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Mon, Jun 22nd - 5:31AM

Kerala Backwaters Tour- An Unforgettable Experience of Lifetime

Kerala the popular tourists’ destination of India is located in the southwestern India. The state enjoys unique geographical feature that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in south East Asia. It is endowed with lush green forest, picturesque backwaters, emerald paddy fields, palm fringed beaches, cool hill stations, Ayurvedic spa centers that gives the travelers an enchanting traveling experience in Kerala. Every year thousands of tourists from every part of the world come here to Kerala to enjoy holidays in a candid way.

Kerala backwater is the main tourists’ attractions of the state. It is just the kind of traveling destinations that every tourists dream of. Without backwater tour in Kerala, your trip to Kerala will be sober. So in order to make your tour a complete package, backwaters tour is must. It is the favorite destination of vacationers, nature lovers, honeymooners and travelers. Hardly any tourists coming to God’s Own Country misses the chance to enjoy the fabulous cruise of backwaters. The backwaters cruise in an exquisite houseboat provides an ambiance of heaven and moments to enjoy being in the state. As the houseboat floats on the backwaters you will hear the sound waterfalls, chirping of birds and the sailor singing the romantic Malayalam songs. Everything may seem like imagination, but yet it is true that Kerala is the most beautiful and well organized tourists’ destination of India.

There are many picturesque backwaters that offer tourists to enjoy memorable holidays in Kerala. Some of the popular backwater destinations of Kerala are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kochi, Kuttanad, Kollam, Kasargod, Kozhikode etc. These backwaters attract thousands of tourists every year from every part of the globe. These destinations are really charming and offer visitors to enjoy memorable cruise of Kerala backwaters. Tourists can view some of the picturesque vistas of their life including the view of the swaying palm trees, rustic & green countryside, historical monuments, exotic resorts, and the view of children waving their hand in the bank.

Kumarakom slumbers on the bank of the famous Vambanad Lake. It is an enchanting backwater destination that offers tourists to enjoy backwater cruise in a splendor way. Tourists can see the picturesque landscapes, wooded forest and the wonderful surrounding which are not only mesmerizing but alluring too. Come and enjoy the unique charm of the Kumarakom backwater and make your Kerala backwater tours a memorable tour of your lifetime.

Kuttanad popularly known as the rice bowl of Kerala is a backwater paradise. It is the ideal destination for a backwater cruise in Kerala. Its innumerable streams, channels, waterways and lakes make it possible to drift along in a houseboat and enjoy the scenic vistas of the Kerala countryside.

Alleppey also known as Alappuzha is the most popular backwater destination of Kerala. It is the prime backwater destination of the state. Travellers from all over never misses a chance to enjoy the splendid backwater cruise of Alleppey. The backwater has many houseboats that are exquisitely designed and are well furnished to make the cruise more memorable and enjoyable. Sailing over the breathtaking backwater, Alleppey houseboats takes tourists inside the picturesque landscape of Kerala. Visitors can spot many unique aquatic species like crabs, frogs, water birds, Kingfisher, elephants, etc. Enjoying the tour over the fabulous backwater cruise will offer you with memorable moments to cherish throughout your lifetime.

About Author ::

Joseph Moore is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Backwater Kerala and Alleppey Houseboats. Find more at

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Mon, Jun 22nd - 5:30AM

Romantic Honeymoon in Kerala

Situated on the southern tip of India, Kerala is the beautiful state suitable for celebrating honeymoon vacation. Honeymoon is the best time of the life where they come closer to know each other feelings, care, and affection. It is the time for couples to enjoy and make the new beginning of life in a candid way. To make the honeymoon vacation more memorable and romantic Kerala offers couples with amazingly beautiful place to visit. The state is endowed with exotic natural beauty, lovely beaches, cool hill station, Ayurvedic resorts & spa centers, etc. In fact no place other than Kerala will offer the ambiance of heaven for couples to relish their honeymoon vacation in a memorable and romantic way.

The state has several destinations exotically decorated to for couples to let them enjoy their vacation in a delightful way being together. Backwater destinations of Kerala are the prime romantic destinations preferred mostly by the couples. Backwaters cruise can be enjoyed staying in the houseboat or Kettuvallam. Kettuvellam are traditional houseboats that are made up of tying bamboos with coconut ropes. These houseboats are furnished with all the modern amenities and exquisite rooms to stay and delicious cuisines are served inside the houseboat as well. Infact it seems that the houseboats are exquisitely designed just for honeymoon couples.

Once the houseboat starts gliding over the easy going backwater, picturesque vistas will hearty welcomes your. The houseboat will take you to the beautiful landscapes where you can have talk, with your spouse. Magnificence of the nature adds more romance in your memorable honeymoon in Kerala. Couples can view the picturesque landscapes, emerald paddy fields, exotic countryside and the listen the melodious tunes and chirping of the birds. The playful waterfall will never fail to tempt with its magical flow. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset from the houseboat and capture the picture of the scenic natural beauty to enrich you photo gallery. Be little attentive and you will also find that the white ducks giving you a company silently hearing your romantic talks. Enjoy the memorable backwaters cruise on the famous backwater destinations with your beloved and register the romantic moments to cherish honeymoon tours Kerala for lifetime.

