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Mon, Jun 28th - 11:04PM

A Day in Bend

154.8 miles
sunny, hot

46.6 miles, 5.1 miles, 24 caches, 5 DNFs, and a lovely dinner with a cacher and his wife at Kababa, a Middle Eastern restaurant.

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Mon, Jun 28th - 8:02AM


Ed Morrisey:
However, the answer to that should be so what?  We badly need increased skimming capacity.  Even if this ship only ever gets one load of oil skimmed, that’s a potential 500,000 barrels of oil out of the Gulf, or an advance of 66 days at present rate.  While the Coast Guard needs to ensure seaworthiness, the EPA’s regulatory hurdles are in this case ridiculous.  We’re already in the worst-case scenario.  Even if the A-Whale doesn’t skim a single barrel of oil, they can hardly make the situation worse than it is right now.

I wish someone would remind the renowned constitutional scholar and Nobel Prize winning occupant of the Oval Office, that among his many super powers he is also the head of the Executive branch of the US govt. He can instantly issue an executive order overriding any regulation that is not explicitly created by Congress. Of course, that will put him on the hook for an actual decision. Right now the American public will put up with a mistake made in good faith far more than bureaucratic thumbsucking.

May be we can bribe The Big O’s caddy to put the word in his ear between holes. (see Seinfeld episode)

deadman on June 27, 2010 at 9:15 PM

My hope for a long time was that the reason everything Zero screwed up was due to incompetence. But hell even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. He screws up our country with EVERY move he makes. Is it incompetence or on purpose?

Herb on June 27, 2010 at 9:29 PM

Obama's Promise to Bankrupt Coal Industry Costs Jobs

Democrats like Obama keep talking about eeeeeevil corporations that export jobs overseas to save costs rather than keep them in the US.  Well, Obama and his Congress just sent 1,000 jobs overseas — jobs Americans lost, and jobs that either Russian or Chinese workers will get instead. And instead of bankrupting this new coal plant, they just made it dirtier.  Good job!

So there's no reason for this: Rasmussen -9: 49/50. I don’t want to live in an America where there’s an inappropriate time to mock a man for being in the KKK

Mt. Shasta     The Why? Group IMG_9571     IMG_9606

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Sun, Jun 27th - 10:53PM

Bend, Oregon

149.7 miles
sunny, hot

40 recordings of 14 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 45/54

Gregg Pruitt : His ability to concisely summarize the truly important aspects of his travels is stunning. It must be the result of all those years of legal training, community organizing and ceaseless legislative effort . His clear thinking and raw intellect never ceases to amaze me. ;-)

Again, an "all of the above" is needed.

Bend, Oregon.  456 miles driven, 2.8 miles walked: 14 caches, 2 DNFs, 1 travel bug. Saw a marmot and a bald eagle, the latter flying.  The best sight was the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden outside of Weed.  We had fun at the Oregon border where a woman asked if we were geocaching, so we felt safe pulling out the cache we'd just located as she came up. We also had a nice talk with some people here in Bend.

I will never again hear Pachelbel's Canon without putting the jingle "hold the pickles, hold the lettuce", etc. to it.

There's more, but I'm tired.  Maybe I'll catch up one day.

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Sat, Jun 26th - 9:40PM

Getting Ready to Go (Geowoodstock VIII)

146.9 miles

51 recordings of 17 types.

The poison oak is finally fading. I still have scars.  And my teeth are not dazzling white, but a lot lighter than they were.

Rasmussen: -14: 45/54.

I still have to pack.  Have done all the laundry, taken the dog in, cleaned the litter boxes, vacuumed (?why?  Why not?) dropped off a bag of books at the library, fed my Hatchlings, found a geocache... but I do still need to pack.

Moe Lane : Not to be mean-spirited about this, but I can’t help but notice the karmic backlash happening here when it comes to the Obamaspill, and how big-government acolytes are handling it. Which is to say, badly.

I miss the good old days..I feel like we should be on code red alert constantly…it’s always something.

HornetSting on June 26, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Friday night document dump! Hahaha.

Even though Sarkozy is much shorter than Obama, Barack is still with his head cocked upwards. Truly amazing. His chin is pointed up, in his usual Il Duce pose, and his nose is once again in the air. His entire face is facing upwards even though the man he is addressing is shorter than him by a foot. That is not an easy feat. Only a narcissist could, and would, find that position natural and comfortable.

And this is not to mention the finger in the lecture position.

History books won’t have much to say about Obama. He’s done very little and even less to justify narcissism. But psychology texts will use him as a notable case example of certain pathologies.
keep the change on June 26, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Classmate's mother died. I've discovered he's in Seattle, but I probably won't be able to find his number.

Dr. Zero: Big Government, Bad Journalism
(on Conservatives in the Mist)

Let the Babies Starve Till we Fund Abortions

I’m not surprised by the ugliness of this administration. I’m saddened for the absolute hatred it has for “common”people and the fact his agenda is more important than babies. But we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, on the health care curve designed by Ezekiel Emanuel, the majority of the health care dollars are allocated to those 15-40 years old. IT’S IN THE BILL. Oh, that’s right, I’m just a racist who didn’t want Obama’s agenda enacted because of his skin color.

manateespirit on June 26, 2010 at 3:18 PM

 I think I have seen this bumper sticker:

For every pro-abortionist there was a pro-life mother first

journeyintothewhirlwind on June 26, 2010 at 3:28 PM

You happy, Father H.?

JIM TREACHER: Joe Scarborough doesn’t think the ‘Al Gore groped me’ allegation is a news story. Does that make him a climax denier?

An Avertible Catastrophe

Bill Quick: The useful idiots begin to blubber

Two New York Census Managers fired for fraud.
The two managers were fired on June 18 but do not face criminal charges, Farthing said.

Why the hell not?

If finding Obama “not engaged” is now a firing offense, who among us is safe?

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Sat, Jun 26th - 8:37AM

June 25: Mitten Delivery

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, finally finished!
It's been almost 2 years!
146.9 miles
trace of rain, then sunny

I'm 1 pound down! I have low blood pressure!

53 recordings of 15 types. Naturally, as I'm working this down, they are offering us free HBO and Cinemax this weekend.  Glorp.

Rasmussen: -15: 45/53.

Wyoming voters oppose the national health care plan more strongly even than voters nationwide. In Wyoming, 29% favor the plan and 68% oppose it. That includes 17% who Strongly Favor it and 63% who Strongly Oppose.
Only 25% think the plan is good for the country. Sixty-eight percent (68%) think it will have a bad impact.
Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters in the state favor repealing the health care plan passed by Congress, including 63% who Strongly Favor doing so. Nationally, 54% favor repeal.
...That helps to explain why 62% think Wyoming should sue the federal government to prevent that requirement from being enforced in the state. Fourteen states are already suing the federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the requirement.
...John McCain carried Wyoming over Barack Obama by a 65% to 33% margin in November 2008. Now just 31% of Wyoming voters approve of the job Obama is doing as president, with 22% who Strongly Approve. Sixty-eight percent (68%) disapprove of his job performance, including 63% who Strongly Disapprove. This is considerably higher disapproval that is found nationally in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

I love my state!  Coincidently, Dick Cheney went into the hospital tonight. I'm praying for him.

It's the day of Custer's Last Stand:
There are 18 Medals of Honor awarded for that fight.  That  represents more the need of the nation and the Army to have some heroes out of that massacre which shocked us to our collective core, than it does for truly outstanding bravery. [though the soldiers did indeed display courage.]
...There is no doubt that Custer was a personally very brave soldier. He was not, however, a great general. Arguably, he wasn't that good a field grade officer, either, in important aspects. He did great work at Gettysburg, and he fought bravely (but arguably not well) at Trevilian Station - though he there displayed his penchant for splitting his forces in the face of the enemy, as he would do there and at other Civil War battles and later in several Indian fights - where he routinely got smaller detachments badly mauled or destroyed.

It's also the anniversary of the Khobar Towers bombing.
Along with the USS Cole and the Marine Barracks Bombing, today is the anniversary of another battle in the war Iran has declared on us, even though we officially refuse to acknowledge that it's a war.

We went over to see Bernadette. I misunderstood and thought Rob's mother was staying another day and we'd hoped to see her. Missed her by a couple of hours.  Gareth kind of liked the mitten.  We went outside.  He is riding in the wagon now.  The tricycle is still a big mystery to him, though. He cried when we left, probably because he hoped to go "bye-bye car car" with us.  He was SO tired, though.




The election of Obama was really the penultimate expression of our social and political neurosis. Think about it. He was black so he allowed people to feel good about themselves voting for a black man. Racial neurosis check. He was young, so it allowed people to think they were going to relive JFK. Boomer nostalgia neurosis, check. And he was from the upper middle class uber educated doucheoisie. Status and class neurosis check.

It was really all there. A perfect storm of shallow stupidity.

Al Gore jumps 25 sharks, Roger L. Simon:

(That last appeared in the National Enquirer — as we know, a newspaper with one of the greatest track records for accuracy of any publication in our country. I’m serious. If not for them, John Edwards might be vice-president right now. Think about that. And, NE is backed up by police reports, etc.)

Why is it crazy to suppose that our President is not an American citizen?

American culture and mores seem genuinely foreign to this President.

And yet we’re not allowed to speculate as to why this is the case.

Face it, America: you have elected a President you are afraid of. Anthropologists could have a field day with this amazing species of a civilization’s self-destruction.

jeff_from_mpls on June 25, 2010 at 8:12 AM

And so it begins... I posted this on Facebook and got a really angry reply from someone who says "Faux news loves me"... I don't understand why complaining about Chavez seizing our oil rigs somehow is a sign that I'm letting big companies "destroy our freedoms." Our freedoms certainly are being destroyed, but I see a different cause.  Sadly, I doubt our wimpy President, who is, after all, a friend of Chavez', will protect big oil's interests. 

Oh, well, at least this is cheerful!

Love it.  Even though I haven't been following.


Andy McCarthy:
My friend Steve Schippert points out that the $600 million President Obama has finally provided for the defense of Americans at the southern border is considerably less than the $900 million Obama redistribu — er, I mean, provided to Gaza in one of the early acts of his presidency. Gaza is (and was then) controlled by Hamas, which has been formally designated a terrorist organization under U.S. law for about 15 years. That is, if you tried to give money to Hamas, or tried to give money to someone else under circumstances where you knew it would end up benefitting Hamas, you would be committing a crime (material support to terrorism) for which you could be sent to prison for 15 years. Yet, the Obama administration gives 50 percent more money to Hamas than it forks up for border security . . . even as it prepares to sue Arizona for enforcing immigration laws the feds won't enforce. Change you can believe in.

A huge financial package makes it through the conference committee. "Nobody knows if it's going to work."  Thank you so much, Chris Dodd and donks.

Blackfive* on Rolling Stone and McChrystal:
The really fun part is that every quote his drunk-ass aides gave up is actually true, they just embarrassed the Obama. And since he couldn't afford politically to look weak yet another time, he decided it was kick ass time. Sad, just sad, because this never had a damn thing to do with competence or the ROE or anything other than the lameness of our civilian leaders of the war being aired in public.

*I personally wish he and the other milbloggers would settle this feud with Michael Yon. They're on the same side, fergawshsakes!

Reading: What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Death takes Passage, Sue Henry, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Fri, Jun 25th - 10:24PM

June 24: Robin Hood

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 945
146.9 miles
partly cloudy, cooler

55 recordings of 15 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 48/51.

I finally made it out to the Retreat House again. It's the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist.

Yesterday I got in touch, on Facebook, with someone I knew back 45 years ago in Newman Center. He recently lost his daughter after a 5-year battle with cancer. She left his only two grandchildren, who live in Virginia (he's in Arizona.) Again, I'm reminded of how astonishingly lucky and blessed I am... and I'm scared waiting for the other shoe to drop.

There are three movies I want to see, but only time to see one. I picked "Robin Hood" since I'm pretty sure the others will still be around in a couple of weeks.  This one is only showing at one theater, and their schedule was cut off in the paper this morning so I had to check yesterday's paper.

It seems every street in the area is being worked on, but we did make it to the movie on time. I do like Russell Crowe!  The take on Robin Hood is a bit different but quite entertaining, and Rich always likes war movies. I could see 0bama in King John and I wonder if our President knows anything about the Magna Charta. (three dates we were told in 7th grade we were never to forget: 1066, 1215, and -- uh -- I forget. Probably July 4, 1776.)

Shocker!  This is, happily, bad news for Boxer.

Yep makes sense. No one in Cali I know that told me back in 2008 that they voted for the clown will admit this shortcoming now.

BO bumper stickers out here in LA all but gone. I guess owners are afraid of having their cars vandalized by the out of work crowd.
jbh45 on June 24, 2010 at 8:54 AM

(I still see them.)

Be a dad.

Obama Father’s Day tip # 392: Go Golfing. On Father’s Day. So you can have time to yourself. The country will be better off.

/idiot WH presser who makes Gibby look intelligent
bikermailman on June 24, 2010 at 8:16 AM

“Take a virtual vacation with your children. Decide on a ‘destination’ then borrow a library book that features facts and photos of your dream locale."  This from the guy that fired up Air Force One to take his wife on a date in NYC. God, I love liberal elitists: “Do as I say, not as I do.” --Kafir on June 24, 2010 at 9:07 AM

UNEXPECTEDLY! ‘Reasonably high’ chance BP files for bankruptcy.

Oh, look, he's giving a speech! In the first couple of minutes he's blamed Bush and said "I" a gazillion times. A.B. Stoddard comments that Russia is the only foreign policy "win" such as it is, that he has. Other alliances are falling apart: Egypt, India, Mexico, Great Britain... God help us all.

INSERT SNARKY REFERENCE HERE: Giant China Algae Slick Getting Bigger.

UPDATE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes: “Just more evidence of China’s evolving green economy.”

And reader John Kranz emails: “Thomas Friedman must be so proud.”

LEADERSHIP: In Gulf oil spill ‘war,’ cleanup foot soldiers threaten mutiny. Read the whole thing, which is a truly appalling indictment of the federal government’s ability to respond in a crisis.

Yeah, I can hardly wait till they take care of my health needs!

Sigh. We used to live two blocks from the Bay.


Victor Davis Hanson: Obama Drama Is Classic Tragedy: Would-Be God Heading For A Fall.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED.

