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Fri, Jun 27th - 9:49PM

4 Quick Tips for Instant Auto Loans Approval in Washington

Auto financing companies and car lenders in Washington often make a pitch for "Instant Auto Loan Approval". But, you should not apply without thorough preparation. Remember that if you plunge into the WA financing world without a proper plan, you will fail in your pursuit of instant approval.

Itís not very difficult to obtain instant auto loan approval in the Evergreen State. With just few tips and strategies, you will be confident of achieving your goal. So, without wasting any time, letís start.

1. Myths about Credit Score

Many people are scared of their credit scores. But, credit history or credit score is not the only criterion for approval. Lenders consider several aspects of your loan application e.g. your income, age, employment, financial details, etc. So, donít worry if you have bad credit history. Simply provide your income and employment details along with your financial documents. It will help the lender in ascertaining your stable financial condition.

2. Down Payment in Cash is not compulsory

Many experts of the auto financing field suggest making a down payment. But, it is not important if you have a good credit score. Lenders analyze your financial history. And, if they find regular payments in the past and current stable financial condition, they wonít compel you for down payment.

Also, down payment becomes less crucial if you are buying a used car. It is because used cars have low price and lower depreciation rate in comparison to new cars. In such a situation, lenders donít have to undertake higher risk and thus, they wonít worry much about putting money down.

3. Trade-ins and Car Sale can help you

Now, you know that a down payment is not compulsory for used car. But, if you are buying a new car in Washington, it can very helpful. You donít have to spend money from your wallet. You donít even have to break your savings for down payment. Simply use your old car as down payment. Confused? Well, it is simple. You should ascertain the trade-in value of your old car. Your local dealer will be able to tell you that. Also, ask its sale value. In this case, you must not just rely on dealers. But, you can put it up online and check the response for your car. If you are getting good price, sell it online and use the same money as down payment.

4. Co-signer aids in Instant Approval

It doesn't matter if your credit score is good or bad, additional help is always welcomed by lenders. A co-signer will help you in getting instant approval and affordable rates. The reason is simple. Lenders view co-signer as a guarantee of regular returns. They donít mind if the co-signer makes monthly payments as long as they receive regular payments. Co-signer ensures the lender of safety and security. So, find a person with good credit score. He should be able to assume additional debt responsibility.

So, these are things that can help you in getting instant auto loan approval in Washington. Remember that the key for instant loan quotes lies in increasing lenderís trust in your loan application. Increase his faith in your financial stability and your chance of quick approval will increase instantly.

Fast Auto Loan Approval Ė the company is a leader of the auto financing market. Get low rate car financing programs in Vancouver, Washington without any delay. Instant approval can be yours with just a simple application form. Apply now.

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Thu, Jun 19th - 3:43AM

From Vine to Vehicle Ė This is the Giant Leap for Tomato

Tomato sauce, tomato puree, tomato soup and now there will be tomato cars. Oh! I have not lost my mind. But, it is a reality. Ford said on Tuesday that it was going to team up with Ketchup King Heinz. Their objective will be finding out ways of using tomato fibers in car production.

The Stock Market King Buffet has always been someone who makes a profit out of things no one else expects. And this time, his company is looking at ways of using dried tomato skins, a waste product from Heinz popular red sauce, to form part of an automobile. Research is going on to use the waste product in making wiring brackets and coin holders. If it is successful, it will reduce the use of petroleum-based materials and pollution as well.
Heinz and Ford team up to make Tom-Auto

Ellen Lee, a research specialist at Ford Plastics, told Reuters that the company was looking forward in getting some renewable and recycled content in their vehicles. The material has a less-than-attractive appearance which means it will be ideal for hidden parts, such as under-hood plastics and shields in the under body. But, the researchers are aiming to make it more pleasing to the eye in the future. She added that apart from tomatoes, future cars could have materials made from coconut-based composites, recycled cotton, soy foam and rice hulls.

Heinz is not alone in helping Ford with production of plant-based plastics. There are other companies, like Coca-Cola Co, Nike Inc. and Procter and Gamble Co, who have been helping the automaker in reducing its environmental footprint.

Want to buy a Ford car or looking for a Honda, make your car buying simpler with Fast Auto Loan Approval. The online auto financing company provide no money down car loan program at low rates. Apply now and get ready to drive your favorite car today.

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