Beside the backwaters, beaches of Kerala are also the dream destination of honeymoon couples. Kerala is gifted with some of the world’s finest beach and they are really enchanting and captivating. Newly wed couples can have a memorable time along the beaches enjoying the beach activities being together. Couples can enjoy surfing the cool wind, sip the natures best nectar, take a memorable walk along the silver beaches holding hand in hand, enjoy the delicious cuisines of the nearby resort, catch the rumbling waves, etc. More of all you should not miss a enjoy angling with your beloved sitting on the rock. Come to Kerala for honeymoon vacation and you will like to live with you beloved in Kerala for lifetime.

There are many other captivating destinations for couples to enjoy romantic moments with your beloved. Visit Munnar the beautiful hill station of Kerala and is the dream destination of honeymoon couples. No couples ever miss a chance to visit Munnar on Kerala honeymoon tour. The hill station looks exotically beautiful with sprawling tea and coffee plantation, orange plantation, playful waterfall, whispering rivers, lovely hills, serene natural beauty, etc. These are lot more in Munnar that makes this hill station a favorite among honeymoon couples. Couples can take a memorable walk holding hand in hand along the tea gardens. They can also try their hand to pluck the tea leaves with the local people. Never miss the chance to take the picture of the beloved plucking the tea leaves form the tea gardens. These photographs remind the couples later in the life about their romantic honeymoon vacation in Kerala.

About Author ::

Joseph Moore is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Kerala Honeymoon Tour and Honeymoon Tour Kerala. Find more at

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Mon, Jun 22nd - 5:30AM

Kerala Tour- A Delightful Experience of Lifetime

Kerala the state with exotic natural beauty is one of the popular tourists’ destinations of India. The state is endowed with palm fringed beaches, fabulous backwaters, emerald paddy fields, exotic natural beauty, etc making it a perfect destination for vacationers and honeymooners. Hundred and thousands of tourists form all over the world come here to enjoy their holidays in splendor. The state has numerous captivating places that are worth visiting to worth your holidays in the God’s Own Country. Being here tourists can also enjoy the tour of hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, famous historical places, etc. Visit once and it is sure you will get lure with the captivating natural beauty of the state.

Kerala has over 900 Kms of interconnected rivers, waterways, lagoons, lakes and inlets that make up the Kerala backwaters. There are many backwater destinations in Kerala but the popular ones are Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kozhikode and Kasargod. These backwaters destinations are famous among vacationers and honeymooners. Tourists can enjoy the exotic scenic beauty from the houseboat, view of the emerald paddy fields, view of playful waterfall and various other scenic vistas. For honeymooners the Kerala backwaters gives an ambiance of paradise. Couples can enjoy their memorable honeymoon vacation staying in the houseboat of Kerala. Houseboats also known as Kettuvallam are exotically designed and are furnished with all the modern amenities to offer the best holiday experience for tourists in Kerala. Infact the exquisitely designed houseboat and the fabulous backwater destinations make the honeymoon tour kerala more romantic and memorable.

Kerala is gifted with some of the world’s finest beach. The beaches of Kerala are spread 550 kms along the Arabian Sea. The palm fringed beaches of Kerala lures visitors with its magnificent views and the charming beauty of the beaches. Tourists can enjoy the fabulous holidays along the beaches enjoy in the memorable moments along the beaches. Some of the most common activities carried out by the tourists along the serene beaches are skiing, angling, beach sports, swimming etc. While some of the tourists surf the cool wind, take a memorable walk along the silver beach while some tourists enjoy celebrating picnic with the family members. Infact the beaches of Kerala never fail to lure any type of tourists. Enjoy the memorable holidays along the beaches of Kerala and you will never forget your kerala tour for lifetime.

Beside beaches the God’s Own Country famous for wildlife sanctuaries. Some of world renowned parks and sanctuaries are in Kerala. Some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries are Periyar, Wayanad, Idukki, Parambikulam, Peppara, Kumarakom, Eravikulam, Silent Valley National Park, Chinnar, etc. Tourists can take a delightful tour to these wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala and grab the view of animals in their natural home. Tourists can enjoy elephant safari our memorable trekking inside these national parks of Kerala. Some of the most commonly found animals in these parks and sanctuaries are elephant, wild dogs, sloth bears, leopard, Nilgiri Tahrs, peacocks, star tortoise, etc.

After all these fabulous captivating attractions, there are lot more for tourists to enjoy being in Kerala. Visit the famous Munnar hill station of Kerala, enjoy the rejuvenating body massage and spa, taste the fabulous mouthwatering cuisines, enjoy the crispy banana chips, enjoy the traditional Kathakali dance of Kerala, etc. Infact Kerala is the land with unlimited tourists’ attractions. There are several kerala tour packages available in the market. They can pick one tour package of their choice and can visit the exotic state to enjoy the holidays in a memorable way.

About Author ::

Joseph Moore is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Kerala Honeymoon Tours and Tours in Kerala. Find more at

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