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Thu, Jun 25th - 3:27AM

St George's Anglican Church, Kitchener

The original St. George's of Forest Hill building had been a small Lutheran Church purchased in 1962 and moved to the current location. In 1983 a large addition was built which became the principal worship space. The Lutheran Church part of the building is now used as the chapel, narthex and offices.

More on St George's Anglican Church, Kitchener

Bishop Robert Bennett (shown left) had been appointed rector in 1980 and it was under his guidance the expansion took place. He left St George's to become rector first at St. Mark's, Brantford, then at All Saints', Windsor. On June 15, 2002, he was elected Suffragan Bishop of Huron (Bishop of Norfolk). On October 25, 2008, he was elected the twelfth Bishop of Huron.

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Tue, Jun 16th - 4:36PM

All To Jesus

There is a name I love to hear
No other name but Jesus,
It calms my every doubt and fear
To hear the name of Jesus.

He cleansed my body white as snow
This Jesus, blessed Jesus,
Where 'ere' He leads me I will go
I give my life to Jesus.

I'll live for Him who died for me
Oh, what a friend, is Jesus,
For I surrender all to Thee
There's Victory in Jesus.

Oh would my tears forever flow
If I could not tell Jesus,
And someday I shall see the King
For my anchor is in Jesus.

If you are lost or full of sin
Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
He'll give to you new life within
Oh hear the voice of Jesus.

Just as you are without one plea
Come every soul to Jesus,
He'll save you just as He saved me
Only believe in Jesus.

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
That comes from only Jesus,
And marching on to higher ground
You too, can be with Jesus.

I once was lost, but now am found
For I found "peace" in Jesus,
And for the Promised Land I'm bound
One day to be with Jesus.

~ author ~
Donna Lilly Marcus

More Poems from the Heart by Donna Lilly Marcus

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Thu, Jun 11th - 6:56AM

Jacob with the Flock of Laban

Jacob, having been deceived by his uncle Laban for fourteen years, eventually retailiated. Laban told Jacob that he might have any speckled sheep in his flock, having first hidden all the speckled sheep in his flock. Jacob half-peeled sticks and placed them in the water before the white sheep as they came down to drink. Faced with these stripes the sheep miraculously conceived speckled young which Jacob was able to claim for himself. After six years he amassed a vast flock of speckled sheep and took them away.

Shown is Jacob with the Flock of Laban by Jusepe de Ribera (1591?-1652). Painted in 1638, it is in the National Gallery, London.

More Christian art is at Abraham to Zacharias

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Sat, Jun 6th - 8:19AM

African Christian Mission Society

The African Christian Mission Society was founded in 2002 by Dave Zillmer (1964-2007). Its mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Ghana and other African countries. This is done by collecting Bibles and Christian materials, establishing congregations, and by acts of Christian kindness. Projects include helping St. Martin Lutheran School in Monrovia, Liberia and the Adullam Orphanage in Ghana, Africa.

The Christianity WebRing is open for Christian organizations or individuals with sites that deal in some way with Christianity to join.

Christianity WebRing

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