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Fri, Jun 25th - 3:51PM

June 22: Roseville Road Caching

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 934
146.9 miles

58 recordings of 18 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 48/51

Ed Morrisey: "Obama paid Ohio a short visit, Andrew Malcolm reports, to extol the virtues of his program, and it cost us over $500 bucks a word."

Rich panicked the other day because he didn't see our geocaching lanyards which we will want for GeoWoodstock.  He was sure it was in a panic bag, which I denied, as I've kept on top of the panic bags lately. So I decided today would be a good time for me to launch a major search for these. I started at the box of wooden nickels, which is where Rich looked and where they should be... and there they were, the blue showing out from under the box, quite visible.  This man can spy a camo'd micro cache at 20 paces, yet can't find this??

Last week someone put out more than 40 caches along Roseville Road so we decided to go see how far we could get today.  Roseville Road is very busy, and though wide in some places, has next-to-no parking, so we had to park and walk to many of them.  We went from Roseville Road -19 through Roseville Road 0 (which is where we had lunch at a taqueria) and on to Roseville Road #8, as well as 5 other caches not in the series.  It was getting really hot so we quit at 2, 6 hours of caching (plus lunch.)  We had 30 finds, 3 no-finds, and one which was up a tree we didn't go after. 

In the process Rich found this treasure. I will tell Gareth it's one of the Three Little Kittens'.

A Treasure

Gloria Steinem is a nut. I don't believe you have to believe in murdering babies in order to be a feminist!

Victor Davis Hanson:
7) Obama got our attention off BP for a day, and a bad day it was, as the spill regushed this morning in greater volume, so to speak. His speech today was fine—if one ignores the usual serial invocation of “I”, “me,” and “my” that we’ve become accustomed to, as the president tries to radiate authority with first person pronouns rather than common sense reality.

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Thu, Jun 24th - 5:31PM

June 22: Joanna Visits

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 920
140.4 miles

63 recordings of 16 types (including some single Law&Orders)

Rasmussen: -13: 46/53.

Bernadette took her car in to be fixed today.  She dropped Joanna off here, then was driven back by the garage.  Then it was just wait. (Gareth had Grandma to watch him.)  While she was gone in the morning I couldn't hear one of the Law and Order episodes I'd taped and went to restart it but erased it instead. Argh. It'll be around again of course, and I'll get it next time. 

Rich had planned to go over to mow her lawn, so he was cranky.  Then he just went down on his own to do it. (The carseat is currently in Grandma's car since she'll get more good of it this year.) Then he was happier.

Most of the day, J. was nice. I introduced Bernadette to "Leverage" and she can see why I like it.

Then when Rich drove Bernadette out to pick up her car, I told Joanna all about the people who love her and are watching her: Mormor, and Grandpa, and her mother's Nana, and Babcha, all of whom are hovering nearby and watching out for her and love her very much.  She took that all in.

0bama had a bad day: the court overrode his oil moratorium and General McChrystal is not his biggest fan. (but should NOT have spoken out like that. We can't have that in this country.)

Resign or change

Every time it appears that we have reached the lowest possible point, Odamna finds another staircase to a lower floor. I find I am wishing my life away as I long for 2012.
Crusader Rabbit on June 22, 2010 at 8:13 AM

If insubordination isn’t an issue, then judgment certainly is.
(Gonna have to agree with this.)
If McChrystal is peeved that our famously disengaged & unprepared CiC is less concerned about how our troops at Bagram base in Aghanistan are supposed to extract Taliban from their bunkers than he is about extracting a little white ball from a bunker on the East Course at Andrews Air Force base, then the General should say it to Obama’s face, not to a damn stringer for a freaking music magazine.
And if CiC refuses to make whatever changes he believes his troops need to safely & effectively conduct the war there, he should resign. Then he can talk to as many reporters as he wants.
The men & women under McChrystal’s command have their lives on the line, his first obligation is to protecting them & they deserve nothing less.
leilani on June 22, 2010 at 9:31 AM

So when Iraq’s lookin’ bad… Obama can’t spend the time to talk to the military.

When Afghanistan’s lookin’ bad… Obama can’t spend the time to talk to the military.

When the oil leak is lookin bad… Obama can’t spend the time to talk to the head of BP.

When the middle east peace process looks bad… Obama stands up the leader of Israel for dinner.

But before the Rolling Stone article even gets PRINTED, where Obama gets dissed… Obama demands to talk to his general RIGHT NOW.

Well… at least we know where his priorities lie.

Skywise on June 22, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Dan Riehl:
The real news here may be that Obama claimed Afghanistan was the war coming into office. He also set a withdrawal time-line. Is he about to lose his war? Sadly, it's hard to envision another scenario given that the country won't be squared away by the time Obama wants to leave. So, I think it's fair to say that, Obama is failing as C-I-C, just as he is everywhere else. And the fall-out from this may hurt him more than McChrystal, though I suspect he has to fire him at this point.    

McChrystal: An accident waiting to happen
Chief Political Correspondent
06/22/10 9:50 AM EDT

I just got off the phone with a retired military man, with more than 25 years experience, who has worked with Gen. Stanley McChrystal in the Pentagon.  His reaction to McChrystal’s performance in the new Rolling Stone profile?  No surprise at all.

“Those of us who knew him would unanimously tell you that this was just a matter of time,” the man says.  “He talks this way all the time.  I’m surprised it took this long for it to rear its ugly head.”

“He had great disdain for anyone, as he said, ‘in a suit,’” the former military man continues.  “I was shocked one day in a small group of people when he took [former Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld to task in front of all of us.”

“The other thing about him is that he is probably one of the more arrogant, cocksure military guys I have run across.  That in itself is not necessarily a character flaw, but when you couple it with his great disdain for civilians, it’s a very volatile combination.”

The former military man is under no illusions about the general nature of relations between the military and the civilian leadership.  “I don’t consider this an anomaly,” he says.  “You can find examples of this going back to the founding of the republic.  Nevertheless, it is very disturbing that he would have such disdain for the civilian leadership.”

Obama is in a bind with McChrystal.  There’s no doubt Obama would be fully justified in firing his top general.  But at the same time Obama has committed himself to a rigid timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Changing commanders could complicate that enormously.  Right now, because of his own policy decisions, the president has no good choice.

Warvet 3 hours ago
Obama is universally hated by all branches of the military. I just got back from Iraq recently and I can testify to the fact that there has never been a time in our history where the troops hate the CIC to the degree that we hate Obama. But that's OK. We understood that he hated us first.

Mrcavetroll   3 hours ago
Gen.McChrysal was right in making those comments. He is charged with succes of the mission first, then safety of the troops. He is a General in the Army of the United States, not a general in the Army of Pres. Obama. He is not supposed to stand quitely by while this administration slaughters American troops for political capitol with it's indecision and grandstanding.

Thomas Sowell, the path to tyranny. (I posted this on Facebook and one person took exception to "tyranny.")

People want McChrystal fired for foot & mouth issue; but the military hating Obama who hasn't plugged the hole #oilspill is still in office?

Jackson Diehl

voting "present."

If Obama fires McChrystal, who'll replace him? Based on Kagan nomination, I'd guess someone with no prior military experience.

Afghan war going badly.
RT @TonyFratto Drilling moratorium was a rash, political mistake. Now WH forced to try to defend its bad decision to protect its authority.

George Will: 0bama, Oil, and Rhetoric

Dr. Zero

Obama is hopelessly corrupt and incompetent.  He’s totally useless in the face of foreign aggression, or a domestic crisis like the Gulf oil spill.  His behavior has led state governors to the same conclusion as the passengers on the Underwear Bomber flight: if you want to survive, forget he exists and fend for yourself.  His incompetence is partially a result of his single-minded focus on what he views as his true mission: increasing the power of the State, without reason or purpose, discussion or accountability. 
... The Tea Party is composed of people who have no desire to reach a reasonable accommodation with comprehensive ruin.  They have accepted the difficult responsibility of showing their fellow citizens that the Big Government narrative of the past four generations is a fraud heading into a devastating collapse.  They understand that justice and prosperity require the elevation of reason over emotion, which will require an electorate composed of adults.  They believe the American people deserve to be addressed as adults.  Only the people David Frum keeps sneering at can give such an address.

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Thu, Jun 24th - 11:13AM

June 21: The Endless Summer

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 910
140.4 miles
breezy, cool

66 recordings of 14 types

Rasmussen: -15: 45/55

Holder is an idiot.

ObGoe: First Day of Summer.
Google Logo 2010
Of course, for 0bama it appears to be summer vacation all the time: "Gateway Pundit: After Weekend of Golf & a Baseball Game, Obama Will Attend BBQ Today."

Ed Morrissey
Normally, I’d say that Presidents deserve their occasional down time, especially considering the enormous pressures that come with the office. However, Obama himself put the Gulf spill on the level of 9/11 in terms of its impact on the US. If he wants to make that argument, then the President needs to act like he believes it.

(Yeah, he's had a LOT of down time.)

I’d rather see Barry Hussein on the golf course, or in the stands at the ballpark, or giving yet another one of his tedious sanctimonious speeches, or admiring his bad self in the mirror, or doing almost anything else — than in the White House.

When he’s “working” he’s making everything worse. So keep doing the stuff you really care about Barry (golfing, concerts, meeting sports and entertainment figures, admiring your bad self in the mirror, etc.), and maybe we can minimize some of the enormous damage your presidency is doing to this great nation.

And thank you, 52%-ers, once again, for inflicting this nightmare on our nation.

AZCoyote on June 21, 2010 at 8:18 AM

The more I read about Obama golfing and the more I read about weekly parties at the White House, I can’t help thinking of some white-trash yahoos winning the lottery.

In this case, however, the Obamas are livin’ large at taxpayer’s expense.

BuckeyeSam on June 21, 2010 at 8:47 AM

But it makes one wonder if Barack Obama is not coping well with the pressures of the Presidency. This is the first time in his life he’s ever been directly responsible for his job performance. Add in the intriguing facts that we never did get a full accounting of his medical records (including a mental health assessment and/or treatment history) and his rather odd manner in his televised Vuvuzela Speech (like a robot whose batteries were running down) and I’m beginning to wonder if WH staff figures that the only way they can keep their guy from losing it completely in public or slipping into a fugue state in private is by essentially taking him off the job entirely.

leilani on June 21, 2010 at 8:53 AM


I believe Kyl.

Washington Times:
"Mr. Obama should spend more time listening to his generals telling him how to win wars and pay less attention to ideological functionaries advising him on the most politically expedient ways to lose one."

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Death Takes Passage by Sue Henry, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Wed, Jun 23rd - 10:46PM

June 20: Father's Day

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 892
140.4 miles
breezy, cool

62 recordings of 14 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 47/53

(I apparently overwrote this entry, so this is a redo. Oh, well.)

Dr. Zero on fathers.

At church, I saw a couple of Brazil fans.  You can tell because they're wearing the uniforms!

On Facebook, my daughter-in-law thanked "my father, who taught S. how to be a good dad."  I thought that was strange, since to my knowledge her father was not all that. I said "hey, what about your father-in-law" and she emailed me to check out her correction before she deleted it and started over. She dissed her dad in the message and decided she really didn't want to leave that out in public.  It was a nice note.

Gareth is two and usually acts like it, semi-monster, all dynamo, really into it.  But today he seemed to forget all that and was the sweetest child. It was one of those days that will remain in my memory whenever I think of him.

For one thing, his appetite is back so I gave him a pretty good lunch. Then he played quietly in the living room. I was able to read while he played. It was a little too cold for the pool, so we just stayed indoors. Every half hour or so we'd watch a little TV or I'd read him a book, so he got some rest even though he didn't have a nap.  We watched a Veggie Tales story, a Yo Gabba Gabba! episode, and I read "Runaway Bunny" and "Are You My Mother?" 

I did take him out to see the neighbors' boat. He played with his various musical toys and really had fun with the Fisher-Price parking garage. I showed him how the elevator worked, as I have done before, but this time he was ready to work with that rather complex toy.  He spent a lot of time with pretend play.

Dinner was big... first he had his own, then he grazed ours. (I'd have fed us all around the table but the table is currently gone because of the carpet.) He especially liked the "beans" which was broccoli.

He only cried once, when I apparently chose the wrong book for bedtime.  When I did put him down he was tired and only stirred around a little. What a sweet child he was, all day, and what a good time I had with him!

John Kyl put the cat into the pigeons.  I believe him over the Liar-in-Chief, too.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Tue, Jun 22nd - 7:41PM

June 19: Parish Picnic

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 881
140.4 miles
breezy, cool

69 recordings of 14 types.

Rasmussen: -20: 42/57.

Today I thought we were going to two picnics, but it turns out that the Retreat House Fiesta was last week. Argh!  Oh, well, we missed it.  We didn't, however, miss the Parish Picnic. Bohemian Park is big, but has no shade to speak of and is open to the street. So we took our new canopy and set it up, and when Bernadette and her children came, we took turns guarding Gareth from the street, from other people's drinks, from the barbeques... Rob had asked Bernadette what this was, and she said it's a "show off the grandchildren" event.  And so we did. 

IMG_9476     Who are YOU?

Lots of food, lots of people.  This is the third year, and more people coming. Gareth was fraying about 1 and they left.  We stayed till 2:30.  Nice.

Mort Zuckerman says the world sees 0bama as incompetent and amateurish.

America right now appears to be unreliable to traditional friends, compliant to rivals, and weak to enemies. One renowned Asian leader stated recently at a private dinner in the United States, "We in Asia are convinced that Obama is not strong enough to confront his opponents, but we fear that he is not strong enough to support his friends."

15 months too late. (Patton of GA)
Gee It must be quite a shock to realize the messiah the rest of the world embraced can't turn water into wine or walk on water. Admit it. The only reason you all embraced him was because of the color of his skin and somehow it would make you feel better if you supported him. Look on the bright side. It's we Americans who are stuck with him and his horrible policies and utter incompetence. In the immortal words of R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket "We're paying for it. You eat it."

The White House will sue Arizona
Governor Jan Brewer blasted Obama and his administration for their handling of this policy direction.  I agree, but perhaps she can take comfort in it.  After all, an administration this inept is unlikely to successfully walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone challenge the validity of their new immigration-enforcement law.  Meanwhile, Obama will continue to pursue a policy that is even less popular than his ObamaCare bill, just in time for the midterm referendum on his first two years in office.

