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Thu, Jun 30th - 9:15PM

June 28: Waiting and Waiting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.4 miles
rain. Rain. More rain.

149 recordings of 81 types. 25% available. I want to get this to 50%, at least.  It was 65% available when they expanded it.

Rasmussen: -13: 49/50.

T-shirt, Run for the Seals, 2003.

Rich had a doctor appointment this afternoon and the HVAC checkup was supposed to be this morning.  They didn't come and DIDn't come, finally arriving at noon.  Fortunately, they finished up before Rich had to leave, but he missed his nap.  The doctor has finished her residency and has decided to be a full-time mother for awhile, and she gave Rich to another resident.  He really liked the current one, but I'm sure he will like the new one, too.

It was raining, and I knew the dog didn't really want out, he just thought he did... so Rich took him to the door and the dog looked out, then looked up all betrayed at Rich, how COULD you? and then decided no, he didn't want to go out after all.

I went out a number of times to pour water off the EZ Up. June 28.  This is ridiculous.


Turnabout is a Pelosi.
Knott Buyinit on June 28, 2011 at 9:29 AM

Not illegal, just ask him.

What the frack is going on?
The problem with fracking isn’t that it’s particularly new or dangerous. The methodology has been in use for decades, and it is as safe as other drilling processes. The real problem is that it could produce relatively cheap hydrocarbon energy for a very long time, and that’s what has environmentalists worried.

Wisconsin's Politics get even sillier.

It’s doubtful that Wisconsin’s citizens can put much confidence in a court that can’t behave itself in a mature and professional manner, and especially one where such poisonous partisan and personal politics are in play.

Otherwise, we can look forward to even more updates from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where in place of decisions and precedents, we can find out who won’t stop looking at whom, the compliance status of Exies-No-Erasies, and who ate the last Ding Dong in the cupboard.

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Tue, Jun 28th - 10:43PM

June 26: Recuperation Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.4 miles

121 recordings of 58 types.(suddenly from 35% to 55% used. And WAY over last week's limit.)

Rasmussen: -15: 48/51.

Easy choice this week.

I stayed in all day, recovering from last week. So I was able to upload some pictures and catch up a little.  Gabe's puppet show (one of the many, all with the same plot) for instance.

And some pictures:

Vince Makes Things Up     DSC03751 DSC03754     DSC03761 Vincenik and his tree.     DSC03666

What a fun week it was!

Jim Treacher: If Michele Bachmann is a flake, Obama is a glacier.

Are you a Flake?

I can understand why Chris Wallace asked this question.  Given his guest’s propensity for gaffes, such as picking the name of a dead hero as a  live Medal of Honor winner, botching a toast to Queen Elizabeth II, discussing the high points of the Austrian language, and several references to a military medic as a “corpseman,” it might be hard to take the person seriously.

Oh, wait — Wallace wasn’t interviewing Barack Obama after all:

What's up with all the Presidential Gaffes anyway?

John Hawkins: Calling illegals "immigrants" is like calling a burglar a "house guest."

To Whom it May Concern

(funny video about geocaching.)

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Tue, Jun 28th - 1:08PM

June 25: The Week Ends

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.4 miles
low 90s, COLD in Novato

105 recordings of 53 types. (hey, they offered HBO and Cinemax this weekend.  Besides the movies, I'm getting Harold and the Purple Crayon!)

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

I'm .3 pounds up, but after the week I've had, that's actually good. I was significantly up earlier in the week. High borderline blood pressure.

T-shirt, Doggy Dash 2001.

Roni and I had a miscommunication, and she thought I would take the kids back on Sunday, when I had said Saturday.  R & RJ had tickets for a Giants game today. So we split the difference and agreed we would take the kids back at 5.  5 more hours than I had initially thought, eek, what will we do?

Then I saw that the program at the Discovery Space Center was a mission to Mars, and the planetarium show would be open, and hey, that sounds like something we could do. So, when they woke up, I gave them French toast and we played outside for awhile, had lunch, then I drove them over to the museum.  This was a real winner.  They liked the planetarium show and pretending to be astronauts and the computer games and the crafts.  We were there about 2 and a half hours. 

DSC03779     DSC03781

So we got back with the direction that we would finish packing, go to the bathroom, and leave. Teddy disappeared in the direction of the bathroom... and 5 minutes later I found him playing with the Fisher-Price garage.  "TEDDY!  We're LEAVING!" Heh.

Uneventful trip home, and only one thing left behind. (a combined Lexi-Rich thing, Teddy's tooth care pouch... not important.)  There was a dead newborn fawn in Roni's back woods. 
The adults had had a good time in the quiet. R.J. made us great burgers.  Rich decided yes, he'd have a tomato on his.  Gonna have to explain... again... to R.J. about raw food, but honestly, Rich needs a break once in awhile. And so home about 9:30, and what a week it has been!

0bama's Energy Policies are Anti-American.

Walter Russell Mead
Gore has the Midas touch in reverse; objects of great value (Nobel prizes, Oscars) turn dull and leaden at his touch.
...Vice President Gore, like all who aspire to lead great causes, must reconcile his advocacy with his conduct — that is, he must conduct himself in a way that is consistent with the great cause he seeks to promote....The most visible leader of the world’s green movement cannot live a life of conspicuous consumption, spewing far more carbon into the atmosphere than almost all of those he castigates for their wasteful ways.  Mr. Top Green can’t also be a carbon pig. cannot be a leading environmentalist who hopes to lead the general public into a long and difficult struggle for sacrifice and fundamental change if your own conduct is so flagrantly inconsistent with the green gospel you profess.  If the heart of your message is that the peril of climate change is so imminent and so overwhelming that the entire political and social system of the world must change, now, you cannot fly on private jets.  You cannot own multiple mansions.  You cannot even become enormously rich investing in companies that will profit if the policies you advocate are put into place.
...What this tells the skeptics is that Vice President Gore doesn’t really believe the gospel he proclaims.  That profits from his environmental advocacy enable his affluent lifestyle only deepens their skepticism of the messenger and therefore of the message.  And when they see that the rest of the environmental movement accepts this flagrant contradiction, they conclude, naturally enough, that the other green leaders aren’t as worried as they claim to be.  Al Gore’s lifestyle is a test case for the credibility of his gospel — and it fails. The tolerance of Al Gore’s lifestyle by the environmental leadership is a further test — and that test, too, the greens fail.

Elizabeth Scalia
Gore only succeeded, post-Clinton, because of Bush-hatred. His Nobel Prize, his Oscar, his "regard" were all born of a desire to kick at Bush. Once Bush was gone, Gore was, too. Imagine being such a mediocrity that your greatest "successes" are not even about you, but about needling someone else. Interesting.

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Mon, Jun 27th - 4:30PM

June 24: Bowling for Pirates

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.4 miles

91 recordings of 48 types.

Bad. Very very bad. Shameful. More.

Rasmussen: -23: 46/53.

T-shirt: 2001 KGO B2B shirt.

I killed a froglet this morning. :( I was trying to catch it with the white tub, and accidently hit it. A very bad start to the day.

So I'd been fretting about what we would do today, since we had to work around a blood test for Rich. Then I got the brilliant idea; bowling! Why didn't I think of that sooner??
So after his blood test we went to the alley and bowled.  Teddy was the real surprise, with a 116 the first game, and Lexi not too far behind with 106.  Their second games were more what we expected, 68 and 98.  I haven't bowled for years but was consistent with my former average, 133 and 135.  Rich had 180 and 198. Then we had lunch there. 

Back at home, they ran through the sprinkler and played outside with me sitting there so they could play in the tree. 

We had macaroni and cheese for dinner and then we took them to see Peter Pan in Davis.  Both kids stayed awake and were interested.  (I remember Lexi at 3 deciding she was afraid of the pirates at a Fairy Tale Town show.) We got home at 11 and they got to bed immediately. I think Lexi might have been clouding up with homesickness, but she fell asleep first.


A good day!

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Sun, Jun 26th - 11:04PM

June 23: Back to Berkeley

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.3 miles
Slight cooling

86 recordings of 43 types. (I'd have been all right even without the extra room. (so I added an NCIS marathon!))

Rasmussen: -15: 46/53.

T-shirt, pink UW Geology Museum dinosaur shirt.

On Men of a Certain Age, I can't believe they're selling that many cars.

I went out to Mass at the Retreat House, and then when I got home, we went to Novato to pick up Lexi and Teddy. I drove there.  R.J. pulled us aside to tell us Lexi'd worked herself into a swivet, and didn't want to go.  But she was going. She'd apparently imagined what it would be like to be homesick.  She has stayed over with Genevieve or some of her friends, but this would be the first time without someone her age. (And, I found out later, "Nana yells at me.")  Teddy was fine.  We loaded them up, one early emergency when she couldn't find her DS, (which had fallen under Rich's seat), and then we were on our way.

