at figuring out how.

Or perhaps you've already figured out how to add the NavBar to a site not listed? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Until next time,
Wayland H.
WebRing Member Services

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