Anyone else getting that stong urge to scream, along with the realization that once you start screaming you may not be able to stop :(

ProudPatriot on June 18, 2010 at 7:31 PM

Copying Euronomics, as Europe Rejects Euronomics

Angela Merkel
Yesterday, Barack Obama implored the EU to continue down the path of government spending and borrowing in order to keep Western economies afloat.  Today, Obama got his answer from German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the form of a rebuke.  The upcoming G-20 conference will sharply change economic policy direction for the EU, which intends to stop its Keynesian public-spending projects and start repairing its critical debt situation instead.

The Great Depression was just the Depression in the rest of the world. In the U.S., the Depression was Great because it continued at least until the outbreak of WW II. The difference? Mainly continued government spending and mucking about with the U.S. economy.

If Obama is saying one lesson of the past is that a decade of spending is not long enough to spend to get the economy out of a problem, I’d like to hear him make that case.

hawksruleva on June 18, 2010 at 3:29 PM


Hekkuvva job, Harry.

Deep Sea Drilling Absolutely Safe?
Here’s a new question for the next Presidential debate.

If you find yourself standing on a train tract and you hear the sound of the train, you see the head light of the train; the train is head straight to you
You should

A) Propose a commission to study why trains run on tracts.

B) Consult with other Nobel Prize winners on the idea of a train Czar.

C) Blame Bush for allowing trains to run on tracts.

D) Get your a$$ off the frigging tracts.

DSchoen on June 18, 2010 at 7:22 PM
Dr. Zero

Patricia Gallagher: You pass the North Korean border illegally you get 12 yrs. hard labor.
You pass the Afghan border illegally you get shot. You pass the
American border illegally you get a job, driver’s license, allowance
for a place to live, health care, education, billions of dollars.

Patricia Gallagher: They also have the right to shoot our ranch owners, trash our beautiful desert, kill or kidnap our citizens, bring in their drugs & other crimes then run back across the border.

Golfing again:

I remain convinced that I was right about Obama when he was campaigning using a teleprompter FOR EVERY SPEECH.I thought at the time that he was an over educated elitist incompetent AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED MY MIND.
BY JAKE on 06/19/2010 at 16:58

Clueless? Maybe.
Stupid? Possibly.
Incompetent? Partly.

Unserious? Clearly and fundamentally.

It pervades every aspect of this Administration. Often, it includes mocking or embarrassing the American public. This case here, though, is likely the result of just not caring at all.

Dusty on June 19, 2010 at 2:59 PM

Ramirez Cartoon


Finally, Carol Platt Liebau asks, about Obama:

He has more power than anyone in the world. He could have used it to waive the Jones Act quickly (though it would upset the unions), or to order barrier walls to be built to guard the Louisiana shore (now, Gov. Jindal has done the latter — at least someone’s acting like a Chief Executive around here!).

But he’s got no experience in acting . . . just in talking, visioning, and legislating. In other words, we’ve got a Chief Executive who’s not . . . an executive.

The American Left thinks teleologically. To a Teleologist, “visioning” is how you make things happen. If Obama can only care enough, then the problem will solve itself.

That’s how it works for community organizers, you know.

Of Course it's a Shakedown: Following the rule of law would produce relief for the oil spill’s victims.  It just wouldn’t put Obama’s appointee in sole charge of a $20 billion fund.  That has a meaning beyond the “Chicago” implication of pure extortion, fund-skimming, and payola.  It means Obama couldn’t use the money to cushion the near-term consequences of his own policies.  He’d be constrained by that pesky rule of law, if he weren’t holding the discretionary purse strings for the damages payouts.

Mark Steyn:

Barack Obama was supposed to be the best, the very best, and yet he is always, reliably, consistently mediocre.

...Memo to Secretary Rodham Clinton: Do you find yourself of a quiet evening with a strange craving for chicken dinners and county fairs in Iowa and New Hampshire, maybe next summer? Need one of those relaunch books to explain why you’re getting back in the game in your country’s hour of need?

“It Takes a Spillage."

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Tue, Jun 22nd - 5:36PM

June 18: 7000 Caches

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 865 (only 100 pages left!)
140.4 miles
hot, sunny

65 recordings of 14 types.

Rasmussen: -21: 41/58.  The Rasmussen Reports Media Meter shows that media coverage of President Obama has been 39% positive over the past week. [Sounds like he's lost his base.]

I'm down .2 pounds for the week (down 2 from last year and 22 from 2 years ago.)

Today we planned to go early because the Milestone Challenge cache we'd planned for our 7000th find is a terrain 3, not too hard but harder than our usual, and we didn't want to do it in the heat of the day.  So Rich didn't do his usual softball run and we left the house to go to Auburn about 8.

We found the parking place and started off down the trail.  The cache is .5 crow miles from the trailhead. That involves, of course, more walking.  We got close, then had to walk down a steep slope and through a manzanita grove and then along a REALLY steep slope. This all overlooks the location where the Auburn Dam would have been built. Rich couldn't find anything, and went a little farther down, but I then crawled under a manzanita bush and looked behind a sign, and there it was! 

View of Auburn Powerhouse     7K!

This is the log I posted later.  7000 caches is a big deal!

Yippee! 7000!!!   It's been a week since we worked up to 6999 and it's been so hard not to stop at Just One Cache. Even on the way up to Auburn we were passing caches that we really wanted to stop for. Whew! Now we won't have to do that any more!
We started early in the day because of the terrain rating and the summer temperatures. We wonder why your "go right when the road goes left" instructions are going TOWARD the parking coordinates you left, but whatever. The trail TO the fence would be no fun for children, either! Mrs. Codger located the cache and did the trading (TN, left our signature wooden nickel, something I can't read my notes on, and bubbles (to celebrate.) ) Oh, and her water bottle, which she realized back at the road... and sorry, but we weren't going back! Next cacher should CITO with our apologies.
Auburn dog-owners aren't very responsible, are they?
Mrs. Codger thought she might be stuck there, had a devil of a time getting out and up to the road! Sure glad we started early! This was a worthy cache for this milestone, thanks!!

So there I was, under this bush.  I was having a lot of trouble getting out without falling down the hill, and Rich didn't hear (or maybe understand) me complaining. I finally worked it out.  It was a relief to be back up the hill and on level ground.  We checked out another cache on the way back to the car.  Then we went to the official Auburn Dam overlook, which is all so overgrown you can't see the river any more.  

I had listed a lot of caches along Auburn-Folsom road to go to Folsom toward another challenge cache which we finished February 14 but still needed to get the actual cache logged.  We stopped at a few of them, including one at the Auburn Ravine Wild Area (a place I love) and then we just went on to the new bridge at Folsom Dam since they decided the old road was too dangerous after 9-11.  We couldn't get to the caches I wanted to try from there, but we did tour the new-to-us water information center.  Really nice!  I'm taking mental notes of places to visit with Gareth when he's a little older.

So then we went near the Day Challenge, but couldn't figure out anyplace to park so we could walk to it. I guess we'll do it another day. 

OK, for our next trick we wanted to get some more county parks geocoins for Geowoodstock. We went down to the office in Rancho Cordova, only the office has moved.  Rich called to see where we should go to get coins, and they announced the coins are sold out.  The woman did promise to see if she could find any, and sure enough, there were 8 (only) left at Effie Yeaw Nature Center. OK!

After lunch (Burger King) we went to Effie Yeaw, bought our county pass (we have to go 9 more times this year to make it worthwhile), and got the coins.  We also enjoyed the exhibits.  On the way out, we saw a deer and fawn.  Rich was trying to keep the fawn close so I could get pictures. I was watching Mom, and I do believe if he'd gotten an inch closer the doe would have attacked him. Finally the fawn went to Mom and she essentially said "hmmmph!" and left with her nose in the air.

Saw-whet Owl     Fawn

What a nice nice day!

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, The Double Comfort Safari Club, Alexander McCall Smith, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Mon, Jun 21st - 9:23PM

June 17: Spending Lots of Money

(unlike Uncle Sam, we actually have it!)

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 855
140.4 miles
hot, sunny

84 recordings of 19 types.

Rasmussen: -20: 43/56

Jamie Gorelick is a BP lawyer?  She's the Typhoid Mary of disaster!

You splashed incompetence all over my corruption!

Bernadette had a dental appointment this morning, so I met her at the park where her Mothers' group meets and traded cars and kids.  Gareth had his "two" moments. I got the littles back into the car, though with Gareth's seat on the street side this takes some effort.  Back at the house, Joanna slept for awhile, but then wanted some formula.  Gareth was good.  He's learning some social skills, but because he's so big people expect him to behave a little better.  He'll get there. 

Then this afternoon we went crazy. Once we start spending money, it's hard to stop the gusher!  First we went and ordered the carpet. I did sort out that I don't want the closet carpeted. From there, we went across the street to BevMo to find some Leinenkugel.  And lo! They're next door to Eddie Bauer. Ooh, I didn't know they were still around!  And they still have the clothes I like, including two pairs of capri pants!  So I bought them.  And then we went down the street to Sears where we located an EZUp shade canopy.  Rich hadn't realized I wanted it for the parish picnic on Saturday.

Back at home we got it up.  This was hard the first time, but I imagine from now on it'll be quick.


Get out of my life!

when they want to raise taxes, it’s always for teachers and firemen — but when they actually get the money, it goes to buy leather chairs for guys you’ve never heard of who work downtown.

Obama wants to honor Jane Fonda?  Of course he does.  Every day, some new horror.

Director Blue


No politician has any business talking about tax increases until ObamaCare is repealed.  It’s the most comprehensively failed legislation of the modern era.  Like a taxi that runs on plutonium, it’s costing us a fortune, and making us sick, even while it’s sitting there and doing nothing.  Sold with fanciful promises and fraudulent cost estimates, it’s another expensive scheme to buy votes with taxpayer money, ending with a planned crisis the government will be only too happy to step in and “solve” by seizing even more of our wealth and liberty.  Its passage stymied serious attempts at real improvements to our health-care system, including tort reform and allowing the interstate sale of insurance plans to increase competition.  As with so many other delusional Big Government programs, the opportunity cost of passing ObamaCare, and passing up on reasonable plans that enhance individual liberty, rivals its staggering price tag.  We’ll come trillions closer to a balanced budget by shredding it.

2. RebeccaH
Am I angry yet? I’ve been angry for some time now, watching Congress spend and spend and spend, like a drunken Vegas high roller; watching the Obama administration appoint tax cheats, frauds, and communists to power; listening to distortions and outright lies; watching our overseas allies become, first dismayed, and then angered by their shabby treatment, while Barack Obama grovels in front of despots, and insults his fellow citizens before the entire world; enduring the frightening refusal even to name an enemy at war to the knife with us.

Angry? That’s not the half. I not only know who I won’t be voting for in November and beyond, I’m going to make sure I know who and what I am voting for. Do you?

15. davidt
Am I angry yet? I’m way past angry. I’m ready to get even.
June 14, 2010 - 10:18 am   Link to this Comment | Reply

Bobby Jindal decides forgivenss is easier than permission.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Mon, Jun 21st - 1:12PM

Miscellaneous Links

(from last week: just wait.)


Click the image to listen.
Given the choice between watching Rosie or, say, pouring sulferic acid in my eyes – I’ll go with the acid. Thanks anyway.
swede7 on June 9, 2010 at 8:50 PM


"I vaguely recall hearing that we would be able to keep our plans if we liked them, but then I also vaguely recall hearing that Iran wouldn’t be allowed to build nuclear weapons, that this would be the most transparent administration ever, that the deficit is a very serious problem, etc etc."

0bamacare could wipe out health insurance for 1-million Low Income Workers


Steven Den Beste

Schadenfreude is a beach.
RobCon on June 12, 2010 at 2:56 PM

Dr. Zero
Watching this Presidential commission discuss strategies for deficit reduction is like watching a pack of gluttons talk about getting in shape while they prowl up and down a buffet table.  They linger over the deep-fried mortgage interest deduction caps, dip their spoons into the rich chocolate of the VAT tax, and lick their lips as they wait for the expired Bush tax cuts to pop out of the oven.  They end up perched on the edge of creaking chairs, tittering at the wonderfully naughty idea of devouring everyone’s 401k plans for dessert.  It’s a nauseating spectacle that will only end when they’re escorted from the restaurant by angry voters.

...No politician has any business talking about tax increases until ObamaCare is repealed.  It’s the most comprehensively failed legislation of the modern era.  Like a taxi that runs on plutonium, it’s costing us a fortune, and making us sick, even while it’s sitting there and doing nothing.  Sold with fanciful promises and fraudulent cost estimates, it’s another expensive scheme to buy votes with taxpayer money, ending with a planned crisis the government will be only too happy to step in and “solve” by seizing even more of our wealth and liberty.  Its passage stymied serious attempts at real improvements to our health-care system, including tort reform and allowing the interstate sale of insurance plans to increase competition.  As with so many other delusional Big Government programs, the opportunity cost of passing ObamaCare, and passing up on reasonable plans that enhance individual liberty, rivals its staggering price tag.  We’ll come trillions closer to a balanced budget by shredding it.

Obama Failing on the Things the Public Cares Most About :JENNIFER RUBIN - 06.12.2010 - 10:03 AM.

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Sun, Jun 20th - 10:44PM

June 16: Plum Cobbler

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 848
140.0 miles
hot, sunny

84 recordings of 20 types.

Rasmussen: -20 (wow. that's 24% strongly approve, and 44% strongly disapprove!) Overall, 42% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's performance. That’s the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this president. Fifty-seven percent (57%) now disapprove. Those are the lowest ratings yet recorded for this president. The president’s approval rating has held steady in the 46% - 47% range for six months and it remains to be seen whether this new low is merely statistical noise or the start of a lasting change.

So yesterday it was the cat, today the dog was giving me fits. I was going to spend some time outside enjoying the back yard, and Pharaoh apparently discovered something in a bush. A rat? cat? squirrel? rabbit? fledgeling? (this I doubt because there weren't any magpies or mockingbirds screaming at him.) I called him back, but he wouldn't come. I called him again, he came partway back, and then back to the bush. He wouldn't come and he wouldn't come. I finally physically dragged him away and threw him into the house. So much for a quiet hour in the yard.

I made plum cobbler. Rich had cut up the bruised and overripe plums and I found the Bisquick recipe (OH so hard!) online, so this was not exactly rocket science.  Yum.

More on the big speech, which I happily missed.

Giving pablum a bad name.