The kids played video games so we didn't have any whining or "are we there yet?"s. Our membership passes worked well.  While Rich was trying to figure out the parking machine, I told them "go play on the DNA."

Then indoors and out, they explored everything.  The water outside was fascinating to them just like it was to Eric and Gabe, and it was a little cooler and Rich was better covered up so could come out and join us.


The dinosaurs were fine, but they especially liked the building room.  Teddy liked rolling the balls on the roller coaster track.  Then he enjoyed building bridges so he could roll cars on them.  Lexi spent a lot of time with the Kapla construction sticks. I tried to recreate a spiral and the whole thing collapsed on me.  They chose a dolphin mobile and a hexbug as their presents. A little over $10 each but we averaged out less over the 4 kids.

We started home about 30 minutes later than we had on Tuesday.  This led to traffic. I'd wanted to try the mobile food trucks, but after Rich and the kids stood in line for 30 minutes to order they found out that the wait would be 25 minutes. Rich, who's been really negative about the whole food truck thing, was beside himself with fury, and we quickly left and made a Burger King run. I'm going to try this again, but on my own.  The kids were really good, even when they found out BK no longer makes mac and cheese.

They were pleased with their bedrooms (thank you, cleaning ladies!)  Teddy asked if the playroom was still messy and I said "go look" and he was thrilled.  Lexi thought the pink bedroom was "beautiful!!"  And when it was bedtime (I kept them up a bit, watching "Chicken Run", trying to make tomorrow night easier) there were no homesick tears after all. Whew!  She used to really cry when we babysat because she was missing her mom.

John Sexton:
Is there anyone except the 12 morons who were on the original jury that is surprised by this revelation? Speaking of which, can someone please track down those idiots and ask them how they could be so stupid and still be ambulatory.

New Hampshire Lawmakers Pass Abortion Parental Notification Bill over Veto.

Losing his cool over his own refusal to obey the law.

If anyone’s patience should be the issue, it should be the patience of Capitol Hill in restraining themselves from cutting off funding for Obama’s Libya adventure.  As The Hill reports, that patience has come to an end.  The House may vote within days on ending the mission, a vote that Obama has prompted through his own obstinacy and inexplicable mishandling of the issue.

Mark Amodei
If you had told me that General Motors was going to go from being shareholder-and-bondholder-owned to government-and-union-owned at the stroke of a pen, I would have told you that was impossible. If you had told me that the debt was going to grow at a rate that was unprecedented and irresponsible, I would have said, ‘That won’t happen.’ If you had told me the government was going to get so into the health care business that it would tell us what to do about so many different decisions, I wouldn’t have believed it. In my mind, it’s worth fighting for — to get us off this track … that is anti-private sector, anti-capitalism and anti-fiscal responsibility. I could not be more profoundly shocked and disappointed at the direction these people are taking us. It’s a call to arms.

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Sat, Jun 25th - 7:56AM

June 22: Joanna's Baptism, Recovery Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
88.8 miles
VERY hot, 100s.

93 recordings of 48 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 46/52. Heh.
I woke the kids in time for breakfast, and then we went over to Joanna's baptism.  She was dressed in a gorgeous dress that had been her Aunt Cheryl's. She was very suspicious, and clung to her mother.  Who betrayed her and let That Man do terrible things to her, like make the sign of the Cross, and anoint her, and horror of horrors, pour water on her.  The outrage!  She managed the shriek, though fortunately not a long one.

Then a little chit-chat, then we went home where Vince and Niki followed.  They repacked the car, took some food and ice, and their boys, and went off camping.  The rest of the day we spent vegging out, recovering.

Jonah Goldberg: Libya and America's commitment problem

Obama insists that the War Powers Act doesn't apply to Libya because the bombing campaign and drone attacks don't rise to the level of "hostilities." No one really believes this nonsense. And so Obama has managed to do what no Republican president ever could: destroy the War Powers Act.

John Hawkins

* He’s so emotionless when he talks about soldiers dying or the country. He’s like an alien going through the motions and trying to pretend to feel as humans do.

Summary: Obama has a workmanlike, not particularly charismatic delivery. He may get a small, temporary bump from starting to pull troops out of Afghanistan, but this is really a long-term game. It was a terrible idea to set a deadline in the first place, he’s going against the advice of his generals, and as long as it works fine, he won’t pay a price. Of course, if there are problems, he will be quite rightly blamed for unnecessarily risking the gains we’ve made in Afghanistan for purely political reasons. This whole speech is about is about 2012. He thinks it’ll be more popular to pull the troops out, so he’ll do that. Let’s hope his foolish risk pays off. If it doesn’t, then in the end, a lot of good men may died so that a politician could throw away their sacrifice.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, Probablility Moon, Nancy Kress, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Golden Hub Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote.

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Fri, Jun 24th - 10:06AM

June 21: Gabe and Eric's Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
88.8 miles
101 in Sac, 90s in Berkeley

78 recordings of 43 types. They seem to have added space: 220 hours instead of 123! 

Rasmussen: -14: 47/50.

T-shirt, Dinosaurs alive! from the Carnegie Museum.

Let the sun shine....

I went to check on the tadpoles and there was great consternation in the tank.  Two froglets!  So I caught them and released them.  Then when I came in, I remembered I hadn't taken my pills.  And I was putting the pills in my mouth when I remembered I hadn't washed my hands first.  So if I get some Dread Fungal Disease and die, that's why.  Because I'm an idiot.

Vince and Niki dropped off the boys about 10 but didn't manage to get away for 45 minutes, so we started off for Berkeley about 11.  I drove.  We made it clear to the Sacramento River before Gabe asked if we were almost there. From then on, every 5 minutes or so he needed a progress report. The boys denied needing the rest area, so I drove straight on through to Berkeley and the Lawrence Hall of Science.

We figured out the parking and got our membership easily: Grandparents and up to 4 kids at a time.  Our Discovery Museum membership would be about half-price but we would have to pay $4 a person a time to get to see the dinosaurs. With the membership we could get a $30 dinosaur pass. This is going to pay for itself later this week, and from then on, it's gravy.

I don't think the dinosaurs are too scary, and there will be lots for Gareth to do, so I must take him here pretty soon, too. Gabe and Eric took a quick look at the dinos, then we went down to lunch.  Then Eric started paying attention to the computer games (about vision) and Gabe wanted to be going on! looking! seeing! so I went with him and let Rich veg out with Eric.  

Most of Gabe's many puppet shows had the same plot.

Eventually we all got together again and went to the gift shop. "Anything under $10.  Of course, Gabe was interested in all the 50 dollar things.  Finally Rich showed him a trigger dinosaur head.  Then he agonized over it or a little frog flashlight. I suggested he used "eeny meeny miney mo" to figure it out, because I know this always helps focus what you really really want. Sure enough, the chant landed on the flashlight... so he took the dinosaur head. (and didn't dismantle it till we were almost home!) Eric was fascinated by a little puzzle that uses a mirror.  The total with discount was only a little over $10 for both. 

On the way home I had planned a couple of geocaches, since Eric enjoys them.  This broke up the trip.  Eric's prize choices were better than Gabe's: a most annoying whistle and a transforming rhino as opposed to a glittery keychain and a Hard Rock pin, but Gabe didn't realize it till later and Eric was good to share. And finally home by way of KFC, though they hardly ate anything.  We watched "Cars" and put them to bed late.

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Tue, Jun 21st - 10:21PM

June 20: The Day After

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
87.8 miles
hot, no delta breeze like yesterday.

80 recordings of 44 types.

Yesterday, -17: 47/52. Today, -16: 47/51.

Another hard poll, like every other week.

T-shirt: 2001 B2B shirt.

Well, by 9:30 last night I was dead to the world. Apparently Vince called just after 10: I didn't hear it at all.  Gabe was having terrible stomach pains and they wanted to know the closest ER.  They found it: and of course by the time they were seen there, he felt fine. Finally this morning we saw we had a call, so I called around, all the numbers, till I got  them. And found out all is well. 


I like clean air, but apparently it's time to defund the EPA.

Yay Chris Christie!

    BTW, why is this not asked of Obama? Not only does he send his kids to private school, but he killed the DC voucher program which hurt thousands of poor minority children.
    Doughboy on June 17, 2011 at 3:08 PM

Little Bammie killed the voucher program in DC, and that’s perfectly fine with the DC elites, because the real reason they send their kids to private schools is so their little darlings don’t have to associate with the riffraff.

They pour money into public schools because the greedy unions are a source of campaign cash, not so the kids get a better education.
slickwillie2001 on June 17, 2011 at 4:51 PM

Tonight we met Monica and girls (Roni and RJ left after they all went to the RR museum, and Mark had to be back at work today) and Vince, Niki, and their boys, at Bucca di Beppo.  They walked the two hot blocks from their Residence Suites.  We had a nice, though quite noisy, meal, then went back and hung out till 9.  Vince and Niki plan to drop the boys off about 10 tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it!

