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Thu, Jun 27th - 9:55PM

Bad Credit Borrowers can get Attractive Auto Financing Program without thinking about Down Payment

When you want to buy a new set of wheels, many things require your attention. One of them is credit score. Financing a used car or a new car with bad credit can be troublesome for some people. This is because lenders often shy away from offering great deals to someone with a bad credit score. Also, if you do not have down payment, it may become difficult. But, you need not worry about it anymore. Auto loans for bad credit with no down payment are available in the market. This article will teach you to clinch the best auto loan deal in your area. Let’s get started.

fast auto loan approval

Get your Score before you Get Out to Score the Deal

Do not let anyone play trick on you. Few bad credit lenders and subprime auto dealerships may scam you by telling you that your credit score is worse than it actually is. So, be ready with all the current data. Get your recent credit score before you go out scouting for an auto loan. This will help you to avoid any possible fraud.

What is the Rate?

Before applying for a bad credit auto loan without down payment, it is essential to have a basic idea of the interest rates that are offered in the market.

Bad Credit Auto Loans without Down Payment – Lenders are JUST doing their Business

Do not think any subprime lender or “We Finance Everyone” dealer is bestowing any favor on you. The auto financing industry understands that the 2009 recession has played havoc with lives of Americans. Many people now have bad credit history. It is just impossible to ignore such a huge population when it comes to business. So, lenders readily offer vehicle loan programs to people with bad credit.

Also, zero money down auto loans are perfectly easy today because everyone is cash-strapped. Lenders and no down payment car dealerships know for a fact that people can manage regular payment of smaller amounts but not a single huge down payment. So, they have no problem in obtaining bad credit no down payment auto loans.

Co-Signing – Ideal for Approval

When one or two factors of your car loan approval application are weak, make other factors strong. It will make sure that the lender is compelled to concentrate on stronger aspects.

When you get a co-signer, the lender or the online auto financing company is convinced of regular payments. So, search for someone with a good credit score and ask him/her to co-sign your loan contract.

Sign when you are Sure

When you are working so hard to secure bad credit auto loans without down payment, it is essential that you sign the papers only when you are sure of the deal. Make sure that the lender is reliable. Also, read the contract before signing on the dotted line because once you sign it nothing much can be done about it.

So, bad credit borrowers can easily get a car loan without making down payment. Such auto financing programs are great because they provide you the opportunity of improving your credit score.

All the best for your next no down payment car purchase with bad credit score. Hope you soon get to drive the car of your dreams!

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Mon, Jun 24th - 7:48AM

New Car Loans for Bad Credit Borrowers – Buying a Car is so EASY now!

Loving a car is American legacy! We are born with this amazing passion and love for cars. If you are looking to fulfill your dream of owning a brand new BMW, Audi or a Chevy, you need to take help of auto loans. Now, when it comes to new car loans, one thing that terrifies us is bad credit history. But, rejection because of bad credit history will become history now! Think out of the box when it comes to bad credit score. Read this amazing new car financing guide to stay focused on the road of car buying.

fast auto loan approval

New Car Loans for buying a New Automobile - Why is it necessary?

A new car costs more than $30,000 and prices have been steadily rising. Now, to buy a new automobile, you have to cough up almost $3000 extra. This means car loans have become a necessity.

Everyone wants a Piece of Pie

New lenders and online automobile financing companies have made the auto financing world competitive. Everyone wants a share of customer's spending. This means it has become very easy to get approved for a new car loan.

It's so much easier to get a bad credit auto loan today than it was in the past. Bad credit history is certainly not an issue for lenders now. Here's how you can easily sign the new car loan contract despite bad credit history.

Tips for a New Car Loan with Bad Credit

1. Begin with Budget

We all know how addictive cars can be! So, it's better to know your spending capacity before choosing your dream car. Calculate your income and expenses before deciding on the kind of car you want. It will avoid any further damage to your credit score.

2. Income Proof

Even if you have bad credit on your credit report, it's important to earn a decent income. A good income ensures regular payments. This is very important for lenders who offer new car financing options to bad credit buyers.