Obama's Disaster of a Disaster Speech
This speech was suited for Day 1 of a catastrophe, not Day 57.
...In his short presidency, Obama has had two responses to any issue: appoint a czar or create a commission.  The auto industry got a czar, for instance, and the deficit that Obama’s spending has driven out of sight got a commission.  Last night, Obama wanted people to know he was taking this seriously by appointing a czar and a commission, the latter of which had been announced weeks ago.

My favorite part of the speech.

Obama: Hey America, we don’t know how to do this whole green energy thing or how it will work, but let us confiscate hundreds of billions of dollars from you so we can try to figure it out.

What leadership.
JohnInCA on June 16, 2010 at 11:17 AM

Obama: [the capsule speech]

“Here’s my Plan!… we plan something. Good night.”
profitsbeard on June 16, 2010 at 11:49 AM

While watching I said, so what is bigger than an Epic Fail? My hubs quips: Obama Fail?
Kristamatic on June 16, 2010 at 12:25 PM

Nick Gillespie, Icarus Descending

Andrew Malcolm

Instead, Obama was like a Harvard-trained nurse talking vacation to a new patient bleeding all over the ER floor. Hello, could we please stop the blood flow here before we discuss the long-term recovery?

Obama’s delivery did not really come alive until the end when the ex-community organizer got into his favorite Big Picture stuff. Memo to American Homeowners: Do not call Obama over to fix your leaking roof – or pipe. Have him design a new house, no, better yet an entire neighborhood or city from scratch.

Dan Riehl
You can call Obama incompetent and no one is accusing you of racism, any more. Now, that's change!!
Time to defund the EPA.

Cory Doctorow is disappointed: “Like I said before: I didn’t expect the guy to walk on water, but I’d love it if he wouldn’t wallow in shit.”

The MSM is telling him what to do.

The New RNC ad. How many rounds of golf so far?

0bamacare's unintended consequences.  Karl Rove.

Pelosi Blames Bush. Of course.

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Sat, Jun 19th - 3:59PM

June 15: Thrift Shopping With Pagan

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
140.0 miles
hot, sunny

88 recordings of 20 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 45/54

I'm still sulking about last night.

I was just minding my own business when I heard a cat fight in back. I went to look, and there was Spooky in the tree! Further investigation showed the neighbors' gray-and-white cat annoying him, so I glared and the stranger cat vanished over the roof.  Then I coaxed Spooky down by offering him treats.  In he came.  The actual mystery is how and when did he get out?

Pagan is in town so came by and took us to lunch at Golden Corral. Yum. I overate, sadly.
Then we went to three thrift shops.  My purchases totalled $5: a Fisher-Price "drill" which matches a hammer I have, a giraffe rattle, a Sesame Street Videotape, and the most expensive thing, a stuffed Lightning McQueen.  Pagan got a great dart board for his sister and a camera.


Sacramento City is boycotting Arizona.  The comments both at the radio blog and the newspaper one are universally against them, and pro-Arizona.

Post-Speech Commentary:

Daniel Hannan admits he was wrong to support 0bama.

a comprehensive strategy of Europeanisation: Euro-carbon taxes, Euro-disarmament, Euro-healthcare, Euro-welfare, Euro-spending levels, Euro-tax levels and, inevitably, Euro-unemployment levels. Any American reader who wants to know where Obamification will lead should spend a week with me in the European Parliament. I’m working in your future and, believe me, you won’t like it.
... British troops were the only sizeable contingent to support the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have fought alongside America in most of the conflicts of the past hundred years. Yet, when the chips are down, Obama lines up with Hugo Chávez and Daniel Ortega against us.
Not that we should feel singled out. The Obama administration has scorned America’s other established friends. It has betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic, whose Atlanticist governments had agreed to accept the American missile defence system at immense political cost, only to find the project cancelled. It has alienated Israel and India. It has even managed to fall out with Canada over its “Buy American” rules and its decision to drill in disputed Arctic waters. Never has there been a worse time to be a US ally.

No one denies that Obama was dealt a rotten economic hand; but he has played it ineptly. His policies are serving to make his country poorer, less free and less respected. And that is a problem for all of us .


Senator George Allen says "macaca" on camera? 131 articles, 13 on the front page.

Congressman Bob Etheridge commits battery on camera? Three paragraphs on page C3.

Compare. Contrast.

Oh, by the way. The Washington Post's Ombudsman is Andrew Alexander. Just sayin'.

Jerry Pournelle

Of course the President hasn’t any competence in deep water oil drilling, of for that matter in oil spill cleanup. Why should he? No one expected him, or the Federal Government, to know how to plug the hole. What we did expect is some competence in crisis management. At least we had a right to expect that.

We had a right to expect that the President would take this seriously, if not on the first day, at least in the first week. We had a right to expect him to assemble a team of experts to assess the threat and recommend actions. We had a right to expect a plan to plug the hole, and another plan to deal with the oil contamination.

Instead he throws in Stephen Chu, Nobel physicist, as if Chu, a brilliant man, would have any competence in plugging holes a mile under water, or cleaning up threatened marshes — or crisis management.

Oh, good, so he can continue to play golf.

Maybe Obama should just focus on repairing the damage that’s been done over the last seven weeks.  We don’t need to add to the task by rolling into it a bucketload of environmentalists’ wish lists for “restoration.”  In fact, what it sounds like at the moment is another way to blame the Bush administration by artificially increasing the scope of the effort, when the current scope already has been beyond this administration’s competence as it is.

Louisianans think Bush did better than 0bama is. SOMETHING's "unprecedented", all right.

…Obama vindicates Bush with each passing day.

The Whiner and Chief has been nothing but an arrogant,narcissistic,liberal, incapable of any sound decision making and lacking in any leadership ability.
…living off sound bites and an a$$ kissing press will only get you so far when you are at the helm.

Obama is being exposed for the paparazzi puppet that he is.
…his administration has already been a domestic and international disaster and we still have more than two years left of this left wing vaudeville act.

….absolute worst President ever.

Baxter Greene on June 15, 2010 at 6:10 PM

Can you imagine where Obama would be right now if, like Bush, he had a national news media which was out to destroy him, for the most part? Instead of straining to cover up for him, of course.

ddrintn on June 15, 2010 at 5:17 PM

If they had actually done their job to begin with, he never would have been nominated, much less elected.

Del Dolemonte on June 15, 2010 at 6:30 PM

MSNBC Hosts dump on 0bama's Speech. 

Anybody else feel the need to bitch slap these guys punctuated with “I… told.. you… so… I… told… you… so…” with each backhand wallop?

princetrumpet on June 15, 2010 at 10:42 PM

It is a trip through the sewer on the SS Schaudenfreude over at DU tonight.

The phreaks at DU are dumping all over their Obamamessiah. The mods keep on deleting posts and locking threads critical of The Won but the howls of derision and criticism out of the “faithful” about their clay footed messiah keep getting posted.

Nahanni on June 16, 2010 at 1:36 AM

What he should have said. 

 In response to the Gulf spill, I forgot that. I’ve tried bullying, boasting, threatening, and emoting. I now understand that the best course is one I’ve never considered for myself or my political philosophy — modesty.

[LikeTHAT'll ever happen!]

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Sat, Jun 19th - 10:21AM

Post-Election Links

Mickey Kaus got more than 5%!
"The pols are leading us down a dead end. This election has shown their weakness. It's not a good sign when their anointed choice for Senator, a well-known three-term incumbent, loses 20% of the vote in their own primary against a couple of complete unknowns--after two transcontinental trips by President Obama to support her."

Oh, my.  We were in Marin County when Boxer got her start. Ick. No, actually, that's after we moved here.

Resume enhancement? The Alvin Greene phenomenon is hilarious.

I love the "floating head" ad.

Oooh, the New York Times! 

In 2008, independents voted for Barack Obama to prove they were not racists but were tired of Bush. Ever since they’ve been voting Republican to prove they are not socialists either.

The Democrats have overplayed their hand and now the voters will beat them like a drum come November.

I hope Stacy is wrong:
"Carly Fiorina  buys the GOP nomination, which means the only hope for Republican victory in November is that Sen. Barbara Boxer gets caught on video in a Helen Thomas-style gaffe, disparaging gays and/or Mexicans. Barring an eruption of sudden-onset Tourette’s Syndrome — the Senator denouncing her hairdresser Ramon as a “g–d– beaner faggot” in an accidental CNN live-mike situation – we can expect Kollyfornia to keep electing Democrats and continue slouching toward Zimbabwe."

The Alien in the White House, Dorothy Rabinowitz

Mark-Eric Ponsati replied:
I feel like, on November 4, 2008, America lost the Revolutionary War, both World Wars, the Cold War and the Global War on Terrorism all at once.

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Fri, Jun 18th - 6:58AM

June 14: Chaos Ensues

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
140.0 miles
hot, sunny

92 recordings of 22 types.

-18: 45/55. The Rasmussen Reports Media Meter shows that media coverage of President Obama has been 43% positive over the past week. Since the passage of the health care law, coverage has ranged from a high of 60% positive to a low of 39% positive.

Today was library day!  Since Rob was working from home, Bernadette didn't have to come so blinking early, and in fact, was late. I began to picture them flattened on the freeway, so was very relieved to see her round the corner.  Whew!  As I suspected, Joanna had needed a feeding.

At the library, behold, Delilah, a baby I know!  I had to go back to the car (twice) for the bag-o-books I was donating, and by the time I got back, Gareth was chasing a little girl around because he wanted to take the riding toy away from her. He's finally gotten the idea on riding toys. Maybe Joanna will understand it better for the rocking horse because of watching him.

I then rode herd on him and kept him, mostly, from stepping on the babies.  He stopped long enough to draw some pictures and surprised me by actually taking one to show Mommy when I suggested it.  I didn't think he would know what I meant.

Artist at Work

Delilah's mother went out to get her Baby Bjorn (actually, to call her dad to bring it) and disappeared for about 15 minutes. We were worried, but she eventually came back.  Then we came home. 

Bernadette wanted to get the car looked at, so she fed Joanna and left.  All fine and dandy but it took longer than she anticipated. Rich was at bowling. I had no bottles of milk. And, of course, the baby woke up about 1:30. 

Fortunately, I had the electronic babysitter on, as Gareth was tired and ready to lie quietly watching TV, so I held Joanna, walked with Joanna, sang to Joanna. At 2, the guy came to measure the carpets.  I greeted him at the door and let him in, THEN made sure he was the carpet person. Oops. Bernadette arrived shortly after.  Rich, finally, about 2:30 when the measurer had left, the babies were all settled, and the chaos gone.  Well, mostly.  Bernadette put Joanna into the Gyminee and of course Gareth had to be there, too.  This would be OK except for the possible sharp elbows on the baby's back or something, so occasionally I had to move him and he howled.

No, Gareth, not the Elbow!

Eventually, they went home.
The Aftermath of the Tornado

ObGoe. "Top Shot" 

How would BP handle a coffee spill?

Obama Moves to Protect Rich Afghan Mineral Deposits (Scrappleface.)

Tonight I was working with geocaching routes and discovered I can pick up part of the route and move it to another road. I was really excited by this and went back to burble at Rich... but he was having trouble with iTunes and couldn't be bothered to listen to me. I listen to his bowling scores and his softball collections, but he doesn't return the courtesy. Add that to the fact that he didn't notice I whacked off 3 inches of hair this morning, and I'm fairly depressed/ticked off.

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Thu, Jun 17th - 10:28PM

Malice or Incompetence

The saying (which I've learned during this Administration) is "never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence."  I'm trying, but honestly, is it really possible to be this incompetent?  When the gummint refuses help, one begins to consider malice instead.

White House is Making Oil Recovery Harder.

Booms?  What Booms?

 Instead of searching for an ass to kick, perhaps Obama could have looked at how to accept aid from those who knew more about how to address such a crisis.

I can't suck it up with a straw!
Not only shouldn’t our global messiah be expected to plug the damn hole — he’s not Superman, people! — but evidently he shouldn’t be expected to find out if there’s any containment boom sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be used either. What he’s supposed to do, apparently, is go around reminding people why he’s really not to blame. I’ll say this for him: He’s awfully good at that, at least.
Because he is so devoted to obama and the interview that he will never again get with him, he’s missing the story of the century, the destruction of the planet by barry hussein, who had and has every possible means of containg the spill as well as the help of seventeen nations, and has managed to sabotage it all, without a peep about impeachment from even the conservatives, who seem to know how to let a crisis go to waste.
erlily on June 11, 2010 at 10:54 PM

I can’t understand why a community organizer can’t get this done. You see a problem, you analyze the problem, you find someone who should be responsible for the problem, you demonize them and get public opinion against them forcing them to spend money to solve the problem. That’s what community organizers do. Why didn’t that work?

I say, once again, not once did I see the President of the United States say to BP, is there anything we can do to help?
bflat879 on June 11, 2010 at 11:30 PM

0bamateurism of the Day
“Whose ass to kick”?  What an utterly impotent statement.  Obama hasn’t even bothered to call BP’s CEO to kick a little ass where it might arguably count.  He’s standing on Gulf beaches making jokes about tar balls in bathing suits.  He has literally spent more days and more time on the golf course than in the Gulf region.  He hasn’t been in 1000-leg’s distance of anyone’s ass for almost the entirety of this disaster.

Newest excuse:  'Indescribably stupid. Between this and the “Sestak was only offered a nonpaying advisory position” nonsense, they’re not even trying to come up with good lies anymore."

Eric Cantor

Maybe his worst interview ever?  (Jennifer Rubin.)
It is a sorry spectacle (both the interview and Obama’s post-spill performance), revealing both the president’s personal immaturity and his lack of managerial acumen.

Sarah Palin

The New York Times (!)

The lack of preparation was years in the making, and not totally the fault of the current administration.  However, that doesn’t absolve them from the uncoordinated, disjointed, and contradictory response given in the first seven weeks of this catastrophe, mostly problems of the Obama administration’s making.


  TeamPOLITICO: Jun. 11, 2010 - 8:12 PM EST 
“You know, what I think I get frustrated with sometimes, as do, I suspect, other members of my team, is that the media specifically is demanding things that the public aren’t demanding,” the president said. “What the public wants to see is us solving this problem. And that may not make for good TV.”

 But what we get is platitudes, BS, vacations, parties with rappers, trips and no action.

50 days and Obama still does not know how to spell BP or call them up.