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Mon, Jun 20th - 10:34AM

June 19: Team Yarnot 2011 Reunion

The Age of Napoleon, p. 417
87.8 miles

78 recordings of 41 types.


Church was great.  We took up two pews, upsetting a woman ahead of us... she eventually moved three pews up. I hope we're not responsible for making her leave the church, but the kids, while wiggly, were actually pretty good. I'd brought books which kept Gareth and Gabe fairly occupied, though of course they generally both wanted the same book at the same time.

Father said "half the church is filled with Yarnots." Our friends really liked the Team Yarnot shirts. Yellow for Rich and me, we're the coaches.  (Numbers 0 and 00) Then each child and spouse had green, numbered in birth order with the spouses having a 0 in front, so Roni was 1 and RJ was 01.  The kids had blue shirts, numbered in birth order, so we had 6 through 13, and they sat in the pew in that order, though that was accidental.

We managed to get through Communion with only one small glitch, Lexi finished the wine so there wasn't any for Charlotte.  She was directed to another line to cut in... this is her 7th Communion, so she's still excited and needs the whole experience.

DSC03697    Team Yarnot 2011 DSC03703

Then there was the picnic.  Vince had made up a very funny "Team Yarnot" program, listing all the coaches (us) assistant coaches (kids) and players (grandkids.) He also has the history of the Contrarian cup, team statistics (like how much rainfall, how many softballs collected, specific gravity, all sorts of things), and introducing "Notty", the new team mascot. ("Yarn-knot", get it?) Lots of food, fruit, chips (we took the dip home), barbeque (Texas West provides disposable tongs and serving spoons as well as the usual flatware packs. Impressive) Two chocolate cakes. I wish we'd taken some home, because that was all I wanted for dinner. Oh well. My freezer bag ice cream experiment didn't work out... RJ made some, but mine didn't freeze, and it's good the kids weren't interested.  They were in the creek at that point.

Dads     DSC03725

We had one disaster when Gabe apparently decided to catch a ball with his face and got a big shiner.  Niki got ice on it right away and Vince and I went for some Ibuprofen to bring down the swelling. It's a good thing I went along, because the drugstore that used to be a block away has moved. Gabe began to feel better when the photographer came, and though he didn't want to be in the picture, he was told he didn't have a choice and actually cooperated. The wind kept blowing my hair in my face, so probably I am the person to spoil the picture. 

The only other incident was Gareth pouring out a whole bottle of bubble stuff. By the end of the picnic, he had HAD it. Everything made him cry.  Joanna had had a nap for about an hour. We broke it up and cleaned up at about 3.  A great picnic.

DSC03714    Chocolate Face!

The funny thing was we saw one kid (not ours) punching another out and the Moms all roared "STOP that!" in unison.  Then the kids started playing nicely. Teddy had been super soaking the others from the play structure and getting innocent bystanders and they stopped that. 

Afterwards, the girls and their families stopped by for a few minutes so they could see the clean house and the sea dragon figurine.  Just after they left, Steve called from summer camp.  Great timing.  Then Rich had a 3-hour nap.  Me, I almost lasted till 9, but it was time for bed. "But Mom, it's still light outside." A great day!!

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Sun, Jun 19th - 5:30AM

June 18: The Reunion Begins

The Age of Napoleon, p. 417
87.3 miles

83 recordings of 43 types. (Getting ready for next week, when I'll be on the brink again.)

Rasmussen: -20: 45/55

I'm one pound down since last week, with high borderline blood pressure.

First thing this morning, we went downtown to find another "one" cache.  This one was a puzzle.  I had figured it out at home, and immediately Rich gave me fits because we were to start at the door but the coordinates had us in the middle of the street.  We got to ground zero and looked and looked. It's a 4 difficulty, and we were having no luck at all. At one point I thought maybe I'd misread the map and we were supposed to turn right instead of left, but that didn't work.  Then we started over, using paces instead of the GPS.  As we approached the end, I saw someone picking up trash, and hoped that was the hider.  "If you need help to find it, just ask" he said as we went past.  Well, indeed.  This is a very very clever hide.  The cache looks like part of a sign crossbar. I'm not sure we would ever have found it if he hadn't been there. We had a nice chat with him, and encouraged him to put out more caches.

On Andrew Breitbart's goal of converting Alan Colmes:
How? A brain transplant? I always thought you needed a trade-in for one of those.

Really Indefensible. I think the 0bama administration is beginning to fall apart, what with this, Wasserman-schultz saying they own the economy, and the War Powers mess, not to mention Operation Fast and Furious. I think "really indefensible" describes a lot. Misery index, highest in 28 years.

I wish Holder would go with him.

"Politics weren't part of the decision"... yeah, right. ALL of it. Boeing and 0bama.

The kids had decided to meet up at Leatherby's, so Rich and I headed over there and said we wanted a table for 14 at 6 (15 minutes warning.)  Vince and Niki managed to get there in time, too, so we expanded it to 18.  What a zoo! What fun!  Charlotte didn't like waiting for her food and "will never come here again."  Roni forgot about babies and moved the napkins to Joanna's reach, but we got them away before more than one hit the floor.  Lexi was bored and acted out. But everyone got fed and in place. I'm quite excited that Monica designed special t-shirts for "Team Yarnot 2011."  Mine has "Coach Jan 'Mom' 'Nana' Yarnot" on it.  I'd wished for special t-shirts for the event but didn't like to ask. I'd thought about Niki and/or Roni, since they're the people who have given us special T's before. 

DSC03688     DSC03667

Tomorrow will be really something!

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Sat, Jun 18th - 2:13PM

June 17: "One" caches

The Age of Napoleon, p. 417
87.1 miles

89 recordings of 45 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 46/54.

T-shirt, a break because the next one in the running rotation didn't match the capris I wanted to wear: so I went for my "Prehistoric creatures alive!" one, blue with a mammoth on it. 

Mostly today we stayed home.  Rich mowed the lawn. We continued to investigate more caches that would fit into the "One on One" challenge: caches with "one" in the title. I ran a search on "one" and end up with Pioneer Park.  I tried to explain this to Rich, but he missed the first sentence so hadn't a clue what was going on.

Then this evening we went north to the outskirts of Roseville and found "Room for one more." Only two more to find!

0bama's Lawyers didn't agree about Libya.  This guy wants to rule the roost entirely by himself, to hell with laws or the Constitution or the will of the people.

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Fri, Jun 17th - 10:21PM

June 16: Blame it on the Chemo

The Age of Napoleon, p. 400
87.0 miles

98 recordings of 52 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 45/54

T-shirt, Bay to Breakers 2000, KGO club.

Today, chemo day!  Rich's blood count was abyssmal but they gave him a half dose. Then we waited forever for the doctor, who was running late.  Finally.  He noted that the chemo is really doing a number on Rich's blood.  There'll be another CT scan in early August, and then, if it shows more progress, maybe Rich will go on a chemo holiday or go on a maintenance pill. (Tarceva.)  I'm guessing the Law of Diminishing Returns is in action here... it's beginning to do more harm to Rich than to the cancer. If he had a break one way or the other, he could build up again to fight it off.  Well, I looked up the pill and it has a couple of nasty side effects, but would probably be all right.  No point in worrying about it till we have more data.

Rich felt better than he has post-chemo.  He is being niggled because of the cache we signed but don't have the requirements for, so did some research and got us a lot closer.  Three more caches.

Who can blame them?

The Czechs said they are open to more discussions on missile defense with the US, but they made it pretty clear that they’re not terribly interested in dealing with the Obama administration.

It's those nasty ATMs.

Best of the Web.

Elderly women are being denied life-saving breast cancer surgery that is routinely given to younger patients," London's Daily Mail reports:

    Some doctors look at a patient's age in their notes--and decide on a treatment plan before they have even met them, experts warn.

    Their study, which provides evidence of ageism in the Health Service, found that 90 per cent of breast cancer patients aged 30-50 are offered surgery to remove tumours, compared with 70 per cent of those in their seventies.

    Even women in their 50s are less likely than younger patients to have an operation.

But there's also good news, from former Enron adviser Paul Krugman: "In Britain, the government itself runs the hospitals and employs the doctors. We've all heard scare stories about how that works in practice; these stories are false."
The Editorial 'They'
"When it comes to Sarah Palin, the mainstream press is starting to look like a pack of drooling, tennis ball-obsessed dogs. They just can't let go."--editorial, Boston Globe, June 15.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Golden Hub Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote.

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Thu, Jun 16th - 10:35PM

June 15: Geocaching Afternoon

"If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist, you'll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot"

The Age of Napoleon, p. 400
87.0 miles

92 recordings of 50 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 47/53.

T-shirt, 2000 B2B.

Fantasy trip, home again.