Your income proof can be your recent pay-stubs. A self-employed individual can provide IT statement as a validation of regular income.

3. No Down Payment? NO PROBLEM

Don't worry if making a down payment is difficult for you. There is absolutely no need of making a cash down payment. You can trade-in your old car. Its value will be deducted from the cost of your new car and voila! Your Problem is solved.

Most car manufacturers offer rebates in the name of customer incentive. You can ask the dealer to use rebates as down payment. This means you will actually put money down without taking a single dollar out of your pocket.

4. Options other than the USUAL

Most bad credit car buyers are suggested to opt for shorter loan terms with higher monthly payments. It becomes slightly impossible to make regular monthly payments of more than $500. This increases the chances of missing out on payments. So, think creative and understand innovative options that are available in the market before signing on the dotted line. It's better to explore all choices so that you choose the payment schedule that fits you the best.

You can choose balloon payments. With this option, you can make lower monthly payments and then, make a huge payment at the end of the loan term. This can be ideal if you plan for the last payment from the very beginning. Along with an affordable monthly payment, you can put aside some money for the last payment. This will help you avoid higher payments.

According to Wall Street Journal, the average car loan term was 65 months in last few months of 2012. Nowadays, loan terms are as long as 70 months. Today, lenders are looking forward to extend loan term of 97 months. This is because most car buyers are unable to afford high monthly payments. As the durability of cars is increasing every year, they can be used for longer periods. This makes such longer terms a reality.

So, while opting for a new car loan with bad credit history, remember to try out other options. Seek knowledge about the current trends in the auto financing market because it will help you grab the best car loan deal.

All the best for your new car!

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Sun, Jun 16th - 7:31AM

First Time Auto Buyer Program with No Credit History – Guaranteeing Uncomplicated Car Buying

You will always remember your first car and that's why; make sure that the process of buying your first car is pleasurable. A first time car buyer or someone with more experience of car buying, car loans are common to one and all. Buying a car with cash is out of question because cars - used or new have become very expensive.

fast auto loan approval

The prototypical first time car buyer usually has no credit score. He is making a credit purchase for the 1st time which means there is no credit history. But, don't worry. This article will help you get the best interest rates on your maiden car loan.

How to score Better Rates on a First Time Auto Buyer Program with No Credit History?

Remember that the American auto financing industry is highly competitive. There is an auto loan for every situation and car buyers can easily get affordable financing programs. All you need to do is know where to search. There are many auto financing companies that provide auto loans for first time car buyers. When you fill in the application form, make sure that you choose a reliable lender. But, before filling the form, you must know the auto financing process. Just as a half-baked recipe spells disaster, insufficient knowledge can be extremely harmful. So, get ready to know how you can secure affordable car loans with no credit history.

A Realistic Budget for a REALLY AFFORDABLE Loan

No interest rate will be high and unaffordable if you make a budget. Once you prepare a list of your monthly income and expenses, you can easily know whether a particular car loan quote will be affordable or not. Understand your financial constraints before saying yes to any lender. It will help you in making a better choice.

What Car suits you?

It's not like olden days when you had just few options for buying a car. Today, there are abundant choices and it is better if you have a few favorites. Most cities charge for parking. Add insurance, cost of fuel, maintenance, etc. to the list of car-related expenses. So, make sure that you don't buy anything that is not necessary. Decide on your needs. If you will have to travel long distances every day, it's better to go for a fuel-efficient car. If you are going to live in highly populated city like NYC, better to opt for a compact model that doesn't take too much place. Also, understand your neighborhood because it will let you decide on the kind of safety equipments you want.

Do remember to check the manufacturer's incentives for first time buyers. There are many companies who offer special discounts and cash back schemes. GM offers student-college discount to first time buyers. Ford also provides a financing option to young car buyers.

Check your Credit Score

Grades were important when you were in school. And, now it's credit scores. It is essential because it will determine the approval of your loans. Even if you don't have any credit history, it is always better to have your current credit score before applying for first time car loan. There are high changes that your department store credit card had some positive effect on your credit score.