It was 20 or so days before he woke up and went down to Louisiana.
It took Carville jumping Obama's bones to wake him up to the problem

Obama should be fired for gross incompetence and neglect of duty!

0bama hopes to rope in Republicans.No excuses.

More evidence of malice.

And then there's foreign policy:

Krauthammer on Iran

Peter Beinhart
When the White House announced its National Security Strategy last month, it titled it A Blueprint for Pursuing the World That We Seek. A better title might have been The Fun Is Definitely Over.
...These problems, however, pale before the overarching one: despite Obama's personal popularity, American soft power isn't going up; it's going down. The reason is the financial crisis. America's international allure has always been based less on the appeal of the man in the Oval Office than on the appeal of the American political and economic model.

Peggy Noonan documents why we're not ready for the next attack. Boy do I feel confident.

Crying Wolf.

When you are strong, your enemies will say bad things about you. When you are weak, your enemies will do bad things to you. As much as liberals try to deny it, being strong only makes you safer; the world always pays for weakness.


SherryTex said...
Hope it doesn't interfere with a party or vacation. That would be a shame.

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Wed, Jun 16th - 6:44PM

June 13: More Time with Gareth

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
139.7 miles
hot, sunny

93 recordings of 20 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/52.

It's been 9 years since I found GoE's body.

After Church today, I saw a Boxer bumper sticker. Sigh.

When I first heard of Dunkirk, and the Englishmen going to get their soldiers from France, I thought of Dunkirk as a victory. In reality it was one, even though it was a defeat.  If only the gummint would get out of the way,the people could fix the oil spill.

Today we had Gareth while Bernadette had her shift at the radio station. We'd set up our own wading pool and he had a swim diaper today. (If he hadn't, he'd have gone commando.) Not only was that fun, but he also got to play with the sprinkler!

He wasn't at all interested in the sprinkler playground at Seeley Park last year, but I imagine this year will be really different.

It was a good day.  He sat in my lap and fell asleep, so I tried putting him down for a nap, which didn't work out all that well.  He ate quite a bit more than he's been of late.  He fussed when put to bed, but he didn't try to climb out and he eventually went to sleep.  Then when his Mommy came, he fussed but was asleep again before they got out of the driveway.

Backyard Fun     The Shy Little Kitten I Don't Want to Take a Nap!     And finally...
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Tue, Jun 15th - 10:36PM

June 12: Backyard Party

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
139.7 miles
windy, 90

97 recordings of 23 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 46/54.

Today's event was an after-wedding party (the wedding was in Costa Rica) at a church friend's house. I got a couple of frostable mugs, an ice cream scoop, put some money in an envelope and packaged them up with this:

Marriage is like a root beer float.

Root beer is good.
Ice cream is good.

Together, in a root beer float, they blend into something great, better than the sum of its parts.

So, too, marriage.

Each person is good on their own.

Together, in marriage, they blend into something great, better than the sum of its parts.

We parked at the nearby school and waited 10 minutes for Bernadette. Finally we decided to walk over to the house.  Got our nametags, said hello to the bride and met the groom, and mingled. I went out a couple of times looking for Bernadette and finally called (hate to do that, but she put it on speaker) to tell her to call from the school when she arrived.  And so she did. I suggested she put sunscreen on Gareth and walked the block over to help her.

He was getting whiny at the end of the walk, but I said to find Djadja and so he did.  They got some water, which he had fun playing with, ending with pouring what was left on Bernadette's purse.  We got some food, which didn't interest him, and finally I took him to the other side of the yard and introduced him to the pool!  This was great!

I had been a little afraid he'd be scared or unhappy when he got splashed, but as you can see, he loved it. I have another video where the other child, Liam, pretends to be drowning and keeps asking Gareth to give him his hand. G. is not socially there yet. I occasionally got my food or drink, but made sure Rich was on "drown patrol" instead. Accidents happen so quickly, so one grownup has to watch and I chose that as my job.  I wasn't hovering, I was just there.  I got lots of pictures.

Finally, it was time to take him out.  Without a swim diaper, he managed to take about half the pool with him. He was lightbulb shaped!  Our host got a towel so I could warm him up and we changed his clothes. Meanwhile, Bernadette had a chance to eat, to socialize, and to show off Joanna.  Rich found a kid with a lot of trucks and Gareth enjoyed playing with them.  And, eventually, we left. Actually, Rich left with Gareth while Bernadette and I made our pleasantries.  This is rather scary, because the house wasn't really ready for him.  It was close, though, so he got to play a bit and help me get the toybox back into the living room. 

I wonder who he thinks we are?  I mean, we're not only at his house, and at our house, but we turn up when he goes to other places, too. 

Congress is to blame, never ever ever POTUS.

I think it’s fair to say, if six months ago, before this spill had happened, I had gone up to Congress and I had said we need to crack down a lot harder on oil companies and we need to spend more money on technology to respond in case of a catastrophic spill, there are folks up there, who will not be named, who would have said this is classic, big-government overregulation and wasteful spending.”

 Are you kidding me!! This incompetent man-child is actually blaming congress for not acting on something he never asked for. This is our commander-in-chief?? What country are we living in?

Typical Obama strawman arguments: "Some people who do not agree with me would say..." this neither presents nor refutes a position. Just empty words while he waits for the teleprompter to kick in.

He controls this Administration. He needed no additional money to respond to this crisis. He has (and had!) resources available to keep the oil off the shore line -- booms, berms, skimmers and scoops-- and God even gave him five extra weeks of favorable winds to help!

The gusher is BP's problem. As the Chief Executive, keeping the shore clean is Obama's problem even if he charges BP for the costs later. Those are federal waters in which his administration approved high-risk cutting edge mile-deep drilling methods last April. The contract calls for federal shore protection, not the drilling contractor.
JimInIndy: Jun. 11, 2010 - 8:55 PM EST

Mark Steyn says 0bama acts as though being President is beneath him.

 for Barack Obama, governing America is “an interesting sociological experiment.” He would doubtless agree that the United States is “the place on Earth that, if I needed one, I would call home.” But he doesn’t, not really: It is hard to imagine Obama wandering along to watch a Memorial Day or Fourth of July parade until the job required him to. That’s not to say he’s un-American or anti-American, but merely that he’s beyond all that. Way beyond. He’s the first president to give off the pronounced whiff that he’s condescending to the job – that it’s really too small for him, and he’s just killing time until something more commensurate with his stature comes along.
... Obama's postmodern detachment is feeble and parochial. It's true that he hadn't seen much of America until he ran for president, but he hadn't seen much of anywhere else, either. Like most multiculturalists, he's passed his entire adulthood in a very narrow unicultural environment where your ideological worldview doesn't depend on anything so tedious as actually viewing the world.
...You don't need to go anywhere, or do anything: You just need to pick up the general groove, which you can do very easily at almost any college campus.
This Barack Obama did brilliantly. A man who speaks fewer languages than the famously moronic George W Bush, he has nevertheless grasped the essential lingo of the European transnationalist: Continental leaders strike attitudes rather than effect action – which is, frankly, beneath them.
... Like many of his background here and there, Obama is engaged mostly by abstractions and generalities. Indeed, he is the very model of a modern major generalist. He has grand plans for "the environment" – all of it, wherever it may be. Why should the great eco-Gulliver be ensnared by some Lilliputian oil spill lapping round his boots? He flew in to Cairo to give one of the most historically historic speeches in history to the Muslim world. Why should such a colossus lower his visionary gaze to contemplate some no-account nickel'n'dime racket like the Iranian nuclear program? With one stroke of his pen, he has transformed the health care of 300 million people. But I suppose if there's some killer flu epidemic or a cholera outbreak in New Mexico, you losers will be whining at Obama to do something about that, too.

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Mon, Jun 14th - 6:26PM

June 11: Limited Numbers Run

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
138.7 miles

100 recordings of 23 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/54. Only 28% believe that believe the government should provide student loans and grants for those attending the most expensive colleges such as Harvard and Yale. [so of course guess which side our "representatives" are on.]
Eighty-five percent (85%) of Americans say that preserving freedom of the press is more important than saving the newspaper industry.  In the wake of an FTC report suggesting ways for the government to help newspapers, 64% say it is likely that if the government provides funding for newspapers to hire journalists, the government will then place limits on what those journalists can cover. Sixty-nine percent (69%) think it likely that a newspaper receiving funding to hire journalists will avoid criticizing government officials and policies.[Again].

I'm a pound down.  The blood pressure first registered high, but when I stopped arguing with Spooky it went back to the high borderline I'm usually at.

The Google doodle was the 100th birthday of Jacques Cousteau, then changed to the World Cup.

Yesterday afternoon, when I was winding down from the Zoo, Rich asked "are we going to look for carpet today?" and I asked why we were doing this since we already had found what we wanted.  I think he may have been relieved. We went back to Lowe's, got a different salesman (they work on salary, right?) and have started the work again. 

We want to have 7000 caches under our belt before we go to GeoWoodstock, and we were at 6988. I'd like to have our 7000th be the Milestone Challenge, so we can't go over 6999, but it would be nice to be closer. So I ran a 15-cache pocket query and eliminated 3 of them right away. This is in East Sacramento, due south of us on the other side of the River.  We went through them in order and only had trouble with one.  So we had to leave one undone, but it's close to two of the ones I eliminated for today, and we'll do the three of them some other time. And so home.  We won't be able to do the Milestone cache till late next week, and this means we can't go to the breakfast tomorrow. (Which is OK, we were not seriously planning it anyway.)

Oh, my lord.

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Sun, Jun 13th - 10:47PM

June 10: Mr. Snotty Goes to the Zoo

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
138.2 miles

98 recordings of 23 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

New sign on The One’s desk…
The Butt Stops Here
JetBoy on June 10, 2010 at 8:16 AM

It's 9 years since GoE died.

Some very funny Russian ads for a snack.  I especially like the Tetris one... you'll never think about the game the same way after viewing it.

Today I took Gareth to the Zoo.  He'd been flexing his "two" muscles at home, very negative and uncooperative. He was happy enough to see me, but really got all delighted when I said "get your shoes, we're going bye-bye." BIG grin!  Bernadette was looking forward to the chance to have a shower.

I caught a look of Gareth when I was stopped at a light.  Couldn't reach him to wipe, but I got the picture that will mortify him when he's a teenager. 

At the Zoo proper, once I got through the members' entrance I let him out of the stroller. From then on, he was playing with the stroller, doing and undoing the buckles.  I finally moved along and he ran alongside.  Occasionally the new sandals and our mutual clumsiness would make us collide and trip him. He fell flat a number of times but never cried.

When there was an animal to look at I'd pick him up and he was good about looking for a few seconds before wanting down again to play with the stroller buckles. He wasn't interested in lunch, so on we went.  Eventually we got to the dump truck machine, which is out of order, but which is still the Most Wonderful Toy in the World.  He sat on the cab floor and turned the wheel and hit the horn and pushed buttons, and he LOVED it.  Unfortunately, though, after about 5 minutes he had to leave, since other kids wanted to play.  TANTRUM!  Throw-himself-on-the-ground tantrum. He did NOT want to leave this wonderful wonderful thing. So we went over to the playground.

There were school groups here, so he didn't get to play much with the frog-and-dragonfly. However, I showed him where to walk up the concrete slide and slide down, and we did that a few times.  Tired him out. He fell asleep on the way home and cried when he got home.  I left when he climbed into the comfy chair with his (all clean) mommy. A fun day!

Snotty-Nose Driving the Dump Truck
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Sat, Jun 12th - 10:26AM

Catastrophe Links

(I can't even snark about "racism" or "sedition", this is all so awful.)

So there's no point in blaming 0bama for the terrible response to the oil disaster, even though he owns it.

0bamateurism of the day:
I was surprised by this, and I’ve never thought Obama was especially intelligent or competent. But even he had to know that he was going to be asked about the circumstances of the MMS chief’s recent departure. The fact that he didn’t even bother to ask one of his many aides for some of the details before coming out and facing the media is very troubling. It suggests Obama is either extraordinarily lazy, or just not fit for the job he holds, or both.

AZCoyote on June 1, 2010 at 8:20 AM

This would all be solved, but for one little problem.

You can’t bribe an oil spill.
fogw on June 2, 2010 at 4:57 PM

Maureen Dowd The oil won’t stop flowing, but the magic has.

Obama’s perfunctory drop-by to a sanitized beach in Grand Isle, La. Despite his recent ode about growing up near an ocean, he didn’t bother to meet with the regular folks who have lost their seafaring livelihoods.

Heckling 0bama I voted that it was inappropriate this time.

Oh, argh.

this quote is noteworthy: "We didn't need another meeting. We didn't ask for another meeting. On Friday with the President we were very clear, it's not the process that interests us it's the outcome."

In one frustrated statement, Jindal pinpoints the significant difference between conservatives and liberals. Results vs. Intentions.

Obamateurism of the day:
 According to my count, the days and nights of Obama during the crisis have involved:

Two days of media events (White House Correspondents Dinner and a tête a tête with Bono)
Three days of fundraising
Four commemorations
Six days of vacation
Six days of campaigning
Six sports events
Seven days of golf

No one expects any President to have a “singular” focus on one issue at a time; this job requires a multi-tasker.  But we do expect some focus on the job.  In 36 days, Obama seems to have little time for any real presidential work at all … except perhaps when he wakes up and when he goes to sleep.

Laura Ingraham Obama's visit today will come on Day 46 of the spill. During that same period of time after Hurricane Katrina, then-President Bush had made 8 visits to the Gulf Coast or hurricane-related sites.

Rocco M Cavallo cmon Laura, you're being to hard on them & asking too many questions about the spill! he has had "alot going on" like golf, fundraisers for Barbara "call me senator" Boxer, golf,Paul McCartney, golf, talking hoops w/Marv Albert, golf, vaca in Chicago, golf, Duke bball team,'re doin' a heck of a job, Barry!

New Orleans is and always was a local concern first, then a state concern and lastly a federal concern. Let’s get real here… when we say “Bush failed in Katrina” we’re not talking about the hurricane, we’re talking about New Orleans and specifically the Superdome. Yes, Bush fumbled the play on that one, but only after Nagin and the governor of Louisiana not only fumbled but interfered in the play.
Skywise on June 3, 2010 at 1:29 PM

Let it be remembered that Governor Blanco(D) of Louisiana was riding in a plane with President Bush two days after Katrina, and Bush proposed sending tens of thousands of out-of-state National Guard troops to help in rescue efforts, and Blanco refused, and Bush then backed down to avoid violating the Posse Commitatus Act.