Nasty ATMs. See now why the DNC has to resort to running dumb ads like this? The alternative is to let this guy go out on the stump and explain America’s crippling unemployment in his own words.

Nooooo!  You mean to say it's that glowing thing in the sky, not SUVs??

Of course, if those AGW advocates suddenly convert to Maunder Minimists, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the same solutions — central control of energy production and usage, elimination of fossil fuels — will be pushed?

We went to Yuba City after lunch and picked up a few caches.  At the first one, we saw some killdeer acting all wounded,  so looked around and saw the nest.

We walked along the levee and picked up the one that was underwater the last time, found a couple of letterbox caches (including one that I read so we only did the end of it to avoid a lot of backtracking.)  Then we had some time to kill, so asked a gentleman where a thrift shop was and found a shirt for Rich.  He needs long sleeves, but in the summer they have to be lightweight, and he doesn't care much what they look like, as it's for gardening. Bernadette gave him a couple of t-shirts that work. 

Then the pizza party.  We've become regulars. "Do you want your large Coors Light?"  Not many people there. I got a toy car. I overate, too, but it was a nice change. 

Shovel-ready.  Hahaha!  9.1% unemployment is so hilarious.

The most ironic part of this, though, is blaming the failure on the “permitting process.” That means government regulation, which Obama has been expanding rapidly to implement his agenda while bypassing Congress. It’s the very same problem that keeps the private sector from investing its capital into growth-producing ventures. Instead of laughing at the bitter irony, maybe Obama would do better to learn from it.

Worst attorney general EVER.

Bad economic news.

Just like businesses, people buy in anticipation of the future. If they expect to be richer in three years, they’ll buy the new car and the big screen TV on credit. If they expect to be poorer in three years, they’ll have a garage sale. Multiply that decision by 100 million, and it adds up.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, S is for Silence, Sue Grafton,   The Golden Hub  Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote.

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Wed, Jun 15th - 10:45PM

June 14: Dentist

The Age of Napoleon, p. 386
86.2 miles

87 recordings of 49 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/54

T-shirt, the Bloomsday (Spokane 12k race) 1999 one.

The fantasy trip goes past Hagerman fossil beds, and back to Nevada (Wells) then to Winnemucca. 366 miles. If it was like 2009, though, we might have pushed it all the way home. (We did Salt Lake City to home last time. Tired of the road!!)

Today, my dentist appointment. All is well. I took the video of the leafy sea dragon to show off, and the women were properly amazed.

Left Laments Lack of Dirt in Palin's e-Mails.

“it’s really not hard to think that the joke might somehow be on us.”

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, S is for Silence, Sue Grafton,  Sacramento The Golden Hub of California, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote.

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Wed, Jun 15th - 7:05AM

June 13: Confused!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 386
86.2 miles

85 recordings of 49 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 47/53.

T-shirt, not the thesaurus. It shrank too much in the wash. So I wore the plain B2B shirt from 1999.

Trip, south from Helena to Idaho Falls, possibly including a detour to Craters of the Moon, (We've seen lava beds, but there's a 9 mile drive that wouldn't take too long) ending up at Twin Falls. 369 miles.

Rich reminded me that it wasn't his fault the salsa got taken yesterday: he'd said to me, "we don't need this" and I said "oh, yes, we DO!" but at that point someone else came along and took it.

A sad memorial: 10 years from the day I discovered GoE's body.

It was Library Day, but I completely spaced on how we do it. I was thinking B. would pick me up at 9:30. NO, that's not what happens, usually: usually she drops Rob off and comes here, 7:30.  So I was sitting around beginning to wake up, and then the dog started to bark, I look up and UH-OH...

So a real quick panicky babyproofing, lock the dog out, move the computer, move the furniture to block the end table, put up the cribs to block the buttons and wires of the TV, gates up... then change my clothes and feed the kids their breakfast.  Wow.

When we went to the library, Gareth was so eager. He was reading the days painted on the door.  He was really happy to get in there.  Once they were settled, I went out to the Post Office and sent a travel bug to Vince.  He'll put it into our cache up there, since it wants to go to Canada.

From there, I went to Goore's, a baby store, and got a little fleece square with satin loops, since Joanna is busily dragging her quilt everywhere. Steve's lovey was a wool afghan, and I crocheted a blanket square for him to carry.  And we kept losing it or forgetting it. So I often had to stop at a store and buy yarn and a hook and make another on the fly. Anyway, I hope Joanna will take to this substitute so she can walk around unencumbered.

The kids were wearing "Thing One" and "Thing Two" shirts.  SO cute!!

We watched "Toy Story 3" here, and I teared up again, and so did Bernadette.  That's a really satisfactory ending. 

I got a call from the manager of my mutual fund account.  Whoopee, I've made a whole $156 in the last 10.5 years.  He doesn't have much hope that the situation will be any less volatile the next three years. He said "a lot of it is on the federal level" and I said "don't get me started."  We bemoaned over-regulation, I got the guy's phone number, and the call is over.

Gareth managed to knock down the 96-crayon box.  Fortunately, he brought me a glitter ink pen, so he didn't have a chance to decorate the place up.  As I was picking them up, he kept reading "Crayola."  Interesting child.  Then they went home.

Aletha Kuschan “When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to, at the time when people are worrying about jobs, and their mortgages, and paying the bills—then you should probably step back,’’ Obama said.

Does golf count as a "personal distraction"?


Excellent analysis of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Electric cars not so green after all.  To no one's surprise.

The problem we have is that instead of pointing and laughing hysterically the very first time some dim-witted, eco-confused malcontent started whining about the internal-combustion engine (or paper vs. plastic, or freon, or smoking, or leaded gas, or the incandescent bulb,) we committed the cardinal sin of actually smiling politely and listening to their concerns.

All societies have had to put up with such people; we were just the ones stupid enough to give their howls and screeds the validity of listening with a straight face.

CaptFlood on June 13, 2011 at 4:41 PM

Great father.... yeahright.

A flaming liberal FB friend about the debate:

I think hockey playoffs will be more engaging than the drone of the holier-than-thous from NH. [But then....]

These Republicans sure love "the private sector". [Yeah, a lot more than the gummint.]

I wouldn't vote for Herman Cain even if he gave me a lifetime free pizza pass. [Well, Godfather's, I understand it.  But if he were a Democrat, I could immediately call her racist.]

Libertarians are pretty weird, aren't they? [You bet.]

The APE cache is Washington, one of the big goals of geocachers (which we found in 2008) is missing. They've given up on it.

0bama fundraiser underwhelms.

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Tue, Jun 14th - 7:18PM

June 12: Christ the King Fiesta

The Age of Napoleon, p. 386
86.0 miles
sunny, warm

83 recordings of 49 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 47/53.

The usual hard choice for 0bamateurism of the week.

T-shirt: St. Philomene shirt, sold by the Hispanic group as a fundraiser.

Fantasy trip, north (actually, it maybe wouldn't have happened due to the flooding) to the Custer Battlefield, then highway 90 through Bozeman (which is actually where the Museum of the Rockies is, so with luck we'd have gone today. There's a cache named Maiasaurus, which is, unfortunately, missing right now.) And on to Helena. 370 miles.

We stayed home this morning: Rich did go make his rounds at the softball complex.  Then this afternoon we went out to the retreat house for the Fiesta, including a great Pentecost Mass.  Though they did sing all 5 or 6 verses of every song. The homily was great, about Jesus appearing to the people who deserted Him and betrayed Him and saying "Peace be with you." This priest, a retired one, will be the retreat director, apparently, since they aren't replacing Father David.

We got to see Brother Kurt, finally.  I began to get hungry partway through Mass, and then the line for food went On and On and On... I didn't get half the food and didn't feel like going back for salad, and I was getting more and more depressed.  And snappish.  Low blood sugar is the pits. Finally, before I burst into tears or bit Rich's head completely off, I left for a few minutes.  He almost did it to me again when I got back, though, by giving away our table's salsa.

But, once fed, we enjoyed talking to people.  Rich had a long talk with the guy who just had lymphoma, and his wife came over to talk to me, saying everyone pays attention to the patient, nobody pays attention to the caregiver.  (I darn near lost it there, too.) We had a nice chat.

No, we didn't win the raffle. Oh, well.

Get ready for electricity prices to necessarily skyrocket.

The World's Youngest Blogger.

Are Young People Wising Up?

One of the many frustrating aspects of the political scene is that most young people have been voting for Democrats, even as the Democrats sell them down the river, mortgaging their future to pay off today's constituencies. By the time our children are stuck with the bill, with interest, liberals like Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank and Barack Obama will be long gone.

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Mon, Jun 13th - 4:42PM

June 11: Cache Replacement

The Age of Napoleon, p. 386
85.9 miles
breezy, mild

87 recordings of 49 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 48/51.

2.9 pounds up. Borderline blood pressure.

T-shirt, 1999 Bloomsday.