De-stress with Down Payment

If uncertainty over car loan approval is giving you unnecessary stress, down payment can help you. It is the time-honored solution to car loan ambiguity. When you make a down payment, lenders get a corroboration of your financial stability. This helps in getting quick approval.

Securing the Deal with a Co-Signer

Co-signing is a powerful antidote to your no credit problems. By getting a co-signer, you assure the lender of regular payments. This ensures that approval on your first time auto buyer’s program is in the near future.


Don't have a co-signer? Don't know how to manage money for making a down payment? Well, your problem can be solved with a proof of your income. When lenders know that you make steady dime, it will be a perfect solution for unavailability of a co-signer and down payment. So, make sure that you have income proof with you.

All these steps will ensure that you get an affordable first time auto buyer's loan. Zero credit history won't trouble you anymore because this car loan will start building your credit score.

Happy 1st Car Buying! All the Best!

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Mon, Jun 10th - 12:15AM

How to get a Used Car Loan with Bankruptcy?

If you have suffered a terrible financial blow that resulted in bankruptcy, you know how hard it can be to get any type of loan. Don’t worry if you are tired of rejection on your car loan from neighborhood lenders. You won’t have to wait for a decade to apply for a car financing program. You can buy a car and enjoy work and life before bankruptcy comes off your credit report.

With this article, you can avoid steep rates that often accompany a bankruptcy auto loan. Use the suggestions to get better rates and avoid the feeling of being stuck with a terrible auto financing program.

Why Used Cars are better for People with Bankruptcy?

While it can be appealing to purchase a brand new car, you must go for a reliable used car. A new car is very expensive and it’s better to go for cheaper used cars. It will lower your used car loan amount and thus, reduce the car loan cost. You can opt for anything in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 because most reliable pre-owned cars come in that range. Nevertheless, don’t forget to get inspected from your mechanic.

Also, most used cars that are available in the market are not very old. This is ideal for people who have recently come out of bankruptcy.

Who can apply for Used Car Loans?

Modern auto financing has ushered in a fresh wave of change. Now, anyone and everyone can get used car loans. There are many new lenders and online companies who have made easy auto financing of old cars. Also, the car is used as collateral which makes it easy to secure better rates.

You can get an auto loan with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is always better to go for used car loans after you have successfully tackled bankruptcy. It is because getting an auto loan during bankruptcy means excessively high interest rates.

Process of getting a Used Car Loan with Bankruptcy

Prepare for the WORST, but don’t hope for it

Remember that there is absolute profusion of car loan choices. You can get a used car loan despite bankruptcy but you must work for it. You will have to prove the lender about your current financial capacity and ensure regular payments. It is beneficial to prepare a budget because it will give you the perfect idea of making payments.

Is Down Payment and Co-Signer possible for you?

Down payment and co-signer are two things that can turn the events in your favor. When you have bankruptcy on your credit report, lenders want to be very sure of your financial capacity. Manage a down payment of at least 10% of the total price of the car.

A co-signer with good credit history can counterbalance the effects of your bad credit history. Lenders require a co-signer with a stable debt-to-income ratio so that he can make payments in case of any failure from your side.

Know your Credit Ratings

Coming out of bankruptcy, your credit score must have taken a hit. But, that shouldn’t keep you from checking your credit ratings. Know how bad they are, just so that no lender can con you. It is often seen that lenders take undue advantage of car buyers who are unaware of their credit scores.

Applying for an Affordable Used Car Loan

Once you are done with this, open your computer and start searching for auto financing companies that offer used car loans to people with bankruptcy. You must have Bankruptcy Discharge Notification. It will tell the lender that you have successfully handled bankruptcy and will be able to handle regular payments as well.

Also, set up the payment schedule according to your convenience. If you can pay every week, ask the lender to set up payments that way. It will help you make payments on time. And, thus improve your credit score.

Remember that there is substantial car financing options available for people with bankruptcy. You just need to work hard so that you get the best deal. is ideal for financing used car with bankruptcy. Get bankruptcy car loans and buy the used car of your choice in an instant. Affordable rates can be obtained by applying on the 100% safe website. Apply now and get FREE quotes today.

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