Chris Stirewalt
Agree with him or not, George W. Bush was no dummy. But assuming that he was one allowed Obama to believe the job of being president was easier than it is.
Obama's misapprehension will pay bitter dividends for his presidency for years to come.

SusanAnne Hiller:
Those decisive decisions from Bush kept America safe for 7 years. Now we have got Obama the apologist and panderer and we've had four Jihad attacks on American soil in less than 17 months--June 1, 2009 army recruiting base murder, 2009 Christmas Day shoe bomber, November 13, 2009 Ft. Hood, and the May 1, 2010 Times Square bomber.

Whose strategy do you think is or was more effective and has America's best interests at heart?

Brian Williams should go back to Louisiana, and maybe stay there!

He doesn't rest, he's always thinking about it.

He sure likes the perks. Too bad he doesn't like the job.

It's our top priority! Well, after beer pong! More, including the video of Himself's response.

Sarah Palin.

Ed Morrissey:
OKAY, I SEE THE ARGUMENT THAT OBAMA’S “ASS KICKING” BIT WAS UNPRESIDENTIAL, but to me, the biggest negative was that it made clear that we’ve got a President who doesn’t know whose ass to kick.


I ran a big campaign, so I can handle a gulf emergency.

Heartbreaking pictures. (The Anchoress)
This disaster could have been a moment for Obama to have shown dynamic leadership. He could have been there with Bobby Jindal saying, “we’ll build the berms; we’ll do whatever it takes to save these coastlines.”

Instead, writes J.R. Dunn:

Well, we’ve seen Obama frowning. Obama sticking his fingers into the sand. Obama saying he’s frustrated. Obama telling us a heartwarming story about his daughter. He even, according to spokesman Robert Gibbs, said “damn” at one point. (Though this has not yet been independently verified by a third party.)

That’s it. That’s the sum total of accomplishment by Barack Obama, his administration, his party, and his bureaucracy, in facing his first major domestic crisis.

ARGH! Three days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch government offered to help.

It was willing to provide ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and it proposed a plan for building sand barriers to protect sensitive marshlands.

The response from the Obama administration and BP, which are coordinating the cleanup: “The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’” said Geert Visser, consul general for the Netherlands in Houston.

Rolling Stone has a devastating article. Ed quotes extensively from it and adds:
"Not only did they know all about the problems at MMS, none of them had much interest in fixing it.  When disaster struck, they spent more time trying to silence scientists at NOAA about the extent of the spill than they did in getting BP to act.  It’s as if they won the election and decided mainly to rest on their laurel.  It speaks to a profound disinterest in doing the jobs for which they got elected, and a complete lack of leadership from the beginning of the spill and lasting until the moment Rolling Stone published their analysis today."

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Fri, Jun 11th - 9:04PM

June 9: The Never-Ending Story

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
137.2 miles

102 recordings of 23 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/53.

I was looking for something in my journal archives on Vince's birth, and for some reason, I'm missing June and October of 2003. I hope they're actually around, on the bus drive.

So today Rich wanted to go look for carpet again.  We first stopped and got the makings for the wedding present basket I'm putting together, at Bed Bath and Beyond. I also got 4 silicone cutting "boards" and we're putting them where the old knife hanger was.  These knives date from our wedding, except that a lot of them are lost or broken and have been replaced.  We only regularly use the fork and the small serrated knife and the paring knife. I stuck the knives into a drawer and gave the rack to St. Vincent de Paul.

Then it was to Home Depot. I really hate shopping, especially for big-ticket items, and since we'd already found the right carpeting at Lowe's, I just didn't want to get engaged on this.  It didn't help that the displayed carpet was all beiges and light colors (US??? Hahahaha!) Also, the salesman was less-than-helpful, though he was probably picking up my negativity. Meanwhile, I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack.  We got out of there and safely home. Rich took notes on other carpet companies to look at some other day.  Blech. On the other hand, we've never bought carpet like this before (the current carpet came from a neighbor's house)

Home Ownership is a Never-Ending Story, but we're really dragging it out.  We bought this house in 1977.  Sometime in the first few years we painted it, changing it from a bilious green to "desert sand" which is sort of a pinky-beige. And I'm sure it needs doing again. Just any time. We've re-roofed, both in whole and in part, a number of times. We put up the HVAC.  We put in two solartubes which have really helped to lighten the house up. We put up new attic vents. We've done half the windows.

The interior is another story. In 1985 we rearranged the kitchen, moving the stove and the fridge and put in new tile and painted.  Steve painted the back room and hallway about 1988, just before he left the house. Then in 1990 we painted Vince's room and got a new carpet for it. (Just a 10 by 10 piece, not the kind of thing we're doing in the living room.) A couple of years later we re-did our bedroom, painting it and putting in new tile. Rich took down the ceiling in the family room and there it sat for years, till he finished it in 2006 (and some of the ceiling tiles now need to be replaced, since the roof leaked earlier this year.)  And then last year, and this year, the living room.  The carpet is the last step. At this rate, we might have the house nice by 2040!

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Wicked, Gregory Maguire, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Jun 10th - 3:11PM

June 8: Five Years Ago

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
137.2 miles

104 recordings of 23 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 49/50.  (Now he's going to go try to sell Health Care again. If it's so great, why is that necessary?) Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters believe that the pro-Palestinian activists are to blame for the Gaza ship incident.  Just 19% blame Israel.

I took my mail ballot over this morning and chatted with the workers a little. Then I walked Pharaoh around the block. Nothing much else happened today, so I will put up the post from 5 years ago. (When looking for something more about Vince yesterday I noted that somehow I'm missing March and October 2003. I sure hope they're in the backup drive!)  Anyway, we were on our way home from Kirkland, where we'd gone with Bernadette to surprise Vince for his 30th birthday. 

June 8: Roseburg

Howard Dean is pretty much a one-man ScrappleFace full-employment guarantee.---Instapundit. Heh.

We started off about 8:30 and drove to Tacoma. We got to the Tacoma Dome station, which cache should have been a quick snatch-and-log, and Rich spent TEN minutes just staring at his GPSr. The satellites were blinking on and off one by one, sort of twinkling on his display. He moved, he changed batteries, I sat and read Don Quixote on the PDA. Finally he decided if he moved, maybe things would come back, so we started to walk, into the parking garage, up, down, around, through, and he eventually zeroed in the landscaping and Bernadette almost immediately found the rock cache. This should have taken 5 minutes at most, and was closer to 20. Then we walked to the Tacoma Dome and got a quick cache, as well as letting Bernadette get a locationless one.

Back in the car, we were on the wrong side of a train track (with a freight train) and a waterway, but eventually got over both to the Museum of Glass and a 30-minute parking slot. We spent some time looking for a cache, but when we thought we saw a broken electrical box cover, we thought we'd found it, so didn't look harder. Nevertheless, the bridge of glass and the beautiful pieces (Cheleli?) are just stunning. We did find another cache there and then left downtown.

There's a Travel Bug in(sic) at a Park and Ride south of town. Conversation: "I think you need to get over a lane." "The arrow points this way." "I think this lane will get us on the highway, across the freeway." "Dad, you really need to get over." "The arrow's pointing left." "I don't THINK so!" Then, as the light changed and we went across the freeway, "SH**! Why didn't you TELL me?"

Rich stayed in the car while Bernadette and I found the cache. I noted the travel bugs and took one, but I forgot to leave the one I claimed I'd left. Oops.

Olympia wasn't that good for us. We did find a couple of caches. Rich had another of his moments when he couldn't find a parking place and yelled at me for pointing the wrong way when he actually didn't go the way I'd pointed. We found this cache anyway, but it was obviously time for lunch, so we went on down to Centralia, to Grandma's Country Kitchen. Good kitschy food!

We couldn't find the cache in Fort Borst Park, where Bernadette and I had been for a family reunion in 1980. The daisies and buttercups were gorgeous, however. Then we did find two in a river park, and then waited around downtown for a smoker to leave so we couldn't find another one.

Then there were a couple of really nice caches, one in a bear statue (up the backside, so Bernadette suggested the name "in the woods". Heh. She has also, since, suggested "Duck, duck....") The other one was in this huge bird outside Yardbird's. It was once a helicopter hangar. I think I remember seeing the first big bird here, probably in 1960.

Then it was pedal to the metal to get to Junction City at a reasonable hour. Sigh. There were some caches I'd hoped to search for, in the east part of Portland. Oh, well. I had time to ponder that it was 4 years since I talked to Gerhard, and we were talking about Bernadette and her Dex comic strip. Sniff!

We didn't stay long when we dropped B. off since we wanted to get on to Roseburg. We did find one cache in the outskirts of Eugene and then on to R. We stayed at a Sleep Inn for the Choicehotel points, and while I don't remember it at all, it's the same place we stayed last July. They gave us a senior rate and upgraded our room to a quieter one... it is a very nice place. I should remember it!

Glenn: Really, Bush's ability to drive his opponents stark, raving bonkers is almost supernatural.

Jeff Jarvis is angry and who can blame him? I'm irate myself.

Great. Lodi is in the news. Just what we need, an al-Qaeda cell in our backyard.

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Thu, Jun 10th - 2:35PM

June 7: Vince is 35!

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
135.2 miles
overcast, cooling

111 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

Vince is now old enough to be President and has launched his campaign, Incompetence for the People, on Facebook.

Yeah, right, HE's gonna be President!

Ed Morrissey:
I know that everyone here will rush to condemn Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) for telling the Morning Joe crowd that everyone at BP with a British accent is a liar, but hey, sometimes generalizations work. For instance, I’d say that anyone at the White House who says they’ve been fully engaged and singularly focused on the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf is a liar, too. I think anyone in Congress who appears on television to toss ad hominem, stereotyping accusations without any evidentiary support is a moron, and anyone using ethnic profiling to make accusations for an oil spill is a raging hypocrite. See how well this works? I could do this all day!


Download your CA June 2010 election Progressive Voter Guide from @CredoAction & @CourageCampaign
(Because God knows, they haven't messed up the state enough already.)

Ick to the 10th power. [And Elton...that's blood money. Shame on you.]
Lefties, so tolerant.

Looks like Groundspeak HQ is close to where Archie McPhee used to be!

Jim Geraghty:
In and of itself, the spill wouldn’t be a presidency-defining problem. But when you place it alongside high unemployment… and a lousy housing market and high foreclosure rate in much of the country… and a runaway deficit, even by the standards of our usual runaway deficits… and a stock market starting to slump more seriously… and no sign of Iran’s nuclear program slowing down… and no serious consequence for North Korea sinking a South Korean ship… and smelly backroom deals involving executive branch positions and Democratic senate primaries… and daily reminders that the health care legislation won’t live up to the hype…  and a series of near-misses on the war on terror, where large bureaucracies fail to intervene in time and only sharp-eyed and fast-acting citizens prevent terrible consequences… well, it all starts to add up to a pattern.

Mark Steyn: Going, Going, Gone...

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Wed, Jun 9th - 10:19PM

June 6: Carpet Pad Removal

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
135.2 miles

107 recordings of 26 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/54

Today we skipped Mass in order to finish clearing the living room and moving the furniture so Juan and his cousin could scrape off the pad. I set up the laptop in the kitchen.  Rich had the television in the fireplace, which worked nicely. They were supposed to come at 9 or 9:30 and about 10 I was thinking 'I could say something rude about "Mexican Time."'  However, when they did come, at 10:30, they set right to work.

It soon became apparent that the shovel they brought wasn't the tool for the job and the scraping blade Rich had was the right thing.  Except he had to keep sharpening it. He went to get another blade and another tool.  The guys kept right on working.  They scraped for almost 3 hours, then helped move the furniture from the dining room back to the living room and broke for lunch.  Which only took them 20 or 25 minutes, and back they came, scraping and scraping.

I was having a terrible time staying awake so lay down for a quick nap, and while I thought I stayed awake I was apparently out for 30 minutes, because they were done and ready to leave. I thought maybe I'd been bitten by a flea because I had an itch, but it's since expanded and is behaving like poison oak, probably from yesterday. Argh.

Rich is amusing. He figures a tip in the restaurant to the last penny, and before taxes.  But he gave the guys almost 20%, plus one of the blades. It's obvious he can't picture himself slinging plates, but was REALLY relieved not to be scraping the floor!!! And they definitely earned it. We put down carpet pieces to make it a little more comfortable till we get the carpet.

This is from the morning, Rich having cut out a swathe of carpet to use later.

D-Day: Google blorfs again, but Bing is nice.

More laser-like focus on the oil spill.
I will not rest until -- oh look, George Lopez!

The Anchoress is really really ticked that 0bama knew about the spill scope from day 1: 

Hey, America, I knew it was hopeless, and I couldn’t change anything, so I couldn’t see the point of accepting the help of 17 nations offering their technology and their expertise in attempting to contain the damage as much as possible; no point in even attempting to use supertankers to try to remove as much oil from the surface as possible, even if they have to do it for months.

Hey, America, I knew it was bad, so there was no sense in telling you anything, or in helping Governor Jindal try to protect the marshlands and coasts of Louisiana.
We’ve just spent years listening to ungenerous, miserable people excoriate President Bush for calmly taking 7 minutes, after learning of the attacks of 9/11, to allow his Secret Service to do their thing and to–with a great deal of composure–take his leave from a classroom without managing to scare the children or give an impression of fear that would be put before the nation and the world.

After watching President Obama take six weeks to process the terrible news he was given–pressing forward with golf, vacations, parties and fund-raisers in order to not scare the nation–even if that it meant he seemed a little disengaged from the BP Oil disaster, I never want to hear another sneering, idiotic My Pet Goat joke, again.
Instapundit and reader note Obama’s weak responses to any disasters that don’t affect a Democrat-majority. And Moe Lane has the chart to prove it.

0bamateurism of the week:
I went with “fully engaged”. These get harder to decide each week. So many great choices that show the complete lack of competence from our president. A comedy writer could not come up with some of this stuff.

chief on June 6, 2010 at 2:45 PM

Three bribes Mickey Kaus would accept.

Michael Goodwin says 0bama's not up to the job. "What started out as a whiff of rookie incompetence has become a suffocating odor. It's hard to find a single area where Obama's policies are a convincing success."

BP Oil Crisis Explained.
There were steps that could have been taken after the spill, but weren’t. Why not?

