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Thu, Jun 30th - 3:33AM

Becoming An Effective Stepparent
by Emma Cook

Today's family portrait is just as likely to display a blended family as a nuclear family. However, with over 75% of adults with children remarrying and 60% of those marriages ending in divorce, mostly because of the children, indicates that something is desperately wrong. Perhaps The Brady Bunch gave us a false impression of a blended family.

Blended families today vary widely but what is most common between them is difficulty blending. To be an effective step parent involves a lot of hard work, time, prayer and to be frank, disappointments. The following are a few good tips for starting off down the right path:

1. Just because you are now married does not mean your new spouse should be given automatic rights to discipline your children. Most often, this is the start of family turmoil. The children should only be disciplined by their biological parent. The non-biological parent should serve as support to their spouse. Private conversations between the husband and wife regarding house rules and discipline should occur and agreed upon very early on. They should be shared and followed through with all of the children so they know what to expect, which diminishes feelings of resentment.

2. Spend time with your own children separately. This is especially important in the beginning. It will bring much needed comfort and security to your children. They need to know that they are still a priority in your life. It is very important that separate time with your children is carefully balanced so they don’t become confused about the union of their new family. As for family time, be sure to regularly plan outings and family time together, which fosters the blending process. Make sure these times are used for enjoying one another and bonding, instead of reprimanding for last weeks misbehavior.

3. Do not compete with the parental role of the same sex biological parent. The child needs to know that their step-parent is an addition to their life, not a replacement of their same sex biological parent. Encourage their love and loyalty to the absent biological parent.

4. Lower your expectations. Even after many years, in contrast to nuclear families, most blended families lack family cohesiveness.

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Wed, Jun 22nd - 3:16AM

Is Jealousy Normal?
by Pastor Greg Baker

We are taught that jealousy is wrong. Indeed, it often leads to disastrous results. But is it normal? Or is it the result of some wrong thinking or wrong decisions?

First, it is essential to accurately define jealousy as compared to two other terms-envy and covetousness. Since I am a pastor of a church and often deal with jealousy in relationships, I will define all three Biblically as the Bible gives the clearest distinction between the three.

COVETOUSNESS – The desire of that which is not yours (Exodus 20:17, Deuteronomy 5:21).

ENVY – Not only desiring what is not yours, but begrudging the one who does have it (Proverbs 23:17, 27:4, Matthew 27:18).

JEALOUSY – The fear that someone will take what you believe to already be yours (Exodus 20:5, Numbers 5:14, Proverbs 6:32-35).

Using these definitions as a guide, we can indeed conclude that jealousy is normal. Anytime you believe someone is taking away from you something you believe to be yours, you will be jealous. God Himself got jealous when His people began worshiping other gods.

But normal does not necessarily mean good. The feelings of jealousy are often from a fear of loss. And fear, as we know, is never a good thing. Our actions, rage, thoughts, and feelings that are born from such fear are rarely good and rarely accomplish anything positive.

But normal? Yes, it is normal. But though it is normal, it does not mean that we ought to give into the rage that often accompanies it. The effort to keep or protect something of yours that you feel to be in danger of being stolen is often overshadowed by the effect. In other words, if you feel some other man or woman is trying to steal your spouse, your efforts to keep him or her may result in the absolute destruction of your relationship.

It is important not to underestimate the power of jealousy. It can be all consuming. It can blind you to everything else around you to the point where all you see is your fear. Biblically speaking, the feelings of jealousy are never described as sinful, but the actions that often follow these feelings usually end up being sinful. It is therefore necessary to understand fully the consequences of not controlling the normal feelings of jealousy. You could end up destroying the very thing you want to preserve.

Relationships need to be built on something stronger than the mere feelings of possession. It is true, that when you are married you belong to each other, but a marriage needs to have more than that to make it work. Because if all you have of your relationship is jealousy, you don't have much.

It was for this reason, God asked the Israelites to love Him with all their hearts, souls, and minds. He wanted something more than just "I am God, you are my people."

Make your own relationships more valuable as well.