Fantasy trip, the Black Hills.  Mt. Rushmore*, pigtail bridges, Crazy Horse monument, on to Devil's Tower, which I've never seen, and spend the night in Sheridan Wyoming. 270 miles. My Mom and I did the Black Hills in 1959. We also went to Custer State Park (Buffalo!) and Jewel Cave and Spearfish and Deadwood.  We went to the Passion Play. I remembered Rockerville and looked it up: it's become an eponymous term for badly-done bypasses that turn a thriving town into a ghost town. Too bad.

 *There's a 4/4 cache here, a 5 gallon ammo can full of film canisters... one of which has the log.  We've done one of these, we wouldn't be spending the time on this one. There are plenty of other caches we could choose.

This is more than just an exercise in masochism. I spent quite a bit of time working out this trip, and I have hopes that we can do it after all in two years when the next grandkid graduates from high school. Next year, with luck, two road trips. One to Washington for a first Communion, and one to Wyoming for my 50th reunion.  That one is why Sheridan is the only bit of Wyoming: I kept trying to add family to this trip and it just really didn't work. But we can go next year. (Prayers, fingers crossed, etc.)

(I also notice that "tomorrow's" leg would probably not happen, with the flooding in Montana.)

Rich was still a bit feverish this morning, but a lot of sleep helped him to feel better.  I ran a couple of errands, to pick up the quilt at the cleaners and to buy some coffee at Starbucks (using the certificate Vince gave me for Mother's Day.) Then in the afternoon Rich and I went out to the wetlands (which has been set up for rice this year!) and replaced our cache. Then we went to the Yolo Fruit Stand where I finally gave in and bought Foul Madammas, just because I like the name. I also got some various other food to try.  They didn't have rhubarb, though, so no compote for Rich for awhile. And I got some asparagus.

Then we went into West Sacramento and found three caches.  Quite a nice little trip, and home again before we were too exhausted.

@Agam_T Agam Tapaktuan
#PalinEmails show the Governor hard at work. #WeinerGate shows @RepWeiner hard, at work. Totally different thing. #Sheesh

Explosive e-mail revelation! Hahaha!

Politico, the emails are reminders of a sympathetic figure who was not yet the brittle, divisive caricature Palin has become.

[Or that you guys created.]

E-mails Reveal Palin Thought the MSM would Comb through her Every Word and Action for any Possible Fault

It’s a good thing all these reporters and their crowdsourced assistants are sorting through all this stuff, or we’d never know about Palin’s completely unfounded suspicions that the media is obsessed with getting her.

Mark Steyn:
In a sane world, Americans would be outraged at the government waste that confronts them everywhere you turn: The abolition of the federal Education Department and the TSA is the very least they should be demanding. Instead, our elites worry about sea levels.

The oceans will do just fine. It's America that's drowning.

Read the whole thing.

The Democrat's Smartest Woman.
He fights. He never really wins or achieves much by doing so — his weakness as a legislator is one of the reasons Democrats have been so willing to run him over — but he hates those wingnuts and isn’t shy about saying so, which is reason enough to let him govern America’s financial nerve center.

Weiner goes into treatment.
That fanatic attachment to power, even at the price of seeing his dignity shredded in the media day after day, is one of the creepiest parts of this story.

The Agriculture Department studying Carbon Exchanges 

CowboyUp 1 day ago
It's not "apparent" to me that we’re affecting our climate.   It is apparent that socialists
are trying to create a commodity out of thin air and set up a racket to market it.    Every dime and second spent, or rather, wasted on this fake market will come out of the real market.  You know, the market that already has anemic 1.8% (and slowing) growth, and real unemployment of over 15%.

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Sat, Jun 11th - 10:42PM

June 10: Long Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 386
85.9 miles
pleasant, not too hot

90 recordings of 50 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/53

 Kiss of death

T-shirt, KGO Club '99 B2B. It's different colors but the same pattern ("thud thud") as the official Bay to Breakers shirt.

Fantasy trip, Pierre to Rapid City 173 miles.  Look at Wall Drug, Badlands NP (it was a National Monument when I saw it before) Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, and, in RC, Dinosaur Park. (Where, yes, there IS a geocache, why do you ask?)  Two days too early for the event, and we wouldn't linger that long.

Palin frenzy.

Drake says:
June 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM

The same week that Ann Coulter’s new book targets liberalism’s ugly-mob impulses, both WaPo and the NY Times make her look brilliant by literally recruiting mobs of Palin-haters to scour the emails and help them destroy a private citizen they they despise.

Treacher nailed it this morning: the NY Times and WaPo aren’t even pretending to be news organizations anymore. They are just paid wings of the Democratic National Committee.

Another Embarrassment for the Legacy Media.

Palin has her faults, but she is a serious participant in the national dialogue on the key issues of our time. The New York Times and the Washington Post, in contrast, are frivolous rags with little or nothing of substance to offer.

Eric Palfreyman
We have a covert war in Yemen. An unauthorized war in Libya. 21+ months of unemployment over 9%. Six consecutive weeks of slide in the stock market. A deficit that is essentially immeasureable. Spending that is through the roof. An administration that ignores Federal court orders. An administration that openly defines what is and is not constitutional (so they arbitrarily enforce the law (forgetting that it is the Supreme Court's role to define what the law is). Yet . . . What the media wants to do is study Palin's emails--hoping beyond imagination to find something damning. Whare was this investigative curiosity when Obama was running? Birth and citizenship issues. Association with terrorists, racists, and criminals. Hidden records. A crappy voting record. Where did this newfound curiousity come from? If they had a brain and any journalistic integrity, they would be ashamed.

I was going to have Gareth over today, but Rich's slight fever changed those plans. It was a loooooong day.  Rich slept off and on till 2, and then was up pretty much.  His fever went down, though never back to normal. He still feels a bit wonky, but I think the day off was worth it.

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Fri, Jun 10th - 7:48PM

June 9: Blood!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 376
85.9 miles
high 80s

90 recordings of 50 types.

Rasmussen: -9: 50/49

Not thinking about re-election at all, nossir.

T-shirt (with capri-length pants!!): 1999 B2B.  Hills made out of the word "Thud" with occasional phrases like "I think I can I think I can" and my favorite, "Mon Dieu."  (That would be Hayes Street Hill.)

Fantasy trip, today would be Omaha north (the less-north route home) to South Dakota, past the Corn Palace and De Smet and the Laura Ingalls Wilder stuff to Pierre, another State Capitol. 482 miles, a really long day.

I went out to the Retreat House for Mass, and Brother Kurt is still gone. Argh!  I've been wanting to thank him for the nice note he sent. I got a book for my neighbor.  Then on the way home I stopped by Easter's Catholic and got a nice Rosary, because I've really been unhappy with the one I had. Too small, too light, the beads too close together. The one I got is a pretty blue glass bead one with nice crucifix and medallion, nicely heavy and with a great feel. I think I'll actually use this.

Rich's chemo was this afternoon because they were supposed to calibrate the machine in the morning.  (They didn't, but hey.)  So we saw some different people. His counts were the best they've been for a month, and the white blood count was the best for two months. I was really encouraged, but tonight he's running a small fever. Gonna need all the white blood cells he can find.

0bama told us he'd do it...

Elizabeth Scalia says
Too bad so few could hear anything he said besides "yes we can." Those of us who WERE listening to his other words were told to shut up, because we were stupid and racist and shut up.

What new horror will he visit on us tomorrow?

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Fri, Jun 10th - 12:37PM

June 8: Cache Maintenance

The Age of Napoleon, p. 376
85.9 miles
sunny, 80s

95 recordings of 52 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 48/51.

0bamateurism of the day.

T-shirt: KGO Club 98 B2B shirt.

Today we'd have left Peoria and gone to Omaha, 400 miles.  The last time we went through Iowa it was pouring rain (I was driving, of course) and the trucks were crazy crazy. This time maybe we could see more.  Besides, Antique Archeology (American Pickers) is right on the way!  (There's a cache there called "pickers!" I don't remember either of the two caches we got in Des Moines in 2009. I'm guessing the weather was on our minds.)

Rich has been feeling better, I think because of the better weather. He's going out looking for softballs, and he's doing yard work.  Today, for instance, he mowed the lawn.  And that was after we went to check on one of our caches, twice.  (The second time with the dog.) It's almost too hot (I think part of that is just the comparison with the cold and rain of a few days ago.)


Thomas Wolfe: which is part of the plan to nationalize healthcare under BIG GOVERNMENT with less quality, less coverage, less research, less health -- but more dependence and thus more votes for Demo Leftists and their Liberal minions.

