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Sat, Jun 29th - 4:55AM

Moon Knight

Marc Spector was a mercenary left for dead in the Egyptian desert. He was saved by the followers of the Egytian God Khonshu, who gave him superhuman powers. On his return to the U.S. he began to carry out Khonshu's will by punishing criminals. As the Moon Knight, he later joined the West Coast Avengers, learning that some of his equipment had been created in ancient Egypt by a time-traveling Hawkeye.

The Moon Knight's strength increases and decreases as the moon waxes and wanes. He has an arsenal of weaponry and has highly advanced aircraft, including the Mooncopter and Angelwing. His cape can be used as a glider.

While the Moon Knight prefers to work alone, he has sometimes teamed up with other vigilantes such as the Punisher and Spider Man.

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Sat, Jun 22nd - 6:27AM


Bobbi Morse is an ex-SHIELD agent who took the name of Mockingbird. She joined the Avengers shortly after meeting Hawkeye with whom she became romantically involved. The two went on to form the West Coast Avengers together. Mockingbird left the team for a while, but returned to help mentor the Great Lakes Avengers. She was thought to have died while saving Hawkeye from an attack by Mephisto, but was later revealed to be held as a prisoner of the Skrulls.

Mockingbird has no superpowers but is an expert fighter with full SHIELD training. She holds a doctoral degree in biology. Her costume is made of kevlar and Beta cloth, and is bulletproof an fire resistant. Her two staves can be used as clubs or joined to form a battle staff.

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Sat, Jun 15th - 5:55AM

Wonder Man

Simon Williams was serving a prison sentence for embezzlement until he was freed and given ionic super powers by Baron Zemo. He agreed to join the Avengers as Wonder Man and lure them into a trap set by Baron Zemo, but had a change of heart and apparently died saving the heroes.

In reality, Simon's powers had put him into a vegetative state from which he could heal. The Scarlet Witch helped him return to life as a being of ionic energy.

Wonder Man possesses superhuman levels of speed, strength and stamina. The ability to fly is just one of his abilities. He usually wears sunglasses to cover his red eyes, a side effect of his ionic powers.

Wonder Man Message Board

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Sat, Jun 8th - 5:30AM


When lawyer Jennifer Walters was shot, her cousin Bruce Banner saved her life with a transfusion of his own gamma-irradiated blood. Jennifer soon began to transform into the She-Hulk. Unlike her cousin, Jennifer remains intelligent in her Hulk form. She has been part of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers and still works as a lawyer.

In human form she is 5ft 10in and weighs 140lbs. In She-Hulk form she is 6ft 7in and weighs 650lbs. She does not take on a montrous form like her cousin. A formidable martial arts opponent at any time, Jennifer is all but unbeatable in She-Hulk form. Her skin is resistant to injury, extremes of temperature and she heals rapidly.

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Sat, Jun 1st - 5:59AM


Robert Reynolds has a dual identity. As Sentry, he is friend and savior to many and one of Earth's most powerful heroes. He is also the Void, a dangerous creature that seeks on destruction. He has worked with Doctor Strange to try to eliminate Void.

Sentry is 6ft tall and weighs 194lbs. His abilities include super strength, super speed, flight and invulnerability. His atoms exist an instant in the future, giving him a hyper-state of consciousness. The full extent of Sentry's powers have yet to be discovered.

Sentry Message Board

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