Author Resource:-> Greg S. Baker is a Pastor, Counselor, and Author specializing in building and strengthening relationships.

Please visit our website at:

For more books and resources on how to communicate better, express yourself, and strengthen social skills. Check out our book, 'Fitly Spoken', a Christian based book that explores the intricacies of human communication and expression in relationships.

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Tue, Jun 14th - 6:56AM

Effective Communication
by Dr. Robert Hooker

Proverbs 24:3 "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:"

For many years while rearing our daughters, I was consumed with the first part of this verse - through wisdom is a house builded. I wanted God's wisdom to rear my girls so that they would turn out for good and for God. I listened intently to preaching and teaching on biblical childrearing principles. My wife and I read books on child rearing. We studied the scriptures ourselves for childrearing principles, and we discussed them together often.

God blessed, and as the girls grew they seemed also to grow stronger in their faith and in their love for God and their love and respect for us. They of course were not perfect and had their struggles, but we found a way to get through them together. We rejoiced in every victory, but we also tried to study and evaluate the reason for the victory. Always we understood that ultimately it was the grace, mercy and patience of God with all of us, but we also began to see a common thread running through each situation and its final outcome. It was the relationship that we had together and the ability to communicate with our girls through every situation. Yes, without a doubt my wife is greatly responsible for the success of our children. She always kept a line of communication open to our girls. Many a night was spent with JoBeth and 6 girls all on one bed talking late into the night. I came home many nights to find them all asleep on the bed at midnight or 1or 2 in the morning always wondering who was talking when the last one fell asleep.

You see what I came to realize was that the remainder of that verse is as important as the first. Wisdom builds, but that word "build" means really to lay the right foundation, to use the right materials, to have the right plans and to yield to the right builder. But through understanding is the house established or made to last, to stand. Understanding when it comes to relationships I like to define as communication with discretion. Right principles are essential, but the ability and willingness to communicate those principles to your children will make them last as a part of their whole life.

Author Resource:-> Dr. Hooker and his family have produced a variety of Christian books and music CDs for the entire family. Visit their family website at

Article From Christian Baptist Articles

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Mon, Jun 6th - 4:19AM

by Laura Manley

I am a woman, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, but incorporated in all those adjectives is the real me --- I am a born-again Christian.

Those who write articles about teenagers and whether they should or should not date need to look at another avenue. I call it courting. This does not mean they cannot see one another; however, it does mean they are always supervised. Even the most dedicated Christian, teenager or older, put in the right circumstances is likely to be tempted.

I have been a member of a few churches during my life. I like in particular the seating arrangement our church has devised for our youth. They sit in the first two pews of the church for each service. In addition, they do not sit as boy and girl sitting next to each other, but they are divided by the aisle.

We have a young couple in our church today who are, in my opinion, probably going to get married in the future. They are in their twenties, yet they do not even drive together in the same car without an adult with them. Moreover, the wonderful thing is that they welcome the supervision. They want to do things the "right" way.

In another church, I saw young people getting married who had courted for some time. And when the Pastor pronounced them man and wife, it was their first kiss ever. The youth today are thrown into a world of lust and a "me" generation. To come across youth who want the Will of God is a priceless thing.

God ordained marriage; He said nothing about living together and finding out what kind of toothpaste the other prefers or does he like his eggs over-easy or scrambled.

I've seen the children in my current church develop from little children and believing only because mom and dad do, into wonderful young ladies and men who have a respect for the other gender you normally do not see. It is refreshing!

Bottom line is that I object to dating between young people, or even older people for that matter. If they allow themselves to get into a situation of temptation, only they are to blame or the adults from which they should be receiving guidance. Even if there have been some indiscretions, that doesn't mean they can't start over and make a pledge or covenant with God that they will remain pure from that moment forward until they are married. They will be happier for it.

I am a 66-year young Christian writer whose desire is to make a positive difference in people's lives through my writing. My purpose is to show people the love of Jesus Christ. I have four wonderful children (two natural/two step) and seven beautiful grandchildren.

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Sun, Jun 5th - 3:55AM

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