Treacher: So, okay, Weiner knew for months that these guys were paying attention to what he was doing, and he went ahead and did it anyway. Luckily for the rest of us, arrogance and stupidity go together like Weiners and morbid humiliation.
...S.E. Cupp gets the last word for the moment: “There are plenty of good reasons to give Weiner the boot. He’s an admitted liar. He’s a cad. He’s a hypocrite. He has no respect for the integrity of his office. And he’s embarrassed his party and his constituents. But equally as offensive to me and all New Yorkers should be that Anthony Weiner is a moron. And that’s one thing we won’t tolerate.”

It was my last time out with Gerhard 10 years ago.  We talked about Bernadette's comic strip and her new character.

48% Believe a Great Depression is Coming.

I don't know what you'd expect with a guy who's either a fool or a cheat, probably both.

The dirty trick that launched Weiner's career.

#2 June 8, 2011 at 6:53 pm
Trialdog commented:
Somehow I, not a member of Congress, have managed to get through life without photographing my erect penis. Not ony that, I never mailed a photo of my erect penis to anyone. Imagine that.
In an amazing coincidence, I don’t vote for democrats.

Great orator.

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Thu, Jun 9th - 9:04PM

June 7: Birthday, Anniversary

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” - C.S. Lewis

The Age of Napoleon, p. 376
84.8 miles
fog, then gray, finally sun and warming.

100 recordings of 53 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 49/50.


Goolsbee leaves. The President praises him, calling him a "great economist."  Well, sure, you can tell that by the great economy in the US.

Obama has tried putting an academic in charge who believed in public management of private markets, and then an academic who leaned a little more towards private management of private markets.  Maybe he should dump the academics and start hiring people who actually have long track records in creating and managing wealth in the private sector to craft economic policies that will create real growth, rather than gimmicky Cash for Clunkers interventions.

That's assuming he wants success.  Well, we KNOW he wants re-election.

You gotta’ love the phrase, “an increasingly tepid economic recovery.” Imagine a pilot at the controls of a plane that’s nosediving towards the ground saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, our recovery from the stall looks increasingly tepid.”
SWLiP on June 7, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Gee, look who's on TV.  His "economy will do well" sounds a lot like Weiner last week, lots of words to cover up the truth.  "His first thought when he wakes up..."  then he'll start to think about his golf score.

The t-shirt of the day, in hopes, 1998 B2B one. Today is Vince's birthday, and also 25 years since I met Gerhard.  I'd offered him a redwood seedling, and in the event, he took 4, somehow fit them all into the VW bug, and somehow got them all onto his postage stamp yard, where they thrived.

Well, that's nice.  Our own economy must be wonderful.


Anns new friend says:
June 7, 2011 at 11:23 AM
The dime is a favorite bit of Synecdoche for Obama. He’s used the “dime” reference before.
In his mind, it’s all true according to the George Costanza rule that “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”
The government is being repaid for EVERY dime. It’s only the nickles, pennies, quarters, dollars in various denominations that are not being repaid. But, Uncle is getting EVERY DIME back, by golly!

The Death of America.

Next year there is a presidential election.
Don’t worry about America. We survived Carter. We shall survive this fool.
Americans do not merely survive.
As William Faulkner said, we prevail.

Rich saw a coyote at the softball complex today!

Monica sent information about the Capay tomato festival. Sigh.  Not while Rich can't eat raw food.

Juliette Braverman Nguyen
The limericks are coming hard and fast now.

There once was a political dude
Who had quite the arrogant attitude
He caused many to question
"Is that thing his erection?"
And finally we know now with certitude.

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Wed, Jun 8th - 4:45PM

June 6: Party Time!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 361
84.8 miles
gloomy, dark, then sunshine at 7!

93 recordings of 50 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 48/51.

Bump in the road.

BOY, Sarah scares them! But Historians agree Palin was right. I've lost some respect for the girls' history teacher because he doesn't pay attention to original sources, but just bashes Palin.  I thought he was a better scholar than that.

I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt, AND sweatshirt. in June. I'm SO SICK of this.

Mostly we just sat around gloomy.  It was cleaning day, and they came for a little over an hour and left the place sparkling. I am SO GLAD I started this. No liberal guilt here! (I didn't understand Ayelet Waldman's angst over hiring help: after all, you're giving someone a job!) Rich did well bowling, and came home late. 

Thank goodness, there was a geocaching party tonight.  It took us longer than we thought to get to it, but once there we had a good time, pizza and beer.  AND we won the solution to 5 puzzle caches on the raffle.

Better yet, when we left, suddenly the sun was shining! We got one of the new caches, and one we couldn't find a few months ago. I have no idea why we couldn't find it --- there's a piece of pumice that's obviously different, you pick it up and the cache is in the bottom! 

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Tue, Jun 7th - 4:51PM

June 5: Knick-Knacks

The Age of Napoleon, p. 361
84.7 miles
rain, then clearing.

81 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 50/50

Again, only 4 (all of them on the same day, too) but so hard to choose.

OK.  I have HAD it with the rain!!! long sleeve shirt.

I don't imagine  this journalist is long for this world.

Al-Qasim concludes with an even more honest context:

    Israel can always claim it is facing an enemy, whereas Arab dictators are facing their own people.

I learned a lot at church about various folks, mostly the parents of my former Girl Scouts.  We're all falling apart.  One dad has broken his hip (second time) and hasn't been able to get back on his feet.  His wife was near tears while she told us this (it really doesn't look good) and I said "you need a hug" and she agreed.  Then she asked "what about your guy?" and I said "doing better than yours, apparently."  No point in going into details.  Another just got home from the hospital from back surgery, and her husband has been quite ill for some time.  One of Roni's classmates' mother has lymphoma and has started chemo, so I told her about the guy at the retreat house I talked to.  Her husband has been frail and forgetful for years.  Peter may well have his hands full soon!

On the way home, Rich asked if he should bring more stuff down from the attic. Noooooo! Right now the back room is too full and needs sorting. I'm (slowly) getting it done. I asked what was still up there, and he said he didn't know, but winter clothes. I said ooh, and started to come up with an idea of what to do with the arctic parka, when he talked right over me (he's not quite as bad as one of his brothers, but he does do this) to say he had no idea what to do with the arctic parka "LET ME FINISH!!!!!" Bernadette has inlaws in Alaska, so I would think maybe her mother-in-law could get it up to Junction City and eventually one of them could get it to Alaska where it could go to a thrift shop or something and someone could actually get some good out of it. Rich was properly chastened when I got to complete the thought.  Grumble.

At home, one of Rich's nieces has asked to be Facebook friends. I looked at her page and saw a name I didn't recognize. Oh, it's her sister... or maybe now her brother?  She(?)'s with a transgender group, which is actually no surprise to me from the last few times I've seen her/him.

I got the place all ready for Gareth, but Bernadette didn't come and didn't come. I pictured them splatted on the highway, but checked Facebook and she had gotten all behindhand fixing herself some lunch, so didn't come.  Too bad, I wanted to see him with the train and/or the riding toy, and I'd hoped Bernadette would see him play with the Cars. Oh, well. We won't have him next Sunday, so should bring him over sometime next week.
So I got some things from the back room that had belonged to my Mom for the one shelf in the display case that didn't have anything. Mostly little toys or funny things she had: the mushrooms from "Fantasia" as salt-and-pepper shakers that Rich and I brought her from Disneyland, a squeak toy Buddha that always makes me laugh, a tiny dunce that sticks his tongue out, and then a couple more serious things, a tiny hiker on a cork that she had before I was born, and a little Ho Tai. (HT had broken feet and couldn't stand, so I stuck him in some PlayDoh and it looks like he's standing in grass, and he stands up.)

So the current iteration of the display case is extremely eclectic: a shelf of Japanese emperor and empress figurines, a shelf with some ivory chess pieces and opal princess rings, the beautiful seahorse from the Monterey Bay Aquarium with some abalone and a carved shell, tumbled rocks and glass and a small piece of obsidian, a few of my dinosaurs and some real birds' eggs, Terry Pratchett figures, my oreodont skull with a few other fossils, the Nana shelf described above, a model cannon and some ammo, and a model mortar with a number of plastic "Tanky tanks" from a geocaching friend who has, sadly, died.

Assad sends more Palestinian cannon fodder.

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Sun, Jun 5th - 10:30PM

June 4: Rain Rain Rain

The Age of Napoleon, p. 361
84.7 miles
rain, rain, rain

97 recordings of 37 types.

I'm 2.8 pounds down from last week with high-borderline BP.

Yesterday's T-shirt was the first Bay to Breakers shirt I own, from 1997.  But today I'm giving up... back to a long sleeve shirt. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

Today Becca graduates.  I wish we were there.

“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded- here and there, now and then- are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.This is known as ‘bad luck.’.” ---Heinlein

The people who think they’re smart enough, and morally superior enough, to run everyone else’s lives are risible. They’re not smart enough to run their own lives competently, and they’re actually, overall, morally inferior — I mean, John Edwards, DSK, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barney Frank, Tax Cheat Tim Geithner, just go down the list — and mocking them is inherently valuable. They pursue power, and they exercise power, as much for deference as anything else. Deny them that, and make it painful for them whenever possible. That’s my take.

