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Thu, Jun 3rd - 10:24AM

David Anderson (1814-1885)
Bishop David Anderson
David Anderson was the first Anglican Bishop of Rupert's Land. He was born in London, England and educated at Oxford. He had been a priest in England for 10 years when he was appointed Bishop of the recently created Diocese of Rupert's Land in 1847.

Rupert's Land was an enormous area which today would include northern Ontario and Quebec, Manitoba, most of Sakatchewan, southern Alberta and a portion of the NWT. Anderson was based in Red River. When he arrived there were only 5 Church of England clerics in the diocese which had increased to 22 by the time he resigned 15 years later.

Anderson's incumbency was marked by religious and social controversy: There was acrimony with the Presbyterians who had shared the church that Anderson made his cathedral; He at first supported then opposed the annexation of the settlement to Canada; When the Rev. Corbett was jailed for allegedly attempting an abortion on his maidservant, Anderson at first advised Corbett to flee the settlement. The Corbett affair rendered Anderson's position in the settlement untenable and retired to Clifton (now part of Bristol), England.

George Munro Grant

George Munro GrantCanadian Presbyterian minister, writer, and political activist. He served as principal of Queen's College, Kingston, Ontario for 25 years.

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