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Fri, Jun 27th - 2:06PM

U.S. Search Percentages

This data is based on SearchEngineWatch from the latest update of December 2007:

Google 58.4% of searches
Yahoo 22.9% of searches
Microsoft 9.8% of searches
Time Warner Network 4.6% of searches
Ask 4.3% of searches

Pretty crazy that only 3 search engines pull in 91% of searches out there. From the last time I checked it was more like 80% to 85%.

Another interesting bit of information is that breaking out the Google network Youtube had 7.9% of

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Mon, Jun 16th - 2:14PM

Operators of Search

So who here has used a Google search operator? If not you need to check yourself. An operator is a query of words that have a special meaning to Google. For example if i punch into Google "define:", I will get back a definition of whatever word I was defining.

Now, we combined this with seo and the Google operator becomes much more powerful.

Here are a few operators that the seo world breathes:
- link:
- inurl:
- intitle:
- site:
- cache:

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. For all the SEO'ers out there who want to sharpen there skills, please read up on the search operator and you will be amazed.

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Fri, Jun 13th - 2:24PM

The World without Search

What would the internet be without search? What would this world be without search? What would I do if I had a question and I could not search for the answer?

Search is the staple of 2000, it helps people discover things that were never possible in the past. For me search is my job, my life and part of my thought process.

How do I cook that chicken recipe? ... search!
How do I replace that alternator on my car? .... search!!
How do I find out how long it takes to grow a rose bush? .... SEARCH!!!

How can you survive without the Search. This blog has only just begun!!!

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Fri, Jun 13th - 2:16PM

The Blog of Search

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog of search. This blog is here for a couple reasons. One, to test out WebRing as a community blog site and Two, to talk about my favorite thing to do which is Search. Please come back frequently to check out my blog and the interesting things I have to talk about. Hopefully I am not to boring!

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