For that I do bloody well blame the President, and he should understand it because he’s the one telling us that government is there to protect us. The fine print is that they may be there for that purpose, but they so suck at it.

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Wed, Jun 9th - 5:19PM

June 5: A Day in Vacaville

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
135.2 miles

107 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 45/54

The Google doodle is for Dennis Gabor's 110th birthday.  These are the same people who let Memorial Day go. Aha. I found a complete compilation of them. I love January 4 of this year.

Today we went to Vacaville to meet up with my cousin. And, surprise, to get some caches!
She told me the skating party where Jim would be was 3-5 so we figured we'd leave here at 12, get some caching in, and then meet them about 4. 

Our first caches were just south of Dixon, pretty well completing that town.  We got a look at the National Veterans' Cemetery.  It's huge.  Then we went along Midway avenue and got all but one of the caches, then headed south on Browns Valley Road into Vacaville.  There's one really really nice cache, glued to a rock and stuck in a rock wall. I was dubious to look for this one, afraid of snakes.

I'd planned on doing a six-cache Easter Egg series that would lead to another cache, but we couldn't find the first two eggs, so gave it up. Instead, we went to Centennial Park where there was an older cache.  In fact, the text tells about some pine trees which are no more, possibly victims of the bugs which didn't get caught in the bug traps also discussed. I looked in the juniper and looked and looked, and suddenly spied the cache!  I think it was the juniper in the Easter egg series, however, that scratched my hand and gave me a big owie. OTOH, I also seem to have picked up some poison oak, so maybe that happened there.

And so to the skating rink. The place is huge, so we spent a lot of time looking for my cousin, then I called her.  She'd found out the party wasn't till 3:45 to 7, and so she was on her way (at 3:45.)  Hmm. So we went off to find a couple more caches.  Still no one when we got back, but I'd spied a Starbucks... and I got a frappachino while Rich checked out nearby caches. Three of them in the area.  We were looking for the second one when my cousin called.  Then, again, I couldn't find her inside and called... I went through a door and there she was, answering me. This about 4:30.

We got caught up quite a bit while Jim tried to ice skate.  Finally, they were finished and we took them to find the last cache.  Jim was a bit bored when, after following the arrow to the right area, the grownups kept poking around in the bushes.  Eventually Rich found the cache and then let Jim find it.  Suddenly, he wasn't bored, he wanted to go find another, and another, and another...

We had a pleasant dinner at Outback. I teased them both.  Jim, who had started out shy, was really loosening up by the end.  He's off to spend the summer with his dad tomorrow.

Sky     Linda and Jim

Mark Finan
@mikebravo11 The last 90 was Sept 27. That is a very long stretch for Sac. I think you have to go back to the 20s to find a longer one  about 5 hours ago

Working on the Gallery of Regrettable Food 15th anniversary website. My life's work consists of making fun of aspics.

0bama loses the left?

Who's the aging queen standing next to the president?

George Bush is a prolific reader. Obama is not. George Bush reads history. Obama does not (as is evidenced by the historical references he makes which are almost always wrong). George Bush is married to a former librarian who used her time as First Lady to promoted reading and literacy and hosted a series of poetry reading in the WH. So, I can assure Sir Paul that the former president would know what a library is.

Gee, you mean even the really stupid people are catching on?
It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that Zero was a thin skinned narcissistic jackass. I love the fact that even some of his "Base" is suddenly getting it that if Zero doesn't even take care of his welfare queen illegal alien aunt or his brother living in a shack in Kenya, that he sure as hell ain't going to pick up a mortgage check for someone he doesn't know. The one silver lining is the people who are/were his biggest supporters will be stomped on the most. And frankly, they deserve every bit of pain and suffering for letting this poseur kill the economy and kill jobs.

Instapundit: Obama fooled enough of the people, for long enough. Don’t blame them for wising up now. Better late than never.

(I hope it's not TOO late!)

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Tue, Jun 8th - 8:22PM

Racist Links, Israel and Helen Thomas

There's a shock. With this President, it's always something.

Krauthammer: Those troublesome Jews:
The whole point of this relentless international campaign is to deprive Israel of any legitimate form of self-defense. Why, just last week, the Obama administration joined the jackals, and reversed four decades of U.S. practice, by signing onto a consensus document that singles out Israel's possession of nuclear weapons -- thus de-legitimizing Israel's very last line of defense: deterrence.

The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million -- that number again -- hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained from defending themselves, even as the more committed anti-Zionists -- Iranian in particular -- openly prepare a more final solution.

Video. Also, this episode should remind everyone that if it were up to Israel, there would be no war. If it was up to Hamas and Fatah, there would be no Israel. And that’s the main problem with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and one that is irreconcilable. While the Turks call for a final solution...

Palin on Helen Thomas.

NOW they tell us.

The old hag let her life-long thoughts out for all to see and there’s a lot more than her that agree with her evil.

We cover up our kind of “final Solutions” with nice names like “Choice” while we zealously guard the process of slaughtering our “Less than human” humans, never to be shown on TV, lest some child ask why they’re hurting that baby.

We live in a crazy world where priests honor a pro-infanticide president, where the very idea of death panels don’t shock many and God is loathed and His followers taunted, because of His goodness.

If these aren’t end times, they sure smell like they’re near.
Don L on June 8, 2010 at 6:14 AM

No Country for Old Hens (Dr. Zero): What purpose was served by allowing Helen Thomas to squat in one of those precious seats like Jabba the Hutt’s nasty little imp, hooting and screaming incomprehensible insults at everyone who got tossed into the monster pit?
...The same political and opinion elite that indulged decades of insane prattle from Helen Thomas, politely ignoring some of her worst outbursts, was quick to trumpet fraudulent accusations of racism against Limbaugh for things he never said, to paint him as unfit for association with a professional football team.
...The press never tires of telling us how important their job is.  They should spend more time doing it, and less time bending their knees at ceremonial seats reserved for their mythic heroes.  The free press of a vibrant republic, at risk in a complex and dangerous world, is no place for doddering royalty.

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Tue, Jun 8th - 10:40AM

Racist Links, Corruption

(I wonder what my former FB friend who called me racist is thinking these days.)

The Sestak Story.

So on the question of bribing Joe Sestak with a job, Obama just said that he's still working on his story?

Hot Air:

I think people forget a couple things though. 1. Clinton was impeached. 2. Clinton was disbarred. He REALLY didn’t get away with it.

Another thing: Bribery is a lot worse than what Clinton got strung up doing. (Yes, I think there was a whole host of things he didn’t get strung up for but that’s a seperate issue) Definitely a lot worse than what Nixon resigned over. So what does he do? Resign? Wait for impeachment? I don’t think Democrats will stand behind him and defend him after they get squashed in November, 2010. They won’t go down for the man. They’ll say he was ONE MAN not the ENTIRE PARTY when all is said and done and in the end.
Sultry Beauty on June 2, 2010 at 6:35 PM

[I don't believe this, but I can dream, can't I?]

Not sure if I want obama impeached, but I do want him to be so much damaged goods that he loses to ‘Cuda in 2012.

Did anyone notice that every dem running for anything this year in PA, ran away when he visited Pittsburgh today?
ConservativePartyNow on June 2, 2010 at 6:40 PM


Disaster for the country, unfortunately.

Dan Riehl
I think it's safe to say, Obama is more interested in creating jobs for politicians he wants out of a race, than he is in creating private sector opportunities for hard working Americans.

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Mon, Jun 7th - 6:54PM

Seditious Links, Misc.

OKeefe's newest investigation, into census fraud.  Others are reporting the same thing. Jay Nordlinger has more. George Stephanopolis actually commits journalism. Looks like the FTC will stop that as soon as possible. Where am I, Venezuela? Maybe they'll all read   this newspaper! Heh.

Boy oh boy. Cash for Clunkers was a clunker, go figure.

Jim Treacher, funny as usual.

Oh, joy. 0bama sure picks winners!

The Onion.

Mark Steyn says we're too broke to be this stupid.
Well at least we know a President Palin would have that border fence built literally overnight.
Doughboy on May 27, 2010 at 10:48 PM

This wouldn't be happening if 0bama were President.
Obama's governing theory is that he knows what the people want and they deserve to get it, good and hard.

OK, we have a prog Presidential Administration following the Hoover/FDR economic formula (and it looks as if the same results are happening), embroiled in at least three scandals (Black Panthers, Sestak bribery and Birnbaum lying under oath) and implementing an ineffectual at best and disastrous at worst foreign policy. It's probably time for MSM to do an in-depth study on the threat from those low IQ conservatives!
Posted by: Thomas Collins | May 28, 2010 at 12:02 PM

Gateway Pundit: "Truth is stranger than fiction. It is bizarre that a US president would choose to go to a rock ‘n’ roll concert instead of meeting with a state governor on an immigration crisis. We have seen such pettiness before from President Obama. It is childish and ill-becomes a Commander-in-Chief. “Big Baby-in-Chief” would be more like it.

Woman sues Google over walking directions.  Too bad we can't bottle stupidity for our energy needs.

Jennifer Rubin
If Obama isn’t going to get his 2008 marketing brand back, what does he do next? He’s never had to answer that because he’s never stayed in any political position long enough with enough coverage to be held accountable for his results. And he’s never been forced to deviate from his ultra-liberal ideological agenda. It’s also not clear that he is capable of changing his tune or even wants to. One term would be fine, he told us.

The interesting question for 2012 is what sort of candidate would Americans be attracted to as an alternative. Obama ran as Not Bush.

If only we had elected a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress.

Pass the bill to see what's in it.

Heh.  Why there was no looting in Nashville. (Check out the picture.)

Victor Davis Hanson:
About every 30-40 years, democratic citizenries begin to become complacent. They assume their defenses are unnecessary if not destabilizing, and take away from more needed social services and income redistribution. Deterrence and preparedness are assumed in turn the stone-age tools of unsophisticated mind. The peace that follows from  past victories and postwar deterrence is considered artificial, and can instead grow far more organically from professed good intentions and signs of magnanimity, if not apology. Philosopher kings assure the world of a new age to come, one in which a new human nature replaces the old Neanderthal pessimism. Slogans that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”, “yes, we can”, “this is the moment”, and so on usher in the new golden age, free of nukes and war itself.

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Mon, Jun 7th - 4:43PM

June 4: Shopping

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
134.6 miles

109 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 48/52.

I'm 1.3 pounds up. ARGH.  At least my blood pressure is good.

So I was just sitting with Spooky in my lap, when Rich tapped at the window.  This scared my aptly-named cat and he vanished, but not before tearing me up. Massive scratches on both legs, blood, (which I had to wash out of my nightshirt) and pain.

Later in the day we went shopping, by which I mean we went to IKEA.  They have lots of lovely stuff but the only thing that would do for part of a wedding present was some heart-shaped ice cube trays. (I suppose if it's heart-shaped, it isn't a cube.)  I saw lots of things we might use (if only we had a mansion.)  It was interesting, though.  Then we went next door to WalMart. I didn't think I'd find Gabe's present there, since our local one didn't have anything wonderful... but there was a Mater ramp that looked like fun.  Only then we found the Lightning McQueen sleeping bag. I called Vince.  "I'm standing in the store with a Mater ramp in my hands, standing in front of a Lightning McQueen sleeping bag, what do I want?" and he told me I want the sleeping bag!

Later I went out to get a box to mail photos in, and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I couldn't find ice-cream sundae fixings, but I did get an idea: I'll put together a "root beer float" basket.

This evening Juan, from Fairfield, came to check out the carpet pad job. He brought his kids, who are just the wrong ages for this house (what, 5 and 11 year old boys, 7 year old girl?)  They played the piano and then I got out Nana's treasure chest which enthralled them.  They took 4 necklaces (one for Mom). That was nice!  And Juan will come to do the job on Sunday.

Paul McCartney took a gratuitous dig at President Bush, no doubt because he figured it would please 0bama.  I bet Bush has read more books than Paul McCartney during those 8 years.  (And what was 0bama doing with him anyway?)

Michael Silence: "I'm not surprised that mantra is still hanging around. I mean, do you think they want to talk about the last 18 months?"

America, electing Obama because you didn't like Bush was like shooting yourself because you had a head cold. People who continue to diss Bush now are standing over the corpse and arguing that the cold was really bad.
Posted by: Steve at June 4, 2010 2:49 PM

Well, it's not like Bush went over to England and gave the Prime Minister a DVD collection. That would have been really stupid.
Posted by: Dean at June 4, 2010 2:50 PM

Could have been worse, Dean. He might have given the Queen an iPod loaded with his own speeches and pictures from the inauguration. Can you imagine?
Posted by: FB at June 4, 2010 2:57 PM

I've never picked up any of the telltale clues which would make me think that Obama is a well-read man.

For that matter, I've never picked up any indicating that Sir Paul is, either.
Posted by: tom swift at June 4, 2010 3:14 PM

Bush has an MBA from Harvard. McCartney did not graduate from high school. Nuff said.
Posted by: artwebster at June 4, 2010 3:23 PM

What is McCartney? 10 years old?

You're stupid...

No, you're stupid...

Shut up you dumb poo poo head!!!

Posted by: RTL at June 4, 2010 7:44 PM

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Sun, Jun 6th - 9:54PM

June 3: Hubble 3D

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
134.3 miles
partly cloudy, warm

108 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 48/52.  "The Rasmussen Reports Media Meter shows that just 38% of the coverage has been positive. This is the fifth straight day that the measure level of positive coverage for the president has hit a new low."

Doctor Zero's latest essay is about the forces of anti-civilization. It's scary out there.  Meanwhile:

Rich and I went downtown and watched "Hubble3D" at the IMAX. There was a school from Gilroy there: they've been to the capitol and the California Museum, and are going to Coloma tonight and Old Sacramento tomorrow. This is 5th grade, the year Bernadette went to Yosemite and I chaperoned. Happy memories.

The movie made me think about how great this country is... and  how astonishing the universe is. Like it says in Hitchhikers Guide, space is big... very very big. When you grapple with infinity again, it makes it difficult to be always apologizing.  0bama may not be anti-civilization himself, but he sure doesn't appear to like it much.

I repeat, it's scary out there.

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Sat, Jun 5th - 11:23AM

June 2: A Day at the Park

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
134.2 miles

99 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 46/53.