UPDATE: Reader Walter Oster writes: “You talk about the moral inferiors and incompetents who want to run our lives. I recently re-read Atlas Shrugs and was saddened by the incredible parallels. Geithner and Frank and those guys are James Taggart and Wesley Mouch. I agree that comic value is important but man, is it sad.”

[I'm having a hard time slogging through Atlas Shrugs.  The parallels are sad, but the prose is plodding.]

On this day in 1754:  Lieutenant Colonel George Washington builds Fort Necessity. I first saw Ft. Necessity in 1964 when visiting Rich's family in Pittsburgh.  Then Rich and I went a few years ago, too, the time we went to see Fallingwater.

Think progress poster: about Allen West: "Maybe he and his family should get lynched a few times."  It's nice these folks are so non-racist.

Two people died yesterday. I will miss James Arnett. I note that Dr. Death didn't commit suicide... he stuck around as long as he could.  So I will still call him a mass murderer.

Rain, rain, rain!  I am so sick of rain!

We went out shopping, mostly for a train to fit the wood track I got yesterday.  We started at a couple of thrift shops. I got a riding toy mostly for Joanna but I imagine Gareth will have fun with it, too, now that he knows how to ride them.  Then I picked up a Miss Spider, but it turns out it doesn't work, even with new batteries, so it's into the St. Vincent de Paul bag with it.  OK, no luck, so we went to the new Goore's, which has moved to the old William Glen store which closed last year.  We browsed around, then I spied the Thomas trains and chose an Edward because it had a coal car, too.  The old plastic trains have really difficult couplings, and the Brio compatible ones have magnets, so much easier.  Besides, they had a 20% discount PLUS 5% more for the military ID (Memorial Day sale.)  So I saved $5.50! 

From there we went to Bruce's train store to check out prices and drool over trains.  They have track for $2 a piece, so I got a really good deal yesterday.  However, if I ever decide I need bridges, Xs, Ys, extra curves, I know where to get them.  Right now, Gareth is only ready for a circle (or an enclosed single track) and I understand he's inheriting a Brio set, so I may never need to expand this one.

It was a nice, though soggy, trip.

Firefighters stand by and watch as man drowns.
Ah, it's an allegory, a foreshadowing of California's death.

Guess who was the mayor, when the policy was adopted. Would you believe, California’s new Governor Jerry Brown? Guess which city has California’s highest paid Police/Firefighters, yes, Oakland. Guess which city has stated that they will not respond to certain crimes because of budget considerations? Yes, Oakland.
bigmike on June 4, 2011 at 1:12 AM

(Actually, it's apparently Alameda, now Oakland.)

Weiner helping junk the country (Mark Steyn)
It's the political class doing all this relentless "work for the American people" that's turned this country into the brokest nation in the history of the planet, killed the American Dream and left the American people headed for a future poised somewhere between the Weimar Republic and Mad Max.
...The republic's "citizen-legislators" do hardly anything for themselves these days, starting with reading the thousand-page legislation they cheerily pass, but if they can't even perform their own sex scandals there really is no point to them.

Roger L. Simon on Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel is a slave to the confused mind of Barack Obama, trapped, as Obama is, between the shopworn leftwing ideologies of his youth (from Ayers to Khalidi) that still flutter around in his brain and the brutal real world realities that are closing on the president as unemployment increases, the dollar sinks and bankruptcy looms. There is no way to reconcile these things. The welfare state — the linchpin of liberalism — is dead. The situation is untenable inside and outside Obama’s mind. And we are all living the nightmare results.

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Fri, Jun 3rd - 10:02PM

Changing Trains

The Age of Napoleon, p. 351
84.7 miles
gray and cold

92 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 49/50. 

Wartime President  [He can't go soon enough.]

Most people in the US treat Memorial Day like another work holiday, but Barack Obama is not just any other American; he’s the Commander in Chief of the military.  The Telegraph’s Nile Gardiner noticed it (as well as the lack of mention in American media outlets) and marveled at the bad taste and judgment it displayed...
Instead of hitting the links next year, maybe Obama could pay respects to the families of those who sacrificed their all, or visit Walter Reed, or something a little more positive and a little less self-involved than hitting the links.  He can even bring gum if he likes.

"The uproar over the improper photo sent from Rep. Weiner's Twitter account fits a larger pattern of rightwing culture warriors ganging up and sexually harassing young women."

Huh? It must be all Bush's fault.

This is the same sort of "black is white, up is down, war is peace" talk with which the Congresscritter was arguing with Cavuto saying the economy was just great. Or the Seattle gal who saw Weiner demolish Bachmann, because I saw that show quite differently.

Soak the Rich losing popularity.

Repeat: There are three basic types of people: the control freaks who believe they have the God-given obligation to control other people’s very thoughts and property.

There are others who want that to happen to them – the mommie help me, I can’t do it -I’m a helpless victim-crowd.

And then there are the freedom loving -hardworking responsible folks who don’t want either of the first two groups to be allowed any where near them.

Soak the rich to buy votes is just the first and second groups doing their thing.

Don L on June 3, 2011 at 9:38 AM

Oh, look who's on TV! Using more of that backwards talk... actually, I believe it's outright lying in his case... to say that the Government Motors has paid back every penny.

This morning I went to First Friday Mass, which also was the final school Mass. The teachers did this one, the readings and offeratory.  One junior high kid was baptised, confirmed, and made his first Communion.  And I found out that the principal and my favorite teacher (a Jesuit graduate) are both leaving (not together!)  The school is struggling from demographics and from Loretto High School's betrayal. That land next door is now a charter school. 

Rich went down to get his medical form in South Sacramento, then went to the commissary.  Then we went together to drop off all the newspaper I've been collecting at the Wildlife Care facility at McClellan.  From there around the former base to the Aerospace Museum, and noticed Freedom Park which would have been better than the local one where we'll have the reunion. (Though no real problem with the local one... I checked the site out this morning and it'll be fine. That is, if the weather ever is fine itself.)  At the Museum we renewed our membership, and I discovered some wooden train track at a bargain. I have had a large amount of plastic track, like Brio only plastic, but it's difficult for Gareth to put together. It's got Ys and Xs and ramps and stoppers, and two roundhouses, but I decided that since he'll eventually be getting Teddy's Brio, I could just convert to the wood.  So I bought the 30 pieces they had, 8 curves and 22 straight. The project tonight was to pack up the plastic bits (right now I've kept one of the two engines and two cars.  The problem is, they're really hard to put together, particularly for a small child. I intend to go find a train tomorrow or the next day) which includes a station, supports for the bridges, lots of track, the trains, and even signals and telephone poles.  I got these in England in the early 70s.  I think someone will like it at St. Vincent de Paul.  The first box I tried wasn't big enough.  And I figure the drawer where I've kept this collection will work fine with the Fisher-Price accessories, and then I can use one of the smaller bins for the wood track. 

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Golden Hub Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote.

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Fri, Jun 3rd - 5:57AM

June 2: No Chemo

The Age of Napoleon, p. 345
(wow, two whole pages!)
84.7 miles
cool, partly cloudy

96 recordings of 36 types.

Liberal dumps on racial gerrymandering. I don't imagine we'll fix it this time, but maybe in 2021.

Rasmussen: -11: 49/50.

Chewing gum?

NHS testimonial of the day.

18 weeks?  Rich could have seen the pulmonologist in Mid May and who-knows-when the oncologist, that is if he weren't so far gone they wouldn't have even bothered.

His white blood cell count was too low today for the chemo.  I was pleased, though, that his platelets and red blood cells have gone up.  On the whole, a bad day.  Rich is getting discouraged, and hence I too am down.  His latest is that food doesn't taste good.  Hey, I don't have to worry now if my cooking is awful, he won't notice!  The good thing was that he's lost a couple of pounds (deliberately: eating less).  This is OK if he doesn't carry it to extremes; should make it easier on his knee, etc.

Krauthammer sees good in the debt ceiling problem.

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Thu, Jun 2nd - 9:02PM

June1: May Stats

The Age of Napoleon, p. 343
84.7 miles
rain, thunder, hail,
tornado in Yuba City

96 recordings of 38 types

Rasmussen: -11: 49/50.

200 lawmakers heading into the White House to demand spending cuts?  He better run out of town again!

Heh. One guy refused to go. Something about not getting lectured by a failed president.

T-shirt, the Fair Oaks Walking Club shirt.  I enjoyed our time with them, but we eventually started doing other stuff, like geocaching.

If we were on the road trip, and assuming we weren't drowned on the way, we'd go from Milwaukee to Peoria today, and would stay a week, leaving next Wednesday.  (Technically 6 days.) This part of the trip I do miss.

Rich's stats last month:



























And: 4 baseballs, 17 whiffle softballs, 2 whiffle baseballs, 5 tennis balls, 6 rubber balls, lacrosse ball, poker chip, plastic toy dog, nail clipper, small key chain, Philipine coin, Mardi Gras token, hitch safety pin, large scraper blade

For me, 13.5 miles in May, 2.1 pounds down! 4 pages??? I'll just have to read this darn book in June!!!  Last month I read 3 books, went to 0 movies, 1 play, 9 Masses.

We found 52 caches last month, and we're at 7691.  We're 216th in the world, and 15th locally (that will change if LilDevil actually ever logs his caches!).

I did no proofing at all last month. Again. I'm in 1013th (out of 35560 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed, 16th (out of 4212) in P2 with 23508 pages, 539th (of 887) in P3 with 469 pages and formatting 617th place (3333) with 1020 pages. Every month I want to get back to this... this month I mean it!

In Flickr I have 40048 pictures, with 87980 views, and 182 sets to work on. I added 7 last month, what with Charlotte's First Communion and Gareth's birthday. I really want to start catching up here, too. Not to mention getting the Kodak/Ofoto pictures captured, which I still need to do.

In Netflix, I watched disc 1 of Justified.


In her interview with Greta, Sarah talks about part of the purpose of her bus trip being to help school kids across America to realize how America was built.
That comment got me wondering…
Has President Obama taken Malia and Sasha to see the historic sights in Washington, Virginia and Meryland that were so important in the founding of America?
Or was President Obama waiting for Sarah to show him where to go?
wren on June 1, 2011 at 12:59 AM


With friends like this...

John of Powerlineblog:
Taken out of context? What, it used to show more of his legs, but was cropped? I have seen Weiner on television a few times and he has struck me as a partisan loudmouth with little intelligence. For some reason, he is reputed in some quarters to be a smart guy. I think we are seeing that my casual impression was correct.


Testy in Illinois.

Don't demagogue, only the President can demagogue.

John Hawkins
Obama's nasty rhetoric is part of the problem. Obama's refusal to lead is part of the problem. Obama's dishonesty is part of the problem.

Darkness in Palestine.

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Wed, Jun 1st - 9:23PM

May 31: My Poor Dog!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 343
81.7 miles
cloudy, cold, threatening

91 recordings of 29 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/51

T-shirt, the KGO club one from the 2003 B2B.  This is the last, though there are two more "walking" t-shirts in the rotation.

Today on the imaginary trip we would have stayed in Milwaukee visiting with our goddaughter-the-nun.

It's all about him.

President Obama: One of the politicians in this country.
apostic on May 31, 2011 at 8:18 AM

Chewing gum?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC Chief.

Via Andrew Stiles, it’s an easy peasy three-step process. Step one: Shamelessly duck any questions about a Democratic reform plan by quickly changing the subject to how Paul Ryan wants to kill your grandma. As you’re about to see, Debbie’s got that one down pat. Step two: Ride the wave of Mediscaring to a new congressional majority next fall, hinting all the way that we can pay for the program unto infinity by hiking taxes on the inexhaustible rich and trimming Pentagon waste. Step three: Wait a few years for Medicare to go broke and then, when grandmas really can’t get treatment, blame Paul Ryan and the Republicans for not proposing a more attractive plan back when there was still time to do something before the crisis hit. It’s all the GOP’s fault. Right, Bill Clinton?

California, into the toilet.

Wait a minute! You mean that the money (that was insufficient to build the railroad in the first place) comes with strings?
Big surprise!
Vancomycin on May 31, 2011 at 12:07 PM

Here’s an idea – put wind turbines inside the state assembly chamber in Sacramento. Or, generate electricity by burning money. They’ve proved that they’re great at burning (taxpayer’s) money, so why not get some “free” energy out of it?
Ward Cleaver on May 31, 2011 at 12:27 PM

About time. I'm astounded.

Up by 200ish, declare victory.
Down by 7000ish, cost the state a million dollars for a recount.*
Please go away.
In the interest in good sportsmanship, I feel obligated to warn you to be on the lookout for falling houses. That is all.
DrAllecon on May 31, 2011 at 12:16 PM

*She's a Democrat, there should have been no way she could lose.

How dare she call herself a Democrat?!
rihar on May 31, 2011 at 12:27 PM

Victor Davis Hanson articulates some of these "except fors":

    an “undertaking” “undertaken” greater than the decision to resupply Israel in 1973 despite threats from the Soviet Union, to drop special forces into an Afghanistan controlled b

    an “undertaking” “undertaken” greater than the decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima, to stop North Korea from obliterating the south, to confront the Soviet Union over its missiles in Cuba, to send troops to recover Kuwait, or to conduct the surge in Iraq?

I'll add some:

    an “undertaking” “undertaken” greater than the decision to resupply Israel in 1973 despite threats from the Soviet Union, to drop special forces into an Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban, to send Doolittle's Raiders over Tokyo, to launch the Berlin Airlift, or to land troops at Normandy?

The list could go on and on, but not if you think history started with Barack Obama's election (except for the bad stuff which started with Bush).

The self-centered arrogance of this administration is beyond imagination.  And it starts from the top.

Oh, geeze.

Our kids are losing the ability to think, and their lack of free play time and experience with trees, mud, sand, grass and water may just have a lot to do with that.
    There's a sort of grim humor to be found in support for programs to teach 5yos to sit still, combined with refusing to support abstinence programs for teens.
    5/31/2011 11:09:00 AM (Anne-Marie)

0bama by the Numbers.  Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, anyone?

The federal government has 412 limousines.
It should not have even one.
Presidents never parade anymore. What do they need a limo for, other than to feed their ego? Is our government run by little girls going to the prom?
Meanwhile, Matt Drudge reported food stamp usage is up 39% since Obama became president.

122 years ago. The silver lining on this particular cloud is the Carnegie Library system.

Heh.  Weinergate.

I didn't walk the dog yesterday because we went caching, so I was going to do it today, but every time I looked outside, it looked like it would rain. So we didn't go. All day long. And of course it didn't rain, so I completely stiffed the dog.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, One More River, Lynn Reid Banks,  The Golden Hub Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote.

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Wed, Jun 1st - 6:55AM

May 30: Memorial Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 343
81.7 miles
cool, partly cloudy

97 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 49/49. Surprise! Vets and Active Duty Military don't like 0bama as much as civilians. 

My t-shirt has a flag on it.

Fantasy trip, Minneapolis to Milwaukee, 337 miles. I'd like to see the Holy Hill shrine again. (July 2007 was the month I deleted all my pictures, so I don't have any of it.)

On Memorial Day, 2009, we saw people getting ready to have a parade in Clarksville, Indiana.  Today we went over to the little nature area near the former La Sierra high school for their annual veteran's remembrance. A quiet little ceremony led by a woman who hadn't a clue what she was doing. (For instance, she didn't have us stand for Taps.)  The Boy Scouts put up the flag, the casualties from the school were listed and the veterans who died this year were named, the bell was rung, and a bugler did taps beautifully.  AND there was a fly-by, though I wonder if it was for this or for the parade in North Highlands. I initially thought about going there, but it's long, tiring, and difficult to get to and get home from (because the parade goes down the main street.)  This little memorial service was better: we could sit. We did tour the nature area first: no songbirds at all.

After lunch and a little nap, we went out geocaching locally. We had a discouraging start at the school where Bernadette went, but after that we found the other 8 we looked for.  We also saw three parks, this in the neighborhood where we've lived the last 34 years, that we didn't know were there.

The $2 million plate.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans will get e coli this summer from contaminated foods, and some will die, because spending tax money on nonsense like this is more important than paying to hire more inspectors.
AZCoyote on May 30, 2011 at 11:27 AM

$2 million for a dinner plate?
Sounds like an Obama fundraiser.
mrt721 on May 30, 2011 at 11:27 AM

Why is protein yellow and fruit red?
Should be grain=yellow, fruit=orange, veggies=green, protein=red
Two Million Dollar Dumba$$es
jbtripp on May 30, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    Yes, that’s right, it cost taxpayers $2 million for someone to draw a circle, cut it into four quadrants, and then attach labels like FRUITS and VEGETABLES.
Herman Cain of GodFathers Pizza could have done this far cheaper…and delivered it in under 30 minutes.
Electrongod on May 30, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Anyways…will someone tell me why 2 million in pot smoking gave us the game SIMON via dinner plates now?
upinak on May 30, 2011 at 11:57 AM

The 0bama legacy

Dear Mr. President;

I am writing today with a somewhat unusual request. First and foremost, I will be asking that you return America to its August 20th, 1959 borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen.
-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-

(Tony Lacy)

I should have put this list in yesterday's post:
Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), Cancer: The Adventure of Your Life!, Teresa Kalvedage Matthews, The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin , St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Golden Hub Sacramento , Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Don Quixote. (I'll have a hard time with that one till I get my Palm re-synced!

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