Today I took Gareth to Miwok Park in Elk Grove.  I figured he really just needed to have a place to run around.  It would have been really nice if he'd been willing to stay in the tot lot, but of course he went for the big kids' lot.  There are some squirrels there who are really dicing with the good nature of the kids... they beg for food, may they always have nice children, not psychopaths. I kept G. about 2 feet away, for the protection of both the squirrels and the boy.

Out in the Big World     A Stick!

Besides the squirrels, the big thing was he threw something away, and I said "Yay!" and clapped.  We had lunch at Burger King, and he got home tired and nap-ready.  (Me too.) I had him for about 90 minutes to give Bernadette a break.

IMG_9206     Nap Time

Nancy Pelosi: Pray for her. Pray for her.

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Fri, Jun 4th - 3:20PM

June 1: May Stats

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
133.9 miles

105 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 46/54.



























And, baseball, 10 whiffle softballs, whiffle baseball, 2 rubber ball, 2 practice golf balls, superball, koosh ball, 2 pencils, 4 pens, 2 mechanical pencils, token, metal button, 2 Metadent refills, Beany bear, earring, split ring, plastic boxing gloves pendant, dog's chew toy, tiger rubber ducky, string of plastic beads, 2 marbles, paper fastener, metal nail file, plastic rain check, spring clip, golf tee, toy SUV, toy plastic ball cap, ball "yo-yo", metal barrette, 2 sockets, drill bit, ball bearing

For me, 24.1 miles. I'm .9 pounds down, with high borderline blood pressure. I've done 36 pages, 3 books, 0 movies, 2 plays, 6 Masses. 

We found 238 caches last month, 6973 total. We're 188th in the world, and 12th locally.

In proofing I'm in 929th (out of 30848 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed (0 done in May), 13th (out of 3596) in P2 with 23508 pages (0), 497th (of 824) in P3 with 469 pages, and formatting 520th place (2869) with 1020 pages.

In Flickr I have 34616 pictures, with 79020 views, and 138 sets to work on. And I watched exactly 1 Netflix disc, the 3rd of No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

The Gores separate.Agreed, it's a shame.  I  do think Al is getting more and more removed from reality.Of course, It's all Bush's fault!

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Fri, Jun 4th - 8:59AM

May 31: Memorial Day/Caching on Knoxville Road

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
133.9 miles

Memorial Day
This flag was the coffin flag for my grandfather, who was a Naval submarine captain in WWII.

89 recordings of 25 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 46/54.
"The Rasmussen Reports Media Meter shows that media coverage of the President has become more negative over the past week. Just 41% of the coverage has been positive, the lowest level of positive coverage yet measured."

Too little, too late.

0bama's Memorial Day Speech was Rained Out.
I would only add that it’s nothing but a reminder that neither he, or anyone else, can stop the oceans from rising or lightning from striking; that nature’s power is awesome and CO2 emissions are like spitting in the ocean.
Buy Danish on May 31, 2010 at 6:50 PM

I neglected to mention last week, when we went to the Aerospace Museum, the killdeer shrieking, "I'm wounded, come eat me!" in the parking lot. We went on in to the exhibit, instead of looking for the nest.

Biden did a good job at Arlington... in fact, I was relieved it wasn't 0bama who might do something inappropriate like another crotch grab, or another nose pick, or another shout-out.

Our plan for the day was to cache near Lake Berryessa. We started at 8:30, taking Pharaoh. (It's still cool enough to leave him in the car: probably the last time this year.)  Our first stop was outside of Winters, but we couldn't get to it. It'll keep to another day. It's part of a solar system series, but we only have one cache so far (got it last November.) 

The Berryessa Hellhole is up out of the water.

Rounding a curve, we saw a fox! 

We got to the 128-Knoxville Road intersection and the first cache at 10.  The second one was at a rest area.  We walked Pharaoh.  When it was my turn I peered into a borehole in a rock and spied a pocket mouse!  Turns out they're endangered, so the nest there is good news!

Moving on, caching, we saw an osprey, the first of many. This one, later, flew off and I believe that's a fish it's carrying.


In the Spanish Flat cemetery are the graves moved from Monticello when they flooded it out in the 50s. Nice little place, decorated with flags for the day.  Then we discovered there's a Lake Berryessa visitor's center! They have stuffed animals that one might see here. And onwards, we continued caching. At a junction with another road there's a big parking lot and a rest area.  We took Pharaoh and walked to a cache in the rocks. I was worried about snakes.  (Only snake we saw all day was dead in the road.)

About 1 we had found 17 caches, and had lunch. I'd packed the leftover tritip and other sammich makings. We'd hoped for a picnic table but this was good enough. And so onwards.

And on!  The end of the lake is another rest area. And onwards, north.

Low-Water Bridge
This road further along features a series of low water bridges.  A couple of them had water flowing over them, just not much.  Very picturesque! It reminds me of the ford in Lavenham (England).  Beautiful views, lovely wildflowers, and lots of caches.

Blue Dicks
We went 18 or so miles further on this rough but doable road.  We could have found more if we'd gone into the Knoxville wild area, but it was 5 o'clock. We finished with a record 43 caches, 6/hour, and two travel bugs. And so home.

In Winters there was a DUI checkpoint.  The two cars ahead of us pulled over in a hurry, maybe going to change drivers or stash the booze. The cop checked Rich's license, asked if we had any alcohol. "No!" "Were you wine-tasting in Napa?" "No, we were geocaching!"  Rich said to remind him not to ever wine-taste on a holiday weekend. Since the lines are always horrendous, I doubt that would ever be a problem.

A very pleasant day!

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Wed, Jun 2nd - 9:26PM

Double Post
May 30 wasn't THAT good!
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Tue, Jun 1st - 11:41PM

May 30: Laid-Back

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 835
130.6 miles

96 recordings of 24 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 47/53

It was a pretty laid-back day.  After Church we stopped at Raley's to pick up potatoes, lettuce, and brokly wokly.

At home, I finally got the winter clothes put away (every time I started before, it got cold again!) and the summer clothes out.  I also cleaned out another pantry shelf.  There was some pretty scary pretty old stuff in it, but it's OK now. The next shelf will be the sugar one. Talk about scary.

Yesterday I got tri-tip at the store and tried their in-store marinade.  The one I chose for today was a teriyaki. (I also had a burgundy marinade on another one, hope it all freezes well, guess we'll know on Father's Day!) I roasted it, and baked potatoes (really, in the oven, not the microwave) and steamed the Brokly Wokly. One really good meal with leftover meat for tomorrow.

Rich called me out to hear the screech owl which sounds like it's in the next yard behind us. I'd hoped it was in the neighbor's oak, but it's still close, and hooray, it's back.

Bummer about FlashForward, I was really interested in that show.

Every week, just worse and worse.

His reference to the vicious, brutal beheading of Daniel Pearl as “captur(ing)the world’s imagination” is one of the most despicable phrases every uttered by ANY human being.

To have those words so easily flow from the lips of the president of the world’s last best hope for mankind, is unthinkable. In fact, it’s unbearable.
IrishEi on May 30, 2010 at 9:29 AM

…there could be something worse in the year to come which is frightening beyond belief.

BetseyRoss on May 30, 2010 at 9:36 AM

My greatest fear as well.

We are witnessing the perfect storm:

A malignant narcissist as POTUS
— with an un-American agenda
— who despises the country
A submissive partisan legislature
A capricious judiciary
A fawning media
A disengaged electorate

Someone suggested that we need an Outrage of the Day as well as an Obamateurism. I think so too.
IrishEi on May 30, 2010 at 9:55 AM

I cannot STAND San Fran Nan.

Dr. Zero, the myth of the moderate Democrat:
The passage of ObamaCare dispelled the myth of the moderate Democrat.  The illusion of the patriotic Democrat died in their thunderous applause for Felipe Calderon.  The Democrats obviously find more in common with this shadowy foreign ally than the people of Arizona… or the wider American population, which supports Arizona’s immigration law by lopsided majorities. 

Maureen Dowd is disillusioned. 
After Barack Obama finally held an open press conference 309 days after his previous one and more than five weeks after the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf, I fully expected his defenders in the media to rush back to his side and declare him The Most Caring, Wonderful, and Transparent President Evah.  The White House probably did, too, which is what makes the continued blasts from Chris Matthews and now Maureen Dowd so remarkable. 

Jim Geraghty counts 0bama's "highest priorities." 

It's been awhile since I've seen a reference to President Obama's diligence, e.g., the stack of briefing papers he takes home to the living quarters every evening, returning to the Oval Office each morning with total mastery of their contents. I started doubting the truthfulness of that myth-making about the time the President turned the stimulus package over to the Congress with the charge to let him know when they had something for him to sign. Today the more common references are to his frequent rounds of golf, to pickup basketball, and of course to a continuation of the complacent approach we first saw with the Porkulus bill. The President's CV prior to the White House shows a lack of initiative, industry, and accomplishment that would disqualify him from managing a Target store. Someone with the three decade record of slacking that our President had compiled prior to 2008 is unlikely to be able to "turn it on" like a light switch. That truism seems to be the case in reality, more and more. So what is the word in D.C.? Are observers starting to notice this, that our President is at heart a pretty lazy kind of guy?

Rich Lowry

0bama Inaction, Don Surber:

53% of the country did not see him as a post turtle who wonders not only how he got there but how he ever is going to get down.
So we have seen Four Crises as handled by The Won in the last 6 months: The Fort Hood Massacre, Christmas Day Bomber, the Times Square Bomber, and the BP Oil Spill.

The president has underestimated the problem each time out.
The presidential reaction in each case was in slow motion. The president failed to quickly see that this was an emergency and that cost him the ability to lead.

We saw this first with the jihadist major who slaughtered 13 people at Fort Hood — which was the government’s fault; we should never chose PC over security.

That day, the president came out of a meeting with Native Americans (photo op of the day; all presidents do this) and gave a press conference. His first words were not holy crap, there has been a massacre at Fort Hood, but rather a “shout out” to one of the participants in his photo op of the day.

The president was clueless as to the gravity of the situation. His “shout out” was inappropriate and it made the deaths of 13 people less important than the feelings of one tribal leader.

So was anyone surprised when he continued to vacation for 4 days before holding a brief press conference on the Christmas Day bomber?

The Times Square bombing came while he was playing the fool for the press at a snooty dinner in Washington. I don’t fault him that and staying out of the picture was fine because Mayor Bloomberg stepped up to the plate and New York City handled the matter, thank you very much.
The president’s mettle has been tested four times now. I cannot give him a Gentleman’s D on any of them.

Carol says:
May 30, 2010 at 6:24 PM
Actually, I would feel sorry for him were he not such an egotistical, self-serving, amoral prick.

Jules Crittenden:
The big surprise with the current president is not so much that he is incompetent, inexperienced and divisive, but the extent to which he is all of those things, and the extent to which anyone is surprised.

Narenta Says:
May 29th, 2010 at 9:56 am
I like Peggy Noonan, but I agree she was one of the people who bought into (and promoted) the B.S.

Two weeks before the election, when it became (painfully) obvious to me that Obama would win, I told my best friend (a very liberal Democrat) that if Obama was elected we would get a president who would make Clinton look ethical and Carter look competent. I think that observation proved to be true by February 2009 or so.

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Tue, Jun 1st - 11:32PM

Oil Spill Leaks

Despite the legacy media!

0bama certainly has a lot of balls. (comments) 

And he skips the wreath ceremony at Arlington to go on vacation?

Obama, your country is falling apart you incompetent moron. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO ON VACATION. Get your ass in gear, fix YOUR oil spill problem, fix YOUR unemployment rate problem, fix YOUR economic downturn problem, fix YOUR immigration problem, fix YOUR $13 trillion debt problem, and DO NOT REST UNTIL IT'S DONE.

That's YOUR JOB. You don't get time off from being President of the United States!
Posted by: Lightwave | Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Obama has the tar... Anyone want to volunteer the feathers?
Posted by: Dave C | Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 11:54 AM


“At some point, Jackie, we’ll want to hear more about those tar balls and your bathing suit,” Obama said, as reporters laughed.

President 404 demonstrates his focus on a serious issue by being President Jokester.
I remain unconvinced of his laser-like focus on dealing with the spill.
Posted by: PD | May 29, 2010 at 09:51 AM

(Just imagine if Bush had done that.)

It's interesting to compare and contrast Katrina with the Obamaspill. In Katrina, Bush was given untold grief over matters that were issues of local jurisdiction in which he had no authority to act. In the Obamaspill, Governor Jindal has been screaming for permission to act in areas of Federal jurisdiction (like coastal waterways) without response, and the MSM remains very slow to criticize or even explain to the general public what is going on.
Posted by: BobDenver | May 29, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Disastrous Foreign policy. Disastrous energy policy. Disastrous domestic policy.

We. Are. So. Screwed.

One of Salazar's first actions was canceling drilling leases in the Continental U.S. that were done during the Bush administration. Now, they've cancelled offshore drilling, and are making it, much, much harder to run production platforms, as well. EPA is going to regulate the heck out of coal plants. There is no genuine interest in nukes. Windmills and solar are a bad joke.

Yeah, it's gonna take a while to get over this buffoon in Chief, and maybe not ever.
Posted by: Pofarmer | May 28, 2010 at 12:20 PM

This quote was translated into English from an article appearing in the
Czech Republic as published in the Prager Zeitung of 28 April 2010 .

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of
entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier
to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore
the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate
willing to have such a man for their president.”

“The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who
is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the
fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that
made him their prince.

The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.

It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who
made him their president.””

Noonan finally sees the light.  Duh.
The disaster in the Gulf may well spell the political end of the president and his administration, and that is no cause for joy. It’s not good to have a president in this position—weakened, polarizing and lacking broad public support—less than halfway through his term. That it is his fault is no comfort. It is not good for the stability of the world, or its safety, that the leader of “the indispensable nation” be so weakened. I never until the past 10 years understood the almost moral imperative that an American president maintain a high standing in the eyes of his countrymen.
[Cap'n Ed]
we probably wouldn’t have elected Obama or even nominated him this time around if the national media had done half of the job vetting Obama that they did with Sarah Palin, an atrocious failure documented best by John Ziegler in his film Media Malpractice. 

Hot Air commenter
Lets see if I got this straight,previous US Administrations
have walked on the Moon,have brought the Berlin Wall down,
rebuilt the US Military,and win the Cold War,

but,Hopey/Changey can’t plug the dam* hole,now that
inspires confidence!!(sarc) --canopfor on May 31, 2010 at 